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Raids and such Anonymous Admin 377

I wanted to avoid a thread as to not give them more attention, but it is easier to discuss in one spot instead of having scattered comments here and there.

As you've surely noticed, Robots and /b/tards are invading because they are pathetic and water is wet.

I have hidden the friend finder thread temporarily because it contains contact info that they are apparently trying to take advantage of. I am also hiding the selfpost thread, Insta thread, let me know if I missed anything.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by the invasions over the last few days and staff and I are doing our best to keep crystal.cafe clean!

Anonymous 378

Two things. First of all, I noticed that gore isn't currently against the rules, but it's being used to troll and was never posted in any other context, so maybe we should ban gore? Or at least require some kind of warning system, like requiring it be tagged as NSFW and possibly going so far as to require it be tagged and also properly content warned?

My other suggestion is that we may want to delete the threads containing sensitive info and start them fresh later, in case any miners regret posting anything personal. New threads could be made and miners who are willing to risk it could re-post their info/self posts after the trolls are cleared.

Anonymous Admin 379

I've been removing all gore. If you see any, it's because I haven't gotten to it yet, feel free to report it please!

All threads containing personal (that I currently know of) info have been hidden and are inaccessible. I'll restore them after giving users a chance to ask for their post to be removed, once things look better.

Anonymous 380

Thanks so much admin-sama! You're fighting the good fight. <3

Anonymous 381

I'd say make a flood detection system like lolcow has but then that might irk normal posters if they need an image dump. There are still ways around flood detection so if a /b/tard or robot figures it out then it'd be kinda pointless to set it up.

I'm not surprised this has happened because it was going to happen eventually given this is supposed to be a girl space and robots just can't resist the thought of it.

Anonymous Admin 382

We have flood protection in place, which bans users who try to post more than 5 threads in succession. I'm working on making it a bit more stringent for the time being. There are more protective measures in place that I don't want to reveal to the robots, but please know we are doing all we can.

Anonymous 391

I remember years ago when other boards were raiding /x/ the mods would just shut down the board for a bit. I'm not suggesting we do that now since it seems like it's still manageable but if it ever gets out of hand I can say that approach worked really well for /x/ at the time. It was an extreme measure but we only had to do it a few times because trolls never got to have any fun trying to raid it.

Anonymous 392

ur doing great admin keep it up

Anonymous 400

i wonder how does it feel for them to not have anything better to do with their lives other than try to annoy people who didn’t do them any harm. but good job admin! hang in there!

Anonymous 402

Lol, it was totally spoony who posted us to r9k. She got mad we were talking smack about her goofy plastic christmas elf ears again. How many times in the past 3 years did she post links to lolcow on r9k when it wasn't well known yet then, 50 times? She did it every single time someone made fun of her. Get a hobby or job, grl. Shouldn't have acted like a retard on ur Lush training day

Anonymous 403

if you look in snow she emailed the farms three times in an hour when her thread was bumped, no chance it wasn't her

Saged for giving Spoony attention

Anonymous 405

Oh, haha! I just fucking read the posts on that thread. Dude she got fucked up lookin. I had no idea she was actually banned from here (haven't visited in almost a week), guess our replies about her failed lush trial really triggered her. That explains everything. She is awfully assblasted that she can't post her shitty tumblr art and bitch about her boring ass swedish friends as if anyone ever gave a fuck.

Anonymous 407

How did u guys know it was her who posted about the lush training? Is it her style of typing or?

sorry for being spoony uneducated

Anonymous 411

that and the bragging, I guess. I'm not familiar with her either, but I guess anons who knew it was her got annoyed.

Anyway, just wanted to say good job admin and staff <3

Anonymous 413

We know, likely spoony did it. It is an all girl board. Please refrain from trying to add the girl's discords. Thanks.

Anonymous 416

We know, although it's not only from 8ch. Raiding posts were also spammed on /pol/ and /9rk/ so the raids come from multiple places, not only the spergs at 8chan.
We still don't know who did it, regardless of the speculation, since the board has been circling around 4chan's /r9k/ and other boards for a while.

This is a girl only board, yes. But unless you state you are a male or make it obvious by your posts (which you just did), you are allowed to post (according to the rules).

Anonymous 418

and? we don't need your help. pretty much everyone posting here understands that this style of image board having a "girls only" demographic would obviously be a target for people who despise women.

now, i don't hate men, but i hate those people, and your kind of person. we're not a weak fragile collective of vaginas in distress awaiting sir anon to defend us from the evil robot dragon.

Anonymous 421

white knight with no life huh? what a bitch.

Anonymous 423

nah man, sex organs or not you have the wrong attitude. you're bitchier than most of us girls cause you wanna be part of our secret club. if you like us, try /jp/ or something instead, you'll have the right sex organs and the right shit attitude there, babby.

Anonymous 430

>And I hate being forbidden from posting somewhere because I have the wrong genitals.
And I hate being forbidden from posting somewhere because I have the wrong opinion

Anonymous 434


That anon was overly defensive, but I appreciate the consideration from your part. Thanks, and enjoy your ban.

Anonymous 437

please don't speak for me. that creep tried to add me on discord because the thread was up to 'warn' us about the raids, despite being from 8chan and 'a former robot' saying shit like not to underestimate virgins. he's not welcome and his warnings aren't either.

Anonymous 444



Anonymous 453

I didn't want to post anymore here, but it bothers me to see lies being sperged around.

Well that wasn't me. I only posted >>412 , >>415 and >>428 in the whole site. I don't browse /r9k/ and I surely don't add anyone here since it's not meant for males.
Fucking robots always blaming others is a thing I've always hated.

I was trying to be nice. For no reason and without any other purpose. Yes, there is still people that does that. If this site is meant for girls, what is the problem? People is just so stupid.
I'm not upset, just disappointed. There's always some sperg that ruins other anons by blaming them for everything.

If you wanna ban me again do so, since I'm a guy. But even if you don't, I won't write anymore.

Again good luck, hope that assholes go fuck themselves away from here.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 620

Just am noticing that the highest rates of trolling/raids/invasions seem to occur between Thursday and Sunday nights. I've heard anecdotally that that's by design and a long-time idea cooked up on a 4ch irc channel.

Has anyone else noticed similar?

Anonymous 621

>>620 coz it's the weekend so they have more time when they're not at school.

also mommy can bring more tendies at the weekend coz shes not at work.

Anonymous 624

That's actually both funny and possibly true.
I'll admit I find the psychological subtleties of the apparent connection between angry incel internet trolls and their passive-aggressive emotionally manipulative mothers is actually quite fascinating. I'm guessing they're projecting some deep-set oedipal anger outward at the world in general.

As someone else with a controlling mother, I feel sympathy for them: if your own mom thinks you're a failure, then you really don't have much emotional support.

Anonymous 677

Just want to remind my fellow miners to keep reporting suspicious posts from people like the male poster who made a thread to discuss his feefees here in /meta/

Anonymous 714

I half suspect that one of the newer troll/raid tactics is to samefag and simulate arguments in certain threads.

I've noticed several instances of arguments occurring that seem to be between posters but are occurring almost live, like second-by-second, and usually there's rarely two posters on here at any given time let alone two specific members involved in a pre-existing ongoing long-term argument, let alone three (me plus the two arguing).

It almost seems like a post is made as bait, and then when someone replies suddenly there's an argument between several people erupting, with the argument getting more and more nonsensical and bizarre as it goes on.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I've noticed this happening around three times now, and always on Thursday to Saturday, which seem to be the peak troll periods.

I'm probably wrong though, but it just seems weird.

Anonymous 715

Lolcow is being raided by /r9k/ and I'm wondering if its going to spill over onto here.

Anonymous 718

someone just posted a link to here from /pol/chan

Anonymous Admin 719

Thank you, I am keeping watch.

Anonymous 720

This is such bs. We aren't even doing anything to these people so what's their deal? No one is raiding their spot so why do girl spaces have to always be raided?

Anonymous 721

They are bitter assholes with nothing to do.

Anonymous 818

Is it just me, or are we getting lowkey raided after the lc vs cc cross-post debacle?
There seems to be an increase in shitposting and bait-posting with real-time arguments happening within minutes of replies being posted.
Call me paranoid, but I haven't seen this much activity in a while and it's all either negative, trans/terf-oriented, or mild shitposts.

Anonymous 823

I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think the anti-Terf comments are from raiders.

Anonymous 824

Those opinions have been around since a month ago.

Also many miners use both cc and lc so I don't know what you expect but you do sound paranoid. Controversial opinions are allowed.

Anonymous 825

It's not like those opinions are even that controversial on here anyway.

Anonymous 826


Nope, pretty sure it's just the direction the community is headed. You can either deal with it or leave.

Anonymous 827

The first few days this site came into existence someone asked if trannies were allowed to post here and some anons had stated they were against it. These people aren't new and have been here since the beginning. The admin came forward and said we all don't have to be sugary n spice and everything nice so maybe you'll see people being a bit more honest here. Shitposting is a normal occurrence on any Chan. I doubt it's as bad as you think it is.

Anonymous 828

I agree. There's an influx of baity shitposts and calling them out as shitposts gets you lynchmobbed.
When has this happened before on this site? Never.
There has literally never been this many active users online at one time, ever. Usually it's make a post and then wait ten days for a reply.
We're def being raided and I challenge anyone who says we aren't to prove they've been posting here by owning some posts and threads they've started previously.

Anonymous 829

They're not but apparently they are to some people here.

Tbh I don't see why dudes in dresses need to be here. Its just cringe as fuck that they try to be in every female dominated space (LiveJournal, Gaia Online, Tumblr, /cgl/, lc, Pull, LipstickAlley, etc) and when there is finally one (cc) that says no dudes allowed they honestly believe that they're entitled to it. What fucking gives? Why can't they go make a trapchan or trannychan and just stay the fuck over there?

>There has literally never been this many active users online at one time, ever. Usually it's make a post and then wait ten days for a reply.

Depends on which board, but it by no means has taken ten days to get a reply in /b/, /meta/, /hb/, or /feels/.

Anonymous 830

They shouldn't be allowed online in the first place. Maybe if we could gather up all the transgender people and put them all isolated from society in a secure location. Then maybe they would feel differently about deciding to be a "man in a dress".

Anonymous 831

Oh nah I wasn't saying trannies should be allowed here I meant all terf or antitrans people(idek what to call it since everything seems considered terf) aren't a new thing suddenly popping up since a few days ago lol. They honestly annoy me too but ultimately the decision regarding trannies is up for the admin to decide.

Anonymous 832

Meh, trannies can technically post as long as they don't out themselves. Rule 7 is very clear.

Anonymous 833

Anon you're replying to
I just don't understand why they can't go make their own spaces and leave us alone. It was bad enough four years ago when /cgl/ started getting overrun with brolita posts and saying you didn't want some creep in your comm had everybody on your ass in a second. But ofc we're expected to just bend over backwards for them and take it or else they'll "read us to filth hunty ur just jealouz a man lewk betta dan u".

I don't even know what the hell qualifies somebody as a terf anymore. Like really I'm lost on the whole thing as of two days ago.

Anonymous 834

They shouldn't be allowed to post at all. I think that suspected trannies should be outed and banned unless they can prove that they're female.
Unless you want a group of cancerous men acting like a stereotype and who want to self-mutilate kids after making them think they're a woman. Fuck them.

Anonymous 835

"Terfs" have been here since day 1, and the amount of "terfs" posting in LC is huge too. Except for Tumblr most female oriented places don't like trannies.

Anonymous 836


I do agree with you 100% but you didn't get my point – rule number 7 makes it easy to ban them since you can't state your gender, etc. Stating gender = ban.
I'll post it from the other thread.
What I mean that they can post is that we will never know if they don't bait/out themselves, how are we going to know if they're trannies if they follow board rules?

Anonymous 839

If you have problems with gender critical view points, then it's probably best that you head back to lolcow where they would be more open to your ignorant beliefs.
Otherwise, just stop being so whiny and just deal with these "terf" you like to whine about so much.

Anonymous 840

Its ironic that you say that because even after the Tumblr flood in 2015, lc still maintained a a decent portion of users who can't stand trans.

Anonymous 841

I think it's plausible that some farmers are crossposting here because they have something to prove about miners being "cunts." According to their posts on lolcow, they think we're forcing people to be sweet here instead of us just being reasonable and wanting a place to make chill posts, so all they need do is rile us because that proves…people get angry with enough agitation???

Notice the sudden increase of infighting, opinion posts that are often seen on lolcow, and the constant activity on their /ot/ screencapping and talking about this place despite little activity discussing lolcow in the farmhand thread on /b/.

I'm not sure how the admin here should handle this, honestly. An upset farmer is a loose cannon.

Anonymous 843

I think the admin handled it well by responding to the criticism. She can't stop someone from screencapping any posts so it's probably best to be ignored tbh. It's not her job to police what gets posted to another site. All she can do is respond to criticism and taken into consideration what's been said. Anything more would just escalate shit. If all they're doing is screencapping and going "lul dumb cunts" there isn't anything anyone can do. Just deal with it I guess.

Anonymous 849

Admin can you consider just making a containment thread for tranny discussion similar to what lolcow does? If these posters insist on being here, I think it's better so as anyone who doesn't want to scroll past posts about killing trannies and arguing can simply hide a single thread instead of hiding threads they frequent because a few posters are getting out of hand.

Anonymous 850

Why are you so assblasted over those opinions? Nobody wants to kill men, they just think that it may have to be done in the future as a viable option.
The admin is already addressing it by allowing people to hide individual posts.

Anonymous 852

Are lolcow admins 'assblasted' because they have a containment thread on their site? I don't understand your logic and you're trying awful hard to make it personal at this point instead of discussing the ramifications of what this has been doing.

Anonymous 853


Jesus christ, NYART but you are dense.
Nobody is "assblasted over opinions" it's just that people trying to derail every thread into trans discussions is what made lolcow do a containment board in the first place, because the site was starting o become cancerous after every thread, regardless of topic ended in "kill all tranies lol".
I don't see the problem of trying to avoid this site becoming what lolcow was as it's worst.

That anon is right in saying a containment board would be good, because then you people wouldn't derail every single thread to circlejerk about tranny hitler-tier extermination or whatnot.

Anonymous 855


It's a bit of a stretch to compare their comment to hitler, isn't it? Let me guess, you're used to comparing every comment you slightly disagree with to hitler.
Hitler hurt minority populations, all that person was saying is that we need to be willing to do what needs to be done to help keep minority populations (women) safe when the time comes.
I don't think they meant that killing men was the best situation, just that it probably needs to be done to keep women safe to people when all other options fail.

I think that their opinion is in fact rational and I disagree with the comparison to them to hitler.

Anonymous 856

We can all obviously agree that the best situation is to be able to deprogram them with psychotherapy, with more intensive measures taken if found that the issues can't be resolved with regular psychotherapy. Most of us here can agree that extermination is and will ALWAYS be an absolute last resort when deprogramming proves ineffective.

Anonymous 857

> Let me guess, you're used to comparing every comment you slightly disagree with to hitler.
I do not, thanks for assuming though.
I mean, equating wanting to kill a part of the population and isolate them because you don't like them or think every single one of them is dangerous to hitler doesn't seem like much of a stretch, but okay.

Anyways, you guys are still derailng threads that have nothing to do with trans discussion with your anti-trans manifesto, so that's something lol

>inb4 called a "tranny"

Anonymous 858


I can understand why it may seem comparable to Hitler to you, but maybe it will help you understand if you think that people like >>856 believe the beliefs they do because they believe those actions are in the best interests of Trans Identified Males, and they believe what they do out of a desire to help them, not out of hate.

I hope that clears up some misunderstands that you have! <3

Anonymous 866

I second the idea of a board.

Anonymous 867

I personally think a whole board is too much, it would attract undesirables. But a thread sounds good.

Anonymous 869

Whoops, i'm >>853 and i meant thread* not board, sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous 870

Board? Lol. No, at best you'd get a thread so sane people can hide it.

Anonymous 871

You mean just like how sane people on 4chan can choose which boards they want to go to and ignore the ones they hate? A board or a thread means you don't need to look at either. You'd only see a board if you were to click on it.


We don't need a board dedicated to tranny hate. If anyplace should foster that, ask lolcow.

Anonymous 873

You don't need to type SAGE, just tick the option sage.

Anonymous 874

Thanks mod.

Anonymous 875

People could argue that you don't require an entire board for just posting pictures and yet /img/ exists as opposed to simple threads which could be made in /b/. I don't use the /nsfw/, but I realize that it exists because some miners do enjoy using it. Sorry, but again, you don't really get to decide what the site needs or wants. This is best left to the admin because even a poll could be warped by either side.

Anonymous 876

Nobody. wants. your. hate. boner. board.

Anonymous 877


I don't know any other way to explain this to you. That is up to the admin. If she doesn't do it then the world doesn't stop spinning. If she does do it, once again, the world doesn't stop spinning.

Its an imageboard and you really need to calm down.

Anonymous 878

Who knows why you're being so smug and thinking admin is going to create a board for this. Makes zero sense, but you do you, looney toon.

Anonymous 879

Telling you that this shit isn't a big deal isn't being smug.

Did you read the post at all? I said maybe she will or maybe she won't, but either way it doesn't fucking matter. She's making a function to hide individual posts. You can already hide entire threads. You can report things you think are trolling, but like I said to somebody else earlier: Don't be surprised if it doesn't get deleted because its mod discretion. I've reported posts that seemed trolly on here. Some were deleted and others weren't.

Anonymous Admin 880

We are not making a containment board for any politics or social politics discussion. We do not want that sort of breeding ground for /pol/ style takeovers.

If anyone wants to create a thread for trans discussion, please do, or revive one of the older ones. You can also make a vent thread for either side. Please keep the debates out of the other threads though. Almost every mention of transgender topics ends in derailing, please stop.

Anonymous 881

Fucking thank you admin.
Now maybe >>878 can go work on their damn blood pressure.

Anonymous 917

I'm cackling someone out there has so much free time they'd actually do this shit. The world never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous 923

>Remember these techniques are only effective if the forum participants DON’T KNOW ABOUT THEM
oh man, too bad! kek

Anonymous 926

The faggots overlords were out of chicken tendies today

Anonymous 927


>raiding a small imageboard for women for days on end because it triggers them that we are more civilised and they have some kind of inferiority complex towards our gender

Robots are so fucking pathetic kek

Also, admin, maybe you should consider adding some more security measures so this shitfest stops? Maybe captchas or whatnot?

I don't know what to suggest since i am not that familiar with building websites, but seeing these dicks shitposting gore and their cancerous frogs makes me not want to visit here in fear of seeing a dead animal or whatnot, and i hate it because i love this website.

Anonymous 928

Thanks for dealing with all that shit so quickly, staff/admin. <3

Anonymous Moderator 929


Thank you, we appreciate it! We will do our best.

Anonymous 930

I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same retard who avatarfagged and couldn't understand how to post without mentioning his dick

Anonymous 931

Not sure if it's the same guy, but whoever this is he needs to find a hobby.

Anonymous 938

There are multiple threads on /r9k/ up.
>he actually expected the roasties to competently run a forum
oh, wait, no, she

tea 943


men are so easily triggered, its quite amusing really

>when your a 30 year old virgin and instead of become a wizard you simply go insane

tea 945

>as he slipped further and further into insanity, he found he could no longer create cohesive sentences, and instead would burst out in crazed laughter

tea 954

you throw on your cute pink shorts?

tea 958

stay mad

Anonymous 962

Why is no one doing shit about the namefagging

Anonymous Admin 963

The user has already received a warning ban. I did not mark it as I am in the middle of cleaning up the raid, sorry.

Anonymous 964

Oh okay, sorry if I came off as aggressive, I appreciate the speed at which you've been cleaning it up.

Anonymous 968

Wow mate, I know you already apologized but didn't you see staff cleaning stuff up for hours ? Namefagging was definitely the least of the worries lol

Anonymous 969

I'm getting a 500 internal server error every time I try to access /feels/ or /b/. Is it because of the robots being too retarded to control themselves and raid all over? I wonder because it never happened till they started raiding today.

Anonymous 971

Me too. ):

Anonymous 973

I wasn't sure if it was a troll or not, I know I came across as harsh. I was reporting practically every single troll post and I was getting aggravated.

Anonymous 976


I am pretty amused these robot shitposters think we actually give two shits about what they think about our chan. One of the last threads that was deleted was about how "I think your chan is horseshit, it's just about ~feelings~ and how you ~feel~ but tldr men are better and women r cuntzz". That made me chuckle because this man is probably trying to delude himself he actually has any kind of value even though he's pathetic enough to get triggered over women having an imageboard, and ironically being so butthurt about feelings when he is obviously full of hurt feefees.
They will keep raiding us occasionally, and that is a pain in the arse, but quite funny when you stop to analyse their fragile minds.

Anonymous 977


yeah it's like they don't realize that literally the only thing they have to offer here (their opinion) is not only without value, but only a mild annoyance. what a waste of a friday night, jeez

Anonymous 988


Agreed. The lack of self awareness is hillarious.

Anonymous 990


>robots thinking their opinion matters to women, at all
>robots thinking their opinion is important when they are subhuman species that should just go extinct
>robots spending multiple days raiding a small board for women because they are so triggered by our existence
>robots thinking we are pathetic for having a civilised chan instead of hordes of cancerous frogposting, sadposting and tfw no gf posts
>robots thinking we are getting our feefees hurt by their shitty raiding when in reality they are the ones with hurt feelings and no life

Top fucking kek my gals.

Anonymous 991

Also, sorry for double post, but remember to report the child porn to the fbi webpage when these subhumans post it.
These stupid wastes of air are not only admitting to possessing child pornography, but distributing it too, so the authorities should be aware.

Anonymous 993


:^( the trolls start coming and they don't stop coming

Anonymous 999

I'm sorry, i know this is super off topic, but does anybody of you happen to know who the girl/actress in this gif is?
Reverse search sadly only leads me to other boards using it…

Anonymous 1008

I find it funny that robots rarely ever dare to pick on lcf. When they do, it’s seen by everyone as a laughable minor nuisance. Really makes you think. They hate roastie spaces online, but can’t muster up the courage to go after the larger girlchan that would bite back. Sadly for them, it just so happens there’s a lot of vicious girls(no shade) who rag on people all day long in that place, a place that also recently started having misandry threads comparable with their /r9k/ counterparts in sheer hate volume. They could not attack anyone and move on with their lives, but since robots absolutely feel the need to bother people, they’d rather shit on a somewhat new, small and civilized community so they can feel like they pose any kind of a threat. Sad!

Anonymous 1010

Sometimes there were but they get deleted so quickly.
Honestly this board is so nice, i only discovered it 2 days ago but is was already the second time i witnessed these gross pics, so it honestly makes me scared to even go on here because i simply can't take that shit. Is there anything that can be done against this?

Anonymous 1011

While I agree with everything you said about how stupid, pathetic and sad it is that they come here to bother us, they do attack LC a lot. There have been several raids last month and I can remember some really shitty ones during 2017 and 2016. It's in their DNA, sadly.
No one can really take that shit. It's always hard for everyone who posts but especially staff who need to delete their crap. But if you get so scared you don't want to come back you will basically let them "win". CC is really small so losing miners could kill it pretty fast. The best solution and the best way to fight back is ignore them and report all their shit so staff can see it. Also if there's anything illegal, report it to the FBI like another anon suggested here in meta.

Anonymous 1012

There were raids on /ot/ and /g/ recently but they didn't go anywhere half as bad as what I've seen here. Men on lolcow get ganged up on without mercy. Partly because there are more users there than here.

Anonymous 1013

It’s really distressing but you should consider what >>1011 said. I’m not implying you in particular have to endure what’s going on here, it really can get to you(happens to most of us, even the ones like me who have been on imagebords since forever) but I think it’s important that we as a userbase don’t feel so disheartened and straight up jump ship, to them really it’s like they’ve won or some shit.

Thinking long term, bringing more girls here will strengthen the community and make it so raids don’t have as big of an impact or become less frequent. We may not be able to be hostile towards men coming here in bad faith as the girls back in lolcow(even if most of us are from there), mainly because iirc we’re not supposed to engage with robots, but like >>1012 said it’s not just the viciousness that minimizes the impact of raids over there, but the number of people in the community as well. The two obvious ways to bring more people would be telling women we know to come or advertise the place. Because of the raids, I feel discouraged to spread the word to my friends who aren’t familiarized with imageboard culture but would fit in here and contribute with good posts. Don’t really feel like making them have the risk to stumble upon cp, hope things quiet down a little so I can introduce them to cc.

Anonymous 1015

I haven't noticed anything from the raids admin is doing a good job with deleting everything. It's sad to hear that these men are spending their time on this.

Anonymous 1025

Maybe the image part of the intro page should be hidden or have the option to be hidden by users?
These retards cannot stop sperging out in text posts to show where they come from so we should be able to see when they are trying to be "le epic trollzs xD womyn are cunt reeee where are my tendies xDdddD i jerk off to kids and have gore on my pc XdDxd" without having to see their shitty pics?
Plus, it's easier to hide a thread without having to see the image, so even if they did not post a text post on /b/ for example and only posted an image, we could see it while scrolling and hid it instead of being forced to see it on the front page every time we enter.

Anonymous 1026

If you're talking about the page I think you are, I disagree it should be hidden but I like the idea you can choose not to see it. But you can already hide images, thank God.

Anonymous 1027

Yeah, i meant the page that shows up when you write only crystal.cafe on the url.
I normally go on /meta/ instead of that first because i don't wanna see gore/CP and i can kinda see if there are raids by the posts here and i can hide the images without seeing them if i scroll slowly and see the top of something weird.
Having the option to hide the images section on the front page would be optimal imo, but idk how easy it is to implement since i know shit all about coding websites lol

Anonymous 1078

Is the selfpost thread ever gonna be restored?

Anonymous Admin 1082

Anonymous 1083


Anonymous 1852

Will the friend finder thread be restored?

Anonymous Admin 1874

Unsurprisingly we tend to have issues with men using these threads to contact users. It can be restored, but I'm open to other suggestions as well.

Anonymous 2120

Personally I think it could be renewed with a new thread that had some clear warnings for people to use throwaway accounts and exercise caution. I don't think the risk of male contact could ever be fully avoided, but I think people are interested in connecting outside of the site, especially since the discord is going away, and I think the model of having people screen potential contacts themselves is a better model than the discord model of having a few people screen everyone (though it's still far from perfect).

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