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Two ideas for stopping raids and spamming. Anonymous 5304

Can't we create a captcha system? I know that it won't do that much againts raiding, but atleast it will slow down the raiders, spammers and bots.
2.Letter for verifying.
You know how some websites want you to write them a leeter to accept you? After the letter is varified by the mods you can go here and post anonymously as much as you want. It will also help filter out the trolls who want to spam here. Also I know the possibility of some trolls who can write such letter, but it will stop the ones who don't want to go through the effort.

Anonymous 5305

What is implied by a "letter"?

Anonymous 5306

Something like a survey, but instead of questions you write why you want to join here.

Anonymous 5311

>Can't we create a captcha system?
it already exists for certain countries
t. anon from a "certain country"

Anonymous 5312

A ban on VPNs, VPS, Tor, and other kinds of proxies.

Anonymous 5313

Oh, and an autobanning filter for certain misogynistic buzzwords.

Anonymous 5315

I deleted google and now I'm using DuckDuckGo. If this system gets on the site will I be banned?

Anonymous 5316

You mean you changed your search engine/home page to DuckDuckGo? That wouldn’t have any effect, no.

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