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Do you ever spot people you think use this site? Anonymous 9614

I see women all the time and wonder if she might use CC. Have you guys ever experienced this?

Anonymous 9618

I know anyone who uses it would be their rooms as opposed to out and about
only semi-related but I remember seeing on some site that there was an anonymous person who identified herself as a radfem and as living in my city, and my city has less than 50k people. I wonder if I've ever passed her?

Anonymous 9619

I have an irl friend who uses cc, she introduced me when I was ranting about 4chan being shit and she told me cc has a much chiller ib culture.

Anonymous 9620

No. Not enough users. Not even at a con and I am from a large metro. I am glad for that. Though I would love to make pins or something of the crystal logo, or even some pins of our mascots to give to other nonas. I am a fan of the 4CC scarves and designs, I have met many friends (and questionable individuals) from when I would wear my scarf in the past at cons and similar events. I would like to meet more of us in the wild. I feel very alone and have difficulty befriending others, especially with other women like myself.

Anonymous 9632

I don't know what CC users are like, irl. It could be anyone.

Anonymous 9665

Im hoping I give off that vibe so a girl my age will notice and become my friend immediately and we will be autistic besties for years to come. The end

Anonymous 9750

i'm also hoping to befriend a girl in the wild but i'm barely going out of the house and if girls are anything like me we don't stop and pay attention to anything

Anonymous 9778

No :(

Anonymous 9982

this is a small imageboard, so it's statistically unlikely. i do tend to scroll it on the bus though, so watch out i guess

Anonymous 9996

I act completely different irl, you would never tell me apart from a tired normie

Anonymous 10008

i can think of a solid 4 people irl who would fit right in on this site. i dont want to bring the burden of knowledge on them so i refuse to ask them.

Anonymous 10030

CC is not 4chan or Reddit. There are like 12 posts a day, meanwhile previously mentioned sites get 1000 posts and 100 000 posts a day each. There are like 1500 CC active users in total and are all spread around the world. Chance of finding one in the wild is zero.

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