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future meet up? Anonymous 4997

I acknowledge the potential dangers to this, especially considering we’re a women’s board, but is there ever a possibility of a crystal cafe miner meet up happening? preferably in texas because that’s where i am <3 hehe
i’d be willing to set it up (location, time, etc) if people would come (i’m in Houston fyi, but we can have multiple in different places).
where would we have it? i was thinking a park or coffee shop…
what do y’all think?!

Anonymous 4998


im in europe i cant come

Anonymous 4999

If one ever happened maybe the host could do video confirmation to individually give out the location? That way unscrupulous lurkers won't know where it is and you'll have an idea of how many people are attending. Since you'll be meeting up anyway the usual privacy concerns of video confirmation wouldn't really apply

Anonymous 5000

I would love to do a meetup! I’m in Cali. I’d be extremely awkward and quiet though.

Anonymous 5002

this is definitely an interesting idea, the one problem is im afraid it would minimize the turnout (?) but maybe that’s worth it to keep the shy creeps away.

>>5001 >>4998 aww would’ve loved to have seen you anonettes :’c

>>5000 no worries!!! i am more than willing to do all the talking lolol :D

Anonymous 5004

hmm, looks like it wasn't taken down.

so much can go wrong with an irl meet-up. there will never be any true confirmation that someone isn't a man, or is a cucked girl going along with it (i.e., paid to). at least maybe get to know the individuals beforehand for a few weeks rather than have it be a random meet-up.

also don't make it in a park either, make it surrounded by people, like in a mall-type area with a lot of different things to access.

Anonymous 5005

>like in a mall-type area with a lot of different things to access.
That sounds fun. Maybe a convention, amusement park, zoo, or fair would be fun and safe too.

Anonymous 5007

>>5005 i agree, a mall-type place with a lot of people is the best idea.

Anonymous 5010

Is there enough of us? Feel like turnout would be small :(

Anonymous 5011

I wonder if admin could tell us about how many people use the site per day? And what area most of the userbase is from (I’m guessing it’s the US).

Anonymous 5012

I seriously doubt you could get ten people, but you might be able to get five.

Anonymous 5013

is there anyone in the nyc metro area who would like to meet up?

Anonymous 5014

NGL that stupid bear suit looks comfy, but Id rather die that walk out in public like that.

Anonymous 5015

Since youre already sacrificing your anonymity for something like this, I highly suggest voice confirming folks in a discord or similar before disclosing the local. CC is a target for the worst of the moids.

Anonymous 5016

Not just voice confirming, I think a video chat would be better.

Anonymous 5017

i'm in, but please please do video + mic vetting and get to know everyone beforehand

Anonymous 5021

honestly probably half of the replies are men.

but in any case I think you guys really need to slow down and maybe get together some kind of online group chat or discord server. everyone here is a stranger and unless y'all have done it before and loved it, I think it'd be pretty awkward to meet up with strangers.

Anonymous 5026

I think there should be no voice or video confirmation, just gather up, bring a few guns and shoot all the moids that showed up

Anonymous 5027


>just make a battle royale to off the male creeps
that's metal, anon.

Anonymous 5028


Let's be real, it's going to be like pic related.

Anonymous 5029


An off-topic but amusing discovery: I looked up this picture and according to someone who claimed to be part of it (and posted this for proof, he says he's the green shirt guy in both photos), it was staged, and they all momentarily got on their phones to make themselves look socially retarded for the sake of the shitpost. I knew there was something off about this kek, they're way too decently groomed. It seems it was a /fit/ meetup and they actually had a very fun night.

Anonymous 5031

It would be much safer to organize certain meetups at upcoming comic con type events, being in an open public space where its ok to be an autist sounds ideal tbh

Anonymous 5034

Oh thank god.

Anonymous 5059

Don't host or go to a meet-up from a women's imageboard you retards, can truly go very wrong. Moids and trannymoids be posting cp and gore all the time because they're mad and you all talk about how unsafe it is to exist as a woman but you think hosting a meetup is somehow safe? Absolute retards. Admin should just lock this thread for the safety of the users here because clearly some of you can't put your own safety first.

Anonymous 5073

Is that Brittany Venti in the brown outfit?

Anonymous 5074

Anonymous 5075

a discord server is a good idea

Anonymous 5076

hey there fellow european

Anonymous 5078

yeah, was trying to report this thread already.

I was interested in this; I have no idea why or how a bunch of social recluses think meeting up with others here IRL is a good idea.

Anonymous 5098

I have met with people from the internet multiple times before. there is a right and a wrong way to do it. if you're going to be pessimistic just say that, don't ruin the experience for everyone by assuming the worst

Anonymous 5099

what experience? it probably won't happen. no one is even bothering to get to know one another or anything.

there's a pretty good chance half of the posters here in this thread are male. no one really even expounded on why a meet-up should happen either besides it vaguely being fun. you saying anons being remotely pessimistic ruins it for everyone is proof no one even feels that strongly about it.

Anonymous 5101

I think a meetup would just be very awkward, even if there were enough people in one area to organise one. CC is more of a general interest board so it's not like there is a shared hobby to talk about. I think most of the anons gravitate to CC because they are a bit socially awkward and so putting a whole bunch of nervous socially awkward people together in one room will not work. There aren't even that many CC specific memes or cultural things to talk about.

I think anyone wanting to meet up is probably better just posting in the discord swapping thread and finding someone near them with similar interests.

Anonymous 5229

I will bring the guns!!

Anonymous 5279

still in the nyc metro area… waiting for some girlbosses to respond T_T

Anonymous 5308

You do mean actual women right, not troons. Because I would be down for that, but I'm not going to hang out with a bunch of troons who are actual predators.

Anonymous 5309

Ofc anon, troons get instabanned from here so they obv wouldn’t be allowed at a meetup.

Anonymous 8839

>pol meetup
>lone token pickme egirl

Anonymous 8840

I feel like from what I have seen most miners are in EST timezone but even then we are all so spread out I don't think there would be enough of us near one location to host a meetup, and it would be very unsafe.

Anonymous 8843

You can tell which scrotes are coomers…

Anonymous 8844

I would be afraid of moids showing up, but it could be a closed type of venue like a banquet hall or something. Some of my friends have rented those for their baby showers for the afternoon and there were usually staff there (who could probably make sure scrotes stayed out)

Anonymous 8845

You mean all of them?

The morbidly obese mentally disabled looking guy with the gotee and glasses in the background kills me though lol. He is literally the stereotype. Imagine HIM posting about "saving muh white race!" What a fucking joke.

Anonymous 8855

>lone token pickme egirl
Spot on, that's Brittany Venti kek

Anonymous 8862


lololol i can imagine how fucking quiet and smelly it was in there too

Anonymous 9621

A meetup at a anime convention that is already female oriented would be a great idea. https://okashicon.com/

Anonymous 9652

i would! not sure how to plan tho

Anonymous 9663

Screenshot 2023-08…

a-are there any nonas in latam?

Anonymous 9664


What country in LATAM, anon?

Anonymous 9666

any miners in the Los Angeles area should go to little Tokyo for a meet up desu, it could be fun

Anonymous 9667

you glow

Anonymous 9674

Argentina~ but I was asking to see if there were people near me in the first place

Anonymous 9693

I am from Chile!

Anonymous 9748

is there a discord server? i havent used cc in awhile but i remember there was a thread to share discord ids and chat with other users, i don't know if it's been deleted now though.

Anonymous 9749

how do you do that and not get it infiltrated by moids? sounds like a disaster

Anonymous 9751

moids cannot pass for a woman lol

Anonymous 9752

well it's happening everywhere else

Anonymous 9754

i actually dont know, the older thread i remember it was just people leaving a quick intro with their info, no server. i only reached out to one girl, she was super sweet and warned me to use an alt account for things like this

Anonymous 9836

>is there ever a possibility of a crystal cafe miner self-doxx?
Literally terrible idea, sorry

Anonymous 9928

rlly bad idea imo

im from texas tho hii

Anonymous 9984

no fucking way, just do a cafe cytube/caracal instead or something
what's the point of an irl meetup anyway

Anonymous 10090

kek no way, Did one dude in that meetup died in an assignment overseas?????

Anonymous 10100


because im so lonely and need more like minded women in my life

Anonymous 10130

glow harder

Anonymous 10373

Probsbly going 2 get shot up. Not that I live nearby anyways but b safe out there.

Anonymous 10829

would be so down for this, euro meetup would be epic

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