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Mediums Anonymous 1317

have you ever seen a psychic or medium who seemed real? what did they tell you?

I saw one last year who gave so much correct info including names and places. She told me stuff I couldn’t even confirm until I talked to my family. She also predicted when I’d meet my soulmate and gave me information about her life and experiences that I found out was all right

Anonymous 1318

I guess I’ll start it off

>right off the bat psychic says my dads name

>grandpa is looking after him and you
>says he was watching my last abusive relationship and he wouldn’t have let that happen
>grandpa says “being a hardass didn’t work”
>the only thing I know about him is that he was a hardass
>”there’s a Sarah or a Sylvia looking after you. She wants you to start cooking”
>later when going through a family cookbook that has family photos w my dad, he points out a woman named Sylvia
>”she was always, always cooking”
>unrelated but dad says she was so sweet and his favorite aunt so I’m glad she’s looking after me
>psychic says family wants to keep an Italian, country bloodline
>mentions farms in rural America (been in family for generations)
>psychic says my maternal great grandmother is looking after me
>next session w her I ask to speak w her, psychic says she said all she needed to (very on par w her personality)
>ask about my other grandpa
>psychic says he doesn’t want to talk to me because he’s close minded (I’m gay)
>I never told psychic I was gay

Anonymous 1319

I’ve never had any experiences with psychics but my friend would religiously go to one. She would always call her during exam weeks to ask what she would get on exams and according to her, the psychic was always spot on. Anyway last semester her psychic told her she would get a grade on an exam that would give her an A (93 for our class) but she got a C on the exam which tugged her final grade down to a B and she almost had a breakdown. I don’t know if she’ll continue contacting the psychic, she’s a very consistent person so I can see her going back in the future.

Anonymous 1334

I went to a palm reader, but I suppose it isn't the same thing. Regardless, it was a waste of money. The woman was picking up on things I said and telling them back to me in a slightly different way, as if she had figured it out herself. She would pick up clues to my life and run with them. I honestly believe she wasn't so much a palm reader as she was a people reader.

It's interesting. She thought that I was intelligent and on my way to success due to the fact that I was dressed very nicely and that I was in college, but at the time I'd been failing every course and often wore the same clothes every single day beyond that particular day.

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