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Discord Anonymous Admin 364

Our Discord mods will enable and disable Discord invitations as needed whenever they experience too much workload in verifying new members or when there's an influx of trolls. They will edit this post whenever anything happens.

Current status as of November 15th, 2018:


Anonymous Admin 1106

Update: We now have a Discord server!

You can join here:


Anonymous 1112

can we do something about the literal sperg/obvious tranny on the server? me and 2 friends are probably leaving…

Anonymous 1113


Is that the guy who left?

Anonymous Admin 1114

If you have reason to believe a certain user is male, please feel free to DM me anytime. I do not know which user you are currently referring to.

Anonymous 1162

The invite says its expired, what happened?

Anonymous Moderator 1170

Anonymous 1193

just so you know me and 3 friends left because you idiots were posting that robots dick pics on the SFW main chat. please fucking mod your shit better.

Anonymous 1194


the main chat isn't even sfw
none of them are

Anonymous 1195

That was only one person posting them and its cause the guy was bothering her. It was only one pic btw. Why do you feel the need to bitch about that?

Anonymous Moderator 1196

Actually rule 7 in the discord channel states that the NSFW content must be contained to the NSFW channels (there's only one atm). My apologies, >>1193 .

Anonymous 1198

me and my friends are just sick and tired of any girl havens being polluted by the shittiness of men. not all of us want to hear bitching about men, let alone some guys nasty cock.

Anonymous 1200

you're a cunt for doing what you did and thinking other miners being upset is laughable. not surprised you posted a reaction pic of some Korean faggot.

Anonymous 1201

She couldn't post about him bothering her without adding the stupid gross pic?
Are you seriously asking why?

Anonymous 1202

That was me posting about the robot, I wanted to warn that other user who was talking to him. I'm not >>1194, you can stop bickering at them. Sorry for the NSFW, I should've posted in the NSFW channel.

Anonymous 1208


Hey Miss Admin,

Has CC gotten slower lately due to our new discord server? I'm hardly ever online there since I don't like having a username attached to my nonsense, rants and random opinions so I mainly post here.

I've been wondering if things have gotten slower (than usual) or if that's just my head. I know you said you feared having an official server in the past because you didn't want to have less traffic. I really hope not. I don't talk much on the server, but I know things get quite chatty there and that lots of people are active everyday, so if that is really the case…this sucks. I'm asking this publicly because maybe our shy quieter miners have wondered the same too.

I will report this post so you can see it faster.


Anonymous 1210


Now that we have a (pretty active) discord, will we ever do the movie/game nights that were previously mentioned in surveys/other threads?

It seems a good way for (shy) users to get comfortable with one another/using voice chat!

Anonymous Moderator 1212

Miners, once you join our discord please @ the mods there. Sometimes we may take a bit to respond, so be a little patient and don't leave immediately, please.

Anonymous 1218

No I also feel like CC is becoming slower and slower and I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with discord as well.

Anonymous 1220

I feel CC's prime userbase is women in college, and it's finals season, so… yeah. Folks are studying.
The discord isn't active. So that can't be the reason for slowness.

Anonymous 1221

can someone send another link? old one has expired

Anonymous Admin 1222

It seems to be the case that some users feel more comfortable talking in a chatty environment rather than posting a comment, but I would like to remind all users to give back to the crystal.cafe community by only just sharing interesting links or images with the board.

The current invitation is linked at the top of the page.

Anonymous 1223

I tried that, its still expired

Anonymous Moderator 1289

We are not accepting new users at the moment. Check this thread again to find out when we will be open for new ones. Thanks!

Anonymous 1352

links are dead :/
is it possible to have an invite ?

Anonymous 1353

Anonymous 1354

well i was already checking the thread "again" and nothing happend since a month.
thx for the very "useful" tip though.

Anonymous 1355


PS it's been only 17 days. A month my ass

Anonymous 1356

>thx for the very "useful" tip though.

Anonymous 1358

Why is the discord on lockdown now?

Anonymous 1359

Admin and mods are working on a solution to keep boys and trolls out.

Anonymous Admin 1360

This >>1359, plus we only have two moderators at this time and it's not fair to have them deal with moderation and verification alone. As soon as I add more mods and/or have more time myself, we will open up membership again.

For all users waiting to join: At the moment, verification is done via voice chat. It takes just a few seconds and you remain anonymous.

Anonymous 1361

Does this have something to do with the banned in the usa person?

Anonymous 1382

>no boy discord
Wow, that actually sounds really cool

Anonymous 1393

Just require voice interviews.

Anonymous 1394

I want to join the discord can anyone give a link?

Anonymous 1395

Havent you read the thread at all? The discord isn't accepting new people right now. I'm sure they will post ITT once they reopen it

Anonymous 1397

Same, I also want to join the discord :)

Anonymous 1398

Let cvnka rejoin

Anonymous 1399

go away, cvnka

Anonymous 1400


Anonymous 1401


hehe, why not

Anonymous 1403

Anonymous 1404


So, Crystal Cafe we turn the page..
Kicked from your server because of your rage!

It didn't have to be this way..
It had only been three days..

I wrote you all these words
Yet still, the pot was stirred
Unfair, these things that have occurred
I'm writing you this poem so my complaints are heard.

You're worthy of endless praise
Forever, now, and always
My adoration for you isn't a phase
It'll be there for the rest of my days
Yet still, you couldn't let me stay..

Anonymous 1405

You were kicked out because you threatened to doxx everybody and had saved pics and info of most users on the discord, r9k and god knows where else. Good try tho

Anonymous 1406


>mfw still waiting to see what is in my folder

Anonymous 1407

user is boring
[folder end]

Anonymous Admin 1408

Our server rules are clear about not allowing harassment or doxing of fellow users and the constant baiting and attentionwhoring about collecting user data to sell to robots was annoying and disruptive. Accept your ban.

Anonymous 1409

I didn't do any of these things..

Anonymous 1410

Yes you did

Anonymous 1411


I never harassed or doxxed anyone. I never baited or attention whored with my collecting i only even showed two people who were mods. I also never sold anything.

Anonymous 1412

You guys realise she knows she won't get back in and is just enjoying the attention she's getting from discussing it at length, right?

Anonymous 1413


i don't see why you can't let me back and just not give me access to selfie channel if you're that worried..

Anonymous 1414

nobody wants you there. the fact that you were 'collecting' at all is straight-up creepy and makes people uncomfortable. if the mods let you back in, there would be an enormous backlash from the userbase. why are you so desperate to get back on-board in the first place with a load of people who mistrust you, dislike you, and wouldn't feel comfortable talking candidly as long as you were around? even if you say 'oh i'm not doxxing anyone this time', there's no way to prove that.

also why tf were you collecting people's personal information/selfies if you weren't planning on doing anything with it? even if it was completely innocuous, that kind of hobby is borderline stalker behavior. tbh my suspicions are that you were planning on doing something with that information, but got caught before you found anything too juicy.

Anonymous 1415

If i ever planned on doing anything malicious why would i ever mention anything. They also can't keep me out on alts so if my goal was harming i already have access to that.

Anonymous 1416

Actually, some user posted screenshots of her trying to sell the info on /r9k/, so she DID try to do something with all of it.

Anonymous 1417

Proof. I would never care to sell it and no one would realistically want to buy it.

Anonymous 1418

Screen Shot 2018-0…

Bitch I LITERALLY just went to r9k and saw this (pic related). I'm not going to go to the discord and search for the screenshot of you (w/your trip ) asking for buyers for the archive because this issue is done with.

Also just fyi we all know you're all bark and no bite so stop trying to intimidate the discord users by randomly adding them. Nobody cares about you and nobody is afraid of you. Be gone and stay gone.

Anonymous 1419

cvnka proof.png

more here, anon. she even shared the folders.

Anonymous 1420

you definitely asked for proof so it would be posted and you'd seem scarier and all of that. go attention whore on r9k.

Anonymous 1421

Just stop fucking engaging her. I don't know why you're all giving her the attention she so desperately craves

Anonymous 1423

Can someone post the invite to the server? All the invites on the site are expired.

Anonymous Moderator 1424

We will reopen our discord in a few days, the invite will be posted here.

Anonymous 1425

That's probably you pretending. I never sold anything or even talk to someone from britfeel.

The only proof you have that i might have done it was from a year ago when i did do it once. Weird.

Anonymous 1426

ooo whoa cvnka.

I'll just let you all know she is a very well-known predator on 4chan's lgbt/r9k/soc boards. Typically goes by Cvnka on soc, Piety on r9k, and way back as Chara on lgbt. Known for blackmail, manipulation, and hoarding people's personal information. Would be careful of her folks. Steer clear

Anonymous 1427


Hi nice to meet you.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 1431

I request an image of pepe trying to pass as a chick and being stopped by cece.

Anonymous 1447

it's finally here!! i've been waiting for the new invite because i heard the discord was a lot more active than c.c itself.

i've never used discord though so i have no idea how it works..

Anonymous 1449

just click the invite anon, mods will talk to you and take you to it

Anonymous 1450

Yeah, but also remember to read the rules, it's pretty easy in general.

Anonymous 1453

Hi admins I love you kwesu~ UwU

Anonymous 1455

Cvnka's new tag is Divinity#1338.
Their old one got deleted for being
weird in other servers.

Anonymous 1494

UwU <3

Anonymous 1504

Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, but is there a way to do verification without voice chat? (I know invitations aren't currently open anyway, but I'd like to be prepared for whenever they next are.) I'm not really comfortable with it, and I imagine someone could just change their voice anyway, if they really wanted to. If there are alternatives, what are they? Would something like DMing you or maybe a mod a super cropped/blacked out (but timestamped, if you felt it necessary) picture of a photo ID with the relevant information visible be acceptable? I apologize for any trouble, but I'm just super averse to voice chatting for whatever reason. Honestly, I'm usually not very shy at all, but when it comes to strangers online, something about it just makes me freeze up, so text is pretty much the only way to go for me.

I could probably force myself to do it if it was absolutely the only way to get verified, but I would really, really appreciate it if you could let me avoid that pit of awkwardness and just use a different method.

Anonymous 1505

This is my suggestion: what about video chat, for just a few seconds, without the need to say anything (assuming you don't like your voice/accent)? Just wave at the mod, and they will tell you to write something random. You do it on camera, then show it to them. I know video chat is worse than voice chat, but I feel like pictures are too easy to fake, even ID ones.

Anonymous 1506

example photo ID.j…

If this were acceptable to the mods, then I'd be more comfortable doing it than my voice, but that still wouldn't be ideal. Much better, though. And it's not really that I don't like my voice, so much as it is that my anxiety gets the better of me, and I honest-to-goodness freeze up, and I'm unable to make myself talk. I've never experienced anything like it in person before, which is why it's kind of awkward/embarrassing to even mention it, and if that happened when I was trying to verify myself, I might actually die, or at the very least never be able to visit here again.

I'm not familiar with how easy it is to fake a picture of a government-issued photo ID, though. I was thinking something along the lines of pic related, except taken with a camera on my bed or something. Hell, I could even write "crystal.cafe" on the timestamp. That seems like it'd be hard to fake to me, but I guess in the end it's up to the mods, and what they're comfortable allowing.

Anonymous Admin 1507

I'm not sure if "crystal.cafe asks for ID" is a can of worms we should open, no matter the amount of censoring, but I'll talk about it with the mods to find a solution for the Discord.

Anonymous 1508


That wouldn't really work for me because our IDs don't list your gender, so at the very least I'd have to show my first name.

Anonymous 1509

It's pretty neat that that's still a guarantee of your gender, since Germany doesn't have any gender neutral names, and your name's gender has to match your biological sex at birth (anything else is illegal, right? Or at least not allowed). Germany is pretty cool.

Oh, I totally understand that. I don't want you to receive any unwanted attention or unnecessary drama, and I certainly don't want to be the cause of it. I was the one who first offered, though, so maaaybe it's a little different…? Possibly?
If you don't want to go down that road, do you have other options available for weirdos like me who have issues with voice chat?
Thanks for the pretty quick response, by the way.

Anonymous 1510

I'm >>1508 and Germany does have unisex names, some examples would be Kim, Toni, Robin, Chris, Sascha, Alex, different spellings of Michelle / Michel - these are some I remember from my own childhood (late 20s now), but the law you're referring to was abolished 10 years ago anyway, plus you can get your name changed legally if you're transgender (though you're required to jump through a lot of hoops, get mandatory therapy, be on hormones etc)

Anonymous 1511

Oh, whoops. That's my bad haha. And here I was thinking I was all clever! Thanks for correcting me, I appreciate it.

Anonymous 1512

Nah don't worry! I didn't mean to correct you, just to add to the conversation, and I didn't even realize the thing about not having gender labels on the ID until checked my own after the Admin post because I remember the old version of our IDs did have it.

Anonymous 1521

Funny that the last name is Polish.

Anonymous 1618

So because of this obnoxious troll, the access to the server is denied to all new members ?
I mean u could at least dm and interview the new ones.

Anonymous 1619

No, they closed it because >>364 , didn't you read it? They will reopen again soon apparently

Anonymous 1639

Is joining the CC discord worth it? How is it from the imageboard? Is it as cliquey as other discords?

Anonymous 1640

>How is it from the imageboard?

Anonymous 1641

I don't think it's cliquey at all. Everybody talks with everybody, there are never fights and if you want any kind of advice you'll always get it. It's very comfy and nice.

Anonymous 1651

everyone is nice and they always try to help if you have a problem.

Anonymous 1660

H-How do I join

Anonymous Moderator 1661

We will reopen soon, I'll update this thread when we do!

Anonymous 1662

There's no IRC just a discord right?

Anonymous 1667


Anonymous 1668

Have you guys thought about doing regular mic verifications on your discords? I'm not part of them but I've been seeing some male leakers on other boards and I think that'd be a good way to circumvent that.

Anonymous 1669

And by regular I mean something like once a week or so. That may be difficult to follow through with but may be worth it.

Anonymous 1670


what's to stop a robot from paying a woman on fiverr and keep in contact with her weekly in advance of the voice verifications? nothing can be 100% secure as these are desperate robots; I guess we should caution users when posting selfies to do so at their own risk

Anonymous 1671

lol, people self post on discord?

Anonymous 1672

The link isn't working?

Anonymous Moderator 1673

We used to do that (call people randomly) but we stopped for a bit. We've been going through the users now and I think–hope– we got rid of the mole already. If not we'll keep searching and implement extra measures (like calling users randomly again).

We do pin messages asking the users to please be careful with what they post( pics or personal info).

Try again please

Anonymous Moderator 1674

We're doing some cleaning on the Discord. If we've kicked you out by mistake please do join back in and we'll vc you again <3

Anonymous Moderator 1681

Discord is closed again. Will update this thread as soon as we reopen it. <3

Anonymous 1682

Why all the opening and closing?

Anonymous 1683

Uhm hello, I used to come here now and then but eh I was just lurking on /r9k/ and I saw this thread http://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/47869982 I just wanted to warn you guys. I like the coziness here. kind regards :)

Anonymous 1777

fuck I missed it Again

Anonymous 1780



hope the discord opens up again soon. recently found this community, and i really love the idea of a female-only community. i'm willing to do any type of verification needed!

Anonymous Moderator 1801

paper lum.jpg

The server is closed.

Anonymous 1872

Please, could you open the server? I really want to join in ;_; I can go through all the verifications. I need people to talk to.

Anonymous Admin 1873

Please be patient for a little while as we make some changes, I'll post an announcement when we open up again.

Anonymous 1879

what changes are you making?

Anonymous 1881

i'd love to join as well <3 i've been waiting :(

Anonymous 1938


>me waiting for a working discord link

Anonymous 1984


Anonymous 1985



Anonymous 1986


I can’t wait for it

Anonymous Admin 1991

The Discord will be discussed during the site discussion chat! Please join if you want to help us improve it.

Anonymous 2104


Wtb invite link. ;~;

Anonymous 2109


I just turned 18!! I can finally join!! Where the link attt

Anonymous Admin 2110

Sorry, the Discord is no longer going to be a thing. It led to too much infighting and drama and the vast majority of users during the last site chat voted for it to be closed.

Anonymous 2114

Oh ;-;

Anonymous 2121

well damn, that sucks

Anonymous 2130

Discord has never not ruined an online community

Anonymous 2150

Happy birthday for the other week or whatever

Anonymous 2190

So, from what I understood of the rules, there cant be others discord server invites or threads because of this official one ?

Anonymous 2191

I think it was from before there was an official discord, since people from other boards or places would just drop invites as part of raids and such.

Although the rules somewhat imply that if someone made a thread only for invites it wouldn't go against advertising/sharing outside designated places.

Anonymous Admin 2192

We don't allow Discord invites or other advertisements of any sort, sorry. "Specified threads" means that if we had a selfposting thread, then social media would be allowed to be shared in there. This is an old rule and I'll rewrite it now to make it more clear and differentiate between personal social media and bigger ventures, thanks for bringing it up.

Anonymous 2232

Is the server deleted or just not accepting new members?
If it still exists is there a way for me to rejoin it, I was in it awhile ago but left when I quit the internet for abit.

Anonymous 2263

this thread has been so hard to follow, a few questions I have for mods (sorry but some of the admins dont seem like they know what theyre talking about)
>is the official CC Discord deleted or not?

Anonymous Admin 2270

The server was deleted when we closed it.

Anonymous 2293

Will you be remaking the server or is it too much work and not enough reward to do it?

Anonymous Admin 2295

The general consensus is that it's more trouble than it's worth. I may be reconsidering in the future, but for now we won't make a new server.

Anonymous 2344


i recently found out about crystal cafe and i was so excited when i found out there was a discord, but now i’m sad it’s gone.

Anonymous 2346

>all these people begging to join the discord
>using discord in the first place

Anonymous 2412


W-what about a n-new attempt?

Anonymous 2431

Don't like how the word filter mucked up the server link there but it looks like a fun place. I'll check it out, thanks!

Anonymous 2432

I like that you guys have a "no trannies" rule. Can't stand those self-mutilating perverts.

Anonymous 2542

is the discord up anymore? i really wanted to join

Anonymous 2543

now revive it already!!

Anonymous 2544

Why do you need a discord so badly, just make or reply to a thread if you want to discuss something.
It's not like a discord would be any faster.

Anonymous 2548

chat ≠ thread

Anonymous 2549

Here's an idea.
Admin please just make a /discord/ board with preset threads for the different channels so the discord beggars will stop.

Anonymous 2550


Alternatively: no

Anonymous 2551

I know this is 2020 and not 2002, but how about a IRC server?

Anonymous Admin 2552

For the time being I'm not going to make or encourage any group chats.

Anonymous 2629

Can we get any new discord invites?

Anonymous Admin 2631

I deleted the server a long time ago and don't have any plans of making a new one. Sorry.

Anonymous 2702

>Discord has never not ruined an online community
This. I don't know a single general on /vg/ that hasn't gone to shit because people decided the gen needed a discord server

Anonymous 7364

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