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Intrusive thoughts and bad intentions Anonymous 2002

Post your temptations here

Anonymous 2003

>It would be nice to die in a car crash on the way to work.

Anonymous 2004

A former friend of mine has recently managed to find some success with her craft, but now she's getting cancelled and I'm so tempted to pile on with all the terrible shit I know about her. I could instantly destroy her reputation. I'm not doing it because it would be obvious that it's me and she hasn't done anything irredeemable, just was a shithead to some people, vented disturbing stuff and did some stupid impulsive petty bullshit that only cancel culture cares about. I just have a problem with keeping secrets. I know how much havoc I could wreak and in that moment it doesn't matter to me if it's justified, I just want to wield that power. But I won't. I'm staying off social media until I stop obsessing about this.

Anonymous 2008

Once I was walking past some young mother with a baby in her stroll and vividly imagined taking that baby and slam dunking it into the ground with full force. It was nothing more than yet another intrusive thought, but for some reason this one has stuck in my memories for several years now.

Anonymous 2009

When I'm petting my elderly cat I think about squeezing her little skull tightly and crushing it. It makes me feel so bad because I love her so much and would never want to harm her.

Anonymous 2011

damn, anon, I can relate so much
I have similar thoughts when I pet my cats, not only about crushing their skulls but cracking them open by throwing them into walls, but I would never harm them, too

It's very mentally taxing, because even imagining these atrocities hurts

Anonymous 2015

>Post your temptations here

BBQ Potato Chips

Anonymous 2025

I've had intrusive thoughts about self harm this entire year. Every time I look in a mirror, "just fucking kill yourself already you dumb fucking bitch". Shaving my legs and picturing dragging the razor across them until the water ran red and wondering how long it would take for me to stop. That kind of thing. I think it's a reaction to being stuck at home with just my parents for so long.

Anonymous 2026

I wonder how it would feel like if my body got crushed by getting run over by a car

Anonymous 2032

Every time you have that thought, tell yourself "not today, Satan". Don't give into stupid thoughts.

Anonymous 2034

salt and vinegar for me. I love the taste of acid sm I wish it were possible to consume that metallic taste in isolation like umami with msg.

Anonymous 2035

you can eat pickles

Anonymous 2075

no I hate them

Anonymous 2076

For me it's an chips that are ketchup flavored.

Anonymous 2157

constantly have thoughts of gore, violence, and sexualizing things.
every day i try to push this crap out of my mind but it always comes back. very troublesome.

Anonymous 2161

Sounds like male puberty.

Anonymous 2162


I keep getting thoughts of planning out an intricate alibi, breaking into my exs house and violently killing him for leaving me. yes im mentally ill no i wont fucking act out on it im not a retarded dickmale

Anonymous 2164

yeah ik…ive been trying to get better about it. i think part of the problem was id talk to moids whod send me gore (dogs being killed, jews being killed, dick cutting, wrist slitting). im pretty sure thats why my thoughts are so corrupted.

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