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Anonymous 7596

As entertaining as it might be I wish nonas would stop replying to obvious moids because it encourages them to come back to cc and breaks the comfy atmosphere this IB has. There's this weird sudden influx of moids lately and nonas can't seem to report and ignore

Anonymous 7608

CC is way worse when the TERF or RadFem thread is not in the front page of /b/. All that happens is moids make threads about the dumbest topics like racism a moid that is clearly jealeous because he is alone and unloved lol. And dumb people which I assume are other moids just respond and keep the thread active.

Anonymous 7612

can someone make a new one? the other one hit limit

Anonymous 7614

maybe later im going to the gym right now, going to do a lot of cardio like hours.

Anonymous 7636


NGL the past few months cc has just started to suck. Idk there's this weird shift in the userbase with an increase of moids and trannies. An increase of newfags perhaps too. It makes me come here less. Even a year ago it wasn't that bad.

Anonymous 7646


No, that’s underage twitter radfems
So it seems

Anonymous 7648

yeah they've been shitting up lolcow too, you can instantly recognise them by their super cringe dogmatic political speeches and insistence that any woman who doesn't act like them is a pickme/nlog/other buzzword.

Anonymous 7736

LC is better since the tranny jannies here don't bother to remove raids

Anonymous 7742

They thrive off the male attention. There was a midget who had hours long conversations on /b/ with so many nonas replying to his giantess x shota fetish bait. Embarrassing

Anonymous 7747

It was him samefagging, he talks to himself.

Anonymous 7772

That makes more sense

Anonymous 8715


I’m a month late so I’m a retard but it could’ve been due to frenschan scrotes

Anonymous 8774

100% a moid made that "raid" thread on here. Cc anons don't raid because we aren't men.

Anonymous 8775

yes, obvious false flags. it happened 2 or 3 times and immediately after the post calling us to raid, we got raided.

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