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Anonymous 4434

Why is this place so unnecessarily ban-happy? I have NO idea why I get temp banned but it happens a lot! Even if I don't break the rules..? It feels like being allowed to post here has nothing to do with the actual rules. My posts are obviously from a female, they're humorous most of the time, I don't have beef with anyone here, It is too much.

No wonder this board is slow or dead… I'm sorry but how is it conducive to creativity and humor if you constantly have to worry about getting banned for anything?

Cc needs to loosen up, because the boards POORLY represent women. You have all of 7 subtopics to represent their interests??? and then you ban-hammer those women for ANYTHING?? It feels the opposite of progressive to me. It feels as liberated as Sunday school.

Anonymous 4437

It's a huge turn off for me too. Mine haven't even been temp bans, I get permabanned and I've never been given a reason.
>Cc needs to loosen up, because the boards POORLY represent women. You have all of 7 subtopics to represent their interests??? and then you ban-hammer those women for ANYTHING??
This 100%. It's ironic that you're better off posting overly sweet and cutesy shit like a fucking tranny in order to have admin deem you a woman.
I've read the rules multiple times and have no idea what I did wrong, and they never even specify the offending post or add a reason to the ban. This shit should take 2 seconds.

Anonymous 4438

Can state I have had a similar issue with temp and permabans. At this point I post exclusively from VPN because no reason is ever given for the ban and Admin doesn't respond to emails.

Anonymous 4439

Its like anything that could be NON belligerent / bad taste joking could be a bannable offense too, you can't even know. I've read the "the rules". Clearly they aren't the rules. Its heightened nitpicking because the mod is bored (CC is slow after all).
Just because we're women doesn't mean we have to have an uptight board though my god. Its bad enough having to deal with that kind of woman on woman nitpicking IRL.

If its obviously misogynistic then yeah ban! But shouldn't women here get space to just post whatever? How about a new rule! If you don't break the rules you CANT GET BANNED.

And.. the hell we can't have political discussion? I can't talk about the 2024 presidential election ? Who validates this crap? is the board secretly run by moids?

Not getting an explanation for a ban makes it seem even more tyrannical. I know you get a lot of moid posts, but lighten up on whats obviously female posting?

Anonymous 4440

>How about a new rule! If you don't break the rules you CANT GET BANNED.
Insane this needs to be said lol. God forbid we have posts that AREN'T schizophrenic or hikikomori/femcel centric. And it would be nice if it went both ways, but it takes HOURS to remove cp and the obvious "I want all women to die" moid posts.
Jannies deleted one of my posts that literally said "ty anon" – for fucking what? This shit is worse than the moderation on reddit. Explains why this place is so slow though

Anonymous Admin 4441

Hi, yes there have been issues with bans that were handed out. Additionally we've been having some issues with permabans sticking even after unbanning/successfully appealing. I rarely check the email to be honest, the best way to reach me is via the Discord linked in the rules page, but I'll get my shit together and catch up with the email inbox too.

I also agree there are too many bans in general. Moderation is difficult because a large amount of "moid" reports are very subjective, which also makes it incredibly hard to find mods that won't overban. I've been thinking about these issues a lot and welcome input. I'm open to having a site-wide chat soon so we can discuss how to continue. For now, I'm sorry for all the trouble, and thanks for sticking with us.

Anonymous 4442

Nice to hear from you! I appreciate the thorough explanation a lot. Sorry for getting so bitter about this, it just felt frustrating to get permabanned with no communication on what I did wrong. So thank you for addressing it.

Anonymous Admin 4444

I completely understand and you're clearly not the only one noticing it, we definitely gotta do something about it. For now we've stopped doing sticky bans for anything beyond very clear raids and maleposters.

Anonymous 4445

I often report posts as 'male' if they seem to be belligerent without encouraging discussion, or sound like utterly insane bullshit, or may be bait. My understanding is that mods can view all the posts by one IP, making it easier to determine if they read male or not. Not every post I've reported has been removed, and I assume that's because those posters' other activity is not overly hostile or baity. Therefore I feel comfortable reporting posts based on hunches, I know my suspicions are being peer reviewed.

I also reported a post yesterday that complained about being banned and the poster got banned. I don't care if they were female or not because it was funny.

Consider spreading out your post activity into subjects that aren't contentious! And when you do get into a political shitfight, explain your position beyond ad hominems and memes. Don't act male, dummy!

Anonymous 4446

>Don't act male, dummy!
congrats you literally missed the whole point of the thread

Anonymous 4447


exactly. everytime i post a thread i get banned instantaneously. i was the one who started the femcel thread but i sort of understand why i mightve sounded like a male. still though… EVERY time

Anonymous 4448

Sorry, sir!

Anonymous 4450

Nice digits btw

Anonymous 4451


>I also reported a post yesterday that complained about being banned and the poster got banned. I don't care if they were female or not because it was funny.
kek you're evil.

Anonymous 4452


so myrtle can call me a man but I get banned for calling her a boomer? just so I get the moderation logic straight. to be clear I'm asking seriously and trying to stay on-topic for this thread. that's the level of moderation that we're sticking with here?

Anonymous 4453

It wouldn't be so bad if we could at least get a reason, a violated rule, a message from the mod saying "you're banned! reason: lmao u gay".
Now if we get banned it's just sort of out there.
Did you think I'm a moid? did I reply to a moid? did I violate a US law? something else? who knows!

Anonymous 4454

Some bans don't tell you how long you're banned for which is also a bit frustrating. But i don't know if it's still the case now.

Anonymous 4458

It still is, I got permabanned today, no reason given, no idea why

Anonymous 4462

same issue. seems like mods have completely gone nuts today: ban normal posters and let the scrotes raid

Anonymous 4469

Yeah what the everliving fuck is this? I get on here today and I see decapitated people and skinned people? Meanwhile you still have the fucking time to ban all these average people? Nice work morons.
You know usually I'd be polite and agreeable but I've had it. How the hell do i get so aggressively banned so fast but these gore posts are still up?
If you need an actualy 24/7 functioning MOD I'm ready and willing. My job is dead most of the time. I'd gladly just kick ACTUAL idiots and give women here space to just EXIST. You need to vet your damn mods. I've seen child porn on here for HOURS. I'm seeing decapitated people and skinned people right now. What are you going to do ban me for being mad about it too? Is my attitude too rough now? I'm so over this board its ridiculous. Someone here needs to own up to the fact the mods here don't have actual good intentions. Its clear their priorities are backwards. I mean who the heck is monitoring the mods? Clearly nobody….

Anonymous 4470

Yeah at this point I'm finding it hard to trust the mods.
>For now we've stopped doing sticky bans for anything beyond very clear raids and maleposters.
This was 3 days ago and clearly not true, either someone's lying or scrotes have infiltrated the mod team. Either way idk why I come here anymore, seems like I just get my daily dose of child porn/gore/animals being crushed to death, then get banned myself for trying to contribute to actual discussion

Anonymous 4474

>I keep getting banned
>suddenly gore
>Hey I should be a MOD I would fix this problem for you

I don't like how this post smells.

Anonymous 4475

Wow thats really great. Are you a mod too? I've already said I keep getting banned for unknown reasons. I don't break rules and get ZERO explanation or feedback. If it makes you take the thread seriously, and prevents you from making a joke out of it, then I take it back I about being a mod. I just want the shit to change, the issue to be taken seriously. You can banhammer people for no explainable reason but leave child porn up for hours? I'll say it again your mods are useless.

Anonymous 4477

>post relevant posts in relevant threads
>gore posts
<stay for hours

Fuck you Admin. Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

Anonymous 4480

love the irony of not being able to report gore on my IP because I'm banned

Anonymous Admin 4483

>This was 3 days ago and clearly not true
We stopped doing it, but that doesn't fix the issue with prior bans sticking. It looks like a new ban, but it isn't. I'm sorry it's persisting, please contact me to get it fixed.

Please don't do this, just report it as bait or infighting or what have you.

Anonymous 4495

Are you me? Because I get banned everyday for the weirdest reasons

Anonymous 4500


>first time admin has actually told me why I was banned
>accusation of samefagging

Anonymous 4515

If it doesn't stop giving you the browser notification, try clearing your cookies for the site. Then you'll be redirected to the regular ban page when you try to make a post (if your IP is still banned).

Anonymous 4518

I exclusively post in incognito mode but none of them give a reason

Anonymous Admin 4554

I wanted to give you all an update; TL;DR our spam filter went ballistic for a while and re-banned users even after a successful appeal (which is also why there was no ban reason). I finally fixed it, so if anyone is still having this issue, please appeal one last time. I'm very sorry this took so long, thank you all for being patient.

Anonymous 4555

I'm guessing that's what caused my recent ban, thanks for the quick unban admin

Anonymous 4558

Shit it's almost as bad as Resetera forums hahah

Anonymous 4565

Just posting to see if I'm still banned

Anonymous 4566

Hooray I'm home!

Anonymous 4585


Checking if I'm still temp b& aaaaa let me goooo

Anonymous 4586


Anonymous 4587

I got permabanned from a different IP address for "an unspecified reason" too, and I went and checked, none of my posts were deleted, so I obviously didn't break any rules. It makes no sense at all.

Anonymous 4588

Thank you so much for enforcing how women are supposed to talk anf behave, where would we be without your guidence my shepardess. Quit being so report happy, its part of the problem.
>My understanding is that mods can view all the posts by one IP, making it easier to determine if they read male or not.
How much time do you think they'll spend going through post histories?
I don't like the fact that they view post histories, it takes away privacy and anonymity and its what really bugs about this place. The moid paranoia is so bad, and you just contribute to the irrational moid-hunting and tyranny.

Anonymous 4589

(user has been banned for this post)

Anonymous 4595

I love how many people use this threat to test if their ban is over

Anonymous 4608

Oh so that's what they're doing

Can they just delete it after posting because it seems sus

Anonymous 5597

came to this thread to check if im banned

Anonymous 5628

Why in the hell are so many posts in the pinkpill thread deleted??? Entire conversations. Its like the last four days of conversations have been deleted. What in the fuck is up with these mods???? I'm not kidding when I say I don't trust them for shit. This is serious horse shit right here.

Anonymous 5629

Do the ones responding to moids get removed too? Well that's really not fair especially if the responses are long and well thought out. It's not like it encourages anons to respond to obvious trolls with "kys faggot" either. Stupid.

Anonymous 5631

I remember them. I was having them yesterday. There might have been a few in there but most of these were obviously posts from women. We were all discussing something relevant to female existence. I'm completely disgusted with you mo(i)ds shadow-controlling our pinkpill threads.

I want a fucking explanation.

Anonymous 5636

And that's exactly why I haven't posted on this site for months

It's easier to not mention your gender in other places on the internet and randomly find other women than it is to post on this site and not have your identity be policed. It's ridiculous

Anonymous 5637

there's serious mod abuse on this site. I've gotten several of my posts deleted despite knowing I haven't broken any rules (often times I've just copied what someone else did previously)
so much for trying to keep women on this site, it's discouraging and I'll definitely go back to being inactive for months

Anonymous 5638

ah yes… making sure this site stays boring and unfunny by reporting bait and hostility

Anonymous 5640

Holy shit this is exactly how I feel. Recently it became okay to post pro-ana inspiration too? What the fuck kind of site actually is this??? I genuinely wanna know. How nice and convenient too that none of the mods have responded, to the original inquiry about pinkpill.

Anonymous 5647

And geared towards mindless discussion, only.
Lets not actually talk about real controversial world issues "because its politics", but we can talk about being proana no matter how baitey it is?
While the men on all their own POL boards conspire around misogynistic policies all they want…??

It all just feels like a tyrannical 50s sorority.

Yes it's explicitly stated in the rules.
You can't discuss pol, but you can discuss circling the drain as a proana.
It really shows you what this place is about.
I'm really thoroughly thoroughly unimpressed.

Post all the anorexic inspiration you want.
But you can't bait and no no no you can't talk constructively about real world issues and politics.
Obviously, for the sake of bimbo twats everywhere.

Ever since I saws that change in the board rules I've decided this place is joke.

I think if we're allowed to discuss being proana we should be allowed to discuss politics.
It didn't turn lainchan or 420chan into a cesspool.. why should it turn ours?

I know I don't like being treated like I'm five, and especially don't like it when the entire group is. As if they're infants incapable of handling their own discussions without being maimed or injured.

.."Protecting the energy on the board"? Did it actually even matter? when it was already headed towards misogyny, hypocrisy, proana ?

The users are out of their minds if they still continue to think this is a healthy place.

Anonymous 5648

>hello fellow females
>this board poorly represents women because it won't let me in
You will never be a woman. Kys

Anonymous 5649

Actual mod spotted

Anonymous 5650

I have never once in months been accused of being a male here.
>hostility is funny
Can't tell if this is sarcasm.

Anonymous 5651

Isn't it because politics talk baits men, therefore it'd entail more modding, etc.? I mean I've peeked over at /pol/ before, it is relatively common to see it inundated with gore, etc., even though it definitely has way more jannies.

Anonymous 5652

And moreover…there's dozens upon dozens of different kinds of discussions here. If you literally want to discuss politics because that's the only one you don't find mindless, there's endless other boards for it, ones that can handle it better because they have more people managing it.

It's like coming to what you think is a dumpster fire of anorexic cheerleaders and yelling at it.

Anonymous 5653

I'm never going to be a woman and should kys because I want to discuss actual world issues instead of proana trash without having to worry about being banned ??? What trashy redneck asshole of the world do you hail from ?

Anonymous 5654

Sorry you run a womans board. There's no escaping you have to contend w the fact it sounds really misogynistic to say it fine to post proana but not politics.

Some users are going to feel patronized.

I know some people probably have good intentions but the banning and deleting of posts just doesn't help

Anonymous 5655

Then why run a women's board at all?

Anonymous Admin 5656

Staff posts are marked Admin or Mod. You'll know when it's us. Your opinion has been noted, thank you for contributing.

Anonymous 5657

Are you from lolcow?

In any case I don't even mind the proana talk being offed. I only saw it once because I barely go over to hb (that board isn't good for my BDD <.<).

In any case it isn't like the mods made a cognizant decision to allow proana in juxtaposition to politics, which is a subject that is banned from a number of boards. I'm sure the mods would eventually allow a containment thread for it, at least transitionally.

Anonymous 5659

And btw if I ran a board I'd probably let politics talk, but would be annoyed by how many /pol/tards it'd bait anyway.

Anonymous 5660

accusations this baseless and retarded should be what gets removed/banned. it's so overdone and just interferes with discussion

Anonymous 5661

Maybe it should just be discouraged at our own discretion? It isn't like every time I disagree with it.

Anonymous 5662

replying to a moid is against the rules so the accusations already are discouraged. and ones like this that are just meant to piss posters off should count as "pointless infighting"
…that is, if the mods can use any logic at all (remains to be seen)

Anonymous Admin 5664

They are, I'm just leaving this up for a bit so our users can read the unaltered conversation.
Deleted posts were the result of comments being reported, mods checking the post history of the user, and making a decision. The user whose posts were deleted is welcome to reach out or appeal their ban.
You received a ban for calling someone a retarded cunt in the pinkpill thread with no further contribution. You can still appeal that ban.
>Recently it became okay to post pro-ana inspiration too? What the fuck kind of site actually is this??? I genuinely wanna know.
The pro-ana rule has been in place since the first iteration of the rules. If you're asking for rules to be revised, we can talk about that, but it's not a sudden change in the least.

Anonymous 5665

>waaah STOP BANNING ME FOR MY POSTS I THOUGHT THIS PLACE WAS INCLUSIVE, you should be banned and removed for calling out trannies, as keeping them out is a hatecrime and bad for women's representation, fellow female btw
This is why this place went downhill so fast. Enjoy your larping moids and enabler admin. Thank fuck at least LC still know how to keep you XYretards out.

Anonymous 5666

Yep, thought so. Drama queen from lolcow.

Anonymous 5667

The comment I replied to said "this place is a femcel shithole/do you need a man to fix it?" so I thought the poster was male

Anonymous 5668

Oh I'm all for the terf threads, but recently i notice women getting called out as men for something just like wanting a /pol/ board, and it makes the culture here toxic and tiresome. Sure lets have terf discussions but does that mean we're now Saudi Arabia??

So many posts get banned that are innocent. I've had posts of mine deleted and they went way beyond reasonable.

Anonymous 5669

The original poster wasn't talking about trannies.

Anonymous 5676

uhh I'm >>5660 and I hate trannies, dk what you're on about.
keep accusing me of being a moid/tranny though, you're only proving my point

Anonymous 5680

readin this thread makes me want to start smoking again so good job I guess

Anonymous 5686

Smoking weed? Go for it nona

Anonymous Admin 5698

I'm sorry about your thread, we've been cutting down on history deletion due to cases like yours. You're more than welcome to make a new one.

Anonymous 5699

what do you mean by history deletion?

Anonymous 5700

Having one’s entire post history deleted

Anonymous 5795

Tarot readings? Please don't be retarded

Anonymous 6200

CC should do more to appeal to a female audience, like have fem oriented hobby boards instead of banning people the mods deem as being "moids".
The truth is that no two women are going to think alike and many will hold opinions or say things that are unconventional. So for the sake of this community, don't let it turn into a hivemind with how moderation is run.

Anonymous 6204

I’ve been temp banned for an unaesthetic image. I come here precisely because I don’t fit into fem norms and have masculine taste in humor and hobbies. (How dare I shitpost. I get that many normie women can’t comprehend levity, but some women do. Rant over.) Mods, I have no problem with post removal. I get the message when I see patterns in the types of posts that are discordant, and I learn from my -sins- agains the community. But there’s no need for a ban. Esp if you do really see our ip history.

Anonymous 6291

Hmm, maybe give an example of what got you axed if that's possible.

Anonymous 6319

The nature of this website necessitates ban-happy mods, there is no other way to keep it in line with its mission. 4chan hands out bans like crazy and they don't even have a real vision to protect, they're just dealing with overt abuse in an otherwise "do whatever you want lmao" system, so you have to assume there will be at least as much on a website explicitly meant for women to support each other.

Anonymous 6330

Does anyone else feel like they don't? I feel like this site is full of toxicity, maybe because I can't tell who the moids are anymore and I'm tired of it.

Anonymous 6741

Same. I think ID posting and possibly even a password for members, with female voice verified by the cc mod should be required to post here. Too many samefags and raiding moids.

Anonymous 9721

FYI you can get banned here for offering advice for vaginismus if you mention vaginal inserts.

Anonymous 9722

Dildos? Tampons? Dilators? Penis? Huh

Anonymous 9730


why are emotes banned in the first place? and what's the point of the rule if you're going to ban completely innocent posts

Anonymous 9731

Because it's obnoxious garbage tier posting. The rules are the rules, now stop crying because you got an 11 hour ban, you can surely handle it.

Anonymous 9746

11 hours for using an emoticon is ridiculous lol. are you a mod anonposting? with how few cc posters are left a ban like this is so unnecessary if anything just delete the post and ban for 10 mins so they see why or something.

Anonymous 9753

Again, if you want to use emotes - go to twitter. Thank mods for not banning you for 3 days like on 4chan.

Anonymous 9761

>emotes = twitter
lolcow tier autism
if you don't want emotes just change the rules to include them

Anonymous 9762

>>emotes = twitter
Yes, you should go there.

Anonymous 9763

I don't get along with twitterfags though, where should I go?

Anonymous 9764


Anonymous 9765

reddit is filled with coomers and pretentious low IQ scrotes. I don't like reddit

Anonymous 9766

Then go to 4chan.

Anonymous 9767


same thing

Anonymous 9768

Then go to Tumblr or something

Anonymous 9777

Anonymous 9796

I know what emojis are but I thought emotes were a fortnite meme. are :) and xD emotes?

Anonymous 9861

Checking to see if I'm still banned for saying I enjoy sex lmao

Anonymous 9879

i was banned a while ago and have no idea why

Anonymous 9909

testing to see if I'm still banned, I have no idea why I was. I found out because I was trying to bump out gore and it wouldn't let my post go through :(

Anonymous 10011

test to see if unbanned

Anonymous 10024

Am I banned?

Anonymous 10048

Ah yes because actual women are notoriously incapable of downloading a VPN and clicking the on button. If women are "too fucking stupid to use VPNs" how do you think the nonas in this thread are responding despite previously being banned? If you hate women so much why delude yourself into thinking you could be one?
Posted from a VPN, you repulsive troon.

Anonymous 10053

>moid thinks women are stupider than scrotes yet also wants to be a woman for some reason

Anonymous 10171

test to see if unbanned

Anonymous 10173


Anonymous 10188

i literally generated conversation in several posts which is good thing for this slow board, yet i was banned bc some janny probably disliked my stances on things. smfh

Anonymous 10391

I was banned for no reason at all in february, when I'm pretty sure I didn't even post since the beginning of the year. No stated reason and the appeal was denied.
It's the second time this happens to me and I'm starting to think you have a deranged janny in your midst. I mostly post in the terf thread btw.

Anonymous 10454

this place will literally ban you for anything and this is why i think female forums will always be inferior in many aspects. still have to use it though because 4chan and the likes are shitholes

Anonymous 10766

Same here, there is definitely a rogue janny

Anonymous 10781

Rather have that than the site become the shithole 4chan devolved too

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