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Thread request thread Anonymous Admin 5610

As requested, as long as image uploads are still being sabotaged by the CSAM spammer, I'm going to be posting new threads for you if you post ITT. For the OP image you can either post a link or if you don't specify an image I will use a random one. This is only a temporary measure for this weekend. Thank you so much for your patience, as always.

Anonymous 5618

I wanted to make a thread on /media/ about what's the weirdest/strangest BL the miners have readen but I guess it's not really a good time for it because of the lurking men on here.

Anonymous 5619

Thread for /b/

Image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/43/d5/59/43d5593287a467cd6e8ced0ce1343313.jpg

Subject: Blue Tax

Message: We are know about the pink tax that makes women and girls pay more for feminine versions of things, such as razors.

But what should men be forced to pay more for?

e.g. Airline tickets. The average woman weighs about 10 kg less than the average man, yet women are charged for their suitcases being just 1 kg overweight.

Anonymous 5620

I really would love to see this thread to be up.

Anonymous 5621

>Message: We are know about the pink tax
Typo, it should be "We all know about the pink tax"

Anonymous Admin 5622

This kind of discussion would go in the pinkpill thread as we're trying to cut down on male-centric threads.

Anonymous 5623

Thread for /feels/ I think

Subject: unnamed feelings

Image : https://files.catbox.moe/q2oscz.png

Message : There is "happiness", "sadness", "anxiety", "pride" etc… but do you sometimes experience feelings that don't seem to have a word for them and that you can't articulate to others? Do you feel like these feelings might be unique to you and no one else since no one seems to discuss them or even bother making up a word for them? Well, share them with me I can't be the only one

Anonymous 5624

no thread, but i love u jannie you do a lot of hard work

Anonymous 5625

help me mods I cant make any threads because you dont allow me to upload any pictures whatsoever

Anonymous 5626

How about remiving autosage,admin?

Anonymous 5632

There's a general fujo thread somewhere on /media/ you can bump up you know.

Anonymous 5634

a valentines thread, perhaps?

Image: https://imgur.com/a/wfNHTxp

Anonymous 5670

nba thread please I'd love to discuss it with other miners, and get some youtube channel recommendations if possible

Anonymous 5671

Basketball? There's old sports threads in the catalog, but we really do not have a lot of sports fans here so I doubt you'll get any replies.

Anonymous 5672

the catalog is mad laggy a d literally impossible to browse for me (thus accessing old entries are out of the question) :( if no1curr about the nba thread, can I post in there? and if someone can redirect me I'd be very thankful I feel so lonely in my sports interests, I also hoped someone would discuss the winter olympics

Anonymous 5674

I'd be into a thread about the olympics

Anonymous 5677

can we have a new terfposting thread?

Anonymous 5678

Anonymous 5679


The BL thread.

Anonymous 5682


Anonymous 5683

a how to grow taller hacks/height discussion thread please I need this

Anonymous 5684

Plenty of threads about height in /hb/ but growing taller after puberty is impossible unless you want a surgery that will maybe give you centimeters with a really horrible recovery.

Anonymous 5685

Note to self thread would be good: thread name note to self, description: notes that you would write on your notepad, can range from a variety of things from simple reminders to personal paragraphs on anything and whatnot

Anonymous 5687

the other anon is right. literally the only thing you can do is have the best posture you can and wear subtle platform shoes.

Anonymous 5690

i would love a tech/internet/phone detox thread. im considering going back to old nokia style phone and not using internet as much and i want to be able to discuss with anons

Anonymous 5691

Oh, sounds cool! I recommend to people just to have their phones far away in an annoying to reach place too by default. If it's annoying to get to there'd be less checking.

Also, recently there was research on how people comprehend stuff less they read (i.e., books) on phone v. real print–something about phone use suppressing certain parts of the brain. Good to know.

Anonymous 5695

some1 do eeet.

Anonymous 5799

Ok I know it says in the /b/ rules that we can't make new radfem threads but I'm requesting an exception here!
I think a feminist good new threads - women peaking, women's rights victories, women doing cool things etc - would be really nice. The threads we have now are great but they can get depressing. Ideally discussion of the topics beyond "yay this is good news" would stay in existing threads.

Anonymous 5818

Can they not be reported to the police???

Anonymous 5819

The spammer was reported to the FBI tip line I’m pretty sure

Anonymous 6029

are we ever going to get another friend finder thread? i understand the reasons for it being gone, just curious

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