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I wish CC had something like a hobby board Anonymous 6087

I frequent 4chan only because of their hobby discussion variety, but all these "will doing xyz get me a gf" or "women aren't interested in anything but starbucks you can't get a gf anon" annoy tf out of me. I really wish for a female-only hobby discussion board, but so far I haven't seen any hobby discussion in here, not a single thread (I've been on here since december). Is anybody even into some craft (except for occasional low quality drawingt) here?

Anonymous 6088

I think a hobby board would be great too! currently all my hobby discussion happens on other websites, but it'd be nice to have an anonymous hobby discussion

Anonymous 6089

I'd like something like that too, but if it was to work there would have to a specific moid related problems in hobbies/crafts containment thread so other threads wouldn't get derailed constantly. It feels like the majority of threads here are related to man problems, which I don't dislike but wish there was something else just as popular to talk about besides it. Oh well.

Anonymous 6090

You’re not alone in this, i agree. I just want a space where those damn creatures are not mentioned so much

Anonymous 6091

i think all the man-lurkers of crystal cafe like to participate in threads about men, making them more popular than other threads…

sometimes i want a second /b so fun threads don't get buried by threads about men

Anonymous 6092

does anyone here play a stringed instrument like guitar/violin/anything that involves pressing down on a string? I cut my nails as short as I can, and file them a lot, but my nails always hit the fretboard before the string does, making the notes sound all flat.

A lot of the time i have to file my nails really short so the string finally hits the neck before my nails do, but it exposes my nail beds and it hurts.

is there any other way or do i just have to keep pushing through the pain?

Anonymous 6093

I made a thread about science and it had some success, but it's been inactive for a while. CC is not a particularly big board, so your hobby might not attract lots of attention from the regulars.

Anonymous 6094

No clue. Maybe press your fingers with a different angle, so you hit the string with your fingertip laying flat and not just on tip where the flesh meets the nail?

Anonymous 6095



then it touches the other strings and makes them kind of flat sounding D:

I found someone with a similar problem https://justinguitarcommunity.com/index.php?topic=40517.0

but she? (unless that person is gay since they mention a husband) found a luthier to modify the instrument, and I don't have that kind of money

many other threads on the same problem say to jut build up calluses on the fingers but gee, it's hard to do that when it's painful to do. or modify the instrument/get a scalloped fretboard.

I found someone with an even worse case of this problem, and top comment was like "switch instrument" XD


It's hard to stay motivated with playing an instrument when every note sounds like crap because my string-pressing abilities aren't that great :O

I hope one day i can sound great though. I love listening to rock and roll music, and I want to be able to compose and play my own cool sounding music

Anonymous 6096

What are your hobbies, OP?

Anonymous 6097

Maybe ask about this on /meta/? A board dedicated to hobbies sounds really nice!

Anonymous 6098


If this board was made I would take crochet character requests

Anonymous 6099

the image of eating keyboard crumbs as seasoning scares me

Anonymous 6100

OP here, crochet/knitting and 3d printing as active ones. Occasionally I sew and work with electronics. Would like to do model building, but there's no kits for my special interest, so I do them myself, usually with crochet.

Anonymous 6101

It's sad that every female-dominated space online eventually turns from a comfortable discussion place to a circlejerk woe-ing about moids. Everytime a good thread is posted, it gets derailed in 2 days as pinkpill and terfposting are bumped constantly, and people don't usually scroll imageboards until the last post. That's why there must be a non-random board where normie issues would not be allowed. I love to complain about trannies and men occasionally, but hobby discussion are much more entertaining.

Anonymous 6102


yeah! and threads like this might help one try new hobbies they hadn't thought of before.

Anonymous 6103

I recently started collecting watches. That's a hobby. I draw too, but it is borderline commercial now.

Anonymous 6104

There is just not enough traffic on this website to justify adding new boards. Even /b/ is super slow.
Instead of complaining just make a new thread about whatever hobby you have and bump it occasionally. But don't be sad if no one else cares cause I really don't think there are that many people browsing here.

Anonymous 6105

I think this is a case where adding a new board would only increase activity and grow the site. everyone can see recent posts from the front page anyway so it’s not like spreading the posts a little thinner across boards would actually harm engagement. dividing the site into sections makes the site more usable.

Anonymous 6106


if anything I kind of want /hb/ deleted and replaced with a hobby board.

Anonymous 6107

I feel like a lot of hobbies could fit on /media/, certainly the creative ones. But I think just a whole board dedicated to hobbies would be nice. I wish media was more active.
Yeah, those could all fit in /media/ imo, maybe start a thread about them there?

Anonymous 6108

I bet a hobbies board would be a lot more active than the media board. There's only so much you can post about media, it feels like hobbies is a broader topic.

Anonymous 6112

>I love to complain about trannies and men occasionally, but hobby discussion are much more entertaining.
Yeah, I know what you mean, but I think the reason for the issue is basically just demographics, so ultimately there's no easy solution to it.

Anonymous 6114

Wtf do demographics have to do with it ?

Anonymous 6115

Idk, maybe she means local anons are more interested in whining about moids than in constructive discussion, so there's little use of making any effort for new boards/threads?

Anonymous 6116

This. /hb/ feels like such a useless board

Anonymous 6136


Anonymous 6137

Yeah, it's just a waste imo and I think easily it can be changed into a hobby board. People can post about all sorts of stuff including beauty/fashion.

Anonymous 6144

Mods pls make this a thing, it might be slow but it'll be cozy, the radfem stuff can be very distracting and drowns out hobby threads. Thread ideas include arts+crafts, stem, nature, cooking/food, books, sports, instruments, etc. /b/ would be more for random thoughts and discussions, /media/ for tv/culture/games.

Anonymous 6211

This would seriously be so fun. It's a lot harder to start a thread on /b/ about a niche hobby because it feels so out of place, but on a hobbies board it would draw a lot more attention to people those that are seeking it.

Anonymous 8962

strange, i was just thinking the same thing. bumping for interest

Anonymous 8972

Holy shit do we need this. I've seen a few times suggested that there should be a board that bans discussion of moids, I think those ideas would work well together.

Anonymous 8973

admin is dead though so nothing can be done.

Anonymous 10293

right? feels so silly to have a female imageboard without having crafts… i want to share my niche hobbies with other nonas

Anonymous 10306

Am I having a fever dream or did we have one in the beginning when cc was new?

Anonymous 10435

sticker (12).png

I'd love a hobby board so much
I want to enjoy colouring with people but I'd far rather upload and talk about colouring here than instagram or some other site

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