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I did not know there was a nsfw board on this site Anonymous 3903

i dont know where to ask this question so i am just gonna post it here for now but how do you access the nsfw board on cc? are there any other hidden boards? how do you find them? pic unrelated btw

Anonymous 3904

You lurk for about 2-3 weeks, then you should get DM in your mailbox containing a password to access the hidden boards. If you can't find the mailbox try using inspect element.

Anonymous 3905

wtf is this legit
i just went on the nsfw board right now, it was just hidden what is this talk about a mailbox

Anonymous 3906

It seems you are not yet ready.

Anonymous 3907


Anonymous 3909

jokes aside just enter the url manually, the name of the board is "nsfw"

Anonymous 3910

Just replace the board name for /nsfw in the url. Word of warning though. It's more of a /feels/ 2.0 focused on sex talk than a lewd board in case you were expecting something like 4ch's nsfw boards.

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