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I'm going insane.j…

I know it's a weird question but.. Anonymous 5348

This is the second time a coom chim is spamming the/b/ board with a disgusting website that has CPin it. Can't this be reported to authorities or sites about reporting CP? The moid literally sharing the abuse of women and underage girls should pay the price.

Anonymous 5349

It's probably a bot and/or using Thor browser/VPN to not get tracked. Sorry but the kind of seasoned pedo to make a website is usually smart enough to not get caught

Anonymous 5351

tor is blocked because of cloudflare, but you can still use VPNs. I have tried.
Many VPNs store information and are required to hand it over if police request, but many don't.
If you want you can report it, there are a few websites for reporting CP/missing and exploited children, its just not a guarentee anything could be done. Just look up "report CP/ child sex abuse" and some websites should come up, the FBI has some sites.

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