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Contributions Anonymous Admin 5

Use this thread to post:

- banners (300x100)
- alternate 404 images
- alternate spoiler images

Anonymous 6

Is there an easy way to add the crystal.cafe watermark? what font/size/shading etc. is it?

Anonymous Admin 8


I used Consolas (10pt), here's a template with the text. Please add a 2px stroke for visibility :)

Anonymous 14


I made this one. Appropriate? Not cute enough?
If it's suitable I can stick the watermark on it later.

Anonymous 15

Hold on, I think I messed up the dimensions. Sorry about that, I'll be back later with the fixed version.

Anonymous Admin 16


This is the current spoiler image btw, a prettier one would be appreciated!

Anonymous 17

I love it.

Anonymous 18

size requirements?

Anonymous 19


Anonymous 20


Anonymous Admin 21

Really cute!

Roughly 300px is enough, it will be resized automatically.

I added both, thank you! It will take a bit until they show up.

Anonymous 22


Anonymous 23


Anonymous 24


Anonymous 25


Anonymous 26


Would this work?

Anonymous 30

oh this is cute, i really like it. Did you make it?

Anonymous 32

the picture is cute, but the text needs a white border or something to be readable.

Anonymous Admin 35

All the new banners have been added! Wonderful contributions!

This is perfect! I second >>30, did you make it?

Anonymous 36

Thank you! Yes I did make it! It took me a few hours actually lol.

Anonymous 48


Anonymous 49


Just got a new computer so dont have any program to resize images ( I think- I suck at image stuff, sorry)
but Candy Candy has a lot of cutesy stuff (pic related)

Anonymous 53


Anonymous 54


Anonymous 55


Anonymous 56


Anonymous 57

What programs do you anons use to crop/add text?

Anonymous 61


adding some cozy

Anonymous 62


Anonymous 63


i thought this would match well with the dark theme

Anonymous 64


Anonymous 70



I used EZgif to crop/resize and gifntext to add text

Anonymous Admin 76

I added all the new banners, thank you!

Anonymous 80


Anonymous 81


Anonymous 83


Dimensions for spoiler images? I made this on my phone. Not sure if it's cute enough, but there.

Anonymous 89


I really like this one so I made it a loop

Anonymous 94


Anonymous 95


Anonymous 96


Anonymous 97


Anonymous 100


Anonymous 101


Anonymous 102


Anonymous 103


Wait, wait, we're allowed to use our own fonts? I thought we had to use the template, hnnng. Lemme go to sleep and remake them when I get up :'D

Anonymous 104

These are beautiful!

Anonymous 105

Oh thanks. I see a lot of the board is embracing the whole 80's anime/vapourwave vibe so I thought I'd hop on board. Gonna remake them tonight though.

Anonymous 106


Anonymous Admin 108

These are amazing!
I will add all the new banners once this Anon has dumped her reworked ones. <3

Anonymous 109

Ah yeah I realised the new season of OitNB was out and started binge watching that instead. I'll get on top of that tonight aha

Also Admin, BIG, BIG thank you for creating this space <3

Anonymous 110


Made a few banners!
Gonna post them now, hope you guys like them!

Anonymous 111


Anonymous 112


Anonymous 113


Anonymous 114


Anonymous 115


Anonymous 117

Aaaaaaaaand, done, if you guys like them can make some more since i am bored kek

Anonymous 118

Fuck, sage for samefag but i realized they are missing the dot in the middle, if it's a problem i can edit them i am so blind, i swear.

Anonymous Admin 119

That's ok! I love them all. Thank you everyone for making such quality content for our comfy board. I appreciate it! Installing the new banners tonight.

Anonymous 142


Anonymous 143

Might just be me but I'd feel mighty uncomfortable having an icon of paedophilic apologism as one of our banners.

Anonymous 144

I never saw the movie, but the book didn't read to me as apologetic at all. I can see the movie playing more sympathetic, though, what with Dolores being older and whatnot. However, the movie was also an undeniable fashion influence on several styles popular by users of the board… I can see being uncool with pedophilia but I'd argue the banner symbolizes something different from that.

Anonymous 145

That's what I was thinking. Bad idea

Anonymous 146

no thanks

Anonymous 153

>the movie was also an undeniable fashion influence on several styles popular by users of the board

The movie itself never influenced Japanese fashion lmao. At some point the Japanese picked up different variations of the word for themselves (someone more familiar with language could elaborate, I know there's various spellings that refer to different ideas in j-popculture).

But the "lolita" they use for Lolita fashion, or even when they refer to it in Larme, is meant to interpret child-like cuteness/innocence within an adult female. It's basically just an adult who has retained some element of childhood wonder.

That's very much the exact opposite of the "lolita complex" in the western world which is used to describe underage, presumably innocent, girls that are promiscuous and troublesome towards older males. It's a construct used to excuse and defend pedophilia.

So obviously we don't want to promote the movie or book here. Regardless of the original intent of the author, it represents a twisted male viewpoint of female innocence nowadays.

Anonymous 155

Oh my god that Anon actually meant lolita fashion? I thought they were talking about larme, because of the heart-shaped glasses.

Anonymous 157

That anon here and I wasn't specifically talking about lolita fashion, although I do think the actual origin of the word "lolita" there is much more nuanced than what you're saying.

If I had to name j-fashions directly influenced by the movie, I'd say Larme, although I'd be surprised if that was the only one. The movie had a huge influence on runway fashion in the west too, which I'm sure some of us are interested in as well.

Also just because something was inspired by the fashion of the movie, doesn't automatically mean it's a weird ageplay thing or has anything to do with pedophilia.

Anonymous 162

I would agree with you if the primary theme of the book/movie was its motifs or costumery, but everybody knows exactly why it's infamous and it's got nothing to do with fashion. Banners are supposed to be representational of both a board's vibe and it's userbase, and to me having an image of a fictional 12 year old rape victim projects something I'd rather not be associated with personally. I'm imagining now how the average Neckie would interpret it if they saw it.

>"one of their banners is a picture of Nabokov's Lolita. Even these dumb whores can't deny that they're inferior to prime 12 y/o pussy lmao"

Anonymous 167

If we make decisions based on how men will misinterpret things then we're still catering to them even in our own space.

Before I was just passively defending that anon's decision to make the banner, but now I really want the banner to run, if it's going to rustle neckbeards' jimmies in addition to being totally relevant to lots of fashions on this board.

Anonymous 169

You're kind of zeroing in on only one of my arguments and disregarding the others. I'm just saying that I personally do not feel comfortable having a photo of a fictional, adolescent rape victim representing my posting activities, but then again I'm not an Admin and it's not up to me. That's just how I feel.

Anonymous 171


Anonymous 188


Decided to do some warm banners in honor of the new autumn theme! <3

Anonymous 189


Anonymous 190


Anonymous 191


Anonymous 192


Anonymous 193


Anonymous 195

These are fantastic :D

Anonymous Admin 209

Sorry for the delay, but all the new banners have been added and the broken ones are fixed! In the future, maybe I will be able to assign banner sets to their matching themes as well.

Anonymous 217

I'm not seeing any of the new banners cycle through, and I don't see them in the /banners director?

Anonymous Admin 218

Have you tried clearing your cache?

Anonymous 219

yep, still not seeing 'em for some reason

Anonymous Admin 220

I'll look for the cause asap. Is this happening to anyone else? (Remember to clear the cache first)

Anonymous 322


I made one. I probably want to change the font color though, looking back…

Anonymous 331


I was bored and made this. I hope it is up to snuff, admin-sama.

I want to contribute more to this community and I'm glad we have opportunities like these.

Anonymous 332


samefag, but here is a better version where the text is more visible. I attached the wrong image. rip

Anonymous 333


What is this? My sides lmao

This is really nice, anon!

Anonymous 335

Anonymous 336


Anonymous 345



Anonymous 346

I love this one! So cute <3

Anonymous 347


last one– sorry for spam.

also thanks >>346 & >>333 for the kind words!

Anonymous 357


More bc bored at work.

Anonymous 358


FUCK, uploaded the wrong one. Here it is, just a bit slower. Looks better.


Anonymous 372

Just saw this banner and lost it.
Props to the creator

Also love this and the peach one, more banners w/ any of the girls from super smash bros would b nice<3

this one is really pretty too

Anonymous 1229

banner final.png

I'd love to make a banner out of this and have managed to resize it.
But because it isn't a gif, I haven't been able to add text over it with gifntext which anon recommended.
I've done so in paint, but I'm not sure how to add the 2xp stroke to make it more visible.
Help would be appreciated for a tech illiterate like me, thank you!

Anonymous 1231

aaah please, this is cute <3

Anonymous 1302


I also have more potential banners.

Anonymous 1303


If that one isn't comfy enough, I have more!

Anonymous 1331

unnamed (13).gif

Please someone make a banner, I'm begging! Admin take this one too, please!

Anonymous 1345


Anonymous 1346

I love you, danke

Anonymous 1347


Anonymous 1348


Anonymous 1349

aww <3

Anonymous 1364


about to have an incoming spam, this is my first time making banners so im sorry if they come out bad but feel free to use any!

Anonymous 1365


Anonymous 1366


Anonymous 1367


Anonymous 1368


Anonymous 1369


Anonymous 1370


Anonymous 1371


Anonymous 1372


Made some more banners!

Anonymous 1373


Anonymous 1374


This one i tried to make the apron say crystal cafe as a kind of "logo", idk if the font is a bit difficult to understand, but i think it's visible enough. Feel free to tell me so i can edit it if it's not visible enough tho!

Anonymous 1375


Anonymous 1376


(Flood detected)

Anonymous 1377


Whoops, jut realised the last one didn't go through.

Anonymous 1378

Anonymous 1380

I love this one! Howl's Moving Castle was one of my favorite books when I was younger. Studio Ghibli changed a lot when they adapted it to a movie but it still gives me such cozy feels.

Anonymous 1381

I've been wanting to submit a banners or two and I just wanted to ask if you have an easy way to get the banner text onto a GIF or still image?

Anonymous 1383

Ah, i personally use photoshop cs6 since it's the most comfortable to use for heavy editing, but if you don't have access to that someone upthread mentioned ezgif and it seems legit enough and easy to use.

Anonymous 1402

Thank you for your response!

Anonymous 1461


Anonymous 1462


Anonymous 1463


This is my first time making banners and the first one didn't turn out so well, but it was fun!

Anonymous 1475


mini banner dump

Anonymous 1476


Anonymous 1477


Anonymous 1495

Let's add the new banners, pls ;_;

Anonymous Admin 1496

Banners are updated!

Anonymous 1498


Ah I hope I didn't miss some kind of cutoff deadline.

Anonymous 1499

This one is super cute. I haven't seen the new ones yet, waiting anxiously.

Anonymous 1557


i made my first banner today
this is my first time creating a gif but i want to try making more now

Anonymous 1571

This is super cute! I'm not so sure about the placement of the text, but it will make a great banner. Good job anon!

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