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Anonymous 5035

Is it possible as a mod to check people's posts history before deleting a post on the account of it being a "moid" posting?
Because if it is then please do so, since I posted something that was misread as me being a man when I've been posting on CC for months with plenty of misandry. Honestly it's pretty fucking annoying.

Anonymous 5036

moderation here needs to get it together. this happened to me for posting in the talk like moids thread. months of posts deleted for posting in a SATIRICAL thread. and no response on whether mods could correct their mistake / restore the posts. maddening

Anonymous 5037

lmao same thing happened to me

Anonymous 5039


have to apologize about this. I was scrolling through /b/ and saw the most fucked up post I had ever seen and reported. turned out to be in that thread.
I was banned over it, but, yeah.

aside from that, I really wonder what types of protections can be implemented here or if it can be scalped from other similar sites.

Anonymous 5043

>months of posts deleted
How did you find out all your posts were gone? I barely remember my own posts unless I saved them in my bookmarks somewhere.
I think deleting whole post histories isn't a good idea because of cases like yours. It probably makes some people not want to come back at all and the userbase is already so small.

Anonymous 5044

I went to threads I'd posted in recently where ppl had still been replying to me and they were just gone. ppl who quoted me had broken links where my posts originally were. pretty frustrating tbh

Anonymous 5070

Honestly, part of the reason why I never posted in that thread was because I knew it was going to be a moderation shitshow.

Anonymous 5072

don't feel bad, it's inevitable that some ppl are going to report posts by mistake. it's up to mods to take 5 seconds to check the thread they're in and review a user's post history. I don't think you should have been banned for it either. mistakes happen. and this shit is the extra responsibility mods sign up for.

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