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Female Chat Server: Very Serious Brainstorm Edition Anonymous 4134

Alright anons, the private no-boys-allowed server is made (taking into consideration the vocal people who object to discord, I will tell you its not a discord server right off the bat)

What is the best way to share the link without just posting it publicly online? because that feels like just pissing efforts away into the wind.

For instance: Would we be comfortable with doing a quick video interview for access to the server, before even being sent a link to it, maybe go through a purgatory-server?
I understand the exclusivity or effort of an interview feels weird but I don’t see too many other options to ensure a safe no-boys-allowed server, hence why I’m posing. The lack of female spaces is real and now I see why

Other brainstorm ideas: (maybe an actual name for the server) info on bots, scripts, general input, suggestions, opinions, whatever you think is worth mentioning pls

Anonymous 4137

Video interview, or at least a voice one, is perfect. As for where to post a link I can't be sure

Anonymous 4138

I’ve been looking to join a cc discord but I, and I reckon many others, aren’t too comfortable doing a video interview. Too personal. Voice is less doxxy.

- share the invites on the hidden board
- close the server whenever moids raid the website
- perhaps leave a link in obscure threads that only women would check out

Anonymous 4140

i don’t really like the idea of video verification but i’m okay with doing a little interview in vc. what kind of questions would be asked?

Anonymous 4141

Be careful, from my experience of the old CC discord moids used voice changers or sisters/female friends to bypass the audio only verification.

Anonymous 4142

>moids who troll forums for fun
>female friends
Those dont fit together

Anonymous 4143

No to video, yes to voice. I also think whatever voice interview is done should involve some sort of line of questioning.
Additional ideas could be: Timestamped pictures of hands/throat/other features
Recommendation through someone else
Pic of legal ID with just the sex marker showing
Timestamped/named image of birth control or other item only a woman would need
Make women re-verify frequently

Whatever you end up picking, heavy moderation is key.

Anonymous 4145

Pic of legal ID is a terrible idea and all the other suggestions can be faked easily aside from needing to reverify frequently.

Even if you made a girls only space there will only be drama sadly as with any group.

Anonymous 4149

A rather pessimistic take. I recommended the above because they were part of some of the female-only communities I am in that I had to verify for."Drama" will be an inevitable part of any community of human beings, regardless of what sex the group members have.

Anonymous 4153

not OP but i ended up making a server if anyone wants to join. just search for “female-only” servers on disboard. my server has a little banner that says new. :^)

Anonymous 4156

Voice is the only realistic option there is aside from pictures of body parts, which I'd be against. If voice changers are such a problem, just have people change their voice or sing a line. I do think that voice changers are very detectable though.

(By the way, ccanons, make sure your phone cameras have location turned off so that your geolocation isn't recorded with each pic you take. It is on by default on all phones now and it makes it easy to find you.)

Anonymous 4222

Lots of server have this tag, sadly, could you provide more information on the discord's name? Is it Me## Wr##?

Anonymous 4548

>already very slow forum
>trying to make an exclusive elite special board(tm)
no, this literally never works well for any community, small or large scale

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