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Anonymous 3602

are there unlisted boards aside from nsfw

Anonymous 3603

while im at it did the cleanup crew do meth today, jfc

Anonymous 3605


Anonymous Admin 3606

Sorry, someone went through the entire /b/ catalog and kept reporting threads from the dawn of time to be moved to the appropriate boards and we were gonna have to do it at some point anyway.

Anonymous 3607

I wish nsfw would get unlisted, or at least it would be easier to find it so more people can use it.
It's rare to find a place to discuss straight female sexuality and preferences without moid gays spamming their opinion, and the nsfw board is way too inactive.

Anonymous 3608

>I wish nsfw would get unlisted
I meant the opposite

Anonymous Admin 3609

It used to be listed, got spammed with porn all the time by coomer moids, and thus got unlisted and I applied restrictions to the porn spam threads. I'd be willing to re-list it, but only if it became a pure discussion board without porn, otherwise it's just too much of a target.

Anonymous 3610


Sorry for the sperg.

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