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cult thread Anonymous 10134

let’s talk about cults. all kinds, christian, new age, satanic, online, etc.
conspiracies are okay as long as they actually have some kind of evidence that isn’t pure speculation.
a list of some of the worst ones still active:
>The Order of Nine Angles
>The FLDS church
>The process church of the final judgment
>manson family
>Kali Yuga Acceleration
>The moonies
all of these groups and their offshoots are implicated in criminal activity. many are also extremely suspicious and well connected

Anonymous 10135

i didn’t mean to add the manson family my bad. also some have changed their names or claim to be inactive but actually aren’t

Anonymous 10143

been eyeing this thread for a while because i have an interest in cults but i don't know what to post about.. i've mostly been reading about the ones that already an-hero'd themselves long ago (people's temple and heavens' gate for example). i've never heard of anything you listed (except scientology of course) but now im curious, what should i start with?

Anonymous 10144

Blue Eisenhower November cult is the new one

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