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Anonymous 4875

>CP, along with other types of spam, are being posted at least once or twice a week
Is staff working towards a captcha system yet? It's very obvious that these people are using bots to spam some of this shit considering how it's formatted. There are a couple off of Github that'd do just fine.

Anonymous 4876

We used to have a captcha system, you just reminded me of it. Like not even a year ago I had to do a captcha every time I posted. I was happy when the feature was gone, but if that's what it takes to keep the CP at bay admin should totally bring it back.

Anonymous 4878

If you’re from certain countries you do captcha as you enter the website.
t. am from certain countries

Anonymous 4879

Are Russian anons faced with a captcha prompt? Since it's pretty much well-known at this point that most of these CP rings come from the Slavic world.

Anonymous 4880

I was talking about Russia so yes.

Anonymous 4882

how do you know it's country-specific?

Anonymous 4888

So that's why I have to do captcha every time and it's buggy as hell… But why Russia?

Anonymous 5068

What does everyone think of needing to solve captcha to post with a name?
I noticed that the "other types of spam" posts, ones talking about the ones about ads or "visit my website to grow your business," nearly always use a name for some reason. It also kind of discourages frivolous namefagging though I haven't seen that as an issue

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