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Are There Tech Women Here? Help Concerned 1138

I was browsing on the cesspit that is 8chan and saw a new post from the nerve center that read "I am C. I am a child sex slave that escaped 4 months ago."


The post was in /general/. I read through it and they way she was writing and the details and lack thereof made me think this could be genuine.

I have almost no technical skills so there's not a lot I can do on my own. I am reluctant to try another board on 8 chan because there are legitimate pedophiles that would probably try to return her. I replied half an hour after she made her post, she said she would reply to questions but it's been an hour and she hasn't come back.

If this is someone's idea of a joke then they are a sick mother fucker.

But if this is real I really want to help this girl. I don't know where else to ask I am hoping this is a safe place. B and r9k raid here and I know pedos are on b and some r9k are pedos too so I am hoping they don't see this.

The picture attached is the picture she posted on the thread. She mentioned she had computer skills and messages can be hidden in photos. Does anyone have the know-how to check it?

Thank you to anyone who can help me verify if this is true.

Anonymous 1139

Why not just contact the FBI? They'll decide whether this checks out or not. If it's a false alarm, fine. You're not going to be in trouble for reporting it as something that warrants investigation. Hell, the FBI already has a file on 8chan by now.

Anonymous 1140

She mentioned in her post that she already attempted to get assistance from the FBI and that didn't go anywhere. I could put in a tip on the FBI website but she mentioned there is a way to verify her story but I'm not skilled enough to do it.

I empathize with her defeatist attitude toward government intervention because I called the cops on my father after he beat me up long ago, they held him while they spoke to me and I requested a restraining order. The cops didnt get back to me for 8 months after the incident about the restraining order and I just said forget about it because I was angry.

The government is not always responsive or interested in helping.

Yes there most certainly is an FBI file on 8 chan.

I mostly just want to see if anyone can verify her claims and then go from there.

Anonymous 1141

I looked at the FBI's submit a tip online form and it seems to only be for Americans and I'm Canadian. I found the number for the FBI office closest to me so if nothing is revealed then I will probably call them.

Anonymous 1142

>has photographic memory
>phone "Hacking" skills that pop out of nowhere
>Father warns her as a 2 year old then he dies

I find certain points hard to believe.

Anonymous 1143


That's something that made me raise an eyebrow too. I don't know about photographic memory and toddlerhood.

I know there are communities were child sexual abuse is normalized and she said her grandmother was involved so in thay case it would make sense that her father knew she would be put into it. She could've meant she had memory of him speaking to her like "I'll protect you"

It's hard to know. If this is real I want to help her but if it's fake I'm going to be so mad I got worried.

Anonymous 1144


That and also the fact that it's on 8 chan makes me highly suspicious of the whole thing.

I think it's getting to me so much because I spent a large portion of last year fundraising for a charity that helps protect little girls in 3 world countries from the sex trade.

Anonymous 1145

not real lol

Anonymous 1146

Honestly I'm surprised your family lets you have internet access

Anonymous 1147

As a 2 year old she remembered that, though?

I also find her bit about dates suspicious. I'm sure time was warped if she was contained for an amount of time.

I'm also bothered by her "knowledge" of phone hacking. It was iPhone specific, or what? I find it weird. It's not like that's something a beginner could figure out.

Anonymous 1148


There's a lot that's not clear. She did mention she had free time..

Now that time has gone by I am doubting it more. It was 2am when I came across it.


You don't have to be an ass. Sex trafficking is a huge global problem and there have been proven cases like the one she described. I also mentioned above that I thought the post was dubious.

Anonymous 1149

>You don't have to be an ass. Sex trafficking is a huge global problem and there have been proven cases like the one she described.

Not her, and while I agree entirely, I'm not sure someone roleplaying on 8chan is exactly what the cause needs right now.

Anonymous 1150

What anime is this?

Anonymous 1151


I think this is just a delusional person. I remember seeing a thread this woman started on /x/. Here's another picture of her. I semi-believed things back then, but looking at the things she's saying now, her story isn't adding up. This is the thread I remember:
>I had acid poured on my wrist, a room full of people called me "the one" with religious fervor, a doctor lanced my clitoris with a needle, I listened to my sobbing mother tell me she only "got me back" by paying a great price to these people
>it IS absolute madness what I went through but I know for a fact it did not come from within me

>I actually don't blame anyone for not believing me and I agree I need help for my trauma, if I could I would pursue repressing it and pretend it was all an impossibly detailed delusion, but my family won't let me because it's too late, the masks are off for me

>I was born into this under-world under extraordinary circumstances, both my parents were high clearance level spies for the US government in Russia bringing down the Soviet Union

>I sound like a lame fictional character in a thriller but it's all true, confirmed by conventional reality

>my own estranged father told that he'd "never forgive them for what they did to you"

She says here that her family "got her back" and her mother supposedly paid "a great price" to help her, but now she's saying her family never cared about her and made her walk with broken limbs. You can tell it's the same general story because the detail on her father being against it and "mysteriously disappearing" is the same in both iterations.

A recent /pol/ thread:
>My grandma was high up in the airforce

>she took me places

>she let men do things to me in mormon churches

>she took me to palm 29 a lot

>she is ded kek

>most of the abuse stopped for a little while at 8

>it started again at 21

>I am 25

A grandma who gave her away to men in Mormon churches, and parents who are spies. Wew.

I also found these threads after reverse searching the image in OP, too:
>I was in Project Monarch a government mind control program that creates girls called Moon Children to be sex slaves and breed them for children to have sex with that don't have any papers. I was kidnapped a year ago and escaped four months ago. Now I am just trying to avoid being killed or kidnapped again. It's in my records. You can figure out exactly who I am by going through the site if you care for evidence. You will care if I am murdered which is why I did it. My real name starts with an A.
>I had to be cryptic at first including the dates to avoid being re-kidnapped so they wouldn't know exactly who was posting these threads. They thought I would just look crazy so no one would believe c until they got me back into captivity.

I found this Tumblr blog, too:
>It’s almost like c is a reincarnation of Vincent Van Gogh because of how good c is at art and how “crazy” c appears to be. Btw c isn’t me. It’s one of my personalities. All children raised in Project Monarch have Multiple Personality Disorder. Las video I am posting for a long time. Promise. Now go read all the secrets I have revealed. Just keep scrolling.
Classic delusions of grandeur.

She also has a YT channel with her SO where they vlog about their pet geese:
There's a stream titled "Undeleted_C Live Stream Delethis2 Everything about my life for the past 3 years" where she vapes, sings and spends time complaining about YouTube. I'm only skimming it, but it seems like she's not talking about any of the stuff posted on 4chan or 8chan.

On her YT being found:
>Actually look at the videos then. The thumbnails alone prove quality content. I don't want to be a star I want to be safe and able to afford security.
>And why would I hurt my online reputation by linking to videos of myself during this 4chan thread and appearing like a "crazy" "spamming" "larp"

Anonymous 1152


Forgot this, from the Tumblr acc:
>Some people here know but I want everyone here to know too. April is the anniversary of a really traumatic event where I was held against my will for one week and convinced I was going to die the entire week.

>On top of my family not believing me after I escaped so then I was kept in a mental hospital for two weeks and my service dog was taken to the pound. So every year I relive it and become convinced that they are coming back to kidnap or kill me, and this year really bad because I had a Tyler and goslings, and I was worried they will kill us all.

>I basically have seasonal schizoaffective disorder because it only happens in April or schizophrenia in partial remission. I don’t think they are as big as I think they are but I become paranoid by everything when I see a few of the people again.

>It’s why I bought my pit bull to protect my house and a sophisticated alarm system. This year I thought they would kill me and make it look like suicide which is why I shared my website so much because if everyone knew if everyone knew I would never kill myself they wouldn’t be able to kill me in this manner.


It makes no sense for her family to not believe her if they're all in on it.

In case you're still on the fence on whether she's delusional:

>They took C again. Did very mean things and asked for password to this site. No one will believe this, but they were going to Delete C. I only escaped by using telepathy on the keepers and inserting thoughts about how much I love my family and how Good of a person I am. Some released me a few hours ago and so I barely survived. I am not hiding again. I am not dying my hair another color and running away this time. This time I will stand my ground. This time I will make my home into a fortress. There are things I know that the public should know, but I won’t share all of them for fear of assassination. I also don’t want to be responsible for a great civil war. The Gods have told me civil and nuclear war are completely unavoidable. I was trying the change that but I can’t do a do damn thing except die if I continue trying to spread the truth. The gods don’t want me to die. I will share less esoteric information, less often.


She claims to have escaped "them" with telepathy and the power of loving her family.

>I have an audioable memory too.

>We saved the whole world from ourselves btw

So, she has not just photographic memory, but "audioable memory" and telepathic powers…

"My scrying is like the gods talking to themselves trying to remind themselves who we are."

More delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous 1153


Self-scarification for ritual purposes and some poetry she wrote (from https://deletedc.com/post/170512578768/my-symbol-of-trinity-c). Discord screencaps with photos from one of her rituals here (too many to save/dump efficiently, one of them shows the same scar on her hand): https://deletedc.com/post/170512493413/c-s-invocation-of-belath-written-by-me-my-name-is

>Hey gang! Don’t kill deletedC aka one of the many Jesus’s this time. Let it happen. We can break the circle this time instead of extinction. If we work together now. Not 500 years ago when everyone is either fascist or anti fascist. We can 1/11 survive and that’s all we need. Don’t kill_c o er these posts please. Everyone pray for my survival thanks.


She thinks of herself as an incarnation of Jesus.

>Antipsychosisotics drain all your mana aka mania so you can meditate and sleep better.



Anonymous 1154


One more picture of the scar she posted. You can see it goes down to her wrist. Spoilered for anyone who might be squeamish.
So, uh…yeah, this isn't real. I wouldn't think she's lying about being raped/abused in her life, but she is definitely mentally unwell, and it's clear she suffers from some delusions. With any hope, her partner and pets are helping her.
This was an interesting find. I have time today, and I like snooping.

Anonymous 1155

Gee, now I'm sorry for her :(

Anonymous 1156

Reading this thread and was reminded of times before when an "author" posted on 4chan multiple times pretending to be various things from a hired hitman to a spy to an NSA agent and doing a sort of "ask me anything" thread.
It apparently was a character creation technique that was recommended in a writing class to help authors build the character's backstory through roleplaying and deciding what the character's answers to questions might be.

This sounds a bit different, but those threads are the first things I think of when I see a story like this pop up somewhere.

Anonymous 1157



THANK YOU this is exactly what I was looking for. So she's a schizophrenic? It looks like she does need help but not FBI she needs meds and a therapist.

I want to thank the people who weren't assholes and helped me discover that this was in fact not what she was claiming it to be. I appreciate you guys.

Like I said I raise funds for a charity that helps 3rd world girls that are at risk for sex trafficking so I take this shit seriously.

I suppose I am relieved she's just nuts? As awkward as that is to say

Anonymous 1158

No problem, anon! Glad to help.

Anonymous 1159

Sounds like a typical ARG and OP is suspicious for using a term like "tech women" on a board for women.

Anonymous 1160



I'm glad you were put at ease OP! Don't let the anons who teased you for being concerned get to you – maintain your "alarm bell" system and care for vulnerable people.

Stuff like this is obviously over-the-top, but it's definitely possible to come across gross, scary stuff online that needs reporting/engagement. I have come across gross Youtube "challenges" where pedophiles are actively baiting young children in video comments into fetish shit and reported it to the FBI. That shit is real and shouldn't be ignored.

Don't ignore those squicky reactions. You have a kind heart.

Anonymous 1161


>>has photographic memory
classical symptom of some deep trauma victims, very well known and reported
if you never read about trauma based mindcontrol your assumptions are irrelevant

the first question is why OP talks about C in the third person

a multiple personalities split is fairly obvious (another classical effect of trauma)

Anonymous 1162

Why did this year old thread just get moved to /x/?

Anonymous 1164

computers are spooky

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