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Michelle Carter case Anonymous 2042

In your opinion, should what Michelle Carter did be considered illegal or was she just being unethical but overall not guilty?

>Conrad Henri Roy III was an American man who died by suicide at the age of 18. His girlfriend, then 17 year-old Michelle Carter, was accused of encouraging him in text messages to commit suicide. The case was the subject of a notable investigation and involuntary manslaughter trial in Massachusetts, colloquially known as the "texting suicide case". Roy had seen numerous mental health professionals, and he insisted that he wanted to die. Carter and Roy had both been prescribed psychiatric medication. The case raised questions pertaining to the nature and limits of criminal responsibility.

Anonymous 2043


Anonymous 2044

made me kek irl hard.
Op I think she did nothing wrong even handing someone a gun to an hero does not make them do it.
She could be a bitch though she seems like a cow

Anonymous 2046

Only the worst, absolute /pol/ and /r9k/ sickos would celebrate something like that. The rest would be disgusted.

Anonymous 2047

Yeah I agree with >>2046
I don't think you'd see any normies celebrating women getting killed.

Anonymous 2048

Celebrating, no. Eye rolling the suicide and generally making excuses for the man, absolutely. At worst he’d be painted as a standard abuser that the girl was too much of a mentally ill weakling to escape.

Anonymous 2049

Exactly. I'll never have sympathy for moids. I don't see any problem with every moid dying. Apart from easy reproduction, we don't need them for anything. They are only threats. They will oppress us until the end of time.

Anonymous 2050

I watched the documentary on this. He had family issues which his father was in denial about. He had also attempted suicide about a month before. Michelle had some weird Glee fixation and her own mental issues about wanting attention.

Ultimately, he is the one that did it, not her. It feels like they are trying to blame a woman for a man's actions.

Anonymous 2051

Brutally talking someone who is mentally ill into killing themself is a bit more than just unethical.

What if I told a small child to pick up a gun and point it at their head and pull the trigger.

A mentally ill teenager is about the same

Anonymous 2052

i'm not a moid defender but this situation was really fucked up. the kid was abused by his paternal family and was clearly going through some shit.

she wanted attention and wanted to be like the girl from Glee (literally), so she harassed him into suicide, barraging him with texts about doing it when and where she wanted and guilting him for not doing it and for second guessing himself. she spent weeks doing this. she is partially culpable. she's a complete psycho.

Anonymous 2053

You’re talking about a kid though. He was an adult.

Anonymous 2054

he had just turned 18 a few months before his death. an 18 year old doesn't magically have a matured brain because he hit his birthday. we know the brain, on average, is more impulsive and comparatively underdeveloped especially with regard to decision making, before 25. he also was mentally not right. i don't care what anyone's age is, if you harass people into suicide knowing they're severely mentally ill, you're a piece of shit and you play a role in their death, 100%.

Anonymous 2055

what part of "mentally ill" do you not get

I could tell my Alzheimer's afflicted grandma to shoot herself and she would

because she is mentally ill

Anonymous 2056

All the social media and phones are making people so dumb and weird

Anonymous 2057

Manslaughter. If these people got the book thrown at them young girls might stop trying to eat each other in anything but in person, and that's fine.

Anonymous 2058

> Carter, now 23, began serving a 15-month sentence in February, but she earned time off her sentence for good behavior, according to Jonathan Darling, spokesman at the Bristol County Sheriff's Office.
>"Ms. Carter has been a model inmate here at the Bristol County House of Corrections. She has participated in a variety of programs, held a job inside the jail, has been polite to our staff and volunteers, has gotten along with the other inmates, and we've had no discipline issues with her whatsoever," Darling said.

>"You're dealing with an individual who wanted to take his own life. … He dragged Michelle Carter into this."

She was by all accounts a sociable, charming, entirely well-behaved person who has completely finished serving her time after being convicted of telling her boyfriend to follow his dreams. If the courts did not find her a murderer, and law enforcement does not treat her as a murderer, if the law does not label her a murderer, and the boyfriend's own mother does not speak of her as a murderer, then how could it be legitimate if I were to call her a murderer?

Anonymous 2059

Your first problem is that no one in the actual criminal proceeding was considering her a murderer, no one who knows what they word actually means was accusing her of that. They were instead accusing her of manslaughter, which, by definition, is not murder. You have built up a straw man and knocked it down, congratulations.

Second, a consensus is not reality, I don't believe anyone is arguing the legality of what she has done, if we were, you would be correct. We are arguing the morality of the situation.

Third, killing someone doesn't mean you're a bad person by default, else all soldiers would be completely reviled by society (well, more of society I guess), her being a "sociable, charming and entirely well-behaved individual" has nothing to do with the problem at hand, other than the case being unconventional. I would strongly propose that most people charged with manslaughter, not murder, are probably also well-behaved members of society. This can contribute to why they were charged with manslaughter, not murder.

Finally, now that all the bullshit you are pulling has been called out. If you at all believe that, inherently, suicide is wrong, and should not be encouraged, she is a contemptible for doing so. A contemptible person not in her right mind because she herself is mentally ill? Maybe, but contemptible nonetheless.

Anonymous 2063

I saw the documentary on this case and feel like it needs more context than what is given ITT because the girl's motive was entirely selfish and attention-seeking. Like other anons have said, she was obsessed with the TV show Glee, specifically she was a stan for the main couple whose storyline came to a sudden end when the actor of the male character died of an overdose. The actress of his in-universe girlfriend was widely regarded to be a major bitch, but as she was also engaged to the guy irl, she was whitewashed of all sin and nobody dared to speak badly of her until recently. They had a commemorative episode where everyone sang songs and reminisced about how amazing he was, and everyone felt so bad for the girl, both in-universe and irl. Michelle wanted to emulate this situation, she compared them to the Glee couple all the time, texted him comparisons and quotes from the show, and really took the role of the grieving love of his life after he died. That's why I can't write it off as her just encouraging him to kill himself because she thought he was going to do it anyway and wanted to help him- she had a very specific goal and wanted to play a specific role in his death, as in getting all the sympathy and pity afterwards. She even told him to get back into the car and get it over with when he was having second thoughts. All because she wanted to larp as a grieving widow just like her fav celeb. That means she didn't just encourage him because she wanted his suffering to end, she directly wanted to profit from it socially.

Anonymous 5488

Imagine died because of Glee

Anonymous 5490

I don't know what kind of sentence she should have gotten but I do think she has some culpability. Looks like she got involuntary manslaughter and 15 months, I think that's quite fair. That's the minimum any bully should get when one of their victims kills themselves and that's exactly what she was.

Anonymous 5502

I wouldn’t classify her as a bully honestly, she was a disturbed teenager— they both were and i don’t think she thought far ahead about the consequences probably having a fried low empathy young brain she did. Sometimes people who are at their lowest are joined at the wrong time and place and shit like this happens

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