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We now have a Discord server!
Please read the rules! Update to rule #6: 08/23/2017


Discord Anonymous Admin 364

We've received word of users sending out invitations to Discord servers.
If you receive or have received an invitation to a crystal.cafe Discord, please know that it is not in any way affiliated with this site.

Anonymous Admin 1106

Update: We now have a Discord server!

You can join here:


Anonymous 1112

can we do something about the literal sperg/obvious tranny on the server? me and 2 friends are probably leaving…

Anonymous 1113


Is that the guy who left?

Anonymous Admin 1114

If you have reason to believe a certain user is male, please feel free to DM me anytime. I do not know which user you are currently referring to.

Anonymous 1162

The invite says its expired, what happened?

Anonymous Moderator 1170

Anonymous 1193

just so you know me and 3 friends left because you idiots were posting that robots dick pics on the SFW main chat. please fucking mod your shit better.

Anonymous 1194


the main chat isn't even sfw
none of them are

Anonymous 1195

That was only one person posting them and its cause the guy was bothering her. It was only one pic btw. Why do you feel the need to bitch about that?

Anonymous Moderator 1196

Actually rule 7 in the discord channel states that the NSFW content must be contained to the NSFW channels (there's only one atm). My apologies, >>1193 .

Anonymous 1198

me and my friends are just sick and tired of any girl havens being polluted by the shittiness of men. not all of us want to hear bitching about men, let alone some guys nasty cock.

Anonymous 1200

you're a cunt for doing what you did and thinking other miners being upset is laughable. not surprised you posted a reaction pic of some Korean faggot.

Anonymous 1201

She couldn't post about him bothering her without adding the stupid gross pic?
Are you seriously asking why?

Anonymous 1202

That was me posting about the robot, I wanted to warn that other user who was talking to him. I'm not >>1194, you can stop bickering at them. Sorry for the NSFW, I should've posted in the NSFW channel.

Anonymous 1207

The link is dead

Anonymous 1208


Hey Miss Admin,

Has CC gotten slower lately due to our new discord server? I'm hardly ever online there since I don't like having a username attached to my nonsense, rants and random opinions so I mainly post here.

I've been wondering if things have gotten slower (than usual) or if that's just my head. I know you said you feared having an official server in the past because you didn't want to have less traffic. I really hope not. I don't talk much on the server, but I know things get quite chatty there and that lots of people are active everyday, so if that is really the case…this sucks. I'm asking this publicly because maybe our shy quieter miners have wondered the same too.

I will report this post so you can see it faster.


Anonymous 1210


Now that we have a (pretty active) discord, will we ever do the movie/game nights that were previously mentioned in surveys/other threads?

It seems a good way for (shy) users to get comfortable with one another/using voice chat!

Anonymous Moderator 1212

Miners, once you join our discord please @ the mods there. Sometimes we may take a bit to respond, so be a little patient and don't leave immediately, please.

Anonymous 1218

No I also feel like CC is becoming slower and slower and I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with discord as well.

Anonymous 1220

I feel CC's prime userbase is women in college, and it's finals season, so… yeah. Folks are studying.
The discord isn't active. So that can't be the reason for slowness.

Anonymous 1221

can someone send another link? old one has expired

Anonymous Admin 1222

It seems to be the case that some users feel more comfortable talking in a chatty environment rather than posting a comment, but I would like to remind all users to give back to the crystal.cafe community by only just sharing interesting links or images with the board.

The current invitation is linked at the top of the page.

Anonymous 1223

I tried that, its still expired

Anonymous Moderator 1289

We are not accepting new users at the moment. Check this thread again to find out when we will be open for new ones. Thanks!

Anonymous 1350

Hey everyone. I'm relegated to #intro and it seems silly to just hang around in there. I wanted to say goodbye properly but it happened sooner than I expected so posting here instead. I can't get verified for obvious reasons, I'm not going to lie to you. I wasn't "infiltrating" the place or any of that juvenile /r9k/ rubbish, it's just been really nice chilling with you all and now I guess it's time to go. Really sorry for the lie by omission, you've all been lovely.
gatito, I'm especially sorry for being dismissive/rude when you DM'd me but it would have been messed up to make friends with you, considering. Best of luck with the site to you all. No need to get up, I'll sit somewhere else.

Anonymous 1352

links are dead :/
is it possible to have an invite ?

Anonymous 1353

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