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Anonymous 4871

Make it so when a moid is banned, they can't appeal their ban and don't even get a notice of the ban. It seems like they are able to posts, but their posts don't actually show up so it takes them longer to realize they are banned.

Anonymous 4872

What about the falsely accused women?

Anonymous 4873

easy, mods need to stop being ban happy

Anonymous 4877

I've pretty much given up hope on this. This is my first post in months. The moderation here is absolutely dysfunctional

Anonymous 4884

As someone who was falsely banned as a moid and had months of posts deleted, no. Notify of the ban and allow discord voice confirmation, and for the love of God a undelete button.

Anonymous 4887

THIS. Also, the only times a shadowban should apply is if someone posted c p or "women should be raped and killed" bait posts, etc.

Anonymous 4941

>voice confirmation
1. Someone may be transgender.
2. A male could get their mom to say hello.

Anonymous 4943

Still would be better than the measures we take now (literally nothing)

Anonymous 4944

Do most trans women sound like real women? Doubt so.

Also, instead of saying hi, there should be something specific to be said, or it should be an audio call in discord, maybe.

Anonymous 4945

the overwhelming majority of transwomen are clockable based on voice alone. the few dozen TW who put the effort in to voice train are largely normies and have no interest in cc

Anonymous 4946

>trusting admin with your voice
Defeats the entire point of an imageboard being anonymous.

Anonymous 4964

Same. I made a joke post about deepfakes on my work wifi and got my entire work banned, lel.

Anonymous 4966

Can you link some?

Anonymous Admin 4967

You made a joke about hoping to create deepfake pornography of people you're into, that's a ban even when it's just bait. Read the room, you know where you are.

Anonymous 4968

Based admin

Anonymous 4996

Yikes, ban evasion.
I guess that sounds really disturbing, but wouldn’t that technically be allowed on x or nsfw?

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