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Anonymous 989

Just want to let other users know that if you see a troll post child pornography here or anywhere else online, you can report it to the FBI at https://report.cybertip.org/

Anonymous 994

The FBI does take these reports seriously and they party van'd Mad Thad and the guy who threatened to shoot up an elementary school just for shitposting on imageboards. You can read about his experience here https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/7fskbu/iama_guy_who_went_to_prison_for_trollingswating/ even if you're just kidding around if you are unlucky enough to get caught this will get you sent to jail for a long time, friend. It's not too late to change your ways.

Anonymous 995

Good thread, anon. Seriously, people who spread that type of shit need to rot in jail.

Anonymous 996

Make sure that the mods or admins send all relevant information or logs to the FBI after deleting it also.
Even if they aren't located in the US, the FBI will work with the agency in their country to make sure that they're prosecuted.

Anonymous 997

If any of you still posts on lolcow please repost this thread there too in case it hasn't been put there yet. Irrc people said robots were posting the same sick shit there for days in the last week or couple weeks, and users should have this info too. I'd post it myself but I was banned.

Anonymous 998

>everyone who posts online is from the US

Anonymous 1030

Admin, please make sure to report the people who posted cp tonight, the stupid bronnen guy. I don't even know if it really was what I thought it was but I'm fairly sure. Thank God staff deleted it right away, but please send their info to the FBI since those situations are always taken care of with seriousness. Also fuck the assholes who do that. Hope you all rot in jail.

Anonymous 1050

nta but the US government goes after anyone posting CP or anything that is viewable by US users so calm down.

Anonymous 1054

Not them, but their point is that if the poster isn't a US citizen then jackshit will happen and Americans seem to still think that they're the world's police.

Anonymous 1056

Still worth tipping the FBI anyway. My country is a shithole for the most part but it's not unusual for me to watch the news and see someone was arrested for looking at/distributing that type of thing here.

Anonymous 1057

has this site actually been targeted like this in the past

Anonymous 1058

nvd… just scrolled up… faith in humanity reshattered

Anonymous 1059

that's just untrue tho.

Anonymous 1060

>t. asshurt burger

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