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Anonymous 4725

If you see the retard spamming his contact info, ignore and report. He is a pedophile, do not add him. Do not give any attention to him. He thrives off of any attention, evej negative.

Anonymous 4728

How does he keep posting here, I assume he’s been banned more than once. Also I don’t think that’s actually cp, it’s probably lolicon drawings. Didn’t Apple just put in a new system that automatically scans and reports cp to the police.

Anonymous 4730

Oh wow you’re probably on a government watchlist now, pretty much everyone I know has at least one Apple product, so the chances that a random person on the internet has one too is pretty high.

Anonymous 4731


Anonymous 4732


You still shouldn't add this fucker for being an annoying cunt but the part about nanochan is a complete lie. Picrel is their rule list, explicitly stating they don't allow for cp.

Anonymous 4733

nano 2.PNG

Another pic of their overboard and as you can see, no CP. The whole chan consists of schizo /pol/ posting, anime girls and technophilia.

Anonymous 4734

This retard appears to be from /r9k/ and is a thread celeb over there (I just looked up his Discord ID online). Guess his faggot robot friends aren't enough so now he needs to get attention off real females huh

Small alt-chans can still be spammed with real CP and it can be up for hours, if not days, if moderation is neglectful or there aren't enough users to report it. I've seen it happen elsewhere.
Also who knows if he wasn't the one to post it?

Anonymous 4754

Dedicating an entire thread to them is not good

Anonymous 4756

Anyone have his discord ID?

Anonymous 4757


Anonymous 4758

Let's just say I have an idea

Anonymous 4771

He’ll inevitably post it again. It’s something like “Wacom”

Anonymous 4774

I reported him to the FBI for possession of cp

Anonymous 4786

>pretty much everyone I know has at least one Apple product
maybe the most retarded sentence I've ever read in my life, you don't know very many people

Anonymous 4787

Some quick googling shows that:

According to Statista, Android enjoyed an 87 percent share of the global market in 2019, while Apple's iOS holds a mere 13 percent.

64% of Americans now own an Apple product

IF he's American (big if) it's only a 64% chance. But you'd be retarded to stop there. That number goes down massively when you factor in the fact that he is someone who spends his time looking at CP on the dark web. Most people who value privacy (almost certainly him if he doesn't want to go to jail) will not be using Apple. It's actually extremely unlikely that he's using Apple for that specific reason.

Anonymous 4807

Read somewhere that tens of thousands of people just post it in Facebook groups or worse to their wall so there's some really dumb pedos and the apple thing will certainly catch a bunch of them. I guarantee it.

Anonymous 4891

I'm still pretty new to the site so I wasn't sure if I should make a separate thread or post this in here since it is a relevant topic - my apologies if I should've made my own thread
So this is regarding the friend finder thread or just people posting discord tags and contact info on the site in general. Rule 7 says we can’t call out male posters but what about in the case of them posting discord tags? Like in the friend finder thread the only way a male will get banned is if someone else who had added him posts a screenshot of message logs where he admits he is male. Since reporting him without any proof would be considered a false report I'm assuming, making posting the message logs and calling him out necessary. Is there a way we can have an exception to this rule or something? Also maybe to call out males who lurk and add miners but don't actually post their tags. It’s disheartening posting contact info expecting majority who add to be other girls and instead it’s mostly creepy male lurkers. Being able to post their tags/info so we can preemptively block them before they are even able to add us would help avoid being harassed via messages by them.

Anonymous 4892

Sheesh, didn't see that rule. That's rough. I hope the mods respond to you.

Now I really wish there was a against defending creepy things (i.e., pedophilia). So people can literally just report and move on.

Anonymous 4893

Same, I hope so too. I just want to be able to make friends with other girls and not have to filter through messages from weird males lol I'm sure others feel the same

Anonymous 4895

it seems like there's a lot of meta drama in the friend finder thread as the mods keep on deleting posts of people calling out moids and I think this is very bad as it puts the safety of the girls there at risk.

can we have a meta general thread where we can post such warnings? (or is there one)

Anonymous 4898

>mods keep on deleting posts of people calling out moids and I think this is very bad as it puts the safety of the girls there at risk.

Yikes. We mightve got one in the mod team, Otherwise why would you even make that rule, especially since
anons provided proof they're moids.

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