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Anonymous 3477

Out of curiosity, can mods see posts based on IP? So like they could see I posted this and anything else I've posted to C.C? How does that work?

Anonymous 3484

yes they can, i kearned this browsing through meta a couple days ago when they were talking about viewing users post history.

i have related question: can you see deleted posts in a persons post history?

Anonymous 3485

Just be glad cc doesnt have an archive…yet.

Anonymous 3486

i guess i should be greatful for that but it still doesnt answer my question.

because of how mods can view users posts, i still dont feel like its truely nad anonymous community and i often dont feel comfortable sharing my real thoughts on things. often times ive wanted to go into shota threads and talk about uow hypocritical and disgusting it is to like shota, but i never did in fear of being called a moid and getting banned. though i understand it, because there are men who post here and if you arent skeptical of every post eventually well have a real issue on our hands.

Anonymous 3487

I think the mods only look at your posting history so that they can confirm of you are a moid or not when you say something suspicious. They won’t ban you for saying you don’t like shota if the rest of your history is feminine. The janitors won’t be able to see your posting history, only top level mods. If you’re still concerned, use a VPN/tor.

Anonymous 3488

are we allowed to post with tor?maybe im thinking of a different chan but i tried it a couple months ago and it wouldnt work.

Anonymous 3489

No idea. Maybe try it and find out? I don't think lolcow.farm allows it.

Anonymous Admin 3499

I can see IPs and post histories, but mods and janitors cannot. Unfortunately this is necessary so we can determine who is posting in bad faith (like larpers who post many different contradicting threads to bait). TORposting is disabled because it's almost exclusively used for raids and to evade bans. But I assure you that I only check up on posters if they're reported.

Yes I can see deleted posts, this is necessary to see if someone's been trolling and had their posts deleted or if they're just a brand new user. This factors into ban decisions.

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