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First post ever! Anonymous 8880

Hello! I posted in lgbt that I was a cis lesbian looking to chat with other cis lesbians. I was told to come to this website? So hello! I’m really new to all of this but I’d love to make some friends!! I’m 22, female, a scientist, and I love seals! It’s nice to meet everyone!! :D

Anonymous 8881

please use the catalog, go to /b/ >>54654 for the lesbian general

Anonymous 8882

Lmao the trannies sent you here? Welcome btw

Anonymous 8900

Doubt it's sealchan since she already posted here. Also Sealchan is a retarded neo-nazi btw

Anonymous 9008


Anonymous 9131

What kind of scientist are you?
Sounds cool

Anonymous 9132

I love seals and science!

Anonymous 9133

shut up dumbass

Anonymous 9134

why cant you be happy

Anonymous 9383

because they're probably XY or lolcow

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