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More boards, less censorship! Anonymous 3443

Posted something similar on here a couple days ago and it got removed. I WAS ALSO BANNED FOR SAYING NOTHING WRONG.
Crystal Cafe will never be competitive or 1/16th as widely used as 4chan with this type of censorship. Which is honestly sad because women need a voice too. A voice that's free to sing its heart out separate from identity.

The post that was deleted AND I WAS BANNED FOR went as follows:

"Ok Queens, we need a Business and Finance, Science and Math, and a Fashion board on here! You all on here messing around with dolls. Get your boss bitch selves together: get a latte, get some Doge, learn quantum computing."

Jokes on you Crystal Cafe mods! If you had left my post up or listened to my advice, you would be making some sweet dogecoin bucks rn. :P


Anonymous 3445

they might have very well deleted your post because that’s the kind of stuff you should comment in one of the meta threads. if these topics are interesting to you then by all means make new threads on /b/. also i hope this board never gets as popular as 4chan. i sure wish the site wasn’t as slow but we already get enough raids and i enjoy the sense of being part of a small community.

Anonymous 3446

they deleted your post because you are a n00b who doesn't know that there WAS a fashion board and it got removed because no one ever posted on it. anyway this is worst place to get business advice. seriously i would not trust my money with anything any of you say (and nor should you). but if you really want to discuss those topics you should make a thread and see if theres interest, not try to restructure the entire site

Anonymous 3447

Your ideas are bad ideas. But you are right on one thing.
You didn't deserve a ban, it's ok to disagree.

Anonymous 3448

I got annoyed with the site not having new boards to expand and not having enough posters before too. However, after you’ve been here for longer you realise it’s fine as it is. The site has picked up some posters in the time I have been here but also more moids.

Regarding the boards you suggest, no one posts about those things, aside from fashion which goes in hb. The site is quite girly, introverted, and more about feelings. No one comes here to talk about work or numbers. That’s not to say girls can’t like these things, it’s just not what users talk about here.

If you do want to talk about these things, why not start some threads and see how it goes?

Anonymous 3449

very stupid post, thank you for contributing

Anonymous 3450

There is a difference between censorship of the reddit kind and gatekeeping of an imageboard kind that is conductive to the culture here.
The mods are seriously fine and to claim otherwise is something I do not understand I mean we have shotacons here posting and even nazi posters but it is very comfy here I seriously think you are over reacting OP.

Your post was probably removed for being garbage and as others have said we do not need more boards we have enough already.

Maybe not a ban I agree but at least you are not banend now and this thread is up on /meta/

Anonymous Admin 3451

OP was banned not for making this suggestion but for other issues with their post history. I'm banning again for ban evasion but leaving this post up for future reference.

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