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Anonymous 3762


Anonymous 3769

I missed the raid. Were all of them banned? Feel like some stayed.

Anonymous 3777

Every 2 days I find some loli shit in /b/. Report it everytime but it takes hours before it's removed.

Anonymous 3788

There are a bunch of pepe moids spamming /b/ with scat, cock and loli right now.

This is such a nice site, don't let them ruin it.

Anonymous 3793



Anonymous 3819

Sigh Just report, nonnas.

Anonymous 3821

>Men: Women need to stay off r9k!
>Women: make their own space and ban men
>Men: No! Not like that! We’re going to lurk, endlessly spam, and harrass you for daring to ban us.
They’re children.

Anonymous 3840

So I need to report you?

Anonymous 3956


Anonymous 3964


thank you mods

Anonymous 3965


ya thanks

Anonymous 3967

This gif makes me happy

Anonymous 4054


Anonymous 4055

thank you for this rare new cece, gif anon! i love each new one more than the last. will get much use of this one

Anonymous 4056

Anonymous 4060

based based based based i love you gif anon i love you!!!!!

Anonymous 4158

Theres one rn posting his shriveled cock and another posting map shit. I wish people would just report and ignore instead of engaging and bumping the threads and the disgusting images attached to it. Users replying to them is literally what they want and they don't care how many insults you throw at them. They get off on them either way

Anonymous 4159

Users that reply to bait should be banned for at least a week. I also that hope crystal.cafe can explain to people why they get banned in the pop up box because I got banned once with 0 explanation which is a shame because it doesn't help people with accurately correcting their behavior

Anonymous 4174


Anonymous 4214

It's /v/ this time. Here we go again.

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