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Anonymous 4812

Every single thread on page 1 of /b/ right now is about moids or moid relationships in some form. Can we please get a containment board specifically for moid discussion because it's fucking tiresome and gay. I come to a women only space to escape from moid bullshit for a while only to find constant moid centered chatter.

Anonymous 4813

/b/ is a wasteland. All the read action happens in /feels/ and /hb/.

Anonymous 4814

How is it gay for women to talk about moids. I thought calling everything you don't like gay went out of fashion

Anonymous 4815

Half of feels is about moids/relationships, too.

Anonymous 4822

I just want people to use /m/ more.

Anonymous 4824

Genuinely this. Admin stop this circlejerk

Anonymous 4825

It's because about half of the people you meet outside of the house are moids.

Anonymous 4826

Half the imageboard is neet femcels who don’t leave the house, which means the maximal moid discussion proportion should be 25%.

Anonymous 4827

I agree with this sentiment whole-heartedly. /b/ literally has two cyclicals dedicated to talking about hating moids and troon penis for god's sake. The two most active threads on the entire board revolve around penis either inside or outside of a skirt.

Anonymous 4828

I’ve already replied here but whatever. This place was supposed to be all the good things about a chan minus all the bad things that come with scrote inhabited spaces. Instead, we have another woman forum but guys guys guys omg wait for it: it’s hecking anonymous!!

To see the absolute state of the board, compare the activities in male-related threads and all the other ones. Pathetic.

Anonymous Admin 4835

This has been discussed several times and it's the reason we have a stickied thread with extra rules on /b/ and /feels/. Please report threads that violate these rules and create the threads you want to see.

Anonymous 9246

I wish people used generals or created generals instead of starting a thread all about themselves, it's making /b/, /feels/ and /x/ unnavigable. I used to frequent CC regularly but left over a year ago because newfags treated this place like moid chan and CC can't be that fast paced. I'm so glad CC is still here though. Also, the Complaints thread n.2 is full.

Anonymous 9654

yea it really is fucking annoying

Anonymous 10765

I came to /meta/ to complain about this. The same thing has ruined other imageboards too, and every time I bring it up I just get shit hurled at me. /feels/ has a dedicated vent thread, yet still a majority of posters feel the need to make a thread venting about some moid shit in their lives. Usually these unnecessary, personal threads get around 10 replies because, who would've guessed, your hyper-specific problem isn't really relevant to the rest of us.

Newfags need to lurk more; this isn't facebook and you shouldn't just make a new post because you have something you want to say. Go to the catalogue and read the posts that are there to see if your particular issue is already being discussed. Read through the replies, and then add your contribution. I don't always read through everything in a thread, but I do my bit to read at least a dozen replies and respond to them before adding what I want to talk about. I haven't made a post here, but once I was going to so I hit "ctrl+F" and realised someone had already started discussing something similar, so I bumped that thread instead of drowning it under yet another duplicate. By lurking, you get a feel for what distinguishes "I'M SELFISH LOOK AT ME, ME ME ME" from "Here is a genuine, general topic that I would like to discuss that you may like to discuss too". I'm probably wasting my time saying this here, maybe someone who doesn't know this will read it and apply it.

Anonymous 10791

The newfags ruined the site, when it was extremely slow at least the posts were quality. Now it’s newfags larping as what they think imageboard users are like this explains the influx of those cringe femcel posts

Anonymous 10817

Crystal.cafe is a woman's image board that couldn't pass the Bechdel test.

Anonymous 10818

i’m tired of hearing about moids and the femcel larping from newfags. i wish we had a containment

Anonymous 10881

not to invalidate your point but this is an anon board how the hell would there be >2 women with names

surely you cant be advocating for tripfagging

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