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Weirdest people you've met online Anonymous 2178

Tell us about them

Anonymous 2184

I met a guy on yahoo answers when II was in middle school who would tell me about his alien abduction experiences. Apparently the aliens broke his legs, were responsible for most political events and had abducted him multiple times.
I often wonder where he is now.

Anonymous 2191

I didn't "meet" her exactly, we never spoke, this was just a random thread in a random as fuck forum that I lurked, so maybe it still counts.

There's a website specific to my country that's basically like depop except it came around a decade earlier and was originally supposed to be for trading clothes, not selling them. It had an attached forum which also had an "anything goes" section to socialize in, as forums do. So this one girl started posting about how she just couldn't hold down a friendship. Not even an acquaintance. She would describe how even random strangers seem to treat her with some level of repulsion and she couldn't figure out why. She looked normal, took care of personal hygiene etc but there was just something about her that drove everyone away. Of course I thought it was paranoid schizophrenia or just being extremely unpleasant, and I'd seen those foreveralone posts on imageboards, but this was different. I wanted to believe that it was a larp but it was in this random normie fashion community without much traffic.

Of course as these threads go some girls offered to talk to her and befriend her and some Skype calls were had and they all ghosted her again, I think one of them ended up posting about how they got along really well in text but once they started videochatting she just got a really weird vibe and felt this sense of dread and fucked off.

Of course it might be nothing/larp/delusions/self-fulfilling prophecy, but it stuck with me because it was in such a random place and without anything to be gained from lying, not even lots of attention.

Anonymous 2192


Anonymous 2193

It wasn't an english language site, it belonged to a european country and is now defunct.

Anonymous 2194

in middle school i had met my first "boyfriend" online. we met on an app that was sort of like omegle except you could send pics and you werent able to tag interests. we rarely ever voicecalled and i had only ever seen a few pics of him. he was nice, but as the relationship progressed he kwpt pressuring me into sending naked photos of myself to him. he also would talk about maybe meeting uo for christmas. he would also tell far fetched stories of his past, like that he was born half blind and couldnt see colors and then one day he was just suddenly able to see them. the most id ever sent him was a picture of me in my underwear in the mirror, and he never knew my adress. he told me where he lived and his name. eventually my parents found out and made me stop because they were concerned he was fake.

years later i looked up his name and location and was unable to find a record of him or any of his family other than his "dads"name, who was a registered sex offender. gives me the shudders thinking about what could have happened to me.

i have lots of stories about pedophiles from when i was 12-16. me and my friends often just talked and trusted whoever we met online. ill post some more.

Anonymous 2197

Do you post on any other imageboards anon? I swear I've seen this exact same post before. I'm getting massive deja vu lol

Anonymous 2198

TBH I posted about it on here years ago, and it fit into this thread as well, so I thought why not. I'm psyched someone remembered that story.

Anonymous 2199

In 2019 I had the admittedly retarded idea to larp as underage to entrap pedos, so I befriended some dudes on particular parts of the anonymous internet and I even got reached out to and befriended by a girl who ended up being murdered (you all know where and who but I'm trying to keep this post from popping up in searches). While talking to these dudes I met this one guy who was actually a really skilled artist with interesting drawings, but he was severely mentally ill. Schizo, hearing voices, seeing people, talking to them for hours not knowing if they were real. He was interesting to talk to because I was genuinely curious about his delusions, but he got obsessive and clingy and would chew me out if I didn't respond quickly enough, so I invented a tragic backstory as an excuse for why I wasn't around often, and he actually started offering me money, he even started working to provide for me. He was on the brink of being homeless and killing himself because his mental state never improved and he had already gone through a few difficult housing situations. I tried to justify taking his money (he thought he was talking to a minor, he was possessive, he was going to kill himself anyway) but I never ended up accepting any. Eventually I came clean to him and stopped using that account. For the record he never tried to be lewd with me or anything like that, we only ever talked about art, music, and his personal history, he was just neurotic about having someone to talk to and mellowed out when he found people to hang out with online, but still he shouldn't have focused his energy on someone who happened to (pretend to) be underage. He was also weirdly obsessed with being ugly as sin but he looked perfectly fine. He doxed himself to me and everything and I found a lot of his old artwork and shit like that. Sometimes I check if he still posts just to see if he's still alive. I'm not trying to defend him talking to me, but it gave me a new perspective for some things.

Anonymous 2253

Maybe not as weird as others but I just want to share. Met a guy while playing a video game and he seemed decent enough. If anything, just a very cringe weeb, but I was really lonely and wanted friends at the time. I don’t remember why this topic came up, definitely prompted by him about “kinks” and he asked me if I wanted to know his, and out of curiosity, I said yes. He told me he wants to cum inside of someone so much, their stomach expands, and then touch their stomach to feel how warm it is. I wanted go take the longest shower after hearing that, and stopped talking to him right away. Weeb coomers are awful.

Anonymous 2294

this guy got oneitis for me. it's a mess of a story but i was friends with him from 2012-2014. we'd play video games everyday with each other. message each other every day. go on voice chat while gaming. i kept things 100% platonic. we were basically internet best friends. we were both losers with no friends in high school but at least we had each other. then he freaked out and got depressed, suddenly ghosting me. i was depressed for 3 months because he was my only friend. fast forward 2019 and he messages me again through playstation (i cant believe he remembered my username). said that 'i'm the only girl for him' and that 'i'm the only girl he'll ever marry and have kids with'. it was such an out of the blue love confession and i have to admit it made me really happy. i was so lonely i continued to talk to him platonically. and then i hit the age where >tfwnobf hit hard and brainwashed myself into thinking this was romantic and that i was lucky to have such a nice guy like me. eventually i fell for his lovebombing and flirted with him. i don't think we ever got along well. he has always liked me more than i liked him, and i decided to accept his affections because i was lonely, depressed, and never had any romantic attention placed on me before. i feel sad and disgusted with myself for leading on a poor guy like this because we were both lonely souls and i have to admit, i really liked being placed on a pedestal since i have such low self esteem. we weren't compatible at all and i eventually broke things off with him. after my rejection, he's decided to become voluntary celibate for the rest of his life since 'he can't have me'. i keep trying to convince him to date other women and see what's out there, but he's convinced i'm his soul mate and i will forever be his 'the one that got away'

Anonymous 2295

You need to cut contact with him, that is creepy.

Anonymous 2296

even pedos are human I spose

Anonymous 2298

that is so fucked, i've had that happen to me nearly word for word why are men like this, especially the voluntarily celibate shit. it's like they're trying to guilt you back i hate them

Anonymous 2301

i only message him about once a month now to see what he's been up to. i will eventually say goodbye forever. he's turned into this ultra devote catholic and is looking for spiritual guidance to navigate his feelings of betrayal and permanent celibacy. i can't believe he thinks i betrayed him. we grew distant and we grew apart. it was natural.
it is usually manipulative but i think in this case he is trying to recover from heartache. this man has no social media and refuses to use the internet. unlike most men he isn't brainwashed in echochambers or lusting after some camgirl.

Anonymous 2304

can someone tell me or email me who shes talking about when she says "i even befriended a girl who was murdered, you all know who and when"
email is [email protected]

Anonymous 2305


Anonymous 2307

you don't know the story about the discord girl?

Anonymous 2309

no, what is it? was she a girl from cc?

Anonymous 2310

If you google bianca murder it comes up with a case which I think is who they mean.

Anonymous 2311

im obsessed with bianca currently, could you tell me a bit about her and stuff? ahh i wish i could have befriended her man..

Anonymous 2321

I don't know if there is much to say. She reached out to me after I made a bait thread that I guess she related to. She was nice and pretty low-key, she was actually kinda self-aware about her internet behavior and talked about wanting to change it. In the beginning we'd talk about her notoriety because I was curious about the whole e-girl culture thing, and she told me some of the bad stuff and that she was trying to leave it behind. She confessed that she still missed the attention sometimes but felt better with a smaller circle of people. We talked a bit about experimenting with drugs. The conversation I remember the most was when 2 days before her murder she messaged me and we just smalltalked, she was telling me about how she was conditioning her hair and that she had gone on a date earlier that day and that it had been perfect. I found out about her death by going on r9k because I was bored and seeing the thread OP of her corpse photo. At first I thought "someone really dug through some gore site to find a girl who looks kinda like her, how fucking weird" and I didn't recognize her immediately because I mostly associated her with pink hair. As I kept scrolling, I got a really bad feeling and I ended up checking out a link to the killer's instagram and saw his posts as they happened. I think I still have screenshots on my old phone because I was just in shock and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so for some reason I took screenshots. I kept following the threads about her for a while and I think it was either the same night or the next day that suddenly her Discord account came online and I automatically messaged her asking "what the fuck, who is this" even though I knew I wouldn't get a response. I guess family or police turned on her phone or computer and it logged on automatically. It fucked me up for a while and changed my opinion on internet and trolling and shit like that.

Anonymous 2322

Back when I was a foolish 4chan newbie I thought that I could use /soc/ to make friends (and a bf but that's a different story)
I became "friends" with a neo-nazi. I am going to list some of his rather intriguing qualities:
>Believes holocaust was faked
>Can do a really good kermit the frog voice
>In a death metal band with his cousin
>He is into wicca
>He told me this once, "I used to be pro life but after realizing that black people are the ones who abort the most, I am now pro choice"
>He has been diagnosed with autism and another disorder (socio/psycho one of those), he doesn't believe because of (((them)))
>He is a really good writer
I was actually very fond of his other qualities, but the more political views he held were honestly just too absurd to believe. I ended up being friends with him for 3 months before deleting my discord account…I know he is a lost cause but I truly wish he isn't the guy who he was when I once knew him

Anonymous 2323

I remember seeing her dead body on /r9k/ too… Her story honestly made me go much more towards a 4channel lurker rather than a 4chan shitposter
But it's truly a shame that she died the way she did I remember just feeling immense feeling of numbness for a couple of days when I heard about how she died…

Anonymous 2326

>2 days before her murder
holy fucking shit, I would have been permanently messsed up. It screwed me up and made me panic so much and I never even talked to her. some guys would really, really kill the girls they talk to online if they could.

Anonymous 2329

I don't know how to best put this into words, but meeting her just a short time before the murder shook me a lot. We really didn't know each other for long but she reached out to me and had things she wanted to talk about and when I learned more about her I was thinking about whether or not there was a way to get her away from that environment, but I thought there's no way a girl who grew up like that just go "yeah you're right I'm just gonna ghost everyone". The last time we talked she even told me about the concert and I told her to have fun. I struggled a lot with feeling like she only came into my life so I would witness her death. Not that I believe in fate or cosmic happenstances or whatever, it just felt so morbid to have met her just in time to witness this. I know all of that sounds dramatic and stupid, but it was such specific timing, and I had such specific feelings about wanting to see her move on from that environment, and then next thing I knew the worst possible situation had happened. At that point I had lost 3 people to suicides so by then it felt like some sort of mockery that I would keep running into death. Plus most of these deaths were really weird circumstances that made it really hard to even attempt to grieve and find closure. Even if I tried to get counseling or something, or even just tried to talk to normies about it, who would ever actually understand the environment all this shit had happened in and what dynamics led to it? This felt like the icing on top. I felt like death was just a constant I have to begin to accept in my life. Sorry to talk so much about myself.

Another thing that fucked me up was seeing all the sloppy coverage on mainstream social media. Like all the articles that said the killer was a family friend, or the ones that called her a popular streamer or said she was an instagirl with tens of thousands of followers when that was the amount she had after her death "went viral". She had just under 2k when I met her. She was not an internet celebrity. Watching every single community try to "claim" her from Tumblr to Twitch was fucking weird and I wanted to speak up and say they were getting it all wrong but it felt too much like attention whoring, so I didn't.

Anonymous 2330

You don't have to apologize anon, it is very understandable that you'd want to share those feelings with people who would somewhat understand the situation. I can't imagine how weird and morbid it must have been.
I don't know if anyone else felt this way, but I related to her and saw myself in her after this happened, even though I wasn't involved in the same activities. It's just a looming danger that has always been around girls who grow up in such an environment, and this time it unfortunately played out. At the time I also wanted to be able to talk to someone about it but everyone would just either find it weird or misunderstand and panic, idk.

Anonymous 2335


Sorry to go on a tangent on this, but your last para makes me think of a popular twitter artist that I came to know of a few years ago.

She died of cancer at a young age and immediately people mobbed her sm with tribute art. I never even knew her (I don't even remember her name) but I felt unsettled when I heard about it. Whoever she was, she deserved better, and her family deserved peace to grieve- cancer is such a brutal death- and these fucking strangers literally rushed to paint fan art of this dead girl to get retweeted in the tags. Hundreds of strangers tweeting how much they loved her while advertising in the same breath. I got the distinct feeling the vast majority didn't actually care about who she was and how sad the situation was. How weird, how incredibly fucked up that was, I still remember it.

Anonymous 2338

I think it makes sense to relate to her because she's become the poster child of that environment. With all the other girls that hang out there and become notorious, you can usually watch them grow up and be very unlikeable people (for good or bad reasons) and over time you might lose sympathy because they keep repeating the same mistakes and don't turn their lives around. They often try all kinds of avenues for internet income and end up with a lolcow thread and having all their business out there. They're sad but not very relatable because everyone thinks "this could never be me, I'd get my shit together eventually".
With Bianca, by many accounts she wasn't the nicest person, but you can't really blame her when she had been in that environment since she was 12 and had already had been exploited so much, like with her ex-bf who went to prison for filming them having sex and selling it. All the men who whined about her being an evil whore were much older guys who thought a teen should be responsible for their mental state, so forgive me if I'm not gonna cry for them. But ultimately she played with fire and she was aware what place she was in, and she paid the ultimate price. Having her frozen in time like that, dying young instead of growing up to be a flawed all-over-the-place person, made her kind of a tragic figure that's also kind of a blank template that a lot of women who spent time on 4chan during their formative years can relate to.

I remember seeing that unfold and the speediness with which her "tributes" were pumped out made me feel like some people had prepared their artwork ahead of time, which is just mind-boggling. I honestly suspect that a lot of people just saw it as a reason to rip off her popular art style without getting called out on it (because it's a tribute after all) and to participate in a trending virtue signaling hashtag.

Anonymous 2339

I was pretty sad when ciara horan died

Anonymous 2344

It's not like I seek them out. One of my parents killed themselves when I was young, the second person committed suicide over never recovering from a physical injury that destroyed their life, the third suicide was due to rapidly escalating early onset schizophrenia.

Anonymous 2346

how does anyone even know she's dead?

Anonymous 2355

There are a bunch of pictures from her last day. One is a bunch of xanax she claimed were laced with fent. And there's a video where she was on the bus with her bf and she was rambling some nonsense and she looked all cracked out. I know she was a fucked up person, its just sad she went the way she did.

Anonymous 2359

Probably two paedophiles I came across when using chat sites for weird people. What makes them weird is no that they were paedophiles but for example one of them was obsessed with their dick skn being taken by "jews" and had a contraption to stretch it he also had no chair or bed and just lived on dirty washing and I remember he had to leave his home when his parents had family over especially children because they knew he was twisted.
This guy jerked off a lot even for a weird man like an addiction and would always talk about eating his splurge.

The second weird guy had garbage bags full of panties of kids and would talk about inoculating them with "loli scent" by adding some dirty ones to the bag and letting it sit in the dark for months.
Both of these had proof to back up their story and it is quite strange and a little concerning but when you have been online for many years get used to odd people.

Known many odd types likely stranger but these two stand out for me.

Anonymous 2396

>he asked me if I wanted to know his
Huge fucking red flag. I'm surprised it didn't immediately tip you off.

Anonymous 2433

That sounds like some cursed existense. Reminds me of Warhammer 40k lore where there's these people that are basically born without souls, and even though they look completely human they are hated for no apparent reason by everyone they meet, some to the point where they are killed even right after being born

Anonymous 3357

> The second weird guy had garbage bags full of panties of kids and would talk about inoculating them with "loli scent" by adding some dirty ones to the bag and letting it sit in the dark for months.

I'll pretend I did not read this part. Holy fuck.

Anonymous 3361


Budding tranny pedophile. I was 14 and still too old for him, which I'm both relieved about and highly concerned about. Believed he had superpowers and could fly and read minds, and was on a quest to save the world from aliens. Went out to find these special gemstones for his quest and came back home because it was raining (so he could fly and destroy aliens, but he couldn't walk in the rain?). Told me I probably had super powers too, and told me I would develop fire powers. I did not develop superpowers.

Nazi whose first message to me was telling me I looked fertile, second message was a picture of his veiny penis, last message was him calling me racial slurs typically directed at black people (I am white) for telling him peanut butter didn't cause autism.

20 year old guy who dated me when I was barely 14/15. My mom being the psycho she is was totally cool with it. Believed he was a psychic vampire who was being chased by pagan gods.

Random guy in the town next to mine who I started talking to online who thought he was a werewolf in an eternal battle with vampires. Claimed he transformed his girlfriend into a werewolf by biting her.

Anonymous 3362

was this on vampirefreaks?

Anonymous 3363

also, girl whose only hobbies are weighing her cats and counting her number of sexual partners (she's currently at 120 something). Literally incapable of holding a conversation and talks like a robot.

Also I met this guy online, but we dated irl for like a year and lived together.
>He was deathly afraid of grapes and almost swerved off the road one time because I ate a grape in his car.
>Ran towards busy traffic screaming "I am the author of my own fate" because McDonald's put a pickle on his burger.
>Got into a huge argument with me for buying sandwich meat and told me "but can you sandwich the meat inside my soul?" and walked back to the truck. >Wore Stewie Griffin Sweatpants and a shirt that said "your face makes my dick soft" for our Valentine's date.
>Would get insanely angry if I sang about him, which I've always done as a joke. One time I started singing "row, row, row your [his name]" and he screamed, gripped the shit out of my leg and started swerving off the road
>Had fleas and spread them to our coworkers
>Ate boogers, got called disgusting for it by his mom, told her "a wolf does not concern itself with the opinions of sheep
>Laughed only by hissing
>Hoarded used cat litter in his closet
>Wanted to get me pregnant when I was 17 (he was 18) so that my mom would "stop grounding me" (he ended up being sterile thank god)
>Was a libertarian
>Always had hemorrhoids
>Would eat five boxes of banana popsicles in one sitting
>Could only take pills for old people or else he would choke

Anonymous 3364

surprisingly not, it was all on myyearbook (now meetme). As I was typing all of that I realized I had a lot of people larping as mythological creatures that talked to me.

Anonymous 3365

What was his name? I dated a guy who was 20 when I was a minor who told me the same story.

Anonymous 3377

This man sounds too mentally disabled to consent from what you typed

Anonymous 3378

wtf. why do "libertarian" men always try so hard to be complete anti-social freaks?
I once met this libertarian guy online that I also dated irl a little bit who kinda reminds me of the guy you just described
>had fleas, had a yappy dog who also always had fleas
>I told him he needs to vacuum his place because that's the only way to get rid of flea eggs in the carpets
>he threw a tantrum and went on a tirade about how he's a libertarian who doesn't listen to "authority" and does what he wants
>refused to ever vacuum, just used flea shampoos that only treat adults so fleas kept coming back
>I invite him over and made dinner once, we were watching a movie and he made some excuse that he had to leave early for something important
>later that night texted me and confessed he was craving taco bell and that's the only reason he left
>was extremely upset he didn't leave early enough to make it to taco bell before they closed. texted me about it only to vent how triggered he was that he didn't get his shitty burrito
>spent most of his time playing online games his mom paid for
>kept making shitty excuses to never even search for a job
>also refused to cut down on his spending, refused to play free-to-play games
>his best and only friend was an alcoholic stoner conspiracy theorist
>told me he masturbates 6 times a day and is "kinky"
>later "came out" to me as a pedo, as if that's an orientation
>also came out as a tranny shortly after that

Anonymous 3382

that made me giggle. He had autism, but I do too and never did this shit so idk what the hell was going on with him. He was also extremely abusive but that's not as funny of a story as him eating his boogers and screaming as grapes.
hold the fucking phone that sounds EXACTLY like the dude I dated other than the pedophilia, what did he look like

Anonymous 3388

He was kinda chubby and had long, blonde hair

Anonymous 3392


different guy then. How sad that there's more than one of these cretins

Anonymous 3708

If you're dating a guy who is mentally insane, break up. Even if you're in a bad place, it's not worth it to have your soul whittled down by a retard. If you keep hooking up with retards, however, than it may be a you problem.

Anonymous 3805


KEK, how in god's name did you date this guy? like, what here was interesting or attractive to you?

Anonymous 3806

Oh boy

>me, 19 at the time, Ireland

>guy on Reddit messages me
>26, Florida, moid
>befriend him
>autistically obsessed with WWE wrestling
>huge fan of the joker
>nice guy gamer neckbeard
>had sex twice in his life
>I let him practice flirting with me but he would always freak out with panic attacks because he thought he was doing terribly (he was awful but I never told him that)
>got so embarrassed that he put up an advertisement for me on a friend making subreddit in an attempt to replace himself for me believing that he wasnt good enough for me
>stalked his post history once, he would refer to things I said to him as being info about "his girl"
>tard stupid, has a speech impediment
>friends with him out of pity
>announces he is surprised that Ireland has internet in the same sentence that he announces that this is our goodbye forever

He somehow managed to convince some poor Floridian retard who was heavy into BDSM to be in a relationship with him. No idea where he is or what hes doing these days

Anonymous 3815

>announces he is surprised that Ireland has internet in the same sentence that he announces that this is our goodbye forever
Why are they like this?

Anonymous 3817

In an insane asylum

Anonymous 3819

>announces he is surprised that Ireland has internet in the same sentence that he announces that this is our goodbye forever
Felt bad for the guy until that bit, fucken yikes

Anonymous 3822

kek it wasn't for very long. In a nutshell: he pretended to be a really nice, kind person. He was a college student who pretended to have actual life goals he was working towards. He was decent looking. Once I figured out he was fake af I left him of course.

Anonymous 3825

figures, fucking dishonest creeps. on some level, it makes you appreciate the openly disgusting tards. anyone that says they're a "libertarian" (meaning right-libertarian) is bound to be a psycho worth immediately writing off though.

Anonymous 3826

I'm kind of glad he disappeared on his own accord. I was friends with him out of extreme pity, and ditching him would have eaten me alive even if his retard behaviour was really getting in my nerves. I blocked him on Reddit (I lied to him and said that's the only social media I use) so if he has tried to contact me since then he fucking cant.

The fact he said something as retarded as "in surprised Ireland has internet" really made it three times easier to just completely forget about him. When I showed him pictures of the place I live, he was completely shocked that Ireland not only had modern architecture in the city and things like Starbucks, but the fact I had seen and understood "American movies" (tardslation: any huge Hollywood film) just blew him the fuck away.

My only ever interaction with a person from Florida. I get it now. I understand the reputation, I really do

Anonymous 3828

Me probably ╰(°▽°)╯

..wait….no.. ._.

Anonymous 3841

Last year my penpal moved from another country to my village "to be near me" (verbatim, said in writing in a letter slipped under my back gate amongst other random events)

He first stayed in someone's caravan for nearly a year before he started living in the woods in a tent with a duvet (in the rain)

He left recently (after I told him how scared I am about this shitfuckery) but he's still in the country fml

Never, ever sharing my address again, anywhere.

Anonymous 3842

By "left recently" I mean as recently last month I'm still a bit shaken

Anonymous 3843

Woah, hold the phone, this dude was near your house but did you guys ever meet??

Anonymous 3847

Used to go on that shitty site called rabbit, seemed revolutionary at that time (2018) (being able to watch things with your friends live). There used to be a specific group of people, sort of like a gang. And there was this guy named Nick. He groomed me and a few other girls. Gaslighted tf outta us and made me feel bad and slutty about sending my nudes to him. They would also take random photos of you while your cam was on and spread them around. Glad that site got shut down.

Anonymous 3848

Fun fact: that site, Rabbit, was shut down by a psychotic cam girl who later went on to harass a handful of large YouTube personalities. There was a man streaming a kids movie and she randomly jumped to the conclusion that this man was a pedophile. She raised hell until they got shit down. Ever since then she roams the internet claiming everyone is an underground pedo network. There are multiple videos on this woman, most notably by Nexpo who was also a target of the womans harassment

Anonymous 3849

I used to frequent a chat client where you could text, microphone, or webcam a room full of people or just in direct messaging.
I used to be on this program for 6 years or so, I spent most nights and days on it, mostly talking on mic and listening to others (I trolled a lot too)
I had to quit this program in 2018 (which was very difficult for someone who was on there 247 for 6 years and had friends on there)
Reason I had to quit:
A guy on there that i was acquaintances with offered to send me $1000 as a “Christmas gift” I never asked or even hinted I needed or wanted money, but he was someone who flaunted his wealth in the chat rooms and talking about how rich he is all the time. I refused his money at first, but he kept asking “if not the money what else can I give you as a gift?”
He said I had an hour to decide if I wanted the money or not, so eventually I said yes.
He wired the money to me via westernunion (he used a fake name to wire the money to me, or a nickname presumably so I didn’t have anything to trace back to him)
I go in and pick up the money at my local western union, I’ve never been to a western union or had money wired to me before so I wasn’t aware of the process. When I went there i gave them the name my of the guy sending me the money, they said they need to see my ID, specifically my passport, I’m thinking alright cool they just need to see my passport to verify I’m a Canadian citizen right?…
I got my money and I’m all happy, I buy Christmas gifts for my siblings and a little something for myself, it was a nice Christmas.
Months go by, and I don’t hear from the guy that sent me the money.
Until one night he appears in the chat room on the microphone and he’s very drunk (he regularly got drunk and would come into the chat room and brag about his wealth to us on the microphone every night)
Up until this night I haven’t seen him since he gave me the money which was months ago, he’s on the microphone talking about me now, and how he gave me money, he goes off on a tangent about how I scammed him off $1000, I’m very confused and angry at this point.
He then posts my address (parents home) and my full legal name in the chat room and then says “whoever wants her dead or hates her save her doxx)
I had people in there that were obsessed with me and wanted me dead.
After that I received messages from people telling me they were gonna rape and kill me, send people after me.

I’m just gonna say none of this was as bad as one person in particular, this person had a severe obsession with me for years (i was unaware up until that point) but this person would follow me around from room to room to hear my voice, I just considered them an “Anonymous friend” because they never voice chatted or showed pictures or Cammed up, but they did claim to be a girl all the way through.
This person would follow me and stalk me and say that I’m their “friend” and how “cute” I am all the time to everyone In the room (they all thought it was creepy)
This individual got my doxx from the guy that wired me cash, and started dming me my own doxx and photos saying that I’ll always have to be “looking over my shoulder” now, they also said they would do some form of blackmagic on me if I tried to escape them in some way.
This person threatened to call
My parents house (their landline is listed when you Google my address) and tell them I’m a prostitute scammer (I would check the phone everyday after this)
The phone call thing along was enough for me to leave, but after the individual who loved to stalk me began violently describing to me in dm how she/he would strangle and murder me was the final straw for me, I took screenshots of our last convo in case anything we’re to happen to me and finally deleted the app.

Long story short; when I quit the program, I went on vacation 2 weeks after and when I came back I had an awful eye infection (thought it was pink eye, my doctor said it was)
A week went by and this infection didn’t go away at all, and it was painful to see anything.
I went to ally ophthalmologist, he said I was lucky I didn’t come any later than I did or I would have gone indefinitely gone blind in both eyes very slowly.
He said I had somehow developed a very rare eye infection (that is rare to even get in both eyes at the same time) and this infection only occurs with people with autoimmune issues and disorders.
He was shocked i had it, and as was i.
He gave me some harsh steroid eye drops for my eyes that I would have to use for 3 weeks until the redness and pain went away (the drops really hurt my eyeballs too, and also a side effect of the medicine is scarring of the eyeballs, which I now have)
He told me if the eye issue persists I should get checked for autoimmune issues, I did and nothing showed up.

I had this eye infection come and go for 4 months, I had to use steroid eye drops for 4 months because this weird infection wouldn’t stop or go away, and when it did it just came back the next day.

To this day I still think that person who was in love with me/stalked me might have did some dark magic on me since they knew how to do it, even threatened it when I left which was weeks prior.

I’m still afraid

Anonymous 3850


Yep we did, several times. I even had a crush on him before I realized the likelihood of being murdered. Super sexy guy, it's a shame and I worry about the next potential girl but don't know what I can do.
We hung out in a different woodland at night a few times where I felt quite safe with him because I have zero self preservation instincts, apparently.
He showed his true colours after this by sending me an email that opened with: "Were I to rape you…."

After that and some other things, I freaked out and didn't leave the house for months.

Anonymous 3851

>were I to rape you
Moids have no self awareness. He did a huge creepy move like it was some kind of indie movie romantic gesture and then starts talking about rape

Anonymous 3852

Glad you said that because most people around me thought it was a harmless gesture at first, I heard a lot of "he's harmless" actually but he told me he molested his sister (remorsefully) which I regret not just telling everyone about

The whole situation was really stressful I'm glad I shared here I hope other s are feeling better too, remember some moids are relatively safe but still never give your address out for any reason

Anonymous 3854


Anon, for the love of God, tell me you didn't have a crush on this guy when he told you this. Theres no way you could possibly find this disgusting confirmed predator actual monster attractive

Anonymous 3855

Kek no I didn't realise he was my penpal when I first saw him, it wasn't until he said something specific later that I realised and emailed his penpal email address to ask if he was the same dude.

He didn't even tell me to my face I had to figure it out it was the most off-putting thing even if he wasn't a psychocreep

Anonymous 3856

I used to frequent a penpal website looking for Japanese friends- I ended up meeting a lot of odd people throughout my time there. I was 13 years old at the time, and I have to say that looking back, there were SO MANY legitimately handsome early 20's Korean and Japanese men who were inappropriate with me. It's shocking because I would think most people see pedophiles traditionally as being creepy old men.

I digress, I had one "friend" I made that still gives me shivers when I think back on it- it's weird how some experiences become more harrowing as you age. When I was 13, this whole thing was just bothersome, and really didn't hang over me too badly.

A girl a few years older than I was contacted me on the penpal site- she said she was Korean, but lived in the US and was looking for friends. She said she could teach me Korean if I wanted. I added her on MSN, and she would talk to me for hours every day. It started out pretty wholesome, we talked about anime and stuff, and she would always be sending me pictures of herself. Really pretty, honestly I think I had a bit of a crush on her.

She started asking me inappropriate questions, just peppered in, like "You ever take naughty pictures of yourself for fun?" and "We should send each other naughty pictures." And then she'd send some racy pic.

Anyway, I always kind of played it off, but I do remember I did get really close to falling for the trap at some point. Anyway, after months of IMing, I finally decided that I didn't trust her, and asked for her to send me a picture of herself holding my name written on some paper.
She refused for weeks before, one day, I came home and checked my msn, and saw I had received an email from her, who had now blocked me on IM.

The email said something along the lines of, "Hi, I am so sorry for what I have done to you. I am not who I said I was, and I am so sorry. I really value the friendship we have come to make, and I will be honest with you that I didn't come to you with honest intentions. I am really sorry, and I hope that you have a good life."

It shook me a bit- she was my only friend at the time, and I felt like, even though I had already started to suspect she was catfishing me, I still felt a void for a while. Likely she was a really creepy moid perv who realized I wasn't worth his time, but I always thought the email was odd if that were the case.
(Never did get that Korean lesson btw.)

Anonymous 3860

holy shit anon i am so sorry you had to experience this. How are you dealing with this now? Do you have any security measures when you go online?

Anonymous 3862

I’m okay now but I legit have PTSD and major general anxiety from this, like I had nightmares when I left the program that people would kidnap me and torture me.
I was living in fear for a long time.
And the black magic thing scared me even more because I believe in that stuff, but I had a friend who told me it only works if I let it work on me (whatever that means)

I’m okay now, I don’t go to chat rooms anymore, I keep a low profile and leave no traces most places or sites i go on.

Anonymous 3864

i know this is the most minor thing from your post but what does 'scarring of the eyeballs' look like? is it just permanent redness, or..?

Anonymous 3867

Nah it’s alright, the steroid drops I took that were prescribed to me by my ophthalmologist have side affects and the main one is eyeball scarring, it basically looks like red visible lines on the part of my eyeball.
Just lots of red squiggly lines on my eyeball, and it’s visible to others.
Also another thing is the virus/infection I had aparrently went on for too long and that can also cause scarring of the eyeball.

Anonymous 3873

What? Rabbit got taken down because something about the servers (like they outgrew or could no longer afford them). No way the site got taken down because of one lone schizo, kek. Also, not saying she was right to target a room that sounds harmless, but that site was super seedy. I recall reading a post about the underground pedo rings that circulated on there and that nothing was being done to ban them despite all the reporting.

Anonymous 3877

There is a huge amount of evidence to support that she took down Rabbit. She had help, she would often go crying to a group of moids and send them off to wreck shit for her, but she would always spearhead these endeavors. It's not the only time shes done it either. She tried to shut down a cam girl site. She claimed they were this that and the other immediately after she was caught trying to scam her way through the ranks

Anonymous 3881

Half convinced this post accidentally summoned her and shes the schizo shitting up the place. Shes known to research herself all day to find out where shes mentioned and try to wreck the place because shes convinced anyone who is against her is a part of a ring of people all targeting her

Anonymous 3882

Omg, are you guys talking about the Amanda/Rebecca lady who made like 4000 Twitter accounts to harass you tubers like nexpo?

Anonymous 3883

Yeah. She is 100% known to just spam websites wherever shes mentioned because she thinks she's taking down criminal rings or some shit. The FBI thing obviously fell through since Nexpo never made a follow up and SomeOrdinaryGamers/MamaMax/Nightdocs didn't release their videos on it, seems like they just got her to leave them but couldn't fulfil their edgy "we'll get you threat" so just stopped talking about her and hoped we'd all forget

Anonymous 3885

Is anyone here in her subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Corestormy/ ?

Anonymous 3886

Not be a downer but she notoriously does work a bit like Beetlejuice so we shouldn't say her name. She googles herself 24/7 for new targets, you only have to mention her once to have her sic her teeth into a website

Anonymous 3895

Is that a real person that actually exists? Nexpos video on her was so overproduced and dramatized that I genuinely have trouble deciphering if any of this actually happened. With all the theatrics in it, it seemed to me like it was an original story of his or something. But apparently she is real. That's crazy

Anonymous 3924

She does indeed exist. You can find videos from past victims telling their stories posted throughout the years

Anonymous 3944

around this time last year i joined the discord server of a youtuber named "ysiel" and because i was a verified female on her discord i had a special role. a few weeks after joining, a moid on her server (who also had a special role) dmed me, and began trying in 4chin style to "redpill" me, i humored him a bit cus i was bored at the time and eventually we sort-of became friends. tho, imo he was a very odd person for the whole time we were "friends"

>obsessed with his body - his pfp was a fashwave type edit of his face made to look like a greco-roman statue

>diagnosed schizophrenic who had been neglecting his pills sometime (likely shortly) before i met him
>believed tolkien lore (lotr/hobbit) was actually real and occurred around the 6000s BC
>born in florida to a norwegian(?) father and english mother - moved to norway in his last year of hs
>loved philosophy and had an obsession with ppl's "world-view"s
>wanted to become a linguist (middle english esp)
>only considered indo-european peoples to be "human" - extreme haplotard
>had an intense hatred of his sister and mother - his sister for becoming a "race-traitor whore" and his mother for "enabling her"
>was a staunch atheist until i accidentally mentioned my faith to him and he began his process for conversion into orthodox christianity
>practically obsessed over ysiel (the ytbr who's discord we were on) - seemed to want to edate her as she was one of the few women who "understood" (although she seemed to have rejected, ghosted, and then blocked him)
>was freakishly good at math - made him do my math hw more than once
>in the process of writing a psychological horror book about a bf and gf who would move to a cabin to "escape modernity" and at the end of the book the bf would murder-rape the gf - this actually disturbed me the most bcus later on he'd seem to be emulating a lot of traits/sharing a lot of views of the character
>had an extreme superiority complex over his irl peers (uni classmates and roommates) and viewed them as deluded cattle
>4chan addict

this list is only a little over half of his insanity and i could go on for hours about how nuts he was. ultimately i ended up ghosting and blocking him about 4 months after talking as he began to develop an obsession with a minor who very clearly did not want to edate him.

Anonymous 3963

>inb4 Whiteknight/moralfag
but I was just thinking about the Jessi Slaughter shit and how much it disgusts me still to this day. I'm looking back how, yes, she's a cringy Lolcow, but people were spreading around her 11 year old nudes that her predatory boyfriend took and mocking the way her genitals looked rather than asking themselves, "who the fuck is taking advantage of a severely neglected/groomed 11 year old?/ why is she allowed online, etc," and just being a voyeur to her shortcomings

same with the Amanda Todd shit. I don't understand why an underage girl being blackmailed with nudes and being forced to kill herself is funny, but everyone hive-minded hard. like lmao… she's dead, how is this funny? It's just confusing to me, I don't see the humor. Does anyone else? Or are they just mindlessly sharing things because everyone else is, and they want to fit in

Anonymous 3965

I'd prefer not to say his name really.
He lived in Virginia. His "dads" name was Robert and his brother was named Tidus.

Anonymous 3966

I want a boyfriend like this.
>I am the author of my own fate!
>The wolf does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep!
>Wore Stewie Griffin Sweatpants and a shirt that said "your face makes my dick soft" for our Valentine's date.
>deathly afraid of grapes
Perfect 10. If only he didn't eat boogers, hoard cat litter, and was fertile.

Really though, someone like this could not have existed.
Could they? Too hilarious to be true. Why'd you date him?

Anonymous 4147

When I was a wee lass, a 4chan /pol/ moid tried to groom me into being his little tradwife "so I'd be ready to marry when I turned 18". It was rarely sexual and he really did obsess over the marriage aspect, telling me he was going to marry me before I even agreed to date him, but occasionally there'd be such creepy red flags such as:
"calling you a good girl is sensual for me,"
I really wish I was kidding.
I knew something was seriously wrong from the very beginning, and was hesitant to date him, but he was pretty much my only friend at the time. I wanted to believe so badly he liked me, because I'd even had a crush on him for a while.

Anonymous 4229

Holy shit, I think I might know that Nick. Did he or you ever play Trove?

Anonymous 4756

i had a really similar experience to this back in the day, but i met him on overwatch of all things. some (presumably) /pol/tard. weirdest thing is that i met him on overwatch through another player i befriended who was a lesbian, so im not sure how they managed to hit it off.
spent 1 or 2 years grooming me and i put up with it because he really was the only friend i had. i was 13/14, he was 21 or so. he treated me like a girlfriend and was really insistent about wanting me to visit him where he lived, a weirdly isolated hut in the middle of the norwegian woods. generally never really made it sexual, except for one time when he had suddenly developed a "passion for art", expressed in the form of drawing badly traced ms paint anime porn of my fursona.
he was also paranoid about "da joos" and said other terrible stuff, like being happy about this one mosque that had burned down in a terrorist attack. obviously huge red flags, but i was really impressionable.
i cut contact with him when he unfriended me on everything after i told him i was playing a videogame with someone else, it had happened once before but back then i was really panicked about having upset him and fell for the guilt-trip. that second time, i just blocked him on everything and i don't regret it whatsoever.
other tidbits include:
-REALLY autistic about crusader kings 2, thousands of hours played and tried to get me into it as well, took it personally when i didnt want to because i didnt feel like watching 2 hours worth of guides on youtube to understand how to even play it.
-high school teacher (horrifying). once told me about how the girls in the class he taught in were in love with him.

Anonymous 4770

I think that you should report him to the authorities. I’m being completely serious. He will hurt someone at some point.

Anonymous 4792

Very late response because I come here super sporadically but yes he existed, I don't know why he was like that. I'd say autism but I'm autistic too, and I'd say being sheltered, but I literally grew up without seeing other people my own age period and didn't do any of that shit. God only knows. You don't want to date him though, he was super abusive and literally, not metaphorically tortured me at one point just for fun and obviously not consensually.

I dated him because I was also autistic and was "homeschooled" (served my narcissist mom all day and didn't go to school) so I had no idea of what a functional human was supposed to be like. Also because I was 16 and never had a boyfriend before so my standards were super low.

Anonymous 4815


afraid i dont really know his real name or where he lives specifically in norway. the only accounts of his i still know of are his steam and discord
i guess i still have part of the conversations to read whenever i want to cringe though

Anonymous 4816

puke emoji.png

peak /pol/cel

Anonymous 5108

i used to go on this cringe anime forum back when i was a kid and i lied about my age and started "dating" this dude i met on there. all we ever did was pm lovey-dovey stuff through the site but then one day he casually mentioned that his cat died and he has to go take care of the corpse. when i asked how it died he said he killed it, and that he's killed several of his own and others' cats before. acted like it was completely normal. don't know if he was trolling or not but psycho moid nonetheless

Anonymous 5118

when i was 11, some 17-year-old goth boy in a group chat would regularly discuss his suicidal ideations and show me his piercing-littered penis. he’s probably in jail for child molestation now

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