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Anonymous 4838

What on earth is pp general?

Anonymous 4842


I've never understood why mods don't hand out warnings and instead, jump straight to the banhammer. Something this miniscule seems like it'd get a warning instead of an out right ban.
Is it just not possible to administer warnings yet?

Anonymous 4843

presumably the thread where we post like moids?

Anonymous 4844

mods might be larping moids. I posted a rather mild comment condemning the men in a thread about a video of men being violent and it was deleted for no reason at all. meanwhile moids post 100x horrendous thing about women on their boards and get celebrated and encouraged for it. they can't lose I guess.

Anonymous 4845

You think? This place is infested with moids or very sad sad women
>Constant boob obsession, shaming other women into oblivion, constantly making everything about what men like and freaking out at anons who point out humans aren't a hivemind
>Pedo excusing anons
>Constant male centered threads
>That bizarre thread about how goth girls are all pure and easy to manipulate???

At this point we've turn into a weird bimbofication forum with added pedophilia and trying to normalize the idea that's it's completely normal and natural for men to want to abuse women

Anonymous 4846

The goth girl thread was actually against the rules, it was a thinly veiled "Why do men like…" thread which is de factor against the rules. It's already been removed.

Anonymous 4847

Completely. I know people joke that this place is infested with moids and troons but it's not a joke at this point. Men get defended for the most horrific and atrocious behavior here. And I never thought I'd see the day that women would openly defend pedophles and abusers. Just sickening.

Anonymous 4849

Yeah I think defending pedophilia/rape, excusing male behavior as "eh it's natural theres nothing you can do about it :) I'm not a moid ;)" and vigorously defending men should be against the rules, as it's a clear identifier of a moid

Anonymous 4851

Since you’re obviously posting this screenshot here, does this mean that you’re ban evading?

Anonymous 4852

>humans aren't a hivemind
>but if you have x, y and z opinions you are automatically a moid and should be banned!!!

Anonymous 4853

I didn't know trying to convince women abuse and pedophilia was normal as well as body shaming features that are out of women's control was just an opinion

Anonymous 4854

They're trannies most likely

Anonymous 4855

You seem like you're reframing everything as pedophilia, kind of weird.

Anonymous 4856

One of the problems we were having here is moids/troons/pickmes/whatever trying to normalize or excuse pedophilia. First you wanted to claim that "it was just an opinion" and then you claimed I rebranded everything as pedophilia. Do you even know what you're talking about? What planet do you live on where calling out pedo problems within a community is "rebranding everything as pedophilia" ???

Anonymous 4860

everything's just an opinion when it comes down to it.

Anonymous 4861

Most useless post on this website

Anonymous 4863

10+ replies and no one gave OP a proper answer. Keep going autists, I love you. PP general is the pinkpill thread, by the way. I'm happy to see mods are starting to crack down on this, cause the scrote-related posts all over the website are starting to become annoying.

Anonymous 4864

>10+ replies and no one gave OP a proper answer.
Oh wow, it's almost like not even other anons could parse out what the fuck mods were trying to say. It's a bullshit ban reason anyway.

Anonymous 4866

yeah, and it spirals out of control.

maybe the actual real option is to ignore whatever poster seems creepy which I have trouble doing n I'm guilty about it. T_T

Anonymous 4868

It's not, we've been asking for containment threads to be enforced over and over again for months now. Some people don't wanna get the memo, so they get banned. That's what bans are for. It's fine, it's not shameful or embarrassing to be banned. You'll be back.

Anonymous 4881

I kind of think the mods should make a rule against stuff like defending pedophilia, rape, etc. It's always pedantic and dumb and goes nowhere and as you say, it really is a huge moid indicator.

In turn, I feel like there'd be less dumb arguments over it.

Anonymous 4885

I didn’t get a reason for my bad :(

Anonymous 4886

Refer to this post >>4842 at most these things deserve a warning.

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