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Japanese Woman Kills Her Boyfriend Anonymous 1275

Let's discuss whatever we can.
I found this topic interesting, but if it's redundant, I can understand, so I won't sperg over it being removed.
So far, I've heard she's gutted him too. People are saying she's gone yandere, but with my minimal knowledge in Nip, I can't tell really.
So in case anyone does know Nip, a quick rundown and perhaps a few more articles/news videos would be appreciated.

Anonymous 1276

A shame it doesn't have an English version.. All I can say is the suspect is beautiful. Rather scary

Anonymous 1277

okay so apparently from what I understood (my shit japanese) basically this girl suspected that her boyfriend was cheating on her with another guy, so she basically stripped him naked and stabbed him in the stomach and wanted to kill herself as well. but was caught by police and the guy is now in the hospital and is in a very bad condition, he is basically in the intensive care unit. Talk about being a crazy Yandere chan

Anonymous 1278

I know, she really is beautiful. Scary thought.
Thanks for the translation, Anon-chan. I was under the impression he'd died already.

Anonymous 1279

Didnt die

Anonymous 1280

>fucking crocs
he knew what was gonna happen

Anonymous 1281

He's not dead. The situation is almost comical and definitely disturbing, but I'm really frustrated with people drawing comparisons to her being a "yandere" and posting pictures of anime girls in threads about this- it comes off almost like romanticizing something that is obviously a severe mental health issue. I dunno, anons. I'm overreacting, but it's weird.

Anonymous 1286

Same. The first thing I thought of seeing this was (only half-jokingly) how much porn or fucked up fan art this would spawn. Girl needs help, honestly most Japanese people I've met needed severe psychological help in relation to glamorizing mental illness in the cringiest ways, though my experiences aren't an umbrella statement for the nation.

Anonymous 1291

This would have been another Nevada-tan phenomenon if it was more widely published. I agree that it's sick and perverted. There's being interested in true crime and such, and then there's… this.

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