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Halloween thread Anonymous 113

It's getting glum outside, let's talk about the spooky season.

>favorite things about Halloween

>costume ideas
>party planning
>music and movies
>decor inspiration

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Anonymous 114

The best thing about Halloween is the 1st of November when all of the cute halloween stuff like drinks glasses with spooky ghosts on is discounted.


Anonymous 115

anyone already planning what they're dress up as?

Anonymous 116



I am from Brazil and we don't really celebrate Halloween as people from the US do, we usually have some parties with dress up themes, but it isn't something as planned as american Halloween parties.

However, I am planning to do a small thing either for myself or with a small group of friends, like 4. I just bought this silly kigurumi for the occasion, and we are planning to decorate my friend's house a bit and buy some candy (we don't have themed halloween candy here, unfortunately, so it would be like some m&m's,peanut candy, gummy worms), put on some scary movies/videos, tell scary shit and order a pizza, probably.

I was also planning on doing Veronica Sawyer, the version from the Heathers Musical. But I probably wouldn't have a place to wear it, so I am not so sure, yet.

Anonymous 117


Who else has no plans for Halloween?

>crystal.cafe movie night for the ones that were left behind pls admin

Anonymous 118

Movie night sounds good. I am just hoping to avoid having to hand out candy this year. Last year, all we got were teenagers who didn't even dress up.

Anonymous 119


Is it just me or is Halloween not as big as it used to be? Even in the US. It keeps happening with all of the big holidays. :/

We don't celebrate here, or really acknowledge it - except the retarded "I'm a real Christian, I don't celebrate Halloween!" posts on Facebook and a few "parties" which aren't even really Halloween themed, no decoration or anything.

But I'm really looking forward to the in-game events, they're always a ton of fun <3

Since none of the shops here offer Halloween decoration - are there any sites where one could get some of the stuff? Decorative skulls, maybe bat stickers or something, etc.?

Anonymous 120

I was wondering this for a while myself, but I considered that it might just be that, due to the fact that you and your friend circle have grown up and nobody really talks or posts about Halloween excitedly anymore, maybe you're just not getting the same level of exposure to it as you used to?

Anonymous 121



Maybe you just… grew up?

I know that when I was a kid, I would do countdowns for Christmas and almost die of happiness when the day finally came. Now that I am an adult, it's not uncommon for me to be reminded that's Christmas' Eve lmao

At first I thought "Holidays are not like before", but than I noticed that my nephews get the same excitement and joy around Christmas, so maybe you just grew up and it's not as fun anymore.

Also what >>120 said. I guess unless you live on a rich suburb, most people won't have the time or money to decorate their houses or throw parties? Just a thought.

Anonymous 122

Same in my country, anon.
I've thought the same thing, that no one celebrates it like before, but like others have pointed out maybe we're just growing up…sigh

Anonymous 123


I'll dump halloween decoration tutorials as I find them

Anonymous 124

I have no doubt that that's partially the case, but I feel like back then there were also more movies, commercials etc about it too - kind of why I asked, but maybe I'm not noticing it as much for the same reason.

Anonymous 125

I can definitely say that in my old neighborhood, there used to be lots more halloween decorations and trick or treaters. These days it's lucky if a couple of houses have jack-o-lanterns on their porch.
In my case, my area gentrified a lot, and most of the people who used to live there had to move out, but my mom also says she thinks it changed really quickly around 9/11, interestingly enough.

Anonymous 126


This is so cute, anon!

Anonymous 127

>favorite things about Halloween
I love scaring people. I like the feeling of being able to not be myself and be a monster and scare people. It's really a thrill.
>costume ideas
I wanted to be a werewolf since I'm a clown at my job.
>party planning
No parties, I work every good night.
>music and movies
Blood Moon Rising and that new Michael Jackson Halloween CD with a few random horror movies mixed in
>decor inspiration
No inspiration. My acting profession scored me a job as a monster and I love it. I scare people constantly

Anonymous 128

Hope you're fucking READY girls

Anonymous 129

Usually I'm excited for Halloween, but this month I feel really… unmotivated I guess? Like I'm excited for the concept of Halloween but I don't have anything planned out lol, and I don't really have the motivation to figure it all out. Since I'll most likely be busy the day of Halloween I'm not even sure if I'll get to really celebrate/if I should wear a costume. And the weekend before Halloween I'll most likely be going to a music festival so that kinda rules out the idea of any Halloween party.
I guess I'm excited for the more "material concepts" of Halloween, such as candy, decorating, pumpkin carving, and Halloween movies. But other than that I feel like there's not gonna be much else involved celebration wise (ex: partying, dressing up, going out with friends, etc). I guess I keep comparing this years Halloween with last years, which was pretty fun.

Anonymous 130


Thinking of going as "coco-cola" for halloween cause I have a shirt with the logo and I don't feel like a lot of spending money. Any ideas what I can pair it with? This is what I was thinking:

a) jeans skirt
b) red skirt (matches color of shirt)
c) white skirt

a) black tights & black open shoes or heels
b) white leggings with some sort of shoes ?(idk)
c) white thigh highs
d) those high white boots (something like pic attached)

any and all advice/ideas would be great! thanks :)

Anonymous 131


I'm not great with fashion so I won't try to give input on individual items but I'm googling Coca-Cola mascots and I hope this helps.

Anonymous 132


Anonymous 133


Anonymous 134


Anonymous 135


Anonymous 136


I think something cute and sloppy like this would do the trick. Cola runs in my veins. Good choice Anon <3

Anonymous 137

Definitely these shoes anon! I'm in love with these shoes. If it was societally acceptable I would buy these and wear them every second of every day.

Anonymous 138


Can we have more /x/ discussion threads? I would love for the thread links in OP to be more active. I'll make a true crime thread if anyone is interested.

art by https://twitter.com/hxkxtxxxn

Anonymous 139


thank you, anons!! <3 these are lots of great ideas. i love you all.

Anonymous 369

tomorrow's the big day!! or maybe it already is for some of you guys on the other side of the world.
im glad it's getting gloomier here and im finally getting into the halloween spirit im just bummed everyone else here is not really feeling it lol.
so what are your guys halloween plans?

Anonymous 380

Have fun Anon!

Anonymous 964

>favorite things about Halloween
the atmosphere. i love the coloring and the gifts, the weird masks people wear as they run around and beg strangers for candy. idk there's just something magical about this season
>costume ideas
>party planning
>music and movies
probably going to start up welcome to nightvale & watch some ~spooky~ movies. and play a few creepy rpgmaker games ( those aren't movies, but still )
>decor inspiration

Anonymous 1405


>favorite things about Halloween
The weather, the Spirit Halloween store, seeing people dress up, just everything about this time!

> the 1st of November when all of the cute halloween stuff like drinks glasses with spooky ghosts on is discounted.

This too.

>costume ideas

I wanted to dress up as The Huntress aka Anna from Dead By Deadlight, but I don’t think that’ll be happening due to me being broke (lol).

>party planning

My aunt is actually having a party at her house so I’ll be going to that for Halloween. I love her because she’s really passionate about the holidays so her house is always decorated.

>music and movies

I’ve been playing Halloween music, especially the Nightmare Revisited album all month long. I’ve been watching horror movies and anime too.

Anonymous 1408

Due to an incident I've been home the whole day so no party for me. Anyway I hope everyone else is having a nice Halloween.

Anonymous 1876



Anonymous 1878


I used to watch The Crow on VHS in my small blue TV but now I'm far from home and I can't. Remember to celebrate Devil's Night as well!

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