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Female Creep Thread Anonymous 2475

Has anyone else here just done unabashedly creepy things in their life?
Recently, I saw a really cute guy in one of my Zoom classes, and I feel guilty, but I took a bunch of screenshots of him. Every moment felt like something that needed to be captured and collected. Him holding a cup, standing up, turning to the side, closing his eyes. He looked like a painting or something. The more I think about it, the more I realise that wasn’t a socially acceptable thing to do.
I feel like I should delete them all out of common decency, but then they’re gone forever, and it’s not like I intend to doxx him or anything. Plus, the Zoom itself was recorded, so he might be shown there, anyway. I still feel wrong for doing it at all, though. I know I wouldn’t want to be recorded or screenshotted. Am I the only one like this?

Anonymous 2476


It’s simply his fault for choosing to be adorable on camera. Don’t sweat it anon. I’d probably do the same… girl creeps unite!

Anonymous 2477


I recorded a guy's voice during lecture for several months, then edited it to make him say stuff like "You look good today."

Anonymous 2478

in 8th grade my old friends and i stalked these boys who lived in our neighborhood. it started with figuring out their full names. then, we found their instagram accounts and started to catfish/stalk/harrass them. through that, we were able to find their snapchats, some youtube channels, and eventually addresses and phone numbers. we would go on to incessantly call and dm them from different instagram accounts for months.

i stopped talking to my all old friends once we got to high school. idk if they're all still friends or what happened to those guys. this definetly my least proudest moment and i really hate myself for participating in that fuckery.

Anonymous 2479

I'm a secret creep with many stories. The worst has to be when I was a teenager and I began stalking my brother's best friend. He was just so nice and funny and handsome. I went over to his house to goodbad movie nights he used to run and would snoop through his computers. I used to take subtly sexy pictures of myself with his phone, and while he thought I was just doing it to annoy him, I really just wanted him to think about me when I wasn't there. I catfished him at one point, pretending to be a kind of aged up projection of myself at 22, and we flirted, but he wanted to meet and I had to stop. The action I'm most ashamed of was when he wanted to start going to the gym with my brother, but he couldn't be bothered doing it late at night, so I went with him and practically paraded myself around in front of him, while taking creepshots when he wasn't looking.

Anonymous 2480

I used to take photographs of every single boy I liked as soon as I got a phone with a camera. One of them caught me and confronted me abt it over text in the 9th grade. I obsessively stalked him for months. found address and parents names and everything. I've done this to like 5 guys but I was only caught once and it was so embarrassing

Anonymous 2481

I think we've all taken creepshots of our crushes when we were dumb and younger as long as it's not them when they're undressing or something I think it's fine for me it was when I had my highschool graduation I watched the recording online and took screenshots of a boy I liked, I dreamt about him recently which was weird I finally got up at 3pm because I kept making myself go to sleep to make the dream continue

Anonymous 2482

Also accidental creep moment, held my phone weird during class and it took a picture of his shoes, I don't remember if I ever deleted it or not

Anonymous 2483

… I can't relate to this. I guess I was always too insecure to think of liking someone who doesn't like me back, so my thing was anime characters. I definitely obsessed over those.

Anonymous 2484

In 10th grade, I'd take creepshots of this boy I had a crush on. I did it in such an obvious way too. It's mortifying to think what would have happened if someone had found out. I probably would have dropped out of school out of embarrassment kek
I lost interest in him about a week later but never deleted the pictures. They're probably still there on my old phone…

Anonymous 2485

I had a guy do this to me. He told me after we started dating (LDR) and showed me some of them. There was a lot of me holding a pen to my mouth. I would have been thinking but the way he took so many screencaps of it, was like he wanting to jack off to it, pretending the pen was something else. At the time it made me uncomfortable but I only asked him not to do it again and later to delete them as I had poor boundaries. I don’t believe he did either and probably still has them. He was creepy in other ways too, obsessed with porn and sexualising things unnecessarily. I should have blocked him as soon as I found out.

I’ve had other people take pictures of me in public too, sometimes without asking or trying to hide what they are doing. Japan is really bad for it, I can see why phones all have a camera sound there.

Anonymous 2486

i took creepshots of skinny/thin (not just lean, underweight) women and stared at their legs/other body parts in public

Anonymous 2487

…am i fucked up or snapping photos/staring at hot people is really not that creepy?

Anonymous 2488

It is and can border into illegal territory if too extreme. If you're going to stare at someone, do it so they don't notice it and don't make them uncomfortable. Ideally, you wouldn't stare or take photos of anyone without their consent, but I know it's going to happen anyways.

Anonymous 2489

As long as you do it respectfully don't take pics to post online and don't go stalker mode having a pic of someone you like bc you think they're nice and cute is fine the ideal would definitely be get close enough to be able to take pics together tho

Anonymous 2490

yes. i regularly check their parents and friend’s socials and save and screenshot everything with him in it. cant help it. beautiful boys are a rarity.

Anonymous 2491

I never done this but look I have noticed teenager moids have took creepshots or recorded me in the train / metro. It's a human thing it seems, they like beautiful thin elegant people.

When I noticed I told them that I was not gonna end up looking good / my best if they do it like that. They got shy and hopefully probably deleted the photos. I bet I wasnt looking my best.

I mean I would totally give them a good shot but if they asked… It's cuter when they are younger I guess.

If I were to "creep shot" some stranger I find good looking I would just say I'm a historian / photographer, I would compliment them, take the shot and say it is to keep track of how people in general looked at that date and so on. Bottomline is excuses are many to pull this off if you really wanted to. It's also much more useful to know their names and creep on them in facebook or something.

Anonymous 2492

>I would just say I'm a historian / photographer, I would compliment them, take the shot and say it is to keep track of how people in general looked at that date and so on.

I think the only one that would work is street style photographer. I would still refuse though. I used to say yes to these things in the past but the last few years I've been too creeped out wondering what people do with them to agree to any. I don't use social media so I don't want random pictures taken and posted online beyond my control (small businesses are especially bad for this).

One guy took a bunch of pictures of me in public without me knowing, showed me, and then asked for my email address to send me them. He seemed to think it was a smart way to chat me up and get my contact details. I told him it was creepy and to delete them.

I had another guy (who asked first) take a bunch of photos. I took a bunch then sat down and he kept asking for more and it felt really disrespectful, I kept saying no. My friend gave him their card and asked him to send the photos but we never got them.

Weirdest was a young guy who asked to take pictures of my feet for a university project. He sounded really genuine and knew a lot about what he was talking about so I agreed. He showed the photos and it really was just my feet he was taking pictures of (no subtle upskirt or face or anything). Looking back though, I feel like I should have refused as my feet are probably on some fetish site now.

I have a bunch of stories like this. A couple of nice experiences but overwhelming negative over all.

Anonymous 2493

When I pass by a cute guy I always try to catch a whiff of him

Anonymous 2494


oh for sure. i pretty much stalk everyone i think is kind of cool something is genuinely wrong with me like i feel like i HAVE to gather as much information about them as i possibly can, and then i get tired of them and move on to the next person

Anonymous 2495

You're me.

Anonymous 2496


God it's so refreshing to see that someone else does this.
Sometimes it's so that I can feel closer to them, and sometimes I just like the challenge of it all.
There's a small twitch streamer with a really calming voice that is relatively private, but I managed to find his university after he mentioned a course he was taking and an event that was happening nearby. Using that and his initials I got from soundcloud I managed to get his full name and later on his address. I don't dare to look up his facebook or other social media that involves photos, as I don't want to sully the vision I've dreamed up in my head.

Anonymous 2497

I do this too. You'd like the cyberstalking thread I think.

Anonymous 2498

Anon you brought back a painful memory for me
>on my way to work, sitting in the subway in a 4-seater
>an older man (60s?) sits down across from me
>extremely elegant and distinguished looking
>including a fancy cane
>I angle my phone just a tiny bit to take a photo because he looks really cool
>try to play it off
>don't even look at him
>do a confused face at the phone and hope he thinks I just did it on accident
>keep staring at my phone until he gets off the train

Anonymous 2499

nta but the way you tried to play it off sounds exactly like what I would do. Was the photo good, at least? Either way, my condolences haha

You're right! I visit the thread quite often but never thought to post my escapades there.

Anonymous 2601

i used to spy on my neighbor with binoculars. he would play baseball in the backyard. he was also quite a bit older than me. i would hide behind my curtain and watch him. no regrets, he was cute.

Anonymous 3194

This was basically me in college, peeking behind my curtain and watching cute boys play frisbee. If thinking back on it didn't make me feel like a major creep, I would want to do that again.

Anonymous 3341

Idk if this is creepy enough but a while ago my crush sent me some voice messages on Instagram and his voice sounded really cute and hot so I screen recorded his entire convo with me to listen to later. I listen to it at least once a day

Anonymous 3356

omg if he's sending you voice messages, ask him out… he's probably into you

Anonymous 3456

>be me
>at a racing event
>a mechanic for one of the cars is a qt3.14/10
>take creep pics
>go home and cry that no one will ever love me while I look at pics of this gangly auto mechanic
>imagine our life together
>cut self

Anonymous 3475

When I was 16 I was obsessed with my English teacher.

I would work extra hard on my English assignments because I melted whenever he praised me. I used to sit in his class and fantasise about him beating me up and kidnapping me and just sort of keeping me.

Eventually I moved on to my maths teacher. And then our year head.

Also I stalked a man twice my age big time. At one point he sheepishly admitted to me that he had a stupid web comic from the early 2000s and I had to pretend like I didn't find that and his mother obituary from 1997

Anonymous 3530

I stalked the head of my university's philosophy school for 7 years until he told me in no uncertain terms to knock it off

Anonymous 3532


Dating a boy, I keep every photo he sends me, and take several screenshots every time we call via video…
Worst part is the fact I went looking for his family's social media and scoured their facebook/instagram profiles for photos that contained him. Found some stuff from when he was a teenager. Kept that too. I just really like looking at him. I have about 180 images currently.

Anonymous 3533

been there, done that.

Anonymous 3535

Me too. Been there, done that, bought a souvenir while I was there.

I've cyber stalked every man I've ever liked. Kept pictures. Sat there and seethed about their exes if I found any pictures.

Saved my life once when I found out one guy had secret children

Anonymous 3536


>this thread

Anonymous 3540

how did they react?

Anonymous 3541

i do that too, i stalk his family's facebook and his exes twitter account.

Anonymous 3612

Hey, at least nobody here is doing anything illegal like sharing revenge porn like the m*ids do.

Anonymous 3614

Exactly. A girl might quietly stalk someone (which is weird but we all do it), but a guy will go out of his way to shame you by betraying trust and throwing vulnerable pictures everywhere in an effort to ruin you by "exposing" you as a whore

We're not bad at all by comparison

Anonymous 3617

Really? Even normies stalk their exes and do background searches on their friends new boyfriends

Anonymous 3619

Every woman has stalked her crush at least a little bit before. It's automatic.

Anonymous 3627

Are you for real? you have to do research on men you're going to be vulnerable and intimate with, absolutely.

Anonymous 3710


Thinking of asking a guy for his number but I want to do some creeping beforehand. The problem is I have nothing to go off of. I know his first name and where he works, and nothing else. I know who he's friends with at work but I'm not sure he's very good friends with them or just casual work buddies. What do I do?

Anonymous 3711

With social media now as prevalent as it is, you would be either half-assing the relationship or an idiot not to at least do a quick search.

Anonymous 3715

stalked all rumors and posts I can about a celeb and consumed a massive amount of his content, tried to post about him on media in hopes he actually notices me, but doubtful he would actually care. keep manifesting I run into him and considered writing a novel with a character inspired by him. did weirder things than that. truly hate myself for this because I feel like he doesn't deserve it. at the same time he's a high profile hollywood scrote so he probably has abused women and does deserve it. I feel if I have done enough he will eventually be drawn to me in a law of attraction way. I have not been super openly creepy though, don't want to ward off the potential of fate

I truly am a delusional bitch for this one

Anonymous 3716

who is it?

Anonymous 3717

higher profile older mostly movie actor

Anonymous 3718

Enjoy the fantasy. As long as you don't try to contact them (outside of normal ways) and you aren't suffering from it then I don't see the issue. It's fun to play pretend sometimes and can help you see what is missing from you life. If it's getting beyond that though, you need to force yourself to go cold turkey or speak to a therapist.

Anonymous 3720


he's pretty far away from me and probablys never going to meet me. the manifestation thing is a projection. I want something to happen in my life. don't see the idea of a meeting with him as happy, just something more eventful than the current bore. In fact I'm living with this fear if I meet him he could harm me. A man in power is capable of things unthinkable and I'm a lowly and shitty twentysome nothing.

once I find purpose I think I can free my frustration. doesn't make me feel any less like a creep. I feel like if he saw what I was doing he would hate me. I hope he has never stumbled across my presence. Not like this. A piece of myself is invested in him because I sense similarity, even though that is likely so far from the truth.

Don't plan to breach any boundaries. I'm not that kind of fan.

Anonymous 3721

I don't think you're being creepy. People who are huge fans read up on everything written about their favourite celebrity.

Anonymous 3726

true, I began to view him in a different lens after reading the swath of rumors about him though. in a way it was humanizing, on another pole it makes me scared of him. I am attracted to him. the rumors echoing that he's a lot crazier than his persona and certain spotty latter public behavior are what got to me. both deepened my attraction and increased my wariness, observation, skepticism, and fear, yes, fear. In a way I fear him as much as I adore him. there is something almost inhuman about him to me, and I can't discern what it is. I know he's obviously human, it's more of an aura thing, an aura that hes someone so untouchably high above me that I'll never be on that level or get anywhere near it, and why would he ever fuck some ugly ass bitch like me even by chance or luck, like honestly… why do I fantasize about that? I'm no good, and he'd hate me, and throw me away, and he probably treats women like trash, why did I ever glorify him? I guess my feelings are conflicting, even though I still like him, I've now arrived at ambivalence from my previous destination of idealism. it's hard knowing what and how to feel. I kind of hate myself for it.

I know I'm not responsible for his laundry list of issues or vices, I just feel stupid for not seeing the writing on the wall entailing his darker personality. then again that's why I like him, maybe I sensed it from day 1 without wanting to admit it.

that said I have a lot of thoughts surrounding him. guilt lingers knowing I committed myself to this obsession, found out it's not exactly what I want

Anonymous 3729

why wont you say who he is? you act like he's not a high profile celebrity despite admitting he's a high profile celeb

Anonymous 3737

My bet is on Armie Hammer or Shia Labeouf

Anonymous 3738

she said older, so it can't be shia, maybe armie, but who could ever be obsessed with armie hammer? listen to how insanely gripped she is by this actor. it can't be someone as bland as him

Anonymous 3746

nope neither of those

Anonymous 3749

Johnny Depp?

Anonymous 3755

no but I do believe his relationship with amber was mutually toxic. used to have a fondness for Depp but he's not my main obsession

takeaway is if a guy is a drugged up cokehead entertainment industry moid he's bound to have done something terrible

Anonymous 3758

Who then? Sean Penn? Who?

Anonymous 3772


Anonymous 3798

i wish so badly that someone would stalk me

Anonymous 3800


How come, ? Stalkers can be pretty intense. They start showing up where you work and they'll sometimes murder you if they think you're flirting with someone

Anonymous 3845

What if it was some creepy ugly dude? Or you literally don’t care and just want anyone to stalk you?

Anonymous 3853

You gotta give me something to start with

Anonymous 3982

Anon wtf

Anonymous 3991

>I screencap people on omegle
>posting them in random places
I don't think you should be doing this, anon.

Anonymous 3993

Just kinda covertly rubbed myself/semi-masturbated whilst looking at an aquaintance on a videocall. This was a call between just me and a small group of friends

Anonymous 4003


Following hetero couples (or 2 friends of opposite sexes) on the streets.
First time I did it I followed a 1/10 moid and a 8/10 girl from the bus stop to the movies, saw them split the bill (or so it seemed because the greasy incel with anime pins on his backpack gave his phone to Stacy to pay?).
Today, I saw a hairy grindcore dude with a DIY jacket/neofolk(neopagan?) girl in a shop and decided to follow them through, stopped at the ponds nearby because I think they noticed me and stopped "to talk" near the staircase. Initially, I was interested in the writings on the man's jacket, but seeing them interact and make choices together made me a bit interested. They bought a huge (300g) milk chocolate bar with peanut+cream filling, sadly I wasn't there to watch who paid for it but I think they split it (the moid carried it under his shoulder (what a fucking retard, it was hot as fuck outside and he couldn't put it into the girl's backpack which he also carried.))

Anonymous 4004

Man also was wearing his jacket (painted in ACAB stuff, drug-related things and grind/crust band abbreviations + logos) and huge ass 00s hip-hop style pants in this fucking heat. He also was pretty fat and hairy so I doubt he'd got cold.
Trve fxns don't sweat for shit, I guess.

Anonymous 4006

tell me more. How do you go about it - timing? Anything of interest you discovered?

Anonymous 4007

you should watch ghost world

Anonymous 4035

I stalked and made fake accounts to see what my old social group was up to. Also looked at selfies of my ex on tumblr as she went through a ftm transition. The same ex also talked about me on her tumblr in a neg light which I deserve.
The fake account made to see my one and only bestie was really successful, she eventually dmed me and we talked a bit. I'm almost completely sure she knew it was me, but she didn't spill the beans and talked to me enough to satisfy my creepy self. I've lost the login for the account since then and I don't really dare to try it again for a couple more years. I know it's bad, but I haven't made any new friends for 5 years since I was kicked out of that group and it was the only time I felt like I had support. I'll do it again probably to stalk different people from the group.

Anonymous 4039

Why'd you get kicked out?

Anonymous 4095

Update on the crustfag/neofolk-chan couple: seems like in those two weeks they began dating (fuckers held hands on the way back from the pizzeria with an unfinished pizza box in neofolk-chan's hands and a plastic bag in crustfag's).
They also spent a little more time on the self-checkout. Still buying animal products (not trve, fucking poseur scum lmao).
This time, I even took some low-quality pics and kept a log of sorts. Dunno if I ever see them again but if it happens, I'll keep this updated.

Anonymous 4099


I think it started with my first crush in the freshman year of highschool. I took sneaky pictures of him, found his parents' and all his friend group's social media to get more pictures of him, started whole projects to get closer to him (like a zine that i could invite him to contribute to). When i got together with my first boyfriend i found all his old accounts and school photos online, i still keep tabs on him. I created fake accounts to spy on my old friends on their private accounts. I don't particularly regret being a creep, i do it just for fun.

Anonymous 4111

Acted like an absolute bitch because I was so socially inept. I couldn't read social cues and it made almost every interaction unbearable for people even though I wasn't acting rude on purpose. They eventually dropped me completely when I had an online friend play mean pranks on another girl who I thought was petty and dismissive of my besties depression. They couldn't prove it was me, but they all knew I had somehow done it.

Anonymous 4679

it's taking all my self control not to be creepy around one of my professors. he's in his 50s and has an infant grandchild but he's so fucking handsome and isn't a retard like the other 99.99999999999% of men I've met. truly everything i want in a man.
every now and then i try to sneak a picture of him. i never get a pic of his full face tho because i can't afford to be outed as a creep. tried finding his old yearbook pictures after he told us when he graduated, but had no luck. i think he knows i like him because i'm always asking him questions about himself and i get so happy upon receiving any sort of validation from him.
i would never homewreck. i highly doubt he'd even take up the opportunity to fuck me anyways because he's such a saint. wait, i'm not even interested in sex.

Anonymous 4680

anon pls
he's a r*tard, he knows, and he so would. trust me.

Anonymous 4681

wdym? you're saying any man would?

Anonymous 4684

How did you approach her as a made-up, random person?

Anonymous 4721

Made a whole new Instagram account, drew mediocre art for a month or so before following her randomly. Posted pics of a new cat I had that she hadn't seen while we were friends. I also did one of those "Meet The Artist" things and put a fake name, age, listed interests that I was never into, said my hair was a different length/color, etc. Also changed up some of my typing quirks when she finally DM'ed to say my cat was cute. It was minimal effort for sure, and I slipped up on some stuff like a fucking amateur. When I eventually do it again I'll go all out to make it the perfect fake account

Anonymous 4793

When I was younger and someone was being threatening towards me, I would find dead animals and let them find the remains. I didn't really know how to defend myself and all I knew to do was scare people into leaving me alone. It worked, but obviously I would then be ostracized.

Anonymous 4803

Sneakily downloaded a pic of a relative who is around my age and masturbated to it several times while remembering his voice and imagining what he'd sound like when making out.
Not only that but I drew us flirting and kissing a couple times (I've deleted those drawings because it was painful to think about). Yes of course I've also checked his social media.

Anonymous 4804

i go to a coffee shop every weekend because i know this cute guy goes there at the same time. i have never spoken to him and never will, kek. i just take creepshots of him and sometimes order the same thing he gets.

a 24 oz flat white with caramel.

Anonymous 4820

Anonymous 4821

>sometimes order the same thing he gets.
Sorry if it's rude, but what's the point of this? I'm genuinely curious

Anonymous 4822

Not that anon but I guess it's to have a small connection and taste a bit of his way of doing things? You can fantasize that he introduced it to you.

Anonymous 4823

basically just what >>4822 said. i imagine he's giving me a drink of his coffee while we're on a date

Anonymous 4825

How do you ruin a scrote's life without physically being there

Anonymous 4826

Oh that's cute, I should try it some time

Anonymous 4863

yeah, i still check up on my ex's socials to see if hes doing badly, ill even laugh about his struggles in life because hes a dick and he honestly deserves it

Anonymous 4890

i take pictures of handsome men for artistic reference

Anonymous 4913

Like candid photos or photography you schedule with a model?

Anonymous 4915

wouldn't belong in the female creep thread if they knew, surely?

Anonymous 4916


If you still are able to, becoming close with him and talking to him every day is a start. If you play your cards right you can both delude him into thinking you're in love with him and use the distance to keep leading him on a string to get him to humiliate himself for your affection. Or learn sensitive information and play around with it, literally blackmail him about it for even more compromising info. You can even get money from him. You can be his closest friend and his worst enemy with that method, if you can somehow still act like a shoulder to lean on while playing with his feelings and secrets.
If you can't get close to him anymore, there are a billion fake number and email apps and sites you can use to harass him and even create a whole fake persona (on twitter or insta, for example) and multiple sockpuppets to spread rumours about him to mutual friends and get the gossip ball rolling. If he HAS done something awful and you have proof, even better. Be VERY careful with that, though, since he could find out who you are if it's something only you could have known. Remember to play dumb the whole time.

Basically, the more information you have about him the better your chances of emotionally damaging him. Good luck.

Anonymous 4953

guys URGENT does vocaroo show when you download somebody's recording please someone let me know

Anonymous 4954

I’m pretty sure not but put up a recording yourself and then download it and see what happens.

Anonymous 4961


I can't directly relate because IDGAF about humans usually. But if I see a cute animal I will follow it as long as I can trying to befreind it usually taking videos.

Earlier this year I was driving by one of the lakes I love by and saw picrel tryna cross the street. You know I just had to stop and say hi, take their pic and help them across.

Anonymous 4962

Thank you for your service.

Anonymous 4963

>tfw having a peaceful drive home from work
>suddey see object in the disrance in the road
>fuck someone put a rock in the road what an asshole
>rock starts moving
>idiot that I am stop dodging and try bv to figure out what I'm looking at
>too late
>it's a turtle and I kill his ass with my tire perfectly

I legitmately still feel bad.

Anonymous 4983

Anonymous 4984


I had a teacher crush blog on tumblr a few years ago, it was quite popular really. I would document every action I saw him do, make reoccurring jokes about his tiny quirks. Multiple times I sorta followed him home (he lived down my road so I’d just sit outside my house talking with friends until he walked past). Almost had a restraining order put in place but that’s a long story. I edited us cuddling together from the creep shots I’d take of him. Even got his lanyard with ID, I still have it, in fact I want to hang it up because it’s so funny to me but my friends say that’s a bit too weird.
Stalking guys is my favourite thing, I’ve been recently following this goofy looking guy home from work every now & then when I’m close by. Haven’t done it in awhile though. I’ve kept it minimal.

Anonymous 4985

>but that’s a long story
we have lots of time

Anonymous 4986

This. Please tell the restraining order story.

Anonymous 4990

Anon come back here and tell us the restraining order story. No one here has anything better to do

Anonymous 4993

Yes actually, I had a crush on this guy that I thought I was over with he is a guy friend and I once found his secret twitter (he knows about it) and I promised him I would just delete it off my mind and not look at it but it's been a little more than half a year since then and I still lurk it out of habit almost daily and up until a few months ago I masturbated while having sexual fantasies about him. Honestly it makes me feel like such a creep but the latter I don't do anymore.

Anonymous 5006

I used to follow a ton of teacher crush blogs too. I even kept track of this one girl's blog for years who was in love with one of her female teachers and kept an ongoing tag with cute aesthetics and little updates. I should try to find it again

Anonymous 5012

I've been busy & don't check cc much, so sorry for the wait, but here's the story, it's not too exciting but still funny. Blogpost incoming.
It's a multitude of things that lead up to the restraining order talk, all due to my bitch of an English teacher (who knew, the whole staff knew, my art teacher even wrote a note on my leavers shirt congratulating me for moving on kek) who I'm 110% hated me guts for crushing on him. 1st strike was during one of our first lessons back, our starter was "If you could change the school rules, what would you do?", my best friend sat next to me and I jokingly whispered to her "I would make teachers and students be able to date." which because she's a dramatic bitch, she shouted "EWWW" and the class proceeded to fall silent with all eyes on us. Obviously our teacher asked and my friend said what I did, our class found it funny (they all knew as well) but she didn't so this bitch said she had to report me. I didn't think much of it because it wasn't my first time being reported for this kind of stuff ("The Book" is a story I can tell too, tldr for it my friend made a highly graphic porn comic about me & my teacher crush). And nothing came of it.
Until another lesson, we're in the library with the same English teacher, some boy is getting kicked out and the class you go to is my teacher crushes class, so he jokingly said that I should go instead which I played into the joke and stood up. She proceeds to start screaming at me and so I sit back down. Bitch didn't even tell me she was reporting me, and there was really no need to.
I'm blissfully unware, but a week or 2 later my head of year comes in and tells me I need to speak to her tomorrow break, I have a full blown breakdown mid-lesson, one of the worst I've ever had because I thought she'd found my blog and I was going to get kicked out and lose my friends & precious teacher crush, anyways, it gets to the day and I go visit her. This woman does the most dramatic lead up, locks all doors & windows, moves down the blinds and tells me to take a seat. She takes her damn time logging into her computer (which I thought she'd bring my blog up), she turns to me and explains what I'm saying is inappropriate and I should "keep it to after school" before then asking me "Do you have a SERIOUS attraction to Mr.__", I obviously said no, she asks again and adds "If you do we will have to put a restraining order in place." again another no. She asks if I had any interest in any other teachers, another no, but realistically I was trying to fuck like 5 of them. She probably asked other things I don't remember but by now she'd already had this conversation once with me, it just became such public knowledge everyone knew and joked about it, he probably did as well, I've moved on, my delusional state is now better, kind of mad he never said anything about having a girl for 10 years cuz that could of saved me a lot of time… but things happen for a reason I guess.

Anonymous 5013

I didn't think schools could punish students for things like this. Like yeah maybe you were a little off the wall about all of this but you were a teenager and that's what teenagers are like. Anyway I love this storytime, tell us about The Book!

Anonymous 5015

sounds like she might have been trying to protect you but doing a really bad job at it

Anonymous 5432


Need linkedin data breach

Anonymous 5504


I don't have the courage to talk to people, so when I'm in love with someone, my way of being close to that person is to follow him or her around and watch him. I want to stare at my crush all the time, I could spend the whole day doing it.

Anonymous 5514

>I could spend the whole day doing it.
I feel this… how do you feel about guys' smells anon? A cute guy sat next to me and I was transfixed with how he smelled. It was so fresh and comforting even though he was sweating. Fml I'm awful and creepy.

Anonymous 5515


Gonna go full creep mode here.

Not sure what's happening to me. I wonder if this is how moids feel on a daily basis. Every time I go out in public I fixate on all the cute guys and how absolutely gorgeous they are. Especially their hands and forearms. Men have such fucking scrumptious hands and arms and they don't know it. God I'm so weird. I keep picturing these guys in my head days after seeing them, and thinking about how beautiful they are in their own ways. God I really appreciate how beautiful male biology can be. I think if I weren't asexual I'd be a promiscuous lol.

Anonymous 5516


I feel this way but about women, and weirdly enough I'm a straight girl.

Anonymous 5517

When it comes to being a creep, I've taken multiple creepshots of guys I find cute outside. I just sort of perfected the art of taking creepshots so that I do not get caught. I feel like a creep but I just keep those pics to myself.

Anonymous 5518

Might be because of male gaze. Being exposed to male gaze all the time you may see the word through the lens of how men see it despite you not being a man
Creepy, but I guess it happens

Anonymous 5520

Interesting. I'm >>5515 and I think I might be going through a manic/hypomanic episode causing high libido (except I don't wanna fuck cus I'm asexual, so it's manifesting weirdly). It makes sense because I've also been trying lots of new things recently and have also been extremely irritable. Not that I wasn't a creep before lol.

Anonymous 5522

Sounds unpleasant, I hope it will pass if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I sometimes too catch weird thoughts about other women despite not being a lesbian and probably being asexual or something close to it, but it seems to me it's mostly because most stuff I've been exposed to since my childhood was presented through the male lense and pandering to the male gaze so I did internalize some of this and that's why I sometimes have what seems to be thoughts more suitable for some weirdo men

Anonymous 5527

If I wasn't in a LTR I wouldn't mind it. I'd actually enjoy it. But I feel guilt about it because of my LTR.

Anonymous 5528

Samefag. It's okay though anon. You aren't hurting anyone even if it makes you feel creepy.

Anonymous 5722

There's this really cute short guy in one of my classes. I can tell he's 5'4 because he's the same height as me. I just want to pat him on the head. Guys that short are rare gems.

Anonymous 5741

I used to have a crush on a guy who was 5’4” too, but he ran away from me when he found out I was stalking him and I never saw him again. :(

Anonymous 5743

Awww. How did he find out?

Anonymous 5758

I think he noticed me following him repeatedly.

Anonymous 5767

He should've been honored

Anonymous 5777

How did u follow him lol? Did u go to the same college or something?

Anonymous 5780


>cute guy pats me on the shoulder at an event
>keep thinking about it
>the moment happened to be caught on camera in the background on some rando's instagram story
>download it and keep rewatching

Anonymous 5806

thank you <3

Anonymous 5809

>guy smiles at me and asks me how i am at the gym
>in bed by myself
>grip my pillow and imagine us cuddling and pressing our bare chests onto each other
holy shit im so touch-starved help me holy fu

Anonymous 5846

I doxxed the redditor that made his child believe that Harry Potter was real and she was going to wizarding school eventually.

Anonymous 5848

Tell us more anon.

Anonymous 5855

Why lol

Anonymous 5882

I used to have a whole diary that talked about my crush nonstop, often in very weird ways. It’s my least favorite thing to read.

Anonymous 5891

I also used to have an diary where I would talk about cute guys in really unhinged ways. I destroyed it since if it was found i'd kill myself lol

Anonymous 5892

what sort of person are they are? where are they now? i'm so curious

Anonymous 5918

I wanted to vent about this a tiny bit because it kind of fucking sucked

A while back I was browsing r34 for the lulz, and came across a drawing that was sourced back to tumblr. One of the comments said they knew the artist and claimed she was "batshit" so I decided to look into her blog for the lulz, which turned out to be an old nsfw blog. I managed to find a couple of her old abandoned accounts from 8-9 years ago, but wasn't able to find her current main profiles. She was actually kind of funny and cute, and it ends up we had a good deal of similar interests, so I decided what the hell, if I work up the gumption maybe we could be friends eventually.

She doxxed her first and last name so obviously that lead me to her current fb, and I managed to find her instagram through her mom's profile. Another artist I follow was following her as well, so I figured it'd be safe to follow. I'm guessing she soft blocked me almost immediately since none of her stories or posts showed up in my feed. It was kind of a punch to the gut to know that I'm probably not welcome in following her.

I'm not any sort of career cyber stalker and I have no intention of being mean or vindictive or whatever, it just kind of sucks to be honest. Obviously this isn't the worst story on here but admittedly this is kind of creepy and deluded.

Can't help you in sourcing but use darknet and a vpn

Anonymous 5985


At my church, there is a guy who has to be among the most handsome men I have ever seen - real life or otherwise. I started ceaselessly scouring the internet to find out information about him. All the while picturing our perfect life together. Days turned to weeks and finally I figured out his name. Anyway, it turns out he is a TikToker with a LARGE, exclusively female following. And his videos are pandering and provocative … The whole thing just made me so sad. And with this sick feeling in my gut that lingered for days. I don’t know why we obsess over guys we know literally nothing about

Anonymous 5989

Ew, like he posts fuckboy tik toks? If he ever tries giving you attention, act disgusted and uninterested. It will hurt his ego lolol.

Anonymous 5993

He has tried to approach and talk to me on a few occasions but I have avoided him. Not for any want of retribution, I was just genuinely terrified.

I blame TikTok more than anything. That app deserves to be burned with fire.

Anonymous 6000

You are right, TikTok is just another outlet and people will always move onto the next hot platform. Although I do think it aggravates certain issues (like wrongful pride for example) And there’s an overall lack of awareness about how this type of tech can influence our lives and personalities.

“A hypothetical self defence situation” involving e-boys? That is almost too funny a concept to wrap my head around

Anonymous 6002

What's his tiktok? I'm so curious now

Anonymous 6003

The thing I hate most about tiktok is the flood of auto tuned trash music that rapes your ears when you scroll through videos.

Anonymous 6006

The autotuned pop/rap sleaze genre needs to be incinerated with gasoline 80 times and then launched into the fucking sun for good measure

Anonymous 6160


There's this guy at my work I'm mildly obsessed with and already posted about on another board. Despite what I thought a few days ago, my adventure of being a creep hasn't ended yet. I even overheard him talking to another guy and he sounded much younger than I thought, perhaps 21 at most, but it barely damped my obsession:

>have been keeping track of his work schedule on my phone for two weeks

>look at the reflections in the windows at my work station every time someone walks by because it could be him
>followed every Instagram account of certain establishments in my town and searched through their followers for his name but to no avail
>have accidentally and successfully looked at him a few times this week without him noticing
>think I can recognize his laugh now

Anonymous 6162


yes! i've kind of always been a girl creep and often times had no idea how to go on about crushes, and i end up making them uncomfortable.

>have a class with tall, quiet guy.

>never really acknowledge him until i have a unprovoked dream about us being together and him cuddling me and loving me the way i've always wanted
>one of the best dreams i've ever had
>begin staring at him, and following him while he leaves to go to his next class
>find out the car he drives and his license plate
>tell my friends about him
>they tell me how he's an absolute dickhead and he's too much of a nonchalant asshole to ever care about me.
>i don't care and proceed to follow him and sit behind him
>one day ask him for help about classwork, doesn't end up saying anything to me and gives me his paper instead of trying to help me
>begin a friendship with the girl that sits beside him so i could be near him more and smell him more clearly
>start searching for a cologne that smells like his, taking creepshots of him, stalking his socials and finding all of his ex girlfriends, family and old childhood photos.
>brain feeds me more and more dreams about us being together, write down scenarios about us and hugging my pillow pretending it's him and it makes me feel extremely happy
>attempt to do love spells on him and manifest his love for me
>didn't really work but i started dressing more proactively due to weather changes and me being more comfortable
>he starts noticing me more and staring at me more often and heard him talk about me to his friends
>we minimally interact, but he ends up being a rude fuck face
>view of him changes and i stop being obsessive over him
>sometimes still think about the romanticized version of him i created in my head and think about what could've happened in another universe
>in reality would never work cause he's more atheltic and popular and i'm not his type, but it was fun while it lasted.

is this wrong? i know the light stalking and pictures is creepy and overall weird but i never tried to harm him or was actively persistent on him being my boyfriend. this was awhile ago, but i was really happy to have this kind of made up faux relationship and it made me excited to go to be in classes just to see him and created some sort of escapism. it's sad but to me it's cute in a way.

Anonymous 6166


theres this guy i had a crush on about 5 years ago, he rejected me and we stopped talking. earlier this year i looked through his following to find his new hobby which is kind of obscure (also found his entire family that way but thats really easy for anyone to do, i just felt extra creepy doing that idk why) i made a new discord account to enter a server he was in related to that hobby, looked through each and every message he sent, and saved all his pictures. i even hit the jackpot with a very very compromising video he shared of himself but probably forgot about.
he has a friend that streams on twitch and sometimes he's on vc with him so i always leave them in the background even if theyre hours long just in case.
also when we used to talk i found his exact address just by looking at one or two stories he uploaded, sometimes i go on google street view just to look at it
i also made a few magic rituals/jars with dead animals (poultry) and menstrual blood, normal blood, spit, bodily fluids etc. Kabbalistic/golden dawn venusian planetary invocations, and other stuff i dont remember. they worked for a while but i was too lazy to keep doing them

Anonymous 6183

I'm stalking my ex on twitch too but he doesn't leave recordings up and when he's live I'm the only one in the audience

Anonymous 6185

do you think he knows it’s you?

Anonymous 6203

no trust me it's not all that it's cracked up to be. even the nonviolent stalkers are fucking annoying.

Anonymous 6204

>I'm stalking my ex on twitch too but he doesn't leave recordings up and when he's live I'm the only one in the audience
This made me giggle. Cute.

Anonymous 6231

>a few magic rituals
>they worked for a while
what did you do and how did they work o.O

Anonymous 6260

>work in interior design
>bunch of rich older designers come in daily, always snobbish
>cute, regular young girl about my age, possibly new intern, comes in
>short, blonde hair, freckles, kind eyes
>she's a little nervous and doesn't know the protocol yet
>asks for something we don't carry
>i help her out really nicely and thoroughly, maybe too much
>we make good eye contact
>she compliments my shoes
>instantly obsessed
>scour her firm's socials in case she's on there
>look through emails from her firm for names
>look up all the names
>still can't find her
>but now know every detail about the other girls from that company
>they come in not knowing i know so much about them
>obsessed with everyone in the company
>hope every day that she'll come in again

This is mainly driven by the need to have entertainment on the clock

Anonymous 6278


I've done a lot of schizo stalking in my life. So far the most justifiable reason for my stalking was when I kept tabs on an ex boyfriend who abused me even after he'd moved to a different state. We dated on and off for around 2 or so years, and I ended up being diagnosed with PTSD after the relationship ended. My therapist at the time forwarded my statement and his info to the police, but nothing came of it. I managed to find out what school he was attending, who his current classmates were, that his mom had passed, and what his current job was. He made a public Instagram and was auditioning to be in some sort of weird gaijin Kpop talent agency (he was 100% Chinese and LARPed as Korean after he discovered Kpop). Anyways, I commented nonstop on at least 10 different burner accounts so that the small following he amassed would know that they were following a rapist. He ended up texting me a half-assed apology and deleted all his social media. I found his new account, but it's been private for a few years now. He hasn't attempted to maintain a public social media account ever since.

Anonymous 6286


Anonymous 6293


Okay, this is kind of embarrassing. I hope that this goes with the thread theme. I will never admit this to a real person, it's my special secret.
>Be me while underage
>Following some accounts on Tumblr
>Meet this man
>We both enjoy Animal Crossing
>Begin to talk more
>Fast forward a few months later and we are friends
>He is so sweet and shy
>Never tried anything wrong with me
>I feel loved
>A week before Christmas
>Turns out he was a catfish account
>(S)he was a girl my age
>She was just trolling, our friendship wasn't planned
>Her friend group told me that she and her girlfriend were using me for laughs
>I try to play cool
>We are all thankful that at least it wasn't an adult man taking advantage of me again
>But I don't feel okay
>Now my loved one is gone
>I was never loved
>Most of her/his accounts got deleted, both sockpuppet and personal ones
>Years later, not underage anymore
>Try to better myself up and be more pinkpilled
>Still hypersexual
>Get depressed
>I loved him so much, why isn't he real?
>Relapse eventually
>I needed to write down my feelings
>Write fetish porn of him
>Keep his name and characteristics, all of that is important
>Dream about him a lot
>He is my porn muse now
>Make Picrews of him with me all the time (The girl faked some photos, so I have references)
>Draw him a few times
>Create a private Discord account for him where I DM myself
>Mfw Nothing NSFW is public
>Mfw No one suspects that I'm obssesed with a catfish relationship
I know that the girl sometimes checks on me, and I wonder how she feels every time I reblog art of "his" favorite villager with a special tag, or how I remember "his" birthday. She always thought I was somewhat clingy and creepy, but she can't ask me to take anything down, or I'll speak with her ex-friend group. I did some digging on the girl's history; I have her full dox now thanks to all the little crumbs she left, her current house, her family photos, her online shopping; I could visit her if I want. Sometimes I have these thoughts on blackmailing her into keep playing with me; obviously not going to do it, but I've been thinking on writing about it too, just as a way of coping and fun.

Well, thank you for tolerating my autism, but I'm deeply invested in my fake relationship with my fake boyfriend, our meeting anniversary is coming soon. Wish us good luck.

Anonymous 6295

i cant think of a female creep story for myself. but one i remember in my high school french class, our teacher (male) told us about this girl who stalked him and asked him personal questions all the time. would eat lunch in his classroom with him, and would hang around in his class room during periods he didn't teach. and one time she followed him to his car after school.
then he had to get the police involved.

Anonymous 6298

I find new ways to stalk him everyday.
And when I see he's talked to other women even if it was years ago my heart pangs with jealousy.

Anonymous 6301


>>6293 this is amazing , good luck and have fun

Anonymous 6323

lmao i would love for this to be a movie

Anonymous 6336

You should start celebrating her birthday and life events and favorite characters like you do with his

Anonymous 6361

can we see some of the picrews you made of him?

Anonymous 6362

Nona I’m so sorry that happened what the fuck

Anonymous 6376

That could be funny. Maybe we'd talk once again.
I don't think it would be a good idea. I'm sorry.
It's okay , it hurts but I should be okay. Maybe it's somewhat creepy, but he made me happy in a moment where I needed it the most, and I'd like to cherish that feeling forever.

Anonymous 6406

Mine is similar to this, but not exactly.
My old best friend thought she was a troon at some point in time. She catfished as this random cute boy and started calling herself "T".
I know he was never real. I know he never really existed. But I still miss my "T".
I miss her without all of the troon shit a lot too of course, I think it's an odd way of me coping with the fact that she's straight but seemed more open to relationships with women when she was "T"

Anonymous 6420

I’ve literally never seen an attractive man irl. I don’t creep on anyone because attractive men don’t exist.

Anonymous 6423

Closeted Lesbian Hands Wrote This.

Anonymous 6425

Oddly wholesome gore poster.

Anonymous 6426

Who is this?

Anonymous 6428

Today i secretly took some pics of a boy in my class and hes so cute i'm really glad. I've never done anything like it but the thrill of it made me so excited i want to do it again.

Anonymous 6452

Haven’t seen an attractive moid irl for years.

Anonymous 6455

i was looking through this random guy's blog and he made a post joking about posting too much personal info so i decided to test that. I was able to find his address within 15 minutes. he had his paypal posted with his full legal name and combined with some posts about his cousins with their first names it was not difficult at all. he seems to have a bad habit of stirring up internet drama and now i'm mildly concerned that someone who's really pissed off will go looking.
i don't even know why i did this, i don't know him and he doesn't know me. i'm genuinely considering messaging him to let him know how easy it was.

Anonymous 6496

Probably +5 karmafor your next life if you do

Anonymous 6504

Not big on stalking. Not cause I think it’s creepy or any of that shit, idfc. It’s just the less I know about him the easier it is to pretend that he secretly loves me

Anonymous 6521

Whos the streamer? I'm also like this. We can be weirdos together.

Anonymous 6522

Uhhm…don't judge me by this but it's TheReportOfTheWeek's Reviewbrah

Anonymous 6523

YOU again?!?! Why are you everywhere simping for this slenderman scrote? Lmfao it's hilarious but you are obsessed.

Anonymous 6525

I obsessed like that over a streamer once but then i found out he secretly had a girlfriend and it hurted.

Anonymous 6526

He's so cute i wanna squish him to death. His complexion is pastey enough to apply all over my teeth. Moreover his gentle nature is downright adorable and not to mention his rare shirtless photos make me almost break a sweat

Anonymous 6528


Yeah, Jerma has a girlfriend. He's had two, actually, but the thing is they were apparently both fans of him for a long time before dating. This gives me the fucked up hope that when he inevitably breaks up with his current girlfriend I actually have the chance to swoop in. By the way picrel is aforementioned rare shirtless pic
What on earth

Anonymous 6529


Anonymous 6594

My former irl friend is obsessed with Jerma like this. I don't really get the appeal but I love Jerma fan girls because they remind me of her. Good luck on your quest to join Jerma's harem, you deserve it if it will bring you happiness.

Anonymous 6630

I find it thrilling when I catch glimpses of men when I'm not supposed to. As an example, in college I had a class where when I went to go get some water, the fountain was right by the boys bathroom door. There was also glass window in the door??? It had this sort of design on it that consisted of these little circle-type shapes that distorted the image through the glass, but like, you could very clearly see for example, a white dude with a black shirt and jeans pissing at the urinal. It obfuscated things enough for some general privacy but you could still pretty much "see" guys in there. This class was long and had a break, and I remember there was a guy I thought was cute in my class. When he would leave, I would follow a little bit behind and I'd "refill" my water bottle even if it didn't need to be at all, just so I would catch a glimpse of him through this window or even the open door when he went to go piss. The urinals were facing the wall so I only saw him from behind but like I said, something about it was a bit thrilling.

Anonymous 6631

Something maybe a bit more creepy:

I had a crush on this guy I was talking to online. Through a snapchat he sent me I figured out he was graduating that day. I didn't have any social media of him except for snapchat and another site, and I had been curious about his name because I wanted to stalk him on Facebook. I figured, okay, he's graduating, a lot of colleges will post graduates names somehow. I knew what state he was in but not which school he went to, but I knew his exact degree/program, it was more specific (rather than broad/filled with a lot of people, like bio or business or english). It took me a bit of time but eventually I literally found his college website with a program of the ceremony, which obv listed his full name under his program. I also discovered that the ceremony was being broadcasted, and I literally watched him graduate live. That said, this guy sucked in the end. During the ceremony he did something cringe to the guy handing over the fake diplomas and I should have gotten the ick and fucked off but I didn't and spent a few more months in clown world as I used my ipad to film/photograph the snapchats he sent me, just random shit like him doing his hobby or talking about something, or just selfies, so I could look at them again over and over later.

Anyways, it's fascinating what you can find about a person with just a little bit of information and ingenuity, at least if they're from the US. All I knew was his state, his degree program, and what helped narrow things down was I noticed what his college colors were due to his graduation gown and cap. There were a couple of colleges I found with his program, but of course only one had those colors and only one had graduation that particular day.

Anonymous 6633

curious - what did he manage to do on the stage that was cringe inducing?

Anonymous 6636

he tried to shake hands with the other dude, but the guy just stood there looking at my crush. and my crush just kept holding his hand out even more, and the other dude just kept staring at it and kept his hands by his side. he like held up the line a little bit trying to do this. and then when the guy still wouldn't acknowledge it, he like awkwardly walked off stage and I could feel the secondhand cringe. actually, later on I asked him how graduation went and if anything funny or embarrassing happened, he said no lol.

Anonymous 6668


I'm so frustrated. How can a normal guy under the age of 30 not have any social media? How am I supposed to stalk him now that I don't work in the same building as him anymore?

>googled his full name + possible home towns several times

>no results
>looked up his family name + possible home towns on Google and Facebook
>went through all the profiles of everyone with the same family name in hopes of finding him
>found his co-workers' Instagram accounts instead
>combed through all their pictures and follower lists
>combed through some of their followers as well
>nothing either
>followed the Instagram accounts of all the clubs and bars in my town
>went through some of their followers and pictures
>it's a small town
>how hard can it be to find him?
>no results either
>getting really desperate now
>signed up to two dating apps with a fake picture and name
>checked out all profiles in my vicinity until the apps stopped giving me more
>nothing either (which I expected since I think he's married)

What do I do now?

I don't want to visit my old workplace and catch a glimpse of him. I don't want him to see me.

Anonymous 6676

take several deep breaths. first of all, he is a moid. that means love will be wasted on him 99% of the time. second, if he is taken then that is almost guaranteed to be a nonstarter.

to put into perspective - I am right around your target's age and the only thing anyone would find on me through online searching is a single result from a very stubborn data mining website (similar to R/adaris) but with incorrect information and a handful of high school athletic results. they refuse to remove these listing but everything else is no longer there. I can be shy and got many things successfully taken down.

I will ask you
>what do you really want from him or from this?
do you want him to like you back, do you just want to stalk him?
did you search his hometown's or his local newspaper's online search function?
use data mining websites?
figure out his family members online?
his partner/spouse?
it could be his girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse has social media and it is a joint account like so:
>Jane Doe & [love interest]'s account

Anonymous 6692


Oh, I don't love him or necessarily want him to like me. In fact, I barely even know him, hence the stronge urge to stalk and find out everything about him. If not at work (which isn't possible anymore since my sudden transferral to another location), then at least online.

And guess what discovery I made yesterday? The impossible happened.

After countless hours of fruitless searches, I finally stumbled upon one of his social media profiles. My previous searches weren't as thorough as they could have been. I really should have googled every single name on the staff list, not just the people I've personally seen him interact with. After a few minutes of shock and elation, I clicked on it. There weren't a lot of pictures and other personal information. Nothing about a spouse or kids either. Also, he doesn't use his real name. I just knew it. I knew he's one of those people who use a fake name like Lizzie Etcetera or Whats Hisface on Facebook.

Let's just say, I don't know what to think about him now that I've seen his profile. Honestly, it had a little bit of a fuckboy vibe to it which is disappointing. I had my suspicions about what kind of guy he could be but successfully deluded myself into thinking he was… different. I'm glad the veil of mystery over him has been lifted a bit. Now I need to process what I found. Thank you for your reply and tips, by the way.

Anonymous 6703

congratulations - and no problem re: my tips.
>successfully deluded myself into thinking he was… different.
I am sorry, nona. not to be a doomer but I am genuinely beginning to think it is all males. there are no exceptions and none of them will ever be as interesting as women are. and I'm heterosexual.
hunting someone down online has got to be good for our grey matter, however. like a puzzle for brain strengthening.

Anonymous 6708

most in this thread did nothing creepy or weird males like to be stalked molested by women

Anonymous 6718

I started dating this guy online and I caught myself thinking to myself earlier today that it would be super easy to hack his webcam and see what he's doing when we aren't hanging out of he isn't responding to me.
I didn't go through with it but I seriously considered it and that scared me.

Anonymous 6771

I stare at him when he sleeps and sniff him.

Anonymous 6785

i have a really strong attraction to guys shorter than me. There's just something about the power dynamics of being stronger than a guy that makes me think about it a lot. I kinda wish my sexuality was normal but meh, ive come to terms with myself

Anonymous 6831

I have a folder of over 376 images for one very specific moid. I don't even talk to him anymore. I also have his doxx lol. But I don't plan on doing anything with it. I also have folders for other moids I encounter. We never know it can be handy.

Anonymous 6834


Me too, i love short lanky dudes to be exact. joe ando is all over my social media these days and he’s really adorable. Apparently he isn’t really short (googled it just now hes 5’8) but he looks like so small and cute lol. Making me realize how cute they are

Anonymous 6836

>over 376 images
How did you get so many images of him? I really want to know if this guy is some kind of streamer or unknown Z-list actor but I can understand if you want to keep it to yourself.

Anonymous 6844

I'm into manlets as well but just because a moid is shorter doesn't make him less stronger unless ofc you have developed muscles and are fitter than him. Also in my experience most manlets are insecure and overcompensate by roiding out and growing ugly beards :(

Anonymous 6848

True, and then they look like angry little goblins. Height aside, a lot of average men don’t take advantage of their feminine features. But then again most men are faggots and they only want to impress other men

Anonymous 6853


If someone ever catches onto you just say "You're [name]!!!! We have to know!"

Anonymous 6855

It's just that he posts images over the years that I've known him. Some I have saved from social media and some are discord screenshots when he was using his camera with friends.

Anonymous 6858

lmao this is the thread for me. every single moid i see irl that i find even semi-cute, i end up stalking. there's a couple cute girls i've stalked as well, but i don't like doing it as much, i feel more guilty. no real guilt when it comes to moids, though. i like getting information about people though, i worked out the addresses of most of the people i knew from school.

Anonymous 6871


Just spent 30 minutes finding her address. It's not even far from where I live, but now I feel shitty for doing it. I think I've pinned down her college as well. What do I even do with this information? She mentioned once she cyberstalks people for fun, so I'd put money on the possibility she's already done the same to me. I kind of want to send her mail but I know it would only have bad outcomes. What the fuck is wrong with me…

Anonymous 6872

Stalk me instead

Anonymous 6874

Sorry, I only want her. Besides, I already knew her full name so it wasn't exactly difficult. The only thing separating me from anyone else with an okay amount of googling skill is an unhealthy obsession. Don't worry nona, you can find your own stalker somewhere <3

Anonymous 6875

i understand you nona. i too wish someone would care enough about me to do things like this >>6871

Anonymous 6880

Okay if you insist
Any anons here want to stalk and be obsessed with each other as best friends just for fun haha

Anonymous 6884

Love, I guess. It's more infatuation than true love. I hope I either fall out of it or get the guts to message her soon.

To your second point: I don't understand why someone would do all this out of hate. Hate is tiring and I prefer to not spend my energy dwelling on people who make me unhappy.

Anonymous 6887

>be 21
>meet a guy, maybe in his late 30s (or slightly older) but he's ~5'6 and has a younger vibe
>does cute fake russian accent and makes jokes to me sometimes
>never give him my # bc he's older than me and would probably think im weird and reject me
>i will never see him again bc of the circumstances in which we met
>think of him literally every day

Anonymous 6888

oh and i never even got his name so i cant even cyberstalk him

Anonymous 6889

>think of him literally every day
yeah some women dont want to be saved

Anonymous 6890

It's not easy being this based

Anonymous 6891

What's wrong with it? I wished my crush had those stats.
I feel so shallow for liking a guy who's most likely younger than me, really tall and has a cute face similar to Shawn Mendes or a younger Ben Barnes. But it's not my fault his good looks came with a nice and thoughtful personality; if he didn't have that, I wouldn't have started liking him.

Anonymous 6899

Well, I'm a fair bit older than the 21-year-old anon who likes a guy who could be her uncle… It would be appropriate of me to have a crush on a guy in his 30s instead of a cute and youthful 22-24 year old lad.

Anonymous 6900

I don't like him because of his age. I actually wish he was younger so I had more of a chance. He just was a cute guy with an extremely cute personality, who happened to be older.

Anonymous 6909

>I don't like him because of his age.
It's all good, I didn't mean to imply that. My post was worded that way because I was replying to a deleted post.

Anonymous 6920

How can you find the e-mail of a twitter account? Is it impossible to find it? I seriously need to know if I'm wasting my time or if there's a chance I can actually get the e-mail.

Anonymous 6922

The most beautiful woman came into my work today. Like she made my heart start racing and my cheeks flush and our interaction was less than 10 seconds. I found her full name easily, now I'm going on a deep dive. Her 2013 tumblr's kinda boring but interesting, I found a site where she logs what hikes she's done, her dad's PhD thesis, her phone number, her reviews of things she's bought, etc. Her etsy favorites have multiple $400 realistic bird sculptures. She's weird as fuck I'm in love with her.

I'm too scared to look at her account on my phone in case I like something. Does anyone have a link to a site that lets you view an ig page in browser? It always asks me to login.

Anonymous 6925

>view an ig page in browser
Picuki and in-stories.online
They don't work half of the time but when they do, they're doing an okay job.

Anonymous 6935

I was indirectly replying to the deleted moid who insinuated i have daddy isssues since men aren't sentient and have no original thought

Anonymous 6940

just did a creepy. my family had some repairmen over to fix up our windows. they were working outside my room. i recorded them on my phone. there was no way to get actual photos of them and not just their shadows without being painfully obvious though. so when they left, i did a quick sketch of what they looked like. i peeked at them from the blinds when they weren't in front of my window and got a general idea of what they looked like.

neither of them were hot though. there was one other guy at my window earlier, but i didn't get to see if he was hot or not, because all i saw was his arm.

Anonymous 6983

How can I pull up someone’s social media if I don’t know their name?

Anonymous 6992

What info do you have about them? We need to start somewhere.

Anonymous 6994

Do you at least know the names of their friends?

Anonymous 7133


I have this really cute and nice study bell teacher. He teaches english so sometimes I ask him for help with some of my writing. I always choose the seat closest to him so I can sneak glances sometimes. I know that nothing will happen and that if it were to, it would be extremely illegal but he's just so cute. He looks a bit like picrel.

Anonymous 7134

Should I try to sneak a pic? He's just so hot but also sweet and soft spoken.

Anonymous 7135

why not? you only live once, i bet it will be exciting and give you a rush of happy chemicals

Anonymous 7142

Take a pic of him and then show us!

Anonymous 7143

i took a really blurry pic on my phone! might post but i don't wanna get caught or for anyone to find out. the last thing i want is for my parents to get a call about this lol

Anonymous 7686

Knowing someone's first and last name and entering it into any search engine should bring up social media, right? Most normies have social media attached to their name. There's nothing on this person regarding social media, but also nothing really accurate in general. Usually when I search someone's name there's a litany of actual relevant results, like the right person belonging to that name. Maybe this person is just so insignificant there's no internet presence? I just want to find a pic but not have to take one irl because the chance hasn't presented itself.

Anonymous 7690

It just depends on the person
I have a unique name but basically no social media so it'd be easy to find me but hard to find anything about my day to day life.

Anonymous 7694

Yeah this person seems to have a name more common than I thought; I even tried his nickname but that also yielded no results. Honestly it's probably a good thing this person has no social media!

Anonymous 7710

If you still lurk here, please drop your other rare jerma pics if you have any & edited audios or the blog names. Love you fellow jermafag

Anonymous 7717


I'm still here and just as obsessed with him as ever. Jerma is unfortunately good at keeping his life private, but I have quite a few photos regardless and made an Imgur album. I left a little note in there including links to the audios I mentioned. If you want to see stuff like posts from his old unknown(ish) accounts, then let me know and I'll happily whip that up for you. I could collect information about him all day. Embarrassing how unhinged I am but whatever. Love you too <3


Anonymous 7724

Thank you so much anon! I'm surprised, I've seen more of these than I thought kek. That pic of Kim in his shirt fucking killed me & all his highschool photos, he's so handsome I'm gonna explode. I used to be unhealthily obsessed too & this is making me slip, I'll take whatever else you have! I literally mean ANYTHING! I've been seeing so many jermafags with major obsessions, this man is something else, I was about to reply to one on LC before the site went down. His history of dating fans makes me hopeful

Anonymous 7725

If you post your sexy teacher I'll find the hot guys don't know the name of and post him!

Anonymous 7727


There was a really pretty boy in my class. i had never paid attention to him because 3d moids are ugly and teenage boys have the worst personalities but when my parents saw a photo of him they legit thought he was a girl even after i told them he is a boy. I had never noticed it before but it made me realise that he didn't have that ugly thick neck that men have and he had really soft and gentle features with a prominent cupid bow which was super cute. He also had mid length hair which just made him look more feminine. I never got as extreme as the anons on here but I would sit places during class and recess where I could easily stare at him. I would project my shoujo manga fantasies unto him whenever we would have any sort of interactions I wouldn't reply to him but to the version of him that I made up in my own fantasy world. He really wasn't a person to me more just a pretty thing that existed only for me to look at him. I had no desire to have a relationship with him only to stare at him all day.
We where a few months from graduation when I started to notice how pretty he was which is my biggest regret. I wish I had noticed him sooner so I couldve had spend more time staring at him.
I sort of feel the same way. I find 3d men repulsive. The pretty boy from my class was one in a million and it will only be a few years til twink death gets him. Aside from him I have never found another male attractive. Even celebrities who gets pegged as "real life bishounens" are ugly

Anonymous 7728

But that's normal.

Anonymous 7729

really? I admit I do tend to obsess over people but never to a point where I ignore their personhood. When I had crushes I at least wanted to get to know them

Anonymous 7730

No I get it. I think it's normal.

Anonymous 7737

i know it's a year later but i want to see how far they've come

Anonymous 7771

Holy fuck anon this is some rare Jerma content. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm not obsessed with him, but I'm impressed you managed to find this stuff considering how private he is. That being said, I think it's cute that he was class clown in his yearbook. I guess he was always destined to be an internet jester.

Anonymous 7773

I know way too much about this guy I like’s girlfriend. She lives across the country. I’ve been stalking her online to find all this shit out. I’m not doing anything with the information but I know her city, where she went to high school, her college, the names of her friends, the fact she does drugs, some catfishing she did like 5 years ago, the fact she cheated on her last boyfriend, and even the exact location of one of her instagram stories as well as a party she went to. It feels so wrong but it’s so addicting because she’s super unpredictable.

Anonymous 7774


KEK I will lurk /v/ more often to support your threads. I had a feeling it might be you, from same unhinged vibes (lovingly). I think there's at least a handful of us.
>Hold off on sharing until I find it
I will wait as long as you need! I'll probably lurk here more now since LC looks like… that, but we'll probably bump into each other on /g/ again realistically. I didn't really know much about Holly but fuck after looking at those blogs she seems like a bitch, jumping from guy to guy, but I don't think there's anyone to jump to from Jeremy though, everyone he knows has a gf or is more broke than him. I pray he wakes up and dates a normal loser girl. Soured grotto beasts too, since a TCG is one of her dream projects, one of them said they slapped Jerma's name onto it so it actually gains a fanbase. Also the fact the blogs keep bringing up that she loves to draw people eating is very much making me feel like she has some sort of feederism fetish or something but I'm probably looking too much into it kek

Anonymous 7775

You would never expect it of her either. She’s very very short and comes across as a goody two shoes.

Anonymous 7791

i finally took pictures of my muse… but i know he will never like me… should i print out the picture/s and tape them behind my bed? maybe then my dreams will reach him

Anonymous 7796

>don't think Holly would leave Jerma
Yeah I think so too, which is unfortunate, I will stick to praying on her downfall and who knows maybe she'll fuck it up for herself. Grotto beasts is a shame, I like a lot of the guest artists, she's probably at least mentioned something like that? I can't remember if jerma has ever given a reason on why it was created, I really hope he's not pulling some nepotism move kek
>following a fat furry fetish account
KEK, OF COURSE! I really really REALLY hope he has no clue, but I think it also would be pretty funny if he did know, though I'd probably be disgusted with him. I think he probably sees the MLP stuff as harmless, quirky girl shit (unless she's drawn some sort of degen pony stuff, I've only seen pieces she's done for con promos). I feel like him dating loser girls, he's got to be hiding something, but then again, he can sometimes be seen as a little odd to normal people.
>album of random shit
I've seen his voice acting & Newgrounds stuff before, it's very cute. I also would kill to see the Jerma-net posts, I wanna know what he wrote about sex so bad, like was it just something goofy, maybe complaining he's a low life nerd who gets no pussy or would he of gone into detail about what he likes? Maybe talking about previous partners? Gahhhh, I wish he was more degenerate on main kek. Those discord messages… OH MY GOD! First one is slightly ironic, but it's adorable he doesn't mind tall girls, I'm shorter than him but the idea of being taller than him melts me

Anonymous 7797

I need a mentally ill friend I can make shrines of our crushes with

Anonymous 7799

I know right, tell me your ideas for shrines and stalking tips

Anonymous 7804

Idk of this counts as a shrine but before quarantine I had a mental health snap and made a voodoo doll of someone I was fixated on and kept it in a box with all the equipment needed for love spells. Every Friday I would open the box and arrange the items for a spell. Looking back it was probably the most mentally ill time in my life

Anonymous 7806

>it was probably the most mentally ill time in my life
You mean the most based time in your life?

Anonymous 7807

I look back on how I bought crystals from a crystal shop in the city for the inside of the doll and I had a genuine moment of high anxiety because I realised putting rose quartz (witchcraft people believe is the power of love) inside the doll might unintentionally give him the power to attract someone who wasn't me when my intention was to put the quartz in there to make him love me. So, my solution was to make a second doll of myself and bind them together with a small chord I made from braiding red and pink embroidery threads together. The doll of my had a dog tooth inside it because my mentally ill intuition told me that it would attract loyalty to my body (dogs are loyal)

Anonymous 7808

Hmm I don't know if I can make a doll but I was thinking of putting a crystal down there but I don't know what type. Would a shark tooth count towards loyalty?

Anonymous 7809

Sharks are loyal to nobody but their own instincts I'm afraid

Anonymous 7810

Okay no shark tooth then, just a crystal. I will wrap the crystal in something he’s touched (a receipt)

Anonymous 7813

I used to have an album with like 100+ photos of my ex sleeping. I had a much smaller one to show him if I ever got caught, but some of the ones I took were without him even knowing I was there, his bed was right by the window and he slept with the blinds open a lot hehe. deleted it when we broke up. I have a few pictures of my current bf but it's hard to get them cause we live on opposite ends of the U.S. and only see eachother once a month.
Boys just look so cute when they sleep. So little and vulnerable. Something about their precious innocence that makes you want to take care of them and nurture them and make them happy but also the knowledge that you could do whatever you wanted to him right then and there and he wouldn't even see it coming… very soothing.
I also really like to watch them sleep while I'm there. I'll sit for hours and just stare into my bf's sleeping face. the closer the better.I get lost in it, thinking of all the things I could do to him and how cute it is he trusts someone like me enough to let himself be so vulnerable and helpless.
I do other stuff too, secretly take hair and blood samples, steal dirty underwear or sweaty gym clothes (mmm boysmell), general stalking…
oh and I understand the screenshots. I take a ton every time we video call. he really does look like a work of art, just like you said hehe.

Anonymous 7815

Who are you talking to?

Anonymous 7833

I'm in my mid 20s now.
I had a teacher in my highschool years I was obsessed with. all my friends knew. one time (catholic school) a group of us ditched the ceremony the school had in place. we were walking out of the school (multi level) and I said "ooh, I bet Mr. ___ is waiting for us under the stairs" and he was. he caught us and returned us to the gymnasium where we proceeded to fuck around.

I was relentless. I went to him daily after school as a shoulder to cry on. he listened to me often and would give me great advice. I would ditch classes to smoke out of bounds but where he could see me. I lived out of town and my bus left before he would and I memorized his parking space and wait to see him walking out of the school. I even moved lockers to be right outside of his classroom (to be fair I had a stalking situation from a terrible scrote I had to get a restraining order for and mine was close to his so I got rights to my new locker) so I was ecstatic. he told me to keep a journal on my own but i made a new one and I tried to communicate with him (non sexually, but very lost and forlorn writing notes to myself and random quotes in the margins) to him with it. I always kept it on track and never strayed with what I was thinking. but he ended it within two months. I was 18 when I entered that year as well. it was almost every day I'd go to talk to him after class. before I had this crush I used to draw little pictures as a joke for him and he hung them up on his wall. he would always catch me out of class and scold me. I found his tactics on me to be pretty precise. he immediately broke up a fight I had with a friend and would find me often in the hallways and tell me to get back to class.

I still follow him on Instagram. he has had a wife throughout all of this, and she gave birth to the cutest baby boy a year or so ago. I used to look him up on Facebook and I left him a message years ago while I was drunk I'm pretty sure he's seen but never told me about.

I went to visit after my graduation (I had a bunch of teachers I liked) and my friend with me told me I had a date with a teacher and they all looked at me like I was fucked. he walked in a few moments after.

a few months after that I asked him to get some tea with me in a popular strip of my city. we had a great chat. I was probably a year graduated at that point. I haven't seen him since

Anonymous 7834

A few years ago, back in highschool, there was this guy who I thought was somewhat attractive, mostly because of his fashion. Before I let myself fully have a crush on him, I decided to do a little internet stalking. I didn’t want to like someone strange. It took me a few hours, but eventually I was able to dig up old accounts from his childhood, a fanpage or two, his spotify account (where he posted HIS music? was trash tho) and his parents’ facebook pages. I used the information from his spotify playlists to try to make conversation and talked about younger siblings, because I knew he had them. Unfortunately I could tell he just thought I was weird. Freak autistic ugly girl walking up to a moid who ended up being a racist. Dodged a bullet with that one.

Unrelated, I frequently consensually stalk my now girlfriend. She likes it :3 I would too

Anonymous 7842

Third jermafag here. I don’t get the holly hate - I checked the tumblrs and sure, she was a shitty friend to someone on dA but who cares? I’m so used to hearing about 30+ year old streamers sexting 17 year old fans that I’m just glad she’s a similar age to him. Also he’s starting mentioning maybe having kids so I hope they stay together because he’d be a fun dad (plus I want his bone structure to be passed on)

Anonymous 7849



The boy I like is such a fucking brick wall. He is painfully shy and it's very difficult to get his attention even just for a 'hello'!!! He is fairly tall and also just stares off into space, or at the ground with his pretty eyelashes covering his baby cow eyes. Plus he speaks so quietly. I wonder if maybe he is depressed?? He has little sad mannerisms like holding his arm or fidgeting. What the fuck do I do to break through to him? He doesn't really talk to anybody else. Sometimes someone says hi and he just lifts his hand pathetically and smiles. The smile looks pained.
I hope I'm not projecting, I'm not so depressed anymore but he really does seem sad/tired all the time. He's physically fit though, so he isn't some skinnyfat fag.
Picrel, it's kind of how he looks to me. He reminds me of a Renaissance angel.


Anonymous 7850



have you taken sneak pics of others before?

i have, but tbf, these were strangers i would never see again

Anonymous 7851

I have the pics now yes

Anonymous 7878

The more digging I do, the more paranoid I get about my own information. It's really eye-opening. Filenames, key topics, usernames, even typing styles… people put out way more information than they think. If the right person was watching, I'd be so much less anonymous…

Anonymous 7880

is it really that bad if im stalking for a moral reason? fucker groomed my little sister and i keep tabs on him to make sure he never comes into our lives again

Anonymous 7888

Give him an anonymous love letter. Let him know that someone admires and cares for him, but don't reveal too much.

Anonymous 7907

you know you gotta give up something to get someone obsessed in the first place

Anonymous 7936

I wouldn't say it's morally wrong at all. I'm not sure whether it doesn't affect your mental health poorly but I understand why you would feel safer keeping tabs on him. Just try to keep your own mental health in check, nona

Anonymous 7950

Yesterday I downloaded a dating app and got a match with a guy I lowkey kinda stalked for years - not obsessive, but you know, he is parasocially in my brain now
How creepy can I be, he will found out I already follow him on social media. If I unfollow now he could notice - he has not so many followers
Also: I feel I am sabotaging myself, do I really want to know him? It’s like there’s no way back, there will be an outcome - good or bad
And I was so very nervous when this happened, and I am also became very nervous when I see him randomly irl, I don’t feel comfortable this way, I don’t want this, I don’t even in love with him, I am just used to stalking him
Too much pressure for I don’t even know what!

Anonymous 7957

Y'all need to learn about OSINT. Google "Instagram private account OSINT" and stuff like that and a whole new world opens. There's a whole OSINT framework for how to cyberstalk "profile" someone. Tech bros just made cyberstalking a STEM skill with easy to use scraping programs. Up your game, ladies.

Anonymous 7959

I made a fake grindr profile to stalk a bisexual guy I was into… (un)luckily, his profile never popped up… I feel kinda guilty for doing that

Anonymous 7986

that's very tame anon, nothing to feel guilty about

Anonymous 7989

Yesterday I told some old dude that her 20yo daughter has been fucking some fat ugly ass 40yo dude with money for like a year and that she opened an OnlyFans account when she turned 18. I don't know this girl personally or have ever interacted with her, she just happened to post a lot in a Facebook group I was back in 2016. I don't know why I did that but I hope it doesn't fuck with her life so much lol

Anonymous 7990

Did you have a stroke?

Anonymous 7991

nah I'm just ESL and retarded

Anonymous 8013


I have a huge interest in OSINT and one of the ways that I got into practicing it was through trying to find as much information as I could about people in my most frequently used discord server. It really is ridiculous how much information people end up posting be it via pictures or simple messages, from signaling where they live to where they work or study. I have now amassed an entire document filled with so much information about random discord users. I don't even know if at this point it can be considered a breach of privacy since this was all derived from information that they have publically decided to share on discord to other users in a server. Sometimes I get tempted to scare off some of them and send them pictures that they have never sent on the server to freak them out, but I know that is wrong. Though it is one of the reasons why I never send selfies or personal pics to anybody nor do I post any of that on the internet because I know how easy it is to trace back that shit.

Also if anyone is into facial detection and finding similar faces online I definetly recommend pimeyes and yandex for reverse searching images or finding other pictures with the person of interest in them.

Anonymous 8014

PLEASE spill for beginners. i want to do this too. i already have files on people but it's all manual surface stuff. no malicious intent and i don't plan to ever use the information it's just interesting to me

Anonymous 8025

tutorial pls anon, trying to dig up more stuff about someone too

Anonymous 8044

please come back

Anonymous 8045

did it work?

Anonymous 8046

Anonymous 8049

>working nights at a store
>have to let people in, in the morning
>several people in just sort of acknowledge me and say thanks then walk away
>someone else knocks
>huge white buff dude with beret
>I'm taken aback at how sexy he is.
>I let him in and he smiles at me and says good morning!
>literally the next week couldn't stop thinking about his thighs and shoulders and his sexy ass huge body
>ffw a few weeks later
>see him randomly at another store (both of us are off the clock)
>I stare at him when he's not looking hoping he feels me stare at him and looks back
>he does not
>some time passes
>he pulls up in a truck across the street from where I live!!
>I smile at him and sit outside drinking water, enjoying the outdoors (waiting for him to come out so I can watch him
>I see him at the gym one day at 4pm on a weekday,
>now I go to the gym at around 4pm and I've seen him a few times
>downloads gym app and looks at member names you can add and i search every man's name on Facebook
>no luck
>looks up our local gym on Facebook
>go to reviews, sexydude reccomends this gym
>It's him!
>he has a wife and two kids
>he posts all about them
>his wife is not a looksmatch, she's really homely looking and chubby not in a curvy way (kinda respect her for that though, it's usually the other way around) and this just makes him even more attractive! He's a family man and proud of his unremarkable wife? That is my dreme come true this makes him even hotter to me!
>he seems a little bit dumb from his posts, that just makes him so much more attractive though!
>pics all the way from 2009 show he used to be a nerd and do cosplays,, this makes him even more attractive to me!

I still wanna follow him around and ogle him, a really vile part of me is hoping he can cheat on his wife or she dies somehow but i will never speak to him, i will just obsess over him and he and his wife will just live peacefully. I still fantasize about him. I live in a small town and everyone here is a really plain person but this guy is hot. Hes got to be like 6'5" Can I post some cute old pic I found of him? 3 replies saying yes and I will! And maybe anons will say he's ugly in the face but I'll just say to them, what face? Kek lookat those arms though.

Anonymous 8050

Samefag actually if I did post him you guys might tell me I have bad taste well guess what I would still do him he's huge. But he also kind of seems like a retard. Maybe that's why an ugly woman landed him.

Anonymous 8051

Oh my God I found his number! Kek he has a streaming page with like less than 100 followers and he put his number on i!! This dude is dumb why does that turn me on more?

Anonymous 8052

what are your end goal with this family man?

Anonymous 8055

Sure, post him

Anonymous 8056

I dont know. Just obsess over him from afar, I quit that job, I don't speak to him I just state at him at the gym

Anonymous 8057

i say post him

Anonymous 8058

that just proves you have a human brain and that the brain craves novelty, its a skill to keep all our actions and hobbies moderate

Anonymous 8059

I guess I'm the third yes.

Post him.

Anonymous 8062

he's ugly in the face

Anonymous 8073

cant stop stalking him…

i found where he parked before class lmfao and now i just get there early to watch him walk to class. i hang behind for a second too to see him walk off to his car

we've been talking a little but i doubt he feels as strong as i do kek my stalker impulses will probably scare him off. i cant stop rewatching his ig stories over and over and checking his last.fm to see when he naps and when he wakes up

Anonymous 8075

weren't you supposed to post a pic

Anonymous 8097

idk what youre talking about

Anonymous 8099

Ah I thought you were the other stalker chick, nevermind.

Anonymous 8104


can you track someone's identity down from tumblr if you don't know their real name only their country ( which o has national public records iirc ) and maybe city but i'm unsure, as well as the birth date?
they haven't explicitly shared any social medias i only have a discord they have me added in. when i was searching for their other handles the only account that was obviously theirs as it had the same uncommon profile picture, was a tiktok account but the profile is private (with one follower) and it looks like it's inactive since the "following" count hasn't changed in several months. their significant other was also on tumblr with a public following tab but they only followed the person i'm looking for. when i look up their handle including their previous ones as they get terminated often, only unrelated fanfiction comes up or asks they've sent to people with no useful information.
do i have a dead end here? i hope not. i don't have any malicious intent i just want to make sure of something for a clear conscience

Anonymous 8105

dont give up , i just barely remembered some guy i talked to online and i found his entire family after some digging. maybe reverse search the profile picture if its uncommon?

Anonymous 8365

i found this thread looking for the source of the shirtless jerma pic and i saw this imgur link and im actually so grateful! i've been looking for some jerma personal stuff and i thought i was a total creep for doing it but this helped me feel 'normal' LOL, thank you so much! im so happy rn omg

Anonymous 8378


Him back then. He's a huge dude and a nerd who did cosplays in the mid 2000s

Anonymous 8381

megumin dead.jpg

My friend, I do this shit too so I shouldn't be the one to judge, but don't fool yourself, this isn't normal behaviour.

Anonymous 8480


>be me
>in vc on discord
>its a girl im friends with and her gf who doesnt like me
>gf is talking in chat, not through voice
>they get in a brief conversation about zodiac
>gf says she hates two of her friends who were born in june
>i screenshot
>i find her instagram
>only seems to hang out with like 5 people
>i find her friends instagrams through tagging and searching peoples follows
>finds someone born on june 26th immediately because of her bio
>totally unexpected because they seemed like best friends
>sifts through other peoples posts and reels for hours
>finds someone born in may so i eliminate her
>finally finds the other person born in june
>not surprising because she has a whole other page dedicated to selfies of just herself
>realizes the screenshot says july and not june
>angry but doesnt care anymore

and no, i wasnt planning on telling them about what she said, im just intrusive as hell

Anonymous 8503

guy in y11 science was tall smart and didn't ignore me so i stalked him for 4 years, i even took a train to Nottingham too watch him play basketball and take creepshots of him

Anonymous 8541

I accidentally found a TikTok account belonging to my college teacher. Trying extremely hard not to lurk there because he's in his 30s so whatever cringe is on there will almost surely break his spell over me

Anonymous 8542

I applaud you

Anonymous 8544

I fell in love with this guy no more than a week ago so far ive found that he
>isn't from my state's bigger city, but from the adjacent college town
>is five years my senior
>is in a year and a half long relationship
>is gay
>is in 5 bands right now (punk bands, mostly)
>runs a cassette label
>plays bass, but learned the drums first, possibly guitar
>has 3(?) sisters, 2 of them are TiFs
>his favorite color is pink
>works full time in service
>is about 6 feet
>he's jewish in ethnicity but i don't know if he practices
>he dropped out of my state's city college in the city (not sure about major or anything)
I also found his private instagram, facebook, and high school band. i obviously have no chance with him, i've had a few conversations with him so i know what his voice sounds like. i've thought about doing rituals or spells or something, maybe i'll try manifestation.
i have his first and last name but i can't find any records (voting etc.) even though i live in the states.
do any n0nas have any experience with manifestation or rituals?

Anonymous 8545

sage for samefaging but i just found his old twitch?
3-ish years ago he was semi prominent in the donkey kong community? i don't know if i'm turned off of him entirely now or if i am even more infatuated.

Anonymous 8559


to start this off i wasn't even that weird at first, one day my ex + all myfriends dropped me and i was really suicidal and depressed blahblahblah. but one day, my ldr ex's friend snitched on me for my drug addiction to my school because i told her about it privately on a secret account.

My mother tried to kill me a few days after

So i decided to be a stalker and get some revenge lolololololololol

I was going to prove me and my ex were soulmates through astrology (and i geniunely believe in it)
because that friend of my ex who snitches on me from what i saw had signs of dating my ex which made me shit my pants

so i stalked my ex and found her mothers facebook account to get her birthtime, and place. (I Obviously already knew her birthday)

I was able to get her birth place just by scrolling down on the account however there was no sign of the birth time </3

So i just decided to make a fake account where i pretended to be an astrologer who does free readings and they believed it and she gave me her birthtime kek

now before i start describing how i did the reading to them I'd like to show you guys the astrology aspects showing that we are soulmates (western astrology), (skip this part if you dont know astrology)


>her venus line reaching to my current living place
>her sun line on my exactly birth place
>my sun line on her current exactly living place (and not on any other womens shes been with places lol)
>my venus sign on her current living place and reaching to her birthplace
>synastry + normal astrology:
>saturn conjunct sun
>neptune conjunct north node
>venus trine mars
>sun conjunct south node
>venus trine jupiter
>we both have fame indicators (theres a bunch of them im not writing them all down lol) and her exes coincidentally dont

so I told her all of this

she believed me

listen to some "remove third party subliminals"

like a few weeks later im stalking their pages and their commenting on eachothers pages less and, unfollowed eachother on some accounts, they remove their matching pfps, remove their @'s at eachother in their bios

and now the present:

>ex makes oc plotline that was obviously about mine and her relationship lol

>i have been having dreams about her recently

>they DEFINITALY broke up, still seem to be friends though

>tarot cards are finally saying yes when i asked if i would date her again soon (they would usually always say no)

am i delusional or did i actually cause a breakup?

Anonymous 8560

You're definitely insane but keep us updated .

Anonymous 8561

can you manifest for someone to become straight? You said he was gay right?

Also on that note, is it rape if you do a love ritual?

did he win the basketball game?

Anonymous 8563


will do xx

Anonymous 8567


So I've continued stalking him and I'm pretty sure he just has autism. He does not look autistic but I think he has autism. I found his school and I thought this man played football or something, but no. Bowling.

Anonymous 8568

are you no longer crushing on him?

Anonymous 8570

>gay male with two tranny sisters
Somebody poisoned his family's waterhole

Anonymous 8573

No, I still am, I can’t get over him unfortunately

Anonymous 8589


I gave him my number but he hasnt messaged yet and probably never will

Anonymous 8595

it was multiple games, i wasnt keeping score but he dunked a few times and generally looked like he was out of everyone elses league lol, helped that hes 6'5 and muscular while the guys he was playing with looked like slightly taller than average moids

Anonymous 8598

how long has it been since you gave him your number?

Anonymous 8599


Anonymous 8608

i am at my wits end

Anonymous 8614


Found a video of him speaking. He speaks just fine, so why doesn't he talk at work and acts super shy and autistic? He just thinks he's better than everyone else? He probably thinks I am so gross. I hope he dies within the next few months.

Anonymous 8615

you have my same kind of turboautism, i wish we could be friends

Anonymous 8616

I wish I had a lover to make ocs with and then my existence alters the personality and story of her ocs

Anonymous 8622

are you me?
I finally found out this cute supermarket employee's name, but he doesn't have any socials. Went through lots of his work colleagues and they're all friends with each other, but not him. I think he was the manager, but it's been around one year since I last saw him so he was probably transferred to another store (it happens a lot).

I did find some picture of him of some event he did at the store and I saved them all but no luck find more things. At least I know his name and I can fantasize about us.

Anonymous 8626

Me three, but is it a green flag that he does not have social media? At least I can take pics of my boy in secret (I hope he doesn’t notice…) or look on his school website >_>

Anonymous 8645

Guy im stalking is super on social media, has just under 150k on tiktok and posts almost daily so i can see him often without having to travel an hour just to spend an hour finding him just to look at him

Anonymous 8659

he’s a tiktoker n0na, thats a red flag

Anonymous 8666


I feel i've always been a creep but i'm in my creepyest era yet. why? i'll tell you.
>be me
>obsessed with my classmate who is a girl
>idk why I'm obsessed with her
>have been obsessed for 6 months now
>have tried getting her attention in subtle ways
>nothing works
>she is a big mental health advocate
>cut my hand/arm
>hope she will see my cuts and feel bad
>hope will talk to me

yes I am aware that this is extremely manipulative and yes I know I need to get help. I am at the verge of crying knowing that I just fucked up my arm for somebody's attention. why did I do that… obsession's real scary, huh.

Anonymous 8667

might be more pathetic than creepy but i tend to hyperfixate on one random person online, even if we’ve never interacted, and stalk them for months. Usually the one platform I find them on isn’t enough to satiate the need for more information so I find all their other social media through similar usernames & looking through old posts for hints. If the acc is priv, I follow on a burner. I gather any and all information, branch out into stalking their close friends as well, and check their accounts on around an hourly basis. Of course I do the same with my ex and his friends but that’s a bit more common lol

Anonymous 8673


Lmao I’m picturing him to look like timothee chalamet

Anonymous 8679

Seek help

Anonymous 8684

>>8666 >>8679

NTA but I have done very similar things. Don't go into a thread literally called the female creep thread and get mad when someone is creepy or weird.
(sage for wk'ing)

Anonymous 8689

My best friend sent me a picture with a snippet of his front yard and I found his address based off of the houses across from him, direction of the sun and the neighbourhood I already knew he lived in. Feeling so gross right now but it was weirdly fun to find it, like a creepy scavenger hunt. I did this to my ex before as well. I'd never actually do anything with the information, I guess I just enjoy sleuthing.

Anonymous 8691


Update: I've heard people saying period blood is a very strong means of attracting someone. I'm on my period right now so I decided to try this. I took a used pad and wrote 'his name loves me' on it over and over as well as the sigil i made to attract him. I then burned this and buried the ash in my backyard. Will post any updates.

Anonymous 8692

I will try this

Anonymous 8701

this is honestly cute to me i wish i was that girl kek
although a girl has cut herself the day i told her about some things regarding mental health and asked me for help which did nothing but repulse me as i felt i was at fault and guilty, but since i assume nothing happened between you two then this probably wouldn't happen unless you tell her

Anonymous 8702

you sound underage

Anonymous 8717

…And the file continues to grow. I feel like I can't stop collecting information about her. I guess I should get rid of it, though. This has gone on for far too long.

Anonymous 8734


That sad feeling when you stalk your old bully's Facebook page and they look happier than you want them to be.

Anonymous 8736

This is exactly why I never use any social media at all, you really should quit it’s much better for your mental health (yes I know that it’s ironic to say something like that in this thread)

Anonymous 8767

image0 (1).jpg

He's too oblivious. We were the only two people in the break room and I just stood behind him looking at what he did on his phone. He was READING A MANGA. I don't know which one. It looked like an action scene.
I think it's over, sisters.

Anonymous 8773

How Pure Can You B…

Update: I've found out significantly more about him since posting this. He might be bisexual, and he's younger than I thought. I.e I have a chance with him.

For the past two weeks i've been seeing lots of angel numbers and synchronicities, more than usual. I've also noticed that he seems to reference things/post about things shortly after I find out about them. For example two-ish days ago I noticed he's used a somewhat niche music acronym in an old post, today he posts using the same acronym. also shortly after I had found out about his old twitch channel, he started posting about gaming (something he usually wouldn't.) I think somethings drawing us together cosmically, I've been manifesting him almost daily and I think slowly but surely it's working.

If any n0nnas need a sign to start manifesting, this is it

Anonymous 8796

I think one of my professor's is having an affair. It's so fun to have so much dirt on people metaphorical finger on trigger on go. Only way to live!

Anonymous 8825

i used to have a schizo crush on this guy from school. he barely knew me, i was only friends with his sister so i had some proximity to him and maybe that’s what drove my attraction to him.

i cyberstalked him consistently for 3 years. i checked his instagram, twitter, and reddit almost everyday to see his likes, any new people he followed, any new followers he got, comments on his posts, who liked his posts, things he commented, etc. it got to the point i was even stalking his closest friends profiles and who they were friends with / what girls they had around.

it was a pretty bad time in my life, i was constantly stressing over who he followed and interacted with despite the fact i’ve never spoken more than a few sentences with him. i would dread the day he got a gf. i was scared of getting caught too. like, what if he had an app that told him who’s viewing his profiles and stuff? i would get scared of people finding out and being a social outcast.

i actually got over and i haven’t had the compulsion to stalk him. it’s been a few years so i think i’m fully recovered from that. i know my story isn’t very crazy but still i think it was very creepy of me.

Anonymous 8826

You never snooped his room?

Anonymous 8828

i didn’t visit their house often. when i did he was always in his room so no opportunity. even if i had the opportunity i probably wouldn’t have, i’m not that bold.

Anonymous 8831


i got a stalker that came from /soc/
he noticed the websites that i lurk and also the way i write posts and he started harassing me there.
i wish i have never talked to him

Anonymous 8834

How do you know it's the same guy

Anonymous 8839

i can't overshare

Anonymous 8850

so why bother posting at all

Anonymous 8851

Any advice on how to stalk a person if the only thing I know about them is the name of their inactive Reddit account and what I assume is their pen name? Honestly it might be creepy, but my intentions are pure. They wrote a really captivating story but didn't finish it because they were assuming it was too lengthy so nobody would want him to continue. But I'm so captivated and do wish to tell them that their story was great and I'd love if they made an update. The problem is the last activity on their account was 5 years ago.

Anonymous 8865

spotify has made it so that you can see who has liked your playlists now.. it's so over for me. i can't stalk his spotify anymore.

Anonymous 8867

But you can still look at the playlists, right? You don't have to like them?
Did you look up the Reddit name or pen name on any search engines in general?

Anonymous 8872

Does anyone else just like seeing how much you can find out about someone online? Like, without ever talking to them? And not to do anything bad with it?

Anonymous 8875

It's like a puzzle game with a real, interactive storyline. And you get to learn what things to watch out for yourself (privacy-wise) on the way.

Anonymous 8882

i’ve done the exact same thing except with my history professor

Anonymous 8887

there must be a way to circumvent a youtube video being private right? i just havent figured out how if any could throw me a bone

Anonymous 8890

are you a bitch.pn…


Anonymous 8891

Yes I did, but the only things that came up are related to the story they've published on Reddit and nothing else beyond this

Anonymous 8895

I’m paranoid my crush found out I stalk him. I took a screenshot of a picture of him that I found online and I talk to it time to time when I’m all alone in my room. Whenever he doesn’t show up for class, I get paranoid that he peeped through my dorm window and saw me staring at a picture of him even though I keep the blinds closed. Specifically, that he will show up to class with cops and a restraining order, embarrassing me in front of my whole class.

I used the internet to find out so much about him. It makes me feel close to him even though we haven’t exchanged a single word. I think I might still keep up with him even if we never see each other again after the semester is over.

Anonymous 8897

I have this question but for Tumblr blogs

Anonymous 8899

I'm so attracted to this woman who comes into my work and is a bitch to everyone but me. I don't have a Facebook so I can't search there but I need to find a photo of her face..

Anonymous 8916

ily i swear we are the same person cruelly divided by God

Anonymous 8936

He probably doesn't know. I have so many pics of my crush, even ones I took in person… he's so oblivious to everything around him. I wish he'd love me

Anonymous 9228

someone wants to FUCK!!

Anonymous 9275

i remember when op created this thread. i wonder what happened to the pics…

Anonymous 9301

do any of you stalk people as a way of quelling your own anxieties relating to the topic? I've always been terrified of the idea, so having to do the work required to find anything actually interesting has calmed my nerves a bit. maybe I'm just especially bad at all this, but it can be so hard to creep on someone even when they're quite open online, but I've put this down to the fact most people I find interesting aren't heavily documented due to them having no real life. I can also rest easy knowing I'm a very boring person in general but especially compared to online eccentrics

Anonymous 9322

yes, I have quelled a lot of my paranoia about stalkers from trying to dig up info on others. It has also helped me immensely in finding cracks in my own walls and figuring out how to fix them based on other's mistakes.

Anonymous 9541

i feel sorry but why did you choose the file to be the transwoman icon ``girl`` ?

Anonymous 9548

Does anyone else feel guilty when their cyberstalking leads to looking up the guy's girlfriends/female relatives? When I'm creeping on the guy himself, I don't exactly feel GOOD about what I'm doing, but I don't feel so bad that I'm horrified by my behavior or anything. However, sometimes when I'm deep into a creeping session I'll start looking up the guy's girlfriends, sisters, Mom, etc, and here I actually start feeling like a truly perverted creep. The level of guilt is correlated with how important the woman is in the guy's life: if I dare look up a guy's mom I will actually be trembling while doing it, ditto for a married man's wife, less so for a girlfriend or sister.

Anonymous 9549

i feel guilty for cyberstalking. i found out that my ex has a girlfriend (yesterday) due to me looking through his socials and i dont know how to feel. i cant look her up either because of how generic her name is so im at a dead end.

also, i shiver like crazy when i stalk my ex. i feel like he can somehow see what i am doing and i feel so guilty for it.

Anonymous 9550

I cyberstalked the girl my ex cheated on me with. I found where she lived, what high school she went to, family, job, etc. She knew me and my ex were married and I was really mad so initially I was going to try to ruin her life by sending pics to her family or friends, exposing her for being a bully to people, or something. Then I pussied out and decided instead to send a bag of shit to her address (they have websites for this lol). But then my head cleared more and I realized this would only back fire, that she was just some barely legal wannabe mean girl, and acting (now) would only bring negative attention to me.
I found pics of my ex crossdressing and being blackout drunk from her account. She was really bold in keeping that shit up. He privated his accounts as soon as possible but she kept hers up long enough for me to gather data.
She is a psychology major (of course lol) and wants to be a therapist I assume. I feel bad for her future patients since I found out she likes 'bullying' people. She is very ugly, so she probably does this to feel better about herself. And I'm really not just saying that. She looks like bevis and butthead so she has this 'grrl im a 10. slay bitch' attitude to compensate.
> sorry blogpost

Anonymous 9551

>also, i shiver like crazy when i stalk my ex. i feel like he can somehow see what i am doing and i feel so guilty for it.
same nona, if spotify, twitter, or instagram ever added some view counter i am fucked. thank FUCK i didnt stalk him when fb had that glitch where you sent a friend request just by looking at their profile

Anonymous 9552

Not even that poster, but it's literally just Menhera chan??

Unfortunately most therapists seem to be like this. It's just like the old hot girl to evil nurse pipeline. Power-hungry egotripping sociopaths.

Anonymous 9615

>she dosent use anti-stylometry tools

Anonymous 9621

MySpace had a view counter back in the day. I remember watching it all the time. Going up by two everyday

Anonymous 9811


I will sometimes take random photos of people.
I dont go outside often, if not ever, due to my conditions im in, so every time im outside i feel like i should be recording or taking pictures of every moment.
And alot of those pictures are of random people.

One of those photos was this guy i saw who was basically a perfect twink. shoulder length hair, porcelain white skin, alabaster highlights on the nose, and tech wear, so you know hes a nerd. And ive seen him around town a few times when i go out, and each time i see him i just slip out my phone and take pictures of him. And he never notices.
I know its super fucking creepy to take pics of people in the first place, but i dont see people irl that look good that often and i want to memorize real people. I like people watching while out and about for the same reason. i want to absolutely absorb that SONDER in my veins. i want to feel nice memorizing things.

I also spit in my coffee i guess. creepy

Anonymous 9820

I have been schizo obsessed with a man for a while. We liked each other but I believed a lie a "friend" told me about him and turned on him. I never got to apologize to him, lost contact before I could. He never wanted anything serious w me I'm sure and I didn't really either at the time but he made me feel like no one else has and I want to feel it again. I think the fact that I ruined my chance to get closer to him and wronged him is why I fixate on him.

We knew each other from college, I have his name, and discord. I've found his linked in but that's it. Knowing the guy.. I KNOW he has a "dark side" and definitely has more social media than that but it isn't under his real name. He also has a very common name anyway.

I want to find out what other discord servers he's in, there used to be a tool for that but it's gone now afaik. I doubt I could find his social media either. His discord handle is just a common word so that won't help. Honestly it seems like he hasn't even touched his discord account in a while since his username hasn't been updated to the new format without numbers.

He does still go to my school now in grad program which I found out recently. I don't want to stalk him irl though, I would legit kms if I was ever caught. I do have class in the same building he does (looked up his program on the school directory and required class list for that degree lol theyre all located in there) sometimes I sort of linger around more than necessary but I've never seen him. A lot of grad classes here are mainly online so maybe that's why.

I just want to find this guy's accounts. I've lost hope of being able to contact him and apologize and explained I was lied to about him. This is all I hope to get lol.

Anonymous 9821

I’ve been obsessed with trying to find out what places an artist who lives in my city might frequent. I’ve got no clue why I even feel compelled to do this, I’ll likely never see them in my life. I don’t even know why I want to know everything about them specifically. I like their art yes, but I don’t even think it’s special. I guess I just find them interesting enough to sort of “research”.

I don’t think I could ever tell anyone I know in real life about this. Not even a therapist, it’s too embarrassing for me. I’ve never been like this and I’m usually disinterested in people anyways.

Anonymous 9822

why do i want to get discord servers/accounts i know wiped out somehow. i just want to ruin their friendships and day a little. wrong thread maybe

Anonymous 9848

It’s getting worse. I found out where she frequents and I’m visiting that mall tomorrow. I wonder if I’ll ever get to befriend her. Probably not because I’m way too autistic to just be normal and try to form a friendship with her.

It’s not like I’d ever see her though. That city is pretty big. I know this is fucked up but I can’t stop stalking her. It’s all online and it’s not like she’d know. Every piece of information I find feels like the worlds biggest hit of dopamine and I start shaking and giggling like a fucking schoolgirl. What’s wrong with me? It’s way too late at night to be thinking of this and I’ve been losing sleep thinking about her.

It makes me happy, at least. These past few months I’ve been so dissociated and jaded that I’ll do anything to feel something. So this can’t be too bad for me, right? It’s not like hard drugs or something that could kill me.

Anonymous 9889


>Every piece of information I find feels like the worlds biggest hit of dopamine and I start shaking and giggling like a fucking schoolgirl.
I can relate so hard. It's exactly how I felt yesterday when I finally found correct information about my "crush" after having wasted my efforts looking up the wrong name because I can't read apparently.

I'd like to thank one of his sisters for not giving a fuck about social media privacy because she made it possible for me to find everything I wanted to know about him and more, even a picture that's pretty recent. He seems to be the baby of the family which is adorable in my eyes. However, his older sisters are a bit younger than me which makes me an extra major creep for having this inappropriate interest in him.

Today, I saw him again at work. It's a strange feeling to look at him and be reminded that I know all these private things about him while he probably doesn't even know my name.

I'm definitely going to continue keeping my distance from him.

Anonymous 9891

The person they're replying to basically summarized it
>These past few months I’ve been so dissociated and jaded that I’ll do anything to feel something. So this can’t be too bad for me, right? It’s not like hard drugs or something that could kill me.

It's a way of feeling something and livening up an otherwise tedious and empty life

Anonymous 9892

not really doing anything actively.. but been creepily obsessed with someone for about a year now. i've talked to him briefly a few times, and not recently, and he was my ex-boyfriend's friend. i think about him every day and daydream (sometimes real dream) about him constantly. i don't know anything about him or if he's alive but i stalk what little i have on him weekly. he was literally a 4chan loser too like why

Anonymous 9893

did your ex bf dump you or vice versa?

Anonymous 9894

i dumped him. but he probably would've if i didn't lol

Anonymous 9901


I did that with my boyfriend and still do it. I adore him and try to capture every cute thing he does because it feels important to me even if trivial. My bf sometimes calls me yandere but I don't mind it. I know it's weird but it's just my form of showing affection

Anonymous 9902

How do you know he was on 4chan?

Anonymous 9905

AYRT There's no point to it but there's no point to being in limerence in the first place. It makes you do stupid things, make irrational decisions but, at the same time, tells you it's right. Nothing I do when I'm limerent for someone makes sense but I feel like I need to do it anyway.

Anonymous 9909

i know a lot about him but no personal identifiers

Anonymous 9912

can you give an example?

Anonymous 9914

i cant- he'll see this and know, ruining my chances with him

Anonymous 9919

a while back i was really into this guy in one of my lectures, after about a week of obsessing over him i purchased a program to find his public records and found out where he lived, his phone number, social media, family member's names, etc.. and while i have no interest in him anymore i do not regret it one bit

Anonymous 9920

for the past week i have been trying to find my work crush on social media and i have come up with nothing. it's actually driving me insane. i catch small glimpses of him since we don't work in the same department but he sometimes looks back at me and i freak out. i can't approach him or anything because i am so shy. i start shaking when he's next to me. i have tried looking up his friends online but i couldn't find anything either. i am losing hope. there is no way in hell i can approach him. i think it's officially over.

Anonymous 9936


I have been stalking all of my ex boyfriends social media even though I know I've never loved most of them. People I haven't talked to in years. If I'm able to find their social media, I won't stop until I distract myself with someone (or something) else. I do often times wonder why I do that, with no answer until now. It doesn't hurt me or harm them as well. And honestly I wouldn't know how to stop, too.

Anonymous 9944

What have you tried so far?

I've had two work crushes in the past few years (not simultaneously, kek) and it actually took me a few weeks and a bit of luck to find their social media accounts. They were either set to private or there wasn't much stuff on them but it was good to know they existed outside of the workplace. Perhaps your crush really doesn't have any social media but if you're lucky, you should be able to find them if you're really thorough with your research.

Anonymous 9984

i've tried searching his name online. insta, twitter, facebook, linkedin, couldn't find anything. i also tried to look up his friends but couldn't find shit. also tried looking up his work email and license plate and yet i was left with nothing. it's okay though because the small interactions i have with him are enough for me to not want to shoot myself in the head while at work. he's really shy and gets all jittery when next to me. he also has a staring problem but i think it's because i stare at him back and get really flustered.

Anonymous 9986

I used to seek out and screenshot all the work-related Instagram stories my former crush was in. Like going to the district company's page, coworkers pages, all that. I found out he's a Mormon kek so I stopped long ago cuz it was unobtainable atp.

Anonymous 10007

i thought that was kyle rittenhouse for a second

Anonymous 10012

the nsa is weirdos

Anonymous 10019

i've done all that and more with people i've never even talked to. read genesis. knowledge is a double-edged sword; you ate the forbidden fruit and have obtained the knowledge of good and evil. you will feel the weight of that knowledge, there's no going back, but you are empowered now and your relationship with that person is deeper. Keep going and use illicit services to find their other social media accounts

Anonymous 10067

Whenever I develop a new crush I take pictures of them without them knowing and store them in a folder on my camera roll. I figure out their last name by going through my university's registry (if their first name is uncommon, I pretend as if I'm going to send them an e-mail and the system autofills the rest for me). Once I have their full name, I look it up on Google and Bing to see if anything interesting comes up.

I ask them if I can add them on Discord (because it's easier to see what they're doing - whether they're playing video games, on their phone, on their PC, if they're absent, if they spend lots of time online,…). I generally always initiate conversation unfortunately, they always respond but I know my interest is one-sided.
I always end up figuring out in which town they live in and whether they live alone or with their parents.
In very rare cases I find their address.

I don't know if any of this qualifies as creepy but I definitely wouldn't like it if someone did this to me.

Anonymous 10109


ii found his hair in a package he sent me. i feel weird for keeping it but for some reason i don't want to throw it away either. what shud i do wit it 9_6

Anonymous 10136

does anyone knows how to make an ig burner account? i´ve tried everything but they keep getting locked/suspended. i know there must be some way to make one because a creepy moid i used to fuck has made like 5 burner accounts just to keep trying to talk to me and they never get banned. and i'm obviously not asking him how

Anonymous 10146


I'm not sure if I'm just being pathetic and spiteful, but sometimes I stalk my cheating ex's accounts so I can see him suffering. I've done some other things to ruin his day, but it's a long story. One is that I'll bring my current bf to a cafe where my ex and his mom frequent every weekend. It's been funny to see my ex fume at my bf while we get coffee (he's much taller and muscular). His mom will also give me dirty looks. Sorry lady that your son is a disgusting porn addict.

Anonymous 10147

What kind of man is he? Is there a similar photo of him?

Anonymous 10161

I'm obsessed with this girl in my friend group purely in a lolcow sense. I don't really care to list all the cowish things she's done but I will say that I found her chaturbate profile name, her camwhore name, and I also found a ton of pictures/videos of her cam sessions leaked online. It's crazy how easily accessible they are. If you know her chaturbate name you will be able to find videos and pics of her naked on the first page of google. Her roommate doesn't know she cams in their shared bathroom/kitchen kek. I also found her years long abandoned soundcloud and through the wayback machine I found out all the characters she claimed as DID alters in high school through an archived version of her tumblr. There are full versions of her cam sessions on some leaker sites and I'm considering downloading them but they don't seem too milky aside from her spreading her flaps for 3 hours for a total of 60 dollars. She's such a cringefail loser mooching leech that I don't really feel bad for this to be honest.

Anonymous 10163

Yeah because that would totally work in my favor and my entire friend group wouldn't immediately cut me off for that kekkk

Anonymous 10178

Update: I found her twitter, fansly, and linktree.

Anonymous 10184

when my first irl bf dumped me (for "raping" him two times) i cut myself in front of him and chased him around with the knife while i was bleeding out

Anonymous 10198

I like to do silly creepy things to moids I "talk to", the last guy I went on a date with, I found his address and sent it to him before picking him up, rn I'm talking to a soc moid, I found his legal name (from his school yearbook kek), I am really good at guessing or finding things about them to concern them a little, I think this type of creepery is kinda charming

Except I feel like a genuine creep with this one guy from my uni, I obviously do not do these things to him, I don't even know his name I have admired him for a year at this point, I despise it because I am consistently thinking about him, especially when in his vicinity at all throughout the day. If i look funny towards him or shake a bit I obsess over it for the entire day, my body is genuinely retarded and makes it evident that I am a creep. I know where I'm going to see him when I do, except he appeared when I was waiting for a class today and my hands started shaking, eyes went wide and I fully forgot what I was saying to my friend, she definitely noticed as well it was so embarrassing.

Any other nonas feel like the biggest creep alive towards people they aren't even creepy towards? I just feel genuine guilt because I think about him too much considering I have not said a word to him, I wish it would stop

Anonymous 10202

Somewhat of an update to this. Thankfully those feelings are gone. I’ve been going out with friends more and generally being more social. I got some hobbies and met people with similar interests so I don’t feel so lonely. I’m assuming that was part of the problem, I just really badly wanted to be her friend. I actually forgot about her for a good while until I saw this thread again.

I’m glad I got over it, I’m feeling much better now and I think I really just wanted some sort of connection and idolized her way too much. At the end of the day she’s just a kinda weird chick on the internet, there’s hundreds of girls like her. I was being admittedly incredibly autistic about her but now I don’t really feel anything, thank God.

Anonymous 10205

I studied in Tokyo for a bit and there was this cute guy at my bus stop. I followed him off at his stop for a bit before stopping cuz I realized how fucking creepy I was being. I didn't want 2 stalk him I was just curious where he lived so I could figure out how to meet naturally but I realized and hauled ass back to my apt quietly.

Anonymous 10206

make a voodoo doll <3

Anonymous 10265

glad you're doing better nona <3

Anonymous 10292

OP is definitely me in disguise,I do that to my ex gf because I love her so much!!! I love her!!! but I love other people as well it's a bit of an unhealthy obsession though that might be due to my C-PTSD and my personality disorder!!! anyway I just sit and rot in my room while playing osu and browsing these threads!!

Anonymous 10377

download (30).png

damn, where do I begin? Well, I keep a file of dox information of pretty much everyone I meet on discord, all information they give to me willingly, but I keep track of it all in case they ever wrong me. I also cyber stalked a guy I had a crush on when I was back in highschool. Ive made alot of alt accounts on various websites to spy on people and keep track of them saying things about me. Even going so far as to interact with people who have blocked me and talk about myself with them without them knowing it's me. Oh and one time while this cute coworker was taking a nap in the breakroom I took some pictures of him. Actually I've done this to strangers I thought were cute a few times too. Oh and whenever someone is in a vc with me and turns on their video I immediately take a screenshot and add it to my dox file.

Anonymous 10441

i still stalk my bf's ex on 1000kitap (our country's version of goodreads basically). they broke up 1,5 years ago but it's become a habit for me -i may be kinda obsessed too tbh. she doesn't use other social media except instagram, which i can't see since she didn't accept my friend request (sent by my fake account ofc). funnily enough that doesn't really bother me, keeping track of what books she has read/is reading is way more fullfilling for me.

Anonymous 10444

YES especially an e-celeb

Anonymous 10451


honestly, i feel like the creepiest one here. basically for anyone that triggers my limerence, i have g00gled and likely found their address, contact info, work, even divorce / arrests / voting info, etc …. if it’s public data, i’ve most likely seen it

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