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Rule 7 Anonymous 661

While I appreciate what you're tying to do here, the way I see it eventually one of two things is going to happen:

1) the userbase is going to grow to the point where this rule becomes un-enforceable, at which point the community is going to change and this'll just be another imageboard like all the others

2) you're going to have issued infinity-1 length IP bans on the entire IP range and you'll limit yourselves out of existence. When most people go to a site and find that they're banned when they try to make their first post, they don't bother to appeal the ban, they just go somewhere else.

The reason 'tits of GTFO' is a thing on other imageboards is precisely because using your gender as a means of validate your point is a shitty argument. imo you'd be better off preempting the first outcome by using a 'balls or GTFO' equivalent to dissuade the kind of posts you're trying to limit.

I'm glad to see you've at least come to your senses with the 88 year bans (88 is an odd number btw, is that a reference to something?), you might want to consider reviewing your existing ban list if this kind of length has been the norm.

As I pointed out in the other thread, you're also not making your lives easier by not having a link to the rules on your homepage; unfortunately, men are not mind readers. Just chucking bans at people that feel like they're coming out of nowhere is generally going to generate a certain kind of reaction.

Anonymous 662

You're still salty over that? Holy shit. That's why men can't be here, you make it all about yourselves. What about you go back to your shit hole? Btw men can post and lurk as long as they don't state their gender or bait. You ban was well deserved since you're an obvious piece of shit.

Also I know that ban evading isn't currently against the rules but it should be, admin. I'm making this a suggestion.

Anonymous 663

Samefagging to add that you clearly don't understand cc. Our userbase is still so fucking small that the first problem you mentioned won't happen anytime soon. And I remember people complaining about being permabanned from LC even though they had never posted there before. Do you know what they did? They emailed admin, and admin unbanned them. Simple. Fixed everything for you. Also I hope you get permabanned for good, prick.

Anonymous 664

Why do you keep pushing this idea? No one is stopping you from posting, but you keep outing yourself with names and images.

It's a female oriented community where girls can discuss things without men coming in and trying to argue or troll (or give their unwanted opinion). Why is this so hard to understand?

Anonymous 665

Mate, no one wants you here but if you wanna stay you can do that as long as you don't out yourself, avatarfag, bait or thirst post. It's just so simple, why don't you get it? This place is a haven compared to other image boards mostly due to the fact men can't out themselves. So what about you learn to integrate, newfag? If you can't, get the fuck out or keep getting banned every single time you spew shit.

Anonymous 666

Ok, you're right - don't think about or discuss the future. I'm sure that won't bite you on the ass eventually.

Note that I'm not telling you what to do, or demanding that you do it tomorrow, but starting a discussion about something that's likely to be an issue sooner or later. Being aggressive and rude isn't going to prevent the inevitably of change.

Anonymous 667

You've been shitting up the place for 2 or 3 days, that's why people have been rude to you. And you could have just given your suggestions here >>>/meta/4 but of course you had to create a thread lol.

Anonymous 668

First of all, check 'em.

Second, like the other anons said already, you outed yourself, nobody else did. You obviously have known from the beginning that male posting was not permitted. And from the beginning you have been making threads trolling us.

Anonymous 669

Oh yeah, sorry, I just remember you did know the rules. I saw the 1st thread you made saying you were male. Then it got deleted or you deleted it yourself and I don't remember every word, but the way you phrased it made it clear you knew comments from males weren't desired, and that that thread should be fine since you weren't outing yourself. Don't lie, you have known the rules since the beginning.

Anonymous 673

He has no counter arguments and now he's trying to spam. Incredible.

Anonymous 674

First of all, thanks.

> Don't lie, you have known the rules since the beginning.
No, the reason I put that is because I came here from this thread:
which had a direct link to the misandry thread here:
I looked around a bit and there was a fair bit of man-hate going on in the various threads, but I didn't assume it was literally systemic (which is still top fucken kek btw)

> counter arguments
To what? If you think "relying on mods > community policing" you must be new to the internet.
> trying to spam
I sage'd my last replying and I'm saging this one because this doesn't mean as much to me as it should to you. But yea, don't contribute to the discussion, that's helpful.

Anonymous 676

You came from a link to a misandry thread expecting what? Also not everyone here hates men, you would know that if you had looked around as much as you claim you have. Even our threads about manhating have people defending men. People have a problem WITH YOUR BEHAVIOR, not because you're a male. If admin decides you can stay or something, and you still want to stay, learn to integrate instead of shitting everything up because it hurts your feefees.
Forgot to add this: the reason why comments from males are not desired isn't because we hate them. We just want more female oriented places online where we can discuss our shit without men butting in. It's not about hate, but having a place all for ourselves.

Anonymous 678

> expecting what
I didn't really have expectations so much as curiosity. I certainly didn't expect literal systemic oppression because of my gender. I hate hypocrisy but only other people's hypocrisy and I fully expect other people to be the same, so whatever.

I clearly said in the OP
> I appreciate what you're tying to do here
and my point is that you're going to have to have the discussion sooner or later - and it's probably going to be a lot harder to come up with a cohesive solution later.

But by all means, if the mere suggestion of the discussion is too offensive, stick your head in the sand instead - that'll solve it.

Anonymous 679


>didn't expect literal systemic oppression because of my gender.
Are you serious? People are complaining because of your behavior, not because you have a peen. Can't you read? Also you created a new thread for absolutely no fucking reason if you genuinely just wanted to make suggestions. If just comes across as desperate and it makes you look like an attention whore.

Anonymous 681


I was going to move this to the suggestions thread (seeing as apparently making a new post on a board with 2 pages is spam), but were' stuck with it for now - though I've little doubt the admin will be along to rectify that shortly

> Are you serious?

yes, you're taking my response out of context; what I was referring to was:
> You obviously have known from the beginning that male posting was not permitted.
Because it's not actually clear at all, and there's one link to the rules on the entire site.

Anonymous Moderator 682

I will lock this thread. What I said to you in /x/ is still 100% valid though. Next time please suggest things in the appropriate thread. Eventually admin will read them.
Thanks and happy posting, everyone.

Anonymous Admin 683

I appreciate what you are trying to do, but doing so in the midst of ban evasion, fear mongering, and creating spam threads does not help your arguments and makes your advice look like a case of sour grapes. Bye now.

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