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True Crime Community Anonymous 1937

Any anons in the tcc?
Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Do you have a favorite killer?
Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?

Anonymous 1938

stop asking incel questions

Anonymous 1940

>Any anons in the tcc?
I read posts and books but don't contribute if that counts.
>Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
I guess because it feels like these things might actually happen to you and so you should be aware of them.
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
I follow true crime in my own country as well and read stories from around the world.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
No, they are all the same. Think they are so smart but in reality just got lucky.
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
None, they are all repulsive.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
I'm not…

Anonymous 1942


>Any anons in the tcc?
Kind of?
>Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
I like following true crime/unsolved mysteries, but I hate having a "community" around it where podcasts and youtubers create a little club to identify with. Every time I see someone say "murderinos" or "stay sexy, don't get murdered" I want to die.
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
The thrill of digging into the most abhorrent actions and people, like watching a horror movie but in real life. It appeals to the inner vigilante if a killer is caught after a long time. Morbid curiosity and the fascination of a good mystery.
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Violent crimes aren't unique to the US, I don't know what you're trying to get at
>Do you have a favorite killer?
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Who cares? That's cringe.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
Pickme-ism, "I can fix him" syndrome, terminal edginess, sadomasochism, pic related

Anonymous 1943


Women are probably initially attracted to reading these stories to find out how to avoid being the victim. It’s a way to gain scripts of what to do if you’re in unexpected situations. By exposing yourself to them, you think about it more.
Pic related, the Dating Game killer.
Looks, the thrill. Even people who are attracted to them would probably never respond favorably to that same person if they were on the other end. For most hybristiphiles it’s just a fantasy they won’t engage in.

Anonymous 2024

I was pretty active in the Tumblr tcc a few years ago and now I mostly do my own research and watch documentaries in my own time, or I browse true crime-related subreddits. To be honest I fell out of it for a while, but got sucked back in recently. I tend to get really hyperfixated on a specific killer or case, rather than read up on a bunch of cases or watch those series where they focus on a different case every episode. Currently, I've been looking a lot into the Unabomber but I'd love to know what other anons have been looking into. I used to read a lot about mass killers in the past, too.

Anonymous 2126


>Any anons in the tcc?
I blame power electronics for bringing me back here. I was active on Tumblr a few years ago but then I simply stopped caring.
But really, listening to a concept album/track dedicated to a murderer and reading info on them is ultimate True Crime Electronics experience.
>Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
And I really don't know, I have no idea, I have no fucking idea
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Why would we feel any different tho? We have our own serial killers/etc but that doesn't really matter.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
All moids are ugly therefore "handsome" is a non-existent thing to me.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
Why would I?

Anonymous 2205


Watching the night stalker docuseries reinvigorated my love for dangerous latin looks

Anonymous 2260

A lot of people like true crime. probably because its like being told a detective story except knowing that this crazy shit actually happened.
i didnt know it was more popular among women, i always new more men into true crime. maybe its more popular among women because we are the primary victims of serial killers and kidnappers. its always a man who kills women. its like a cautionary tale. at least, thats how i view it.

i wouldnt say that i think i think one is handsome, or that one is my favorite, or that im attracted to one. i think theyre gross but fascinating human beings.
idk if this counts, but when i was younger i had a crush on the school shooter from the first AHS season (probably 4 years ago, was 16 then)

Anonymous 2261

he looks creepy AF and if i saw him out on the street id steer clear of that motherfucker.his weird cheekbones oddly remind me of michael jackson after he started bleeching his skin.

Anonymous 2342


Anonymous 2345


happy valentines anon

Anonymous 2403

>do you have a favorite serial killer?


Anonymous 2413

>Any anons in the tcc?
yes, but i try to be mostly solitary, i was a bit into the tumblr community for a bit a few years ago (2017-2018)
>Do you have a favorite killer?
i was usually a bit more interested in school/mass shooters, dylann roof and columbine in particular
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
this is why i try to keep my interest a solitary pursuit because i have been interested in the past and dont believe it's something i should be spreading or taking more interest in than consuming true crime media.

Anonymous 2440

Jodi Arias.jpg

I have this weird attachment to Jodi. Not ashamed.

Anonymous 2451

Most if not all of "true crime" stories are hoaxes spread by the government to make us afraid of men. It's popular with the female audience because it's pandered and marketed to us.

Anonymous 2452

How does the government benefit from that?

Anonymous 2453

>hoaxes spread by the government to make us afraid of men
you do know that moids are actually really dangerous due to their biology and upbringing, not because big whatever told us they are?

Anonymous 2459

I'm probably wrong but I'm guessing that you're saying that the government doesn't need to make propaganda to make us fear men because they are already dangerous. If that's true then why were women never afraid of men or walking alone at night to the extent of today? Before women could hitchhike, talk to strangers, let guys hit on them, without any fear even with male biology and upbringing. Now because of all the fake serial killers, mass shooters, etc hoaxes spread through true crime propaganda we cant even say hello to guy without fear of him being a murderer.

The hoaxes and propaganda had to be made because women had actually trusted men. If men were as evil as they are made out to be then zodiac killer, ted bundy, jeffrey dahmer, night stalker, and jack the ripper wouldn't exist. We would actually have real murderers not actors hired by the cia. We also would have never trusted men in the first place.

Im not saying guys aren't dangerous though. They can be if they wanted to. There is also plenty of bad guys out there. What I'm saying is that we are being brainwashed to be overly afraid of them. That's how the people who make true crime documentaries, movies, books etc want us to be. Like they want us to never talk to guys especially stangers, never trust men, never be alone with them, etc. They want us to think every guy on the street wants to murder and rape us. When its not true at all.

Anonymous 2460

Why do you believe that are fake?

Anonymous 2461


>why were women never afraid of men or walking alone at night to the extent of today?
because women didn't go outside without their "owners" (male relatives or husbands) at all then
moids only can be afraid of fellow moids, this is why some women are still recommended to only walk with their boyfriends at night.

Anonymous 2464


she's hot

Anonymous 2466


She's special to me.

Anonymous 2467

Have you ever written or talked to her? I remember a few years ago she got in trouble for encouraging young girls to keep videocalling her.

Anonymous 2468

Is that Wishbone with his spots removed?

Anonymous 2470


no it's a random white labrador i saved because they look like the dog on twice is not enough cover
but after looking into it i see the resemblance, though wishbone is kinda less fluffy

Anonymous 2512



Anonymous 2522

Bailey Sarian.jpg

Anyone else watch Bailey Sarian? What do you think of her?
I like her and enjoy her videos.

Anonymous 2524

YES I LOVE HER. I do the early shift at my job and it gets a bit lonely so I’ve been watching her whilst I tinker. Very relaxing and interesting

Anonymous 2539

I don't know why I like it so much, the darker side of humanity and its extremes are interesting. I don't find any of them attractive.
I feel a strong bond with Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme. There is something beautiful about their story…
The thing with serial killers is that after looking into them I kind of believe most of them were framed. Like if you have seen Making a Murderer, the evidence against most serial killers is about as compelling as the case the police assembled against Steven Avery. There is a lot more to learn from these cases. Most now believe that Henry Lee Lucas did not commit most of the murders he confessed to. I think we will see similar shifts on other killers
in the next couple decades.

Anonymous 2540

Why is True Crime so focused on serial killers? Most killers are barbaric and stunted. Not interesting at all, just coomer brutes brutalizing to coom. I don't know why they should have recognition or even notoriety.

Can we also talk about scammers, grifters and the like, as long as they're criminal? I just watched a documentary about the Theranos scam and thought it was really interesting. I really want to know how she came so far on absolutely nothing.

Anonymous 2555

omg I'm obsessed with the Parker-Hulme case. Wish I had a friend to talk with about it. Have you read Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century? It's mindblowing. My dream is to access Pauline's diary and share it with the world.

Anonymous 2600

No, I haven't read that! Thanks for the recommendation. The case is something I recently discovered and I'm really intrigued to learn more.

Anonymous 3331

I like these guys. Something about this channel makes my brain light up.

Anonymous 3400

Good point, I want to hear about big time scammers and terrorists too. Maybe the serial killers are popular case studies because people are learning how to avoid them themselves by studying them, as other anons have said itt.

Anonymous 3414

>>Any anons in the tcc?
>>Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
It's an interesting subject, especially the pathology behind the acts.
>>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
Morbid curiosity
>>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
It's fasinating
>>Do you have a favorite killer?
>>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Ted Bundy
>>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
No, but I would be fascinated by them.

Anonymous 3415


Yes, I love her make up tips and the research into each story.

Anonymous 3550

can we please talk about how annoying stephanie harlowe is? i like bailey as a person but i think it's really annoying and disrespectful to speak about the subjects she speaks on the way she does. but no one is more irritating than stephanie harlowe, holy crap.


Anonymous 3553

I like true crime but I never say I'm the TCC because people get the impression I'm stanning the serial killers. I will however debate their attractiveness since it always comes up for some reason

>how do non-Americans feel about the subject?

Ireland here. We love it too, still a female dominated interest. My mum is middle aged and she is obsessed with crime podcasts and documentaries. It seems to me that she is the main demographic for this sort of thing?

>do you have a favourite killer?

Jeffrey Dahmer. I have an interest in cannibalism, I know he's a normie choice don't @ me

>who do you think is a handsome killer?

Honestly some of the photographs of Jeffrey Dahmer are ok. He had potential to be handsome he just styled himself like a tard. Richard Ramirez is not hot, I don't understand the hype tbh

Anonymous 3554


Like for real, what is with the hair and glasses? They gave him a haircut and removed his glasses during the trial and he improved immediately

Anonymous 3562

He put his glasses in his pocket because he was too much of a coward to face the families. The police detective probably got him the haircut to make him look nice (same guy also brought him his own son's clothes to wear instead of an orange jumpsuit like she should have been in).

Anonymous 3567

why would dahmer be your favorite? the only good thing about dahmer is that he admitted it. did he try to hide behind porno like ted bundy at the end, or no?

Anonymous 3568

Purely because of my interest in cannibalism. I've read a lot about cultural cannibalism and the role it plays in civilisations all over the world. I'm fascinated by what, in a modern urban setting, drives one person to consume another and why it's always somehow tied to sexuality (Dahmer attempted to make sex zombies from his victims. Most cannibals have sexual something going on in the background).

I'm also curious about the taste of human meat. For me it isn't sexual, its just that I've looked into cannibalism so much that I'm curious as to what it's like. Apparently it's close to pork. Similar to pigs, we can have literally every part of us eaten with 0 waste products too

Anonymous 3569

I never really looked into Casey Anthony's case before but watching this footage of her is pretty crazy. She is like a cartoon villain. Complete psycho.

Anonymous 3571

i really hate jim cant swim. a lot of it is faux deep crap psychology imo. casey doesn't really act like a cartoon villain, just an idiot imho

Anonymous 3572

Casey Anthony is so frustrating to acknowledge.

Her daughter was missing for a month while she was out doing wet t shirt contests and partying. She said she was going her own investigation. She also said she worked in a store, the police took her to where she claimed to work, and while they were walking in the building she just turns around and say "I dont actually work here"

You know shes out there talking about wanting another kid, right? Like jesus christ how has someone not murdered her

Anonymous 3608


Has anyone here ever had a penpal on death row/in prison?

I collect serial killer books so tbh I'd love to have letters from a few of the well known fuckers

Anonymous 3610

fuuuuuuuuuuuck no. idk how so many girls are okay with those prison penpal situations anyways. unless it's a case where the person is actually innocent or it's a non-violent crime, why the hell would you do this? i have to assume most of these girls arent having these letters sent to PO boxes with false identities, so that's horrifying

Anonymous 3615

I honestly think people write once and then use the reply for research or money if they write to a famous serial killer. You could probably make easy money from a letter sent by Ted Bundy if he happens to write back

As for casual writers who use the prison penal program as a dating pool… well, I genuinely don't see the sense in it. I always wonder what kind of girl intentionally writes in to fish for a violent potentially murderous boyfriend

Anonymous 3618

As someone who wrote to an unknown random murderer from a penpal site looking for a boyfriend, loneliness and depravity. I minimized my risks by obscuring my identity though. I bought a gift debit card at the convenience store with cash, then used that card to purchase a PO box in a different state online under a fake name. Then I wrote letters under that same fake name through the service. Honestly though, what made me stop writing was not him being too evil or anything. He was mostly pretty boring to talk to and when I realized I wasn't actually gonna hang with him, it felt like a waste of time. If you're gonna write to someone, it might as well be one of the insane entertaining ones so you have cool shit to ask them.

Anonymous 3620


I thought this was a really interesting video regarding true crime overall as a genre. Specifically, its appeal to women and how the podcasters use the material to sell cameras/home security systems, etc.
thought I'd share. I like this dudes channel.

Anonymous 3622

Would it be too nosey if I asked what you guys would talk about?

Also yeah I feel like the insane ones would be great in conversations. As a creative, I would love to show them my work and have them critique my stuff. I would kill to have one if them write me some short stories to see what a mind like theirs puts out creatively

Anonymous 3623


Anonymous 3624

Is anyone else really into Wendigoon? He did a serial killer iceberg list that I really like. It's nice to hear people talk about serial killers that aren't just Bundy or Ramirez or basically just any if the ones we already know (tier 1, all well known killers)

Anonymous 3625

I dont like how he says kith, it fucking annoys me to no end.
also hes a sunday school teacher? Idk I can't take him seriously and he's annoying. Sometimes I watch, but most of the time I'm annoyed.
Last Podcast On the Left has good serial killer banter.

Anonymous 3626

true, i remember a lot of blogs that "respected victims and don't condone" reblogging and bragging about selling artwork from them, letters, paraphernalia from the actual murders. just shameful. such a sad money grab all around. these offenders are losers. i wouldn't waste 3 seconds unless it was an innocent person or a truly, deeply victimized person. as other anons have said, a lot of killers are just "coomer brutes brutalizing to coom".

Anonymous 3628

The YouTube thingy-ma-jiggy won't monetize or put it in recommendations of he says the word "kill"

Anonymous 3678


Has anyone noticed that they make serial killers hot in movie adaptations of irl crimes? I watch the Colleen Stan movie made by Lifetime and this HAS to be intentionally done because look at the fucking difference between the real guy and the actor

Anonymous 3679

whyd they make him spanish lol

Anonymous 3681

The actor is Zane Holton which is a bizarrely handsome choice for a fat old psychopath

Anonymous 3686


Anonymous 3700


It's extremely stupid but I think this was just down to typical random casting or trying to have an attractive cast to draw in an audience. Reminds me of when the news broke that Zac Efron was gonna play Ted Bundy. I haven't seen the movie or plan to. But he actually looks quite like him after all, so in that case it wasn't a completely bogus cast after all.

It wasn't a store. It was Universal studios which tied into her whole absurd lie about the kidnapper "Zanny the nanny" she met through her supposed colleague at Universal who was an old acquaintance and denied it all.

"First witness called to the stand on Thursday was Jeff Hopkins. Casey said Hopkins introduced her to the babysitter she claims kidnapped two-year-old Caylee.

“Did she ever tell you that Zenaida Gonzalez had taken her daughter?”

“No sir,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said he didn’t have a relationship with a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez and that he never introduced Gonzalez to Casey Anthony.

Lead detective Yuri Melich took the stand again on Thursday morning. Detectives were in a frantic search to find Caylee. Casey Anthony took them to Universal Studios, where she said she worked, to look for a cell phone that stored important numbers. However, assistant manager of loss prevention at Universal Studios Leonard Turtora, who was on the witness stand before Melich, confirmed that she hadn’t worked there since 2006.

“We watched as Ms. Anthony approached the security guard and we could overhear the conversation and in short she said she was an employee but didn’t have her ID,” Melich said. “The guard asked for her name, she gave her name. The guard told her it doesn’t show that you work here.”

Casey then led Melich, Turtora and other detectives around Universal to a building where she claimed she worked.

“We walk into the building, she turns left, starts walking down this hallway,” Melich said. “About halfway down the hallway she stops, turns, looks at us and says ‘I don’t work here.’” "


Anonymous 3701


>But he actually looks quite like him after all
Really? I don't see it.

Anonymous 3702

Bundy was pretty charming though so it makes sense in his case to cast someone attractive.

Not in your pic but the one above you does have a slight resemblance, mostly in the expression.

Anonymous 3703


not in all caps but in costume he pulls it off well a lot of times imo. but he isn't exactly a chameleon, that's true.

Anonymous 3704

See I can sort of understand Zac Efron as Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy imo is ugly but he is pretty much known for being the handsome guy. Zac Efron isn't a doppelganger but he does bare a resemblance to Bundy in a lot of ways. I seen the movie, he was actually quite good playing Bundy. Really exceeded my expectations

But Zane Holtz and that old man? Nah, they made him hot on purpose

Anonymous 3709

Anonymous 3722


>who do you think is a handsome killer?
Sebastian Burns is so hot. He gave an interview in an episode of 48 Hours Mystery. “Perfectly Executed” is the name of the episode if anyone’s interested. Not hybristophile btw lol.

Anonymous 3727

Anon his neck is the length of his arms

Anonymous 3728


>Sebastian Burns is so hot.
this guy is like everywhere. i can find this dude in any soup aisle for you. extremely boring and preferable when non murdery

Anonymous 3730

just thinking about it, bundy was horrible as his own attorney. truly horrific the way the judge spoke to him at the end. not only offensive because, well, obviously… but offensive as if he'd have ever been a decent trial lawyer

Anonymous 3731


It’s just the way he’s posing.
I don’t know why I was so attracted to him when I watched the 48 Hours episode. He actually comes off as pretty narcissistic but he spoke very articulately and his voice was kind of nerdy which I liked… and pale guys with brown hair and blue eyes are just my type.

Anonymous 3732

Can anyone recommend me a good youtube channel I can listen to about this stuff

Anonymous 3734

Man, lemme tell ya, I've got some goodies.

>Plagued Moth

Reviews gore videos and the backstory behind them. The most unique crime stories come from this guy, I have no idea how their channel isnt more well known

>Eleanor O'neal

Similar to Bailey Sarian but a little more respectful but twice the charm. She does long stories, mostly UK cases, and they're fantastic for playing while you're doing something else

>Bailey Sarian

Iffy choice because she is often viewed as somewhat insensitive. She does cosmetics while she talks about crime stories. Very thorough information and quite light hearted

>Ron Swanson

He does HUGE work into exposing pedophile undergrounds and covering cases of child abuse, exploitation, and all kinds of messed up child related crime. I love this guy hes great

Anonymous 3735

>Eleanor O'Neal
My current favourite

Anonymous 3736

I had a phase of listening to this guy but I feel you guys wouldn't like him. This particular video is hilarious to me though aswell as anything he did about Shayna Hubers.

Also Forensic Files is always good. British Born To Kill series. The odd documentary.

Feel free to roast me

Anonymous 3794

speaking of which, have you guys followed the development of this idiot's fanbase? (not the youtuber)

it's really unbelievable the way these women believe chris watts is some kind of genius. they literally believe he's a super hot genius. i think they claim he scored high on an IQ test. overnight, this stupid, formerly chunky moron gained the support of thousands of middle aged women who have an extreme hateboner for shannan, and a complete disregard for bella and cece. never seen anything quite like the victim blaming in this case before. the way people hate on shannan for being "controlling" and "dominating" is insane.

Anonymous 3799

Classic hybristophiliacs.

"Nooooo, it was just that evil bitch pushing him to it, if it were me I could have fixed himmmmmm"

He was an absolute spaz and an evil one at that. These women are crazy, they let their edgy crushes blind them to the fact that he is an evil person born to destroy

Anonymous 3801

yep. i understand hybristophiliac children and young adults, what i do not understand is the band of pick-me middle aged wives and mothers with established families, obsessing over this vacuous loser, shitting on shannan and saying she deserved it (with little to no mention of the kids) and "of course, a woman depriving a man of his masculinity would make him snap". wtf is this shit.

Anonymous 4033

i have no sympathy for this moron's family. cindy and ronnie watts couldn't have cared less about shannan except to just say they forgave him for murdering her and their children. to this day cindy is acting like a crazy old bat and bashing shannan on social media for being a "bad mother" as if it justifies anything he did

imo it's not their place to "forgive" him for anything he did when cindy pretty much did nothing but fuel his disdain for shannan. your son is going to rot in prison, get over it

Anonymous 4046

same. the parents are sick in the head completely. they give absolutely no shits about the kids at all. i don't think they ever did. what kind of grandmother gets ego wounded and makes almost giving their severely allergic grandchild nuts, about them? instead of admitting fault she uses the nut incident as another opportunity to demonize her murdered daughter in law, very classy. the narcissism is off the charts with this family. ronnie is retarded and the mother belongs in a straight jacket. literally no mention of the kids basically, and just non-stop praise and concern for their triple murdering son. really sick shit.

Anonymous 4700

Richard Chase (001…

>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
There are plenty of reasons, women aren't a hivemind that like the same thing for the same reason.
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
It's interesting, but after you get over all the american serial killer stuff and some euro stuff, it's just the same old thing with degenerate men killing prostitutes/little girls/homeless people, no 'charming psychopath' syndrome whatsoever in there.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
I think Richard Chase and Herbert Mullin. I've always been interested in schizo serial killers more. I don't really know why, maybe it's because they're more chaotic
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
It's a serial killer/mass murderer who happens to be attractive, and therefore attract the freaks out of the corners.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
The same reason you'd be aroused by any bdsm kinks like strangling or getting your ass bruised, I guess? In my experience, most of those who are strongly attracted to them were also kink degenerates.

I do find Chase attractive and feel bad for him, but knowing that he tortured animals and barely washed I'm glad he's dead.

Anonymous 4808


Something a bit different for once.
Read this, don't spoil yourself

I think she was acting out of trauma, but some of the stuff like the memories of her sexual abuse coming up slowly over time sounded like they were suggested to her? I don't think she was as unaware as she said, but that it was still an expression of her initial trauma (the branding incident)

Anonymous 4818

>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
I think, for many women, it's a way to cope with the trauma of knowing about the brutality, cruelty and injustice of the real world.
My mom, for example, was obsessed the whole month with the death of a well-known and beloved actor who died recently. Videos of him after being shot, barely conscious and bloody quickly surfaced (he died later at the hospital). He was shot for seemingly no reason by the police. I could tell that this traumatized her and made her very sad, since she would watch videos about it, and read other people's opinions and info on the case all day, every day.
So that's why I think people, especially women (though I didn't know that it was mainly women tbh) are into reading about serial killers and stuff, like trying to find some ray of hope in each case to cure themselves of the trauma they experience when they first find out about them (and also sort of trying to process or understand it). Also morbid curiosity I guess.
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
I don't follow YouTube channels or anything (I used to watch YT/TV documentaries occasionally but that was it), I've never been part of this community, but I liked reading about serial killers and stuff. Around the same time I also liked reading about lolcows so I guess it sort of "scratched the same itch". Not into either of the two anymore, though.
I think people here (where I live) like this kind of stuff a little too much. It's super common to see periodicals being sold on the streets that sell because they're full of photos of recent murders. So, naturally, true crime shit appeals to many people here. Can't blame them though, since this place is so violent and reality here is harsher than in your cozy USA.
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Does Varg Vikernes count? I fucking hate his retarded ideology and I despise everything about him but I like long-haired guys so I can't help but think he was really cute when he was young (even during his trial). Also people treat him like a huge meme, which is both funny and despicable, but eventually you stop giving a shit. I still hope he dies though.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
It rarely happens but I would sometimes feel attracted to some personality traits and the appearance of a killer that I associate with my preferred type. Not naming any names, though… I don't think those have been cases of "I could fix him", or at least not consciously; maybe deep down, I unconsciously felt attracted to them because of the aforementioned traits, which I Tend to associate to a type of guy who I can improve.
I think I was able to feel attracted to them because like other ppl have said, there is a distance between you and them. So, even if I am fully aware of the fact that these are real people who committed real murder or other horrible crime, and it sends chills down my spine, I can't help but see them like I see fictional characters when I read about them, with that kind of distance between us. Like, sending letters to real convicted serial murderers or rapists?? That's way too much… I would be terrified if they became more real to me than a Wikipedia article.
The most I've been attracted is just a superficial vague attraction, nothing obsessive or even worse, actually falling in love with them.

I've read somewhere that the serial killers we know about are just the ones that got caught, and that the real intelligent psychopaths who murder people are just careful enough to avoid leaving evidence.
It is possible that some serial killers who "got caught" were actually being framed, and, undoubtedly, some of these stories might've been used by authorities to manipulate the population in some way.

I think he looks better like this tbh, this is what I'm talking about. Some disgusting degenerates look like this but I have a soft spot for that look, goddammit. Yes, I am ashamed to admit it. It's not that big of a deal though, because it's not a big part of my life and I rarely think about it.
(I don't remember anything I read about him, or if I even knew who he is, but judging by the previous post I'm guessing he's a cannibal)

>Specifically, its appeal to women and how the podcasters use the material to sell cameras/home security systems, etc.
Interesting, thanks for this. Naturally, some people use even True Crime to make profits, not surprising.

And sorry for replying to months-old posts… Hope that's not a bannable offense.

Anonymous 4829

10/10 read, thanks for posting anon.

I think the sexual abuse was real but the branding incident was fake.

Anonymous 4830

I thought the branding attack was confirmed via newspapers?

Anonymous 4832

Oh, I do think she was branded but I think she did it herself.

Anonymous 4856


Shit I hadn't considered that…….

Anonymous 4958


I'm very interested in the topic of TCC and have a desire to learn more about serial killers, but I am way too sensitive and prone to paranoia. I end up laying awake, scared to go to sleep because I might get attacked by one.

Anonymous 4960

There is a YouTube channel called That Chapter all about this kinda shit. Usually shorter videos with a lot of light hearted jokes thrown in to keep it from getting too real. Maybe that would be something your paranoia could tolerate?

Anonymous 4964

I like true crime and especially unsolved disappearances shows/podcasts because of how formulaic they are. They introduce the victim, the crime/disappearance, the investigation and conviction if there's one… Knowing what to expect is weirdly soothing.
My favorite true crime case is the Snowtown murders one. Serial killers who started out as pedo-hunting vigilantes before they started killing for profit and for the sake of torturing people. I actually stopped listening to the Casefile podcast after they took down that episode because the host ~misgendered~ the serial child raping tranny that was one of the victims.

Anonymous 5262

I think the case is way played out anyway. There is not really that much to it compared to how much coverage it has gotten. The story last year about the girl whose boyfriend killed her when they were on vacation was interesting and not just the same old "guy kills his family" story with the names changed

Anonymous 5278

If you're still around, do you have any recommendations for shows, podcasts or even YouTubers? I also really enjoy the formulaic ones and have been struggling to find those in the flood of new content creators because true crime is so popular now.

Anonymous 5296

>Any anons in the tcc?
Not really in the community but I do watch true crime YT videos from time to time.
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
I'm not sure, maybe like how other s said, to be aware.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
No, but there were killers I enjoyed watching about more than others, like Jennifer Pan. Really fascinating story and I can relate a bit
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
There are hardly any handsome killers lol
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
I wouldn't be, but I think some women would be because they could see them as possessive and feel a strong desire to be loved so much. Like a yandere I guess

Anonymous 5864

I think Martin Bryant was really attractive. Plus the fact he has aspergers and was misunderstood gives me cringy "I could have helped him" feelings.

Anonymous 5865


Forgot pic

Anonymous 5868


Martin used to be cute. Some old bat who had the hots for him left him her inheritance. He also had a girlfriend for years, but he drove her off with his retardation. Now he's a bald old fatty. Time truly spares no moid.
What do you think about Patrick Purdy? He was another low-IQ demotivated shooter with a sad life.

Anonymous 6086

I've never heard this story before. All I can say is I'm definitely gonna have to watch the Lifetime movie of this shit.

Anonymous 6155


Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
I don't know, I think we're just fascinated. It's a way to reach male violence and try to comprehend it without having to experience it for me. But it's not a passion for me, I just enjoy listening to true crime videos when I clean up or eat as a distraction. I prefer disappearance stories tho, true crime feels like I'm a voyeur and I don't enjoy the way people make it feel "normal" sometimes.

How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Idk, its just morbid curiosity. French documentaries are very nice btw though. True crime is kinda big here too.

Do you have a favorite killer?
I think Ed Kemper has an interesting persona. Overall I prefer the female ones, the old stories (like, historical stuff) and I'm a big fan of Madame Popova.

Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Paul John Knowles (pic)

Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
I would not. I only genuinely like some female ones. Serial killers, especially the sexually depraved ones, disgust me. I juste joy the persona. I like Ed Kemper's attitude and that he is intelligent, but it doesn't change the fact that he is a disgusting human being. I could chat with him because he's interesting, but I would not like him. I have never been attracted or obsessed with serial killers even when I was young and had a thing for "crazy people" because serial killers are real, not fictional, and that difference is important.

Anonymous 6179

i love true crime. i think women love the morbid curiosity of it and i feel that a lot of serial killers are known for violence towards women. also many serial killers have mommy issues so idk could be something to do with it.

Anonymous 6190

That's because its linked to violence on women. Like, many serial killers had issues with women, even the ones who didn't target women specifically.
I really hate this fangirling trend over men who killed and raped women but I don't think it's the majority of women.
That's why I prefer to talk about female serial killers like Giulia Tofana or Madame Popova though.

Anonymous 6191

I really like female serial killers too. My favorite is Lady Eom, because of how impulsive and batshit insane she was.

Anonymous 6197

never heard of those two, will definitely look them up. but definitely the fangirling is too far. there’s reddit pages dedicated to being in love with serial killers, fucked up.

Anonymous 6763

Seeing Travis' family crying is still so pathetic to me. You find out your "Lord worshipping" brother is gross and yet you still cry for him? They only miss what mask he had on with them, not the real him. At least he's in hell now so he won't ever get the chance to get in contact with an actual 12-year-old.

Anonymous 6770

Why are the Parkland victim impact statements so weird, angry and narcissistic compared to other cases?
>Barely mentions his son during the whole statement
>Spends most of his time complaining about the defense and insulting the shooter
>I livestreamed my son's funeral and got 500,000 views, that makes him more important than you
What the fuck. I've seen statements like this for other cases and people are usually, I don't know, sad? They talk about the person they lost and how hard it is not to have them anymore. But in this case the people are acting like they're cussing out somebody who dented their car or destroyed their property or whatever.

Anonymous 6772

You've watched much more than I have so maybe I'm missing something but it just seems like it was a clownshow of a trial from top to bottom, I'd be in a very weird state of mind in his position too. I know some Florida public defenders and they really do have a tendency to be weird and forget the nature of their job.

Anonymous 7096

Chris Watts and Brian Laundrie are the same person, I don't know how you could live with these soulless, emotionless bros with dead eyes and fake smiles and spend so much time around them without knowing something is wrong with them.

Anonymous 8020

The entire Parkland shooting was surrounded by such a cesspit of narcissists and opportunists. Everyone from the survivors to the parents were trying to use the shooting as their ticket to fame, it was gross.

Anonymous 8037

I thought picrel was nph for a sec

Anonymous 8091

Any theories as to why literal boomers go on killing sprees?

Monterey Park shooter Huu Can Tran, 72, has now beaten Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock (63 at time of killing spree) for title of oldest successful spree killer in America.

Anonymous 8100

Dementia kek

Anonymous 8650

images - 2023-03-1…

I've already read about most serial killers and other TC popular cases, the only one I still have interest in is the Zodiac Killer case.
I think most people consoom TC as entertainment, but it is social suicide to admit it, so they simply say things like "the killer's psyche" or "learn how to protect myself". Nothing wrong with it, just dont act like an edgylord.

Anonymous 8694


>Any anons in the tcc?
I used to be, but I'm no longer active in the community. It's gone downhill since the Tumblr purge.
>Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
Humans have been fascinated by anything and everything morbid since the dawn of time. I figure women particularly enjoy true crime due to the majority of criminals being male.
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
I've seen plenty of Europeans, Brazilians and a few Japanese during my time in the TCC. Most, but not all, of them focused on American murderers. Based off my experiences, Brazilians tend to discuss killers from their country more than the others.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
Nice try, FBI.
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
The nerdier the better.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
If someone I found attractive turned out to be a serial killer, I'd still find them attractive.

Anonymous 8713

Nonas how do we feel about the latest school shooter being a 28-year-old woman?

Anonymous 8714

It is strange how the "troubled teen" variety of school shooter actually seems to have ended with Columbine rather than being kicked off by it. The actual modern school shooter isn't the late 20th century archetypal shooter at all, being both older and completely unrelated to the school in question. There is still a tendency to lump the distinct post-2010s killers and the previous era together.
The woman who kicked off what are considered "modern" shooters, Brenda "I Don't Like Mondays" Spencer, was a lesbian teenager.
She's sometimes called "the first school shooter" by commentators even though there were plenty of school firearms murders before her. Those usually hit a much different profile than the school shooter, e.g. gang violence, workplace "postal" killings, racially motivated murders etc. Brenda was a pioneer in the troubled teen genre. But that genre doesn't seem to have legs anymore. It's all unemployable 20-somethings now.

Anonymous 8715


If I remember right Eric and Dylan weren't even bullied that much though

Anonymous 8716

My first thought was that she was probably a shooter's fangirl. Learning she was ftm doesn't change that theory but it makes the case stranger

Anonymous 8719

That's true. Eric in particular was more the bully than the bullied.

If that turns out to be true it would make me wonder why there aren't more violent fangirls. There have been women who went on killing sprees in the past and the true crime community is so huge that you'd expect every single woman who murders anyone to come from a TCC background, but it seems like there isn't that strong of a relationship. Even at the extreme end, hybristophiles seem to trend closer to Dallas Humber and to Lindsay Souvannarath–adult women who essentially groomed younger males to become spree killers–than to Laurie Dann. Maybe the average Columbiner isn't capable of mindbreaking boys to build a harem of killer simps but it seems like without the killer male under her command she just wouldn't ever try to kill at all. And if transitioning to male provided Aidan Hale with whatever resonance of male energy required to satisfy that prerequisite then I'd expect there to be many more killer Aidans than there are in reality.

Anonymous 8870

Are there any decent, relatively active communities for discussing mass murderers left?

Anonymous 8881

the unemployable 20 something murderers and the troubled teens are the same in the sense they are both giant losers who glorify killings and think by becoming a mass murderer they will be remembered and worshipped. They aren't intelligent enough to be serial killers and they don't actually derive any pleasure from killing, they just lack enough empathy to be able to go through with their desperate plea for attention.

Anonymous 8889

r/masskillers is pretty active- not sure if you're already part of that community. They do a pretty good job of controlling the discussion so that romanticizers or people who just a-log and don't contribute to discussion are discouraged from posting. Plus because of how active it is, you get a lot of breaking information especially from people who obtain information through FOIAs.

It's not ideal, but that's the only one I'm apart of and know of. There's not as much discussion as I'd like though. Plus since it's Reddit, people rehash the same questions and discussion points over and over again. I might be biased due to nostalgia's sake, but I feel like the tumblr tcc actually had more active discussion where you actually learned stuff and people had interesting theories, despite all the romanticization and hybristophilia. On reddit, people bring up the same points all the time. "Oh did you know Martin Bryant had a 66 IQ?" "Did you know Adam Lanza was anorexic and only weighed 112 pounds?" "Did you know Brenton Tarrant livestreamed his massacre?" I'd assume if you were getting into a community of research about mass killers that this should all be prerequisite knowledge that we don't need to keep hashing out over and over. Sorry for sperging. I wish I had a better suggestion than Reddit.

Anonymous 9237

>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Jealous of how easy it is for you to get guns

Based and true. Do you like Atrax Morgue? Lots of Dennis Nilsen references.

Anonymous 9247

Atrax Morgue is quite good but I haven't listened to most his albums. Which ones are your favorite?
Also, come to the noise thread on /media/, even if I haven't posted on here for a while I will in the future, I probably will

Anonymous 9626


Any Russian/Ukranian speaking anons that would happen to know what happened with Alexander Hanzha from the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs and Artyom Alexandrovich Anoufriev from Academy maniacs? I try looking online but information seems almost nonexistant and I just hate how there's so many innocent people who get completely doxxx'd online yet people who do things like this and then walk free manage to hide away from society like that, changing identities/countries/etc. They don't deserve an ounce of privacy. They are horrorcows so should be documented like one.

Anonymous 9627

do you have a vk profile nona? if you do you can check the "Расчлененная ПугачОва" youtube channel and find the link to a new vk group discussing the academy maniacs there, it's full of generic tccfags though who make "fan"art and stuff. i saw one of them irl recently in the subway, she was wearing the exact same Purgen hoodie that one of the killers wore.

Anonymous 9628


Yes, I do but it seems the vk group is privated. Dunno how accepting they are of new members but I just put in a request.

> it's full of generic tccfags though who make "fan"art and stuff. i saw one of them irl recently in the subway, she was wearing the exact same Purgen hoodie that one of the killers wore.

That sounds about right. I just saw the AcademyManiacs subreddit and it's really disturbing - people drawing some yaoi fanart of the killers, saying pickme shit about them and generally typing like infatuated 12-year old girls. How is this allowed yet subreddits like TIA that call out troon BS get taken down?

Anonymous 9629

>Dunno how accepting they are of new members but I just put in a request.
in my experience they seem to be ok with newfags. i joined the previous iteration of the group by also sending a request, they accepted it without question on the next day. i don't have vk anymore so idk what's in the second one though
>How is this allowed yet subreddits like TIA that call out troon BS get taken down?
because "worship moid = good, call out moid = bad" (even if the moid universally deserves disdain. all moids deserve disdain from women but some are worse and are hated by fellow moids too, but unlike women (sadly) they have "moid solidarity" and in an inter-sex/gender conflict they always pick the side of the moid/TIM even if the moid is a fucking asshole and the woman is a nobel peace prize winner)
though i'd argue that yaoi fanart is much better than the extreme fetish rape-on-tape ("porn") subs

Anonymous 9630

Didn't Artyom get life in prison? I assume he's still in there unless he killed himself.

Anonymous 9640

Unfortunately still not accepted. I wonder if they're even still active.


Wikipedia said he is "studying law at the University of Latvia". So I wanted to know if he is still in Latvia now. I wonder what his day to day is. If he was allowed to get a carrer in something like law, even after such crimes, then he will be even more comfortable and consequence-free. Sickening.

Anonymous 9641

Anufriev got life in prison according to russian wikipedia, and I remember seeing people online cheering about it so I'm pretty sure that's the truth. I never heard about him living in Latvia.

Anonymous 9642


That's weird then. Even in Russian wikipedia it mentions:

"В феврале 2017 годa Ануфриев снялся в репортаже для информационно-аналитического шоу канала НТВ «Правда Гурнова», где сообщил, что изучает право в Латвийском университете[90]."

What is it supposed to mean then?

Anonymous 9643

Oh, oops, I just read the first paragraphs, didn't think he would be released. I had no idea about it.

Anonymous 9644


It could mean he's taking online classes or something…but there's just literally nothing being mentioned about it other than this single line on Wikipedia and the interview. It's weird. If they have so many fangirls, there should be someone who knows more.

Anonymous 9728

Lately, the most annoying demographic type in true crime spaces are the people who clearly feel guilty for viewing this kind of content and act very holier than thou, thinking they are the only ones who consume it in a moral way.
I do agree that there is a lot of unethical bullshit in true crime btw, it's just that the constant virtue signaling is tiresome.

Anonymous 9729

I agree, also i know people think it's cringe but my favorite demographic in the tcc is the female edgelords.

Anonymous 9836

>Any anons in the tcc
Yeah, I run a tumblr blog
>Why is true crime so popular, especially with the woman audience
I don't know, i think it's popular because its interesting. It might be popular among women because we want to learn to protect ourselves and i guess know what not to do or red flags to look for in a person.

Anonymous 9837


I occasionally consume it myself but still realize it is only to quell my morbid curiosity. Unless it is related to your career (Like law or psychology), there is very little educational or other practical benefit to be had from consuming true crime, so I'm not sure it can be consumed in a "moral" way at all. People lie to themselves, saying it could be used to protect them, but there are serial killers that fully convince their own psychologists and lawyers that there is nothing wrong with them. I don't think true crime is going to make you better at protecting yourself from someone like that.

No matter how you look at it, 99.9% of people just regularly consume it as a byproduct of a peaceful, uneventful life that they want to find something new, exciting or interesting in. Equally fucked up or even worse murders constantly happen in thirdies but those don't have a whole entire fan community dedicated to them. I'm not surprised as to why.

Anonymous 9839

I agree with you, speacially about having no moral way of consuming it.
But I also find myself to be a bit of a hypocrite for getting annoyed by the virtue signaling crowd, but also admiting to myself that I, in fact, view most of true crime content as entertainment. I would never say it in other true crime communities because it is unethical and very edgylike tho.

Anonymous 9844


Eh, most people do carry some kind of hypocriticism. For instance, I feel morally opposed to eating dog or horse, but refuse to quit eating beef or pork. Vegeterians probably find that hypocritical, and maybe it is, but it's a personal choice. So is consuming true crime. It's important to be aware of that to not cross boundaries beyond mere hypocriticism, though. Like having blatant disrespect. Even though I eat beef and pork, obviously I don't like the idea of killing animals inhumanely like supporting Chinese Dog Festivals. In the same light, I'm not going to support the Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix show that was made without even bothering to contact any victims for their consent in being portrayed in it and merely to sensationalize serial killers to a bunch of stupid TikTokers.

I may have some hypocriticisms, but I'm not completely unethical. For example, becoming one of those TCC fans that draws yaoi fanart of serial killers and tattoos them on their shoulder is crossing a line. Merely looking up information about them and discussing them isn't.

Anonymous 9853

>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Being part of the UK tcc, I think im more of the wanting to "get in side of the mind" of the criminal than being infatuated.

Anonymous 9962

>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
Morbid curiosity. I also find it makes me feel grateful for being at least not murdered/raped etc. Also I like knowing the depths of depravity humans are capable of. I used to think it was exclusively males but I'm getting more into forms of crime by women (and not just ones you'd obviously be sympathetic to if you weren't a massive sexist - e.g. Aileen Wuornos). These forms of crime have much more complex but equally sinister nature (think women with Munchausens by proxy, cluster B personality disorders etc.).
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
idk if Canadians really count as non-Americans, but I think the Canadian justice system treats them too lightly. I think Singapore deals with criminals the best, which is why I felt the most safe and free when I lived there out of anywhere.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
Aileen Wuornos and Jodi Arias
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Ed Kemper
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
I wouldn't - I'm not even attracted to non-vegans, let alone serial killers of humans.

Anonymous 9963

god these guys were the absolute worst. that was probably the only internet shock video involving not animals that really disturbed me.
i swear you can see how low iq and psychopathic this guy is just by the shape of his tiny beady eyes. what a creep.

Anonymous 9971


Am I the only one that thinks one of the toolbox killers look like a reptilian?

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