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Anonymous 4165

I have an idea regarding maleposters. What about implementing a script that automatically hides a thread for everyone after a couple of reports said it’s a moid? And then when mods revise them and decide it is indeed a scrote who crossed the borders of his sty, he gets the banhammer. This way they will not get the attention they crave.

Anonymous 4166

I also think it’s neat to permaban after the second fuckup.

Anonymous 4169

People will use that feature to troll, if you implement it for posts and not threads, even worse, it will be used like a downvote button

Anonymous 4170

How to confirm ballsack?

Anonymous 4171

When he blatantly states “I’m a moid and this is my opinion no one asked for”

Anonymous 4172

I think we may need mods from different timezones so a moid running amok when mods are asleep (which at this rate pretty much happens every day) is less likely

Anonymous 4176

Good counterpoint, but I suggest only hiding it when several people (at least more than 2, considering our traffic) report a moid over a short period of time. That will make it less likely that it’s abused as a downvote system long-term since two malereports one year apart won’t do shit.

However, now that I’m thinking about it, during raids moids can themselves target the script to report other users just because they are twats. That could only be prevented if the malebutton were disguised as something else, a thing a random le epic raider passerby wouldn’t even suspect. I know I’m going overboard with this, but imho the following could work: we put a new option in the downward-angle menu that says “reply”. We know it’s an encrypted designation that allows us to specifically point at males, but most of them won’t. If they hit it, nothing happens. They think to themselves, what a useless function, and proceed forgetting about it. That means we minimize the number of cases where they’d turn that against us so our threads are gonna be up and theirs won’t. But that doesn’t prevent newfags from falsely reporting and also is until they find out and the whole thing becomes useless do idk why I bother writing this

Anonymous 4177

we don't need a separate report button. just x number of normal reports is fine.

Anonymous 4180

Agreed, hope mods consider this. May not be easy but given enough time and effort they can find a couple, I'm sure.

Anonymous 4212

but what about VPN users?

Anonymous 4293

We all know when a moid is posting anyway, they can't hide their nature. Just report MORE and never reply to suspected scrotes.

Anonymous 4910

I think that's way too easily abuse-able.
In a raid moids could just spam report on anything.

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