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how do i appeal a ban? Anonymous 979

made a thread during the event yesterday & got banned on my pc. how do i appeal it?
new here btw

Anonymous 980

Email admin, I think the contact is somewhere in meta or the FAQ. I think I saw your thread and thought it was bait lol. Good luck, anon! I'm sure you will be unbanned.

Anonymous 982


Anonymous 1628

Don't want to make a new thread, but just want to say thanks to admin. Willing to hear you out, and they turn around quickly. I don't know if it is just 1 person that runs the place, but they do good work.

Anonymous 6021

I want to appeal a ban, the person whose Discord is at the bottom of the Rules page doesn't seem to monitor their friend requests (and you can't DM them).

I'm open to suggestions how to get in contact with the Admin.

Anonymous 6022

that's supposedly the admins discord, anons have said she usually takes a few days to respond so just keep periodically checking to see if your request has been accepted

Anonymous 6023

Try to post using your PC. A page should come up that will let you make a ban appeal.

Anonymous 11166

There needs to be an appeal button for Mobile devices. Plus discord changed their settings, so Admins discord handle is outdated.

Anonymous 11179


>mfw im too autistic to interact with anyone even online

Anonymous 11182

they won't unban you, trust me, I would know. Just count your losses and get a vpn or something.

Anonymous 11185

if you take the # out of her tag (snail#5286) as " snail5286" it goes somewhere at least. However, she's never accepted any friend request I've sent her. I'm pretty confident it's her account. You can't message her if she doesn't have you friended, I've tried with no avail before.

Anonymous 11191

Test post to see if I was unbanned, which should have never happened considering I never post anything mean or against the rules here. Are mods just banning entire IP ranges or?? Of all days this coincidentally happened on my birthday which btw was already not even a particularly good one

Anonymous 11192

It seems the "you have been banned" pop up happened to everyone yesterday. I'm not sure why but it likely had something to do with the blackpillchan spam that went on for days. I'm sorry that it happened to you nona but happy birthday at least.

Anonymous 11193

I wanna see if I was unbanned too.

Anonymous 11194

same here.

Anonymous 11195


Anonymous 11196


Anonymous 11197

oh cool, i'm unbanned. i can stop posting on r9k now. i was getting sick of all the moids and porn there.

Anonymous 11198

I really wish that weren't the case

Anonymous 11200

I'm hoping this is what happened to me! Tried posting and got the popup but all my posts should be kosher. I'm hoping it's an attempt at a new spam filter or something after the latest spam attacks but I don't know if that's too much to hope for considering it's a dedicated individual man instead of bots as far as I know

Anonymous 11202

am i still banned plz

Anonymous 11218

you're a free woman

Anonymous 11222

I think I've been unbanned! Thank you admin/mods! I'm not sure why it happened cause there was nothing listed for ban reason and now I can post again but if I did anything wrong I'm very sorry!

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