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Desperte a bruxa e…

Witchcraft General Anonymous 1359

Can we start a witchcraft general?

Post witchy photos, media, tips, spells, etc.
Has anyone ever had any spells work?

Anonymous 1362

I believe I could make it rain. I practiced a rain spell three times in my life, all on sunny day and it would rain later on day.

Anonymous 1363

what kind of spell would you do to make it rain?

Anonymous 1364

One time it would with a group of friends holding hands and reading from some new age spell book. It was some cheesy chant.
The other two times evolved me being alone in the my backyard burning stuff (dried leaves, flowers, a letter, ect. to show how dry the ground is). And calling out to the god on the clouds.

Anonymous 1470


I haven't done spells many times in my life but every time I did, they always worked which kind of spooked me.

I once had a crush on someone and I performed a love spell I found online. It involved collecting various things in a jar, lighting a candle and putting a piece of paper with her name into the jar. I didn't feel comfortable using her name because I was afraid someone would find the jar in my room (I wasn't out to my parents) and I read so many times online that you shouldn't perform a spell on someone specific because it changes their fate and takes control away from them. So I kept her in mind but didn't add the paper. Time passed and I forgot about it. She met someone else and very soon after I met someone else too and we've been together 8 years so I'm guessing it was one heck of a powerful spell. I've always thought that the fact that I didn't add a name meant it drew someone who was perfectly suited to me towards me, rather than someone specific who maybe wasn't good for me.

Anonymous 1623


I just now found this thread and it's sad to see it inactive. :(

Anyone else on this site practices witchcraft?
Not necessarily-related but is a Wiccan, heathen and or pagan?

Anonymous 1648

I've fallen out of witchcraft but used to be super into it. I bought the current witches almanac and it's kinda helping since you can check it every day and it has random metaphysics publications in there too. Highly recommend.

Anonymous 1649


It's been a long time since I did something related to witchcraft. I used to feel so good with myself whenever I dedicated a little bit of time to it. Now I just pick up aesthetic.

Anonymous 1653

I think I accidentally killed my roommates cat with magic. NOT maliciously or with actually bad intent, mind you. I'm not awful, I swear. I did a protection/ confidence spell for MY cat and soon she started venturing out of my room for the first time in months.

Soon thereafter, my roommates cat got hit by a car and died :( After that my cat was the MOST confident lil bitch ever, and I'm pretty sure it had to do with the fact that she had no competition. Magic works, but it has unintended consequences.

I also think me and my partner got together because of a spell I did, so there's that too. We got married lol, so that shit works HAHA

Anonymous 1654

Enjoy your magical date rape drug

Anonymous 1655

Oh dear someone can't take a joke 🤭

Anonymous 1658


Maybe I'm being too hopeful, but feel like love spells can't fully hook a person. Whether you love someone or not is such a personal thing, I don't think an outside spell can cause it. Maybe a love spell will help a person notice you or start thinking about you if they were going to anyway tho.

Anonymous 1660

I agree. It's not a be-all end-all….it won't take away a person's free will or anything, but just plant a seed of noticing or attraction. (In my experience/opinion)


I started intuiting things at work that would be impossible to suss out logically. I work with spreadsheets, money, numbers, and the like. I'm the best new performer, but little do they know I owe my exemplary skills to strange things I would call magic rather than hard work or science.

Anonymous 1663

I'm starting witchcraft back up. To fill the void in my life. But because of it I started a garden and a lot of green witch craft.

Anonymous 1674

I think this is just called having high IQ

Anonymous 1906

Any other witches have opinion about witchtok?

Anonymous 1910

What the hell isn that?

Anonymous 1911

Young teenagers getting into witchcraft because its popular and making videos about practicing the craft.

Anonymous 1925

Aren't they the ones that tried to hex the moon? lol

Anonymous 1926

In their infinite wisdom, they also tried hexing The Fae

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