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Crystal.cafe improvements? Anonymous 3789

I personally think a search option would be nice. I have also thought of a possible gender related board where terf and mood discussion is the main focus. What do you guys think? Do you think we need more boards?

Anonymous 3791


Don't know. I mean, gender discussions are already /b/-tier. Plus this is such a small and slow going community that it works against our favour to split us up even more. Sometimes it takes hours until a new post emerges from one of the boards.

Anonymous 3795

We need less boards tbh. Not enough activity to justify having separate boards

Anonymous 3796

I think the max of this line of thought should be like merging img and media

Anonymous 3799

Anonymous 3802

Merging boards won't increase traffic or speed. It's not like we're early 8chan with hundreds of boards with 5 users each.

Anonymous 3804

It's not about increasing traffic, but instead keeping everyone on fewer boards with more topics to encourage posting. People do not post on boards they feel have little to no activity because it feels useless. I also feel personally discouraged from posting if I have to keep moving from board to board, it's just annoying when the activity level is so low anyways.

I understand the organizational aspect of it is appealing but I think in reality it ends up discouraging posting.

Anonymous 3805

>It's not about increasing traffic
Good because I said
>traffic or speed
and nothing in your posts tells me it will increase the later. If there are people discouraged by the very concept that no one will respond to their posts then I don't understand why they're posting in the first place.

Low and slow boards are comfy as fuck.

Anonymous 3806

It would increase the speed because the site would be more nucleated, that's the whole point. Rather than schlepping to deader boards, things would be more centralized, which does encourage activity and the speed of posting. Chill, turboautist.

>If there are people discouraged by the very concept that no one will respond to their posts then I don't understand why they're posting in the first place.

What are you even talking about? You think people come to imageboards to… not be social at all and just post into the wind with their feelings and questions? Like, what?

Anonymous 3824

I think a section dedicated to debate threads could be entertaining. Like, actual debates with articulate arguments, not just the standard stuff lmao.

I got the idea from the conversation going on with a moid in the terf thread rn. Debates can actually be really fun

Anonymous 3825

This would also be fun as long as it's absolutely against the rules to fling accusations of the other party being moids or troons. Flinging accusations is used as an easy way to shut down an argument you don't like on this site. If you believe the other person is a moid or troon, report and move on, stop engaging.

Anonymous 3826

Are you the anon who made the rape fetish thread and are still salty about it? We have raids literally every day, it's hard for Spidey senses to not go off when such things are spoken on.

Anonymous Admin 3828

Locked because all these things get discussed on a monthly basis and so far nothing has changed about my stance. Please check the catalog before making redundant threads.

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