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Anyone else follow this pattern here? Anonymous 1578

People were talking about strange coincidences between kids who were in gifted/TAG/GATE classes in school. Anybody else have similar circumstance?
>Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)
>Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the the back of the skull = Neanderthal trait)
>Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
>Near Death Experiences (especially drowning)
>lack of memory of TAG (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)
>windows covered in TAG classrooms
>tendency to be followed, especially by creeps
>Law enforcement being very lenient
>IQ's are often as high as 130; 100. Many IQ's even higher.
Other similarities, less common but still common enough to mention
>interest in /x/ phenomena
>heavy early twenties drug experimentation period
>forehead scars
>early speech therapy
>first born
>bad childhood, or history of severe mistreatment
>premonitions/prophetic dreams
>above average intuition

Anonymous 1580

What is TAG? What is GATE?

Anonymous 1595

I was in TAG. My mom tells me I have hazel eyes, but they always look green to me when I look in the mirror. Almost everything else you listed describes me, too.
In my case, it stood for Talented and Gifted. I think it was a step above honors classes.

Anonymous 1609

I was in gifted classes in school:
>Hazel eyes
>Emergency C-Section birth
>Almost died from choking when a toddler
>School feels like a past life, hard to remember anything besides impressionistic feelings
>Been let off the hook for speeding twice
>Haven't taken an IQ test, but got a 32 on the ACT (97th percentile)
>Very interested in /x/
>Did a lot of drugs in early to mid 20's
>Scar next to my eye
>Had speech therapy in grade school for stuttering
>First born
>Rare prophetic dreams
>Above average intuition, MBTI type INFJ whose primary function is introverted intuition

Anonymous 1611

I have been "gifted" my entire life and none of those things apply to me, nor other people who were in the same classes as me.

People get told they're special in primary school and think that it's actually true. Kids develop at different rates, doesn't mean that they will continue on that trajectory their entire lives.

Every self identified "ex gifted" person I've met is extraordinarily mediocre.

Anonymous 1614

this is interesting and I relate to a lot of the things listed, but how did you compile this list?

Anonymous 1627

I don't know if I got naturally dumber over time or if I just liquefied my brain with vodka.

Anonymous 1630

I was an alcoholic for a few years and still was very high-performing.

Anonymous 1634

>GATE conspiracies

The worst and dumbest conspiracy by and for the worst and dumbest of failsons. Leave it on 4chan where it belongs.

Anonymous 1645

Let's see how I stack up:
>Blue eyes
>Occipital Bun? (honestly have no idea if I do)
>Birth Complications (I was a very difficult birth for my mother but nothing lasting)
>No Near Death Experiences
>lack of memory of it
>windows covered in classrooms (most of mine were in rooms without big windows)
>tendency to be followed, especially by creeps
>Law enforcement being very lenient
>IQ's are often as high as 130 (122 according to psychologist back when I was a teen)
>interest in /x/ phenomena
>some drug experimentation, but not much
>no forehead scars
>early speech therapy (TONS)
>first born
>not really a bad childhood, more just neglect
>yes premonitions (more like “feelings”), no prophetic dreams (I don’t dream)
>above average intuition (INFJ stuff)
For some context. I was in the “pullout” since first grade (I remember doing a lot of logic puzzles and stuff I found somewhat easy and fun) and in a separate class third through eighth grade. Additionally, I was considered “borderline” for placement into the program as revealed to me in third grade (my mom told me the reason was I had high enough test scores but no one score that was exceptionally high. Absolutely no memory of this testing btw.)

Anonymous 1646

Not white, brown eyes.
>lack of memory of TAG
My whole childhood is a blur
>Law enforcement being very lenient
I've only had one run in with police and it was a ticket for making a U turn at a no U turn sign. He wasn't mean about it, it was my fault, but a ticket is still a ticket.
>first born
Only child
Stopped having them around 18
>above average intuition
Maybe? I get intuition thoughts all the time, but I never really confirm if they're true.
Nothing else applies.

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