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Anonymous 4776

How can we grow this community while avoiding moids?

Anonymous 4784


Without creating a chat room?
Strict name using and/or registration.
Only way.

Anonymous 4869

We can get more people to cc by choosing good places to spread the link
A lot seem to come from 4ch where they heard a moid complaining and didn't know such a place existed but that brings more moids than women
The best place so far is by writing in bathrooms despite it being an offence in many areas. For now this avoids moids (I would mention trannies but there is a containment thread for that)
Though I'm not sure what admin thinks of promoting the website in this way

Anonymous 4870

The best way would be voice verification, I know a lot of anons wouldn't do that but I would, just to make sure it's 99% female.

Anonymous 4874

I will start doing this. Good idea!

Anonymous 4883

thanks though all credit for this idea goes to the person who wrote in a bathroom I once went to

Anonymous 4930

I mean there's always going to be moids no matter what corner of the internet the site is advertised too, there'd be way more success if there was a more streamlined way of filtering them out.

Anonymous 4932

>The best place so far is by writing in bathrooms
Sounds like a good idea, although that would attract more normies I think.
>despite it being an offence in many areas
Not in third world countries, that's for sure (or at least it's not a rule that's enforced often)
>name using and/or registration.
Definitely. This kind of issue is one of the undeniable disadvantages of anonymous imageboards.
I would rather have better moderation and an anonymous community that works together to purge the intruders than use shitcord or share any information that could be used to identify me irl, but I'm sure that at this point many other users here wouldn't mind, there's the friend finder general after all.

Anonymous 4938

What better moderation? People are gonna be biased either way, and if your writing style or your opinions are too much like a moid's, you will be banned.

Anonymous 4942

>that would attract more normies
While it is true that more Norris would see it, they either wouldn't care to look up a website called crystal.cafe or they would nope out once they see the front page

Anonymous 5876


Moids glow in the dark. You can see them when you're driving. Just run them over, that's what you do.

Anonymous 5877

Do they glow online too?

Anonymous 5879


Anonymous 5896

we need to show the girls on LC that this isn't tranny central and that many users are actually based af. it's not even true necessarily and right now there's some very suspicious behavior going on regarding modding and bias towards an obvious troon on LC and against women. i see LC going down the toilet again as it did when pinkpill and gc were closed. the userbase has gotten much nicer on LC, but i'm afraid at what their admin may have done. the girls from there just need to come here because the site is going to be dead, buried and filled with males and male sympathizers if they go back into that direction

Anonymous 5907

Make all proven women, who show their ID, their birth certificate, etc janitors, so everybody can easily delete cp, etc and nuke the scrote faggots right out of their ballsacks at anytime.

Anonymous 5908

We should start fighting CP and other garbage with constant brutal vigilance

Anonymous 5909

Many states now allow changing of id and birth certificates for trans people.

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