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Female Creep Thread Anonymous 2475

Has anyone else here just done unabashedly creepy things in their life?
Recently, I saw a really cute guy in one of my Zoom classes, and I feel guilty, but I took a bunch of screenshots of him. Every moment felt like something that needed to be captured and collected. Him holding a cup, standing up, turning to the side, closing his eyes. He looked like a painting or something. The more I think about it, the more I realise that wasn’t a socially acceptable thing to do.
I feel like I should delete them all out of common decency, but then they’re gone forever, and it’s not like I intend to doxx him or anything. Plus, the Zoom itself was recorded, so he might be shown there, anyway. I still feel wrong for doing it at all, though. I know I wouldn’t want to be recorded or screenshotted. Am I the only one like this?

Anonymous 2476


It’s simply his fault for choosing to be adorable on camera. Don’t sweat it anon. I’d probably do the same… girl creeps unite!

Anonymous 2477


I recorded a guy's voice during lecture for several months, then edited it to make him say stuff like "You look good today."

Anonymous 2478

in 8th grade my old friends and i stalked these boys who lived in our neighborhood. it started with figuring out their full names. then, we found their instagram accounts and started to catfish/stalk/harrass them. through that, we were able to find their snapchats, some youtube channels, and eventually addresses and phone numbers. we would go on to incessantly call and dm them from different instagram accounts for months.

i stopped talking to my all old friends once we got to high school. idk if they're all still friends or what happened to those guys. this definetly my least proudest moment and i really hate myself for participating in that fuckery.

Anonymous 2479

I'm a secret creep with many stories. The worst has to be when I was a teenager and I began stalking my brother's best friend. He was just so nice and funny and handsome. I went over to his house to goodbad movie nights he used to run and would snoop through his computers. I used to take subtly sexy pictures of myself with his phone, and while he thought I was just doing it to annoy him, I really just wanted him to think about me when I wasn't there. I catfished him at one point, pretending to be a kind of aged up projection of myself at 22, and we flirted, but he wanted to meet and I had to stop. The action I'm most ashamed of was when he wanted to start going to the gym with my brother, but he couldn't be bothered doing it late at night, so I went with him and practically paraded myself around in front of him, while taking creepshots when he wasn't looking.

Anonymous 2480

I used to take photographs of every single boy I liked as soon as I got a phone with a camera. One of them caught me and confronted me abt it over text in the 9th grade. I obsessively stalked him for months. found address and parents names and everything. I've done this to like 5 guys but I was only caught once and it was so embarrassing

Anonymous 2481

I think we've all taken creepshots of our crushes when we were dumb and younger as long as it's not them when they're undressing or something I think it's fine for me it was when I had my highschool graduation I watched the recording online and took screenshots of a boy I liked, I dreamt about him recently which was weird I finally got up at 3pm because I kept making myself go to sleep to make the dream continue

Anonymous 2482

Also accidental creep moment, held my phone weird during class and it took a picture of his shoes, I don't remember if I ever deleted it or not

Anonymous 2483

… I can't relate to this. I guess I was always too insecure to think of liking someone who doesn't like me back, so my thing was anime characters. I definitely obsessed over those.

Anonymous 2484

In 10th grade, I'd take creepshots of this boy I had a crush on. I did it in such an obvious way too. It's mortifying to think what would have happened if someone had found out. I probably would have dropped out of school out of embarrassment kek
I lost interest in him about a week later but never deleted the pictures. They're probably still there on my old phone…

Anonymous 2485

I had a guy do this to me. He told me after we started dating (LDR) and showed me some of them. There was a lot of me holding a pen to my mouth. I would have been thinking but the way he took so many screencaps of it, was like he wanting to jack off to it, pretending the pen was something else. At the time it made me uncomfortable but I only asked him not to do it again and later to delete them as I had poor boundaries. I don’t believe he did either and probably still has them. He was creepy in other ways too, obsessed with porn and sexualising things unnecessarily. I should have blocked him as soon as I found out.

I’ve had other people take pictures of me in public too, sometimes without asking or trying to hide what they are doing. Japan is really bad for it, I can see why phones all have a camera sound there.

Anonymous 2486

i took creepshots of skinny/thin (not just lean, underweight) women and stared at their legs/other body parts in public

Anonymous 2487

…am i fucked up or snapping photos/staring at hot people is really not that creepy?

Anonymous 2488

It is and can border into illegal territory if too extreme. If you're going to stare at someone, do it so they don't notice it and don't make them uncomfortable. Ideally, you wouldn't stare or take photos of anyone without their consent, but I know it's going to happen anyways.

Anonymous 2489

As long as you do it respectfully don't take pics to post online and don't go stalker mode having a pic of someone you like bc you think they're nice and cute is fine the ideal would definitely be get close enough to be able to take pics together tho

Anonymous 2490

yes. i regularly check their parents and friend’s socials and save and screenshot everything with him in it. cant help it. beautiful boys are a rarity.

Anonymous 2491

I never done this but look I have noticed teenager moids have took creepshots or recorded me in the train / metro. It's a human thing it seems, they like beautiful thin elegant people.

When I noticed I told them that I was not gonna end up looking good / my best if they do it like that. They got shy and hopefully probably deleted the photos. I bet I wasnt looking my best.

I mean I would totally give them a good shot but if they asked… It's cuter when they are younger I guess.

If I were to "creep shot" some stranger I find good looking I would just say I'm a historian / photographer, I would compliment them, take the shot and say it is to keep track of how people in general looked at that date and so on. Bottomline is excuses are many to pull this off if you really wanted to. It's also much more useful to know their names and creep on them in facebook or something.

Anonymous 2492

>I would just say I'm a historian / photographer, I would compliment them, take the shot and say it is to keep track of how people in general looked at that date and so on.

I think the only one that would work is street style photographer. I would still refuse though. I used to say yes to these things in the past but the last few years I've been too creeped out wondering what people do with them to agree to any. I don't use social media so I don't want random pictures taken and posted online beyond my control (small businesses are especially bad for this).

One guy took a bunch of pictures of me in public without me knowing, showed me, and then asked for my email address to send me them. He seemed to think it was a smart way to chat me up and get my contact details. I told him it was creepy and to delete them.

I had another guy (who asked first) take a bunch of photos. I took a bunch then sat down and he kept asking for more and it felt really disrespectful, I kept saying no. My friend gave him their card and asked him to send the photos but we never got them.

Weirdest was a young guy who asked to take pictures of my feet for a university project. He sounded really genuine and knew a lot about what he was talking about so I agreed. He showed the photos and it really was just my feet he was taking pictures of (no subtle upskirt or face or anything). Looking back though, I feel like I should have refused as my feet are probably on some fetish site now.

I have a bunch of stories like this. A couple of nice experiences but overwhelming negative over all.

Anonymous 2493

When I pass by a cute guy I always try to catch a whiff of him

Anonymous 2494


oh for sure. i pretty much stalk everyone i think is kind of cool something is genuinely wrong with me like i feel like i HAVE to gather as much information about them as i possibly can, and then i get tired of them and move on to the next person

Anonymous 2495

You're me.

Anonymous 2496


God it's so refreshing to see that someone else does this.
Sometimes it's so that I can feel closer to them, and sometimes I just like the challenge of it all.
There's a small twitch streamer with a really calming voice that is relatively private, but I managed to find his university after he mentioned a course he was taking and an event that was happening nearby. Using that and his initials I got from soundcloud I managed to get his full name and later on his address. I don't dare to look up his facebook or other social media that involves photos, as I don't want to sully the vision I've dreamed up in my head.

Anonymous 2497

I do this too. You'd like the cyberstalking thread I think.

Anonymous 2498

Anon you brought back a painful memory for me
>on my way to work, sitting in the subway in a 4-seater
>an older man (60s?) sits down across from me
>extremely elegant and distinguished looking
>including a fancy cane
>I angle my phone just a tiny bit to take a photo because he looks really cool
>try to play it off
>don't even look at him
>do a confused face at the phone and hope he thinks I just did it on accident
>keep staring at my phone until he gets off the train

Anonymous 2499

nta but the way you tried to play it off sounds exactly like what I would do. Was the photo good, at least? Either way, my condolences haha

You're right! I visit the thread quite often but never thought to post my escapades there.

Anonymous 2601

i used to spy on my neighbor with binoculars. he would play baseball in the backyard. he was also quite a bit older than me. i would hide behind my curtain and watch him. no regrets, he was cute.

Anonymous 3194

This was basically me in college, peeking behind my curtain and watching cute boys play frisbee. If thinking back on it didn't make me feel like a major creep, I would want to do that again.

Anonymous 3341

Idk if this is creepy enough but a while ago my crush sent me some voice messages on Instagram and his voice sounded really cute and hot so I screen recorded his entire convo with me to listen to later. I listen to it at least once a day

Anonymous 3356

omg if he's sending you voice messages, ask him out… he's probably into you

Anonymous 3456

>be me
>at a racing event
>a mechanic for one of the cars is a qt3.14/10
>take creep pics
>go home and cry that no one will ever love me while I look at pics of this gangly auto mechanic
>imagine our life together
>cut self

Anonymous 3475

When I was 16 I was obsessed with my English teacher.

I would work extra hard on my English assignments because I melted whenever he praised me. I used to sit in his class and fantasise about him beating me up and kidnapping me and just sort of keeping me.

Eventually I moved on to my maths teacher. And then our year head.

Also I stalked a man twice my age big time. At one point he sheepishly admitted to me that he had a stupid web comic from the early 2000s and I had to pretend like I didn't find that and his mother obituary from 1997

Anonymous 3530

I stalked the head of my university's philosophy school for 7 years until he told me in no uncertain terms to knock it off

Anonymous 3532


Dating a boy, I keep every photo he sends me, and take several screenshots every time we call via video…
Worst part is the fact I went looking for his family's social media and scoured their facebook/instagram profiles for photos that contained him. Found some stuff from when he was a teenager. Kept that too. I just really like looking at him. I have about 180 images currently.

Anonymous 3533

been there, done that.

Anonymous 3535

Me too. Been there, done that, bought a souvenir while I was there.

I've cyber stalked every man I've ever liked. Kept pictures. Sat there and seethed about their exes if I found any pictures.

Saved my life once when I found out one guy had secret children

Anonymous 3536


>this thread

Anonymous 3540

how did they react?

Anonymous 3541

i do that too, i stalk his family's facebook and his exes twitter account.

Anonymous 3612

Hey, at least nobody here is doing anything illegal like sharing revenge porn like the m*ids do.

Anonymous 3614

Exactly. A girl might quietly stalk someone (which is weird but we all do it), but a guy will go out of his way to shame you by betraying trust and throwing vulnerable pictures everywhere in an effort to ruin you by "exposing" you as a whore

We're not bad at all by comparison

Anonymous 3616

>which is weird but we all do it
If everyone did it it wouldn't be weird. Not every woman does this, though maybe the type of person who goes to crystal.cafe is the type of woman to do this.

Anonymous 3617

Really? Even normies stalk their exes and do background searches on their friends new boyfriends

Anonymous 3619

Every woman has stalked her crush at least a little bit before. It's automatic.

Anonymous 3627

Are you for real? you have to do research on men you're going to be vulnerable and intimate with, absolutely.

Anonymous 3710


Thinking of asking a guy for his number but I want to do some creeping beforehand. The problem is I have nothing to go off of. I know his first name and where he works, and nothing else. I know who he's friends with at work but I'm not sure he's very good friends with them or just casual work buddies. What do I do?

Anonymous 3711

With social media now as prevalent as it is, you would be either half-assing the relationship or an idiot not to at least do a quick search.

Anonymous 3715

stalked all rumors and posts I can about a celeb and consumed a massive amount of his content, tried to post about him on media in hopes he actually notices me, but doubtful he would actually care. keep manifesting I run into him and considered writing a novel with a character inspired by him. did weirder things than that. truly hate myself for this because I feel like he doesn't deserve it. at the same time he's a high profile hollywood scrote so he probably has abused women and does deserve it. I feel if I have done enough he will eventually be drawn to me in a law of attraction way. I have not been super openly creepy though, don't want to ward off the potential of fate

I truly am a delusional bitch for this one

Anonymous 3716

who is it?

Anonymous 3717

higher profile older mostly movie actor

Anonymous 3718

Enjoy the fantasy. As long as you don't try to contact them (outside of normal ways) and you aren't suffering from it then I don't see the issue. It's fun to play pretend sometimes and can help you see what is missing from you life. If it's getting beyond that though, you need to force yourself to go cold turkey or speak to a therapist.

Anonymous 3720


he's pretty far away from me and probablys never going to meet me. the manifestation thing is a projection. I want something to happen in my life. don't see the idea of a meeting with him as happy, just something more eventful than the current bore. In fact I'm living with this fear if I meet him he could harm me. A man in power is capable of things unthinkable and I'm a lowly and shitty twentysome nothing.

once I find purpose I think I can free my frustration. doesn't make me feel any less like a creep. I feel like if he saw what I was doing he would hate me. I hope he has never stumbled across my presence. Not like this. A piece of myself is invested in him because I sense similarity, even though that is likely so far from the truth.

Don't plan to breach any boundaries. I'm not that kind of fan.

Anonymous 3721

I don't think you're being creepy. People who are huge fans read up on everything written about their favourite celebrity.

Anonymous 3726

true, I began to view him in a different lens after reading the swath of rumors about him though. in a way it was humanizing, on another pole it makes me scared of him. I am attracted to him. the rumors echoing that he's a lot crazier than his persona and certain spotty latter public behavior are what got to me. both deepened my attraction and increased my wariness, observation, skepticism, and fear, yes, fear. In a way I fear him as much as I adore him. there is something almost inhuman about him to me, and I can't discern what it is. I know he's obviously human, it's more of an aura thing, an aura that hes someone so untouchably high above me that I'll never be on that level or get anywhere near it, and why would he ever fuck some ugly ass bitch like me even by chance or luck, like honestly… why do I fantasize about that? I'm no good, and he'd hate me, and throw me away, and he probably treats women like trash, why did I ever glorify him? I guess my feelings are conflicting, even though I still like him, I've now arrived at ambivalence from my previous destination of idealism. it's hard knowing what and how to feel. I kind of hate myself for it.

I know I'm not responsible for his laundry list of issues or vices, I just feel stupid for not seeing the writing on the wall entailing his darker personality. then again that's why I like him, maybe I sensed it from day 1 without wanting to admit it.

that said I have a lot of thoughts surrounding him. guilt lingers knowing I committed myself to this obsession, found out it's not exactly what I want

Anonymous 3729

why wont you say who he is? you act like he's not a high profile celebrity despite admitting he's a high profile celeb

Anonymous 3737

My bet is on Armie Hammer or Shia Labeouf

Anonymous 3738

she said older, so it can't be shia, maybe armie, but who could ever be obsessed with armie hammer? listen to how insanely gripped she is by this actor. it can't be someone as bland as him

Anonymous 3746

nope neither of those

Anonymous 3749

Johnny Depp?

Anonymous 3755

no but I do believe his relationship with amber was mutually toxic. used to have a fondness for Depp but he's not my main obsession

takeaway is if a guy is a drugged up cokehead entertainment industry moid he's bound to have done something terrible

Anonymous 3758

Who then? Sean Penn? Who?

Anonymous 3772


Anonymous 3798

i wish so badly that someone would stalk me

Anonymous 3800


How come, ? Stalkers can be pretty intense. They start showing up where you work and they'll sometimes murder you if they think you're flirting with someone

Anonymous 3845

What if it was some creepy ugly dude? Or you literally don’t care and just want anyone to stalk you?

Anonymous 3853

You gotta give me something to start with

Anonymous 3982

Anon wtf

Anonymous 3991

>I screencap people on omegle
>posting them in random places
I don't think you should be doing this, anon.

Anonymous 3993

Just kinda covertly rubbed myself/semi-masturbated whilst looking at an aquaintance on a videocall. This was a call between just me and a small group of friends

Anonymous 4003


Following hetero couples (or 2 friends of opposite sexes) on the streets.
First time I did it I followed a 1/10 moid and a 8/10 girl from the bus stop to the movies, saw them split the bill (or so it seemed because the greasy incel with anime pins on his backpack gave his phone to Stacy to pay?).
Today, I saw a hairy grindcore dude with a DIY jacket/neofolk(neopagan?) girl in a shop and decided to follow them through, stopped at the ponds nearby because I think they noticed me and stopped "to talk" near the staircase. Initially, I was interested in the writings on the man's jacket, but seeing them interact and make choices together made me a bit interested. They bought a huge (300g) milk chocolate bar with peanut+cream filling, sadly I wasn't there to watch who paid for it but I think they split it (the moid carried it under his shoulder (what a fucking retard, it was hot as fuck outside and he couldn't put it into the girl's backpack which he also carried.))

Anonymous 4004

Man also was wearing his jacket (painted in ACAB stuff, drug-related things and grind/crust band abbreviations + logos) and huge ass 00s hip-hop style pants in this fucking heat. He also was pretty fat and hairy so I doubt he'd got cold.
Trve fxns don't sweat for shit, I guess.

Anonymous 4005

I keylog every single personal computer I can get my hands on.

Anonymous 4006

tell me more. How do you go about it - timing? Anything of interest you discovered?

Anonymous 4007

you should watch ghost world

Anonymous 4035

I stalked and made fake accounts to see what my old social group was up to. Also looked at selfies of my ex on tumblr as she went through a ftm transition. The same ex also talked about me on her tumblr in a neg light which I deserve.
The fake account made to see my one and only bestie was really successful, she eventually dmed me and we talked a bit. I'm almost completely sure she knew it was me, but she didn't spill the beans and talked to me enough to satisfy my creepy self. I've lost the login for the account since then and I don't really dare to try it again for a couple more years. I know it's bad, but I haven't made any new friends for 5 years since I was kicked out of that group and it was the only time I felt like I had support. I'll do it again probably to stalk different people from the group.

Anonymous 4039

Why'd you get kicked out?

Anonymous 4095

Update on the crustfag/neofolk-chan couple: seems like in those two weeks they began dating (fuckers held hands on the way back from the pizzeria with an unfinished pizza box in neofolk-chan's hands and a plastic bag in crustfag's).
They also spent a little more time on the self-checkout. Still buying animal products (not trve, fucking poseur scum lmao).
This time, I even took some low-quality pics and kept a log of sorts. Dunno if I ever see them again but if it happens, I'll keep this updated.

Anonymous 4099


I think it started with my first crush in the freshman year of highschool. I took sneaky pictures of him, found his parents' and all his friend group's social media to get more pictures of him, started whole projects to get closer to him (like a zine that i could invite him to contribute to). When i got together with my first boyfriend i found all his old accounts and school photos online, i still keep tabs on him. I created fake accounts to spy on my old friends on their private accounts. I don't particularly regret being a creep, i do it just for fun.

Anonymous 4111

Acted like an absolute bitch because I was so socially inept. I couldn't read social cues and it made almost every interaction unbearable for people even though I wasn't acting rude on purpose. They eventually dropped me completely when I had an online friend play mean pranks on another girl who I thought was petty and dismissive of my besties depression. They couldn't prove it was me, but they all knew I had somehow done it.

Anonymous 4679

it's taking all my self control not to be creepy around one of my professors. he's in his 50s and has an infant grandchild but he's so fucking handsome and isn't a retard like the other 99.99999999999% of men I've met. truly everything i want in a man.
every now and then i try to sneak a picture of him. i never get a pic of his full face tho because i can't afford to be outed as a creep. tried finding his old yearbook pictures after he told us when he graduated, but had no luck. i think he knows i like him because i'm always asking him questions about himself and i get so happy upon receiving any sort of validation from him.
i would never homewreck. i highly doubt he'd even take up the opportunity to fuck me anyways because he's such a saint. wait, i'm not even interested in sex.

Anonymous 4680

anon pls
he's a r*tard, he knows, and he so would. trust me.

Anonymous 4681

wdym? you're saying any man would?

Anonymous 4684

How did you approach her as a made-up, random person?

Anonymous 4721

Made a whole new Instagram account, drew mediocre art for a month or so before following her randomly. Posted pics of a new cat I had that she hadn't seen while we were friends. I also did one of those "Meet The Artist" things and put a fake name, age, listed interests that I was never into, said my hair was a different length/color, etc. Also changed up some of my typing quirks when she finally DM'ed to say my cat was cute. It was minimal effort for sure, and I slipped up on some stuff like a fucking amateur. When I eventually do it again I'll go all out to make it the perfect fake account

Anonymous 4793

When I was younger and someone was being threatening towards me, I would find dead animals and let them find the remains. I didn't really know how to defend myself and all I knew to do was scare people into leaving me alone. It worked, but obviously I would then be ostracized.

Anonymous 4803

Sneakily downloaded a pic of a relative who is around my age and masturbated to it several times while remembering his voice and imagining what he'd sound like when making out.
Not only that but I drew us flirting and kissing a couple times (I've deleted those drawings because it was painful to think about). Yes of course I've also checked his social media.

Anonymous 4804

i go to a coffee shop every weekend because i know this cute guy goes there at the same time. i have never spoken to him and never will, kek. i just take creepshots of him and sometimes order the same thing he gets.

a 24 oz flat white with caramel.

Anonymous 4820

Anonymous 4821

>sometimes order the same thing he gets.
Sorry if it's rude, but what's the point of this? I'm genuinely curious

Anonymous 4822

Not that anon but I guess it's to have a small connection and taste a bit of his way of doing things? You can fantasize that he introduced it to you.

Anonymous 4823

basically just what >>4822 said. i imagine he's giving me a drink of his coffee while we're on a date

Anonymous 4825

How do you ruin a scrote's life without physically being there

Anonymous 4826

Oh that's cute, I should try it some time

Anonymous 4863

yeah, i still check up on my ex's socials to see if hes doing badly, ill even laugh about his struggles in life because hes a dick and he honestly deserves it

Anonymous 4890

i take pictures of handsome men for artistic reference

Anonymous 4913

Like candid photos or photography you schedule with a model?

Anonymous 4915

wouldn't belong in the female creep thread if they knew, surely?

Anonymous 4916


If you still are able to, becoming close with him and talking to him every day is a start. If you play your cards right you can both delude him into thinking you're in love with him and use the distance to keep leading him on a string to get him to humiliate himself for your affection. Or learn sensitive information and play around with it, literally blackmail him about it for even more compromising info. You can even get money from him. You can be his closest friend and his worst enemy with that method, if you can somehow still act like a shoulder to lean on while playing with his feelings and secrets.
If you can't get close to him anymore, there are a billion fake number and email apps and sites you can use to harass him and even create a whole fake persona (on twitter or insta, for example) and multiple sockpuppets to spread rumours about him to mutual friends and get the gossip ball rolling. If he HAS done something awful and you have proof, even better. Be VERY careful with that, though, since he could find out who you are if it's something only you could have known. Remember to play dumb the whole time.

Basically, the more information you have about him the better your chances of emotionally damaging him. Good luck.

Anonymous 4953

guys URGENT does vocaroo show when you download somebody's recording please someone let me know

Anonymous 4954

I’m pretty sure not but put up a recording yourself and then download it and see what happens.

Anonymous 4961


I can't directly relate because IDGAF about humans usually. But if I see a cute animal I will follow it as long as I can trying to befreind it usually taking videos.

Earlier this year I was driving by one of the lakes I love by and saw picrel tryna cross the street. You know I just had to stop and say hi, take their pic and help them across.

Anonymous 4962

Thank you for your service.

Anonymous 4963

>tfw having a peaceful drive home from work
>suddey see object in the disrance in the road
>fuck someone put a rock in the road what an asshole
>rock starts moving
>idiot that I am stop dodging and try bv to figure out what I'm looking at
>too late
>it's a turtle and I kill his ass with my tire perfectly

I legitmately still feel bad.

Anonymous 4983

Anonymous 4984


I had a teacher crush blog on tumblr a few years ago, it was quite popular really. I would document every action I saw him do, make reoccurring jokes about his tiny quirks. Multiple times I sorta followed him home (he lived down my road so I’d just sit outside my house talking with friends until he walked past). Almost had a restraining order put in place but that’s a long story. I edited us cuddling together from the creep shots I’d take of him. Even got his lanyard with ID, I still have it, in fact I want to hang it up because it’s so funny to me but my friends say that’s a bit too weird.
Stalking guys is my favourite thing, I’ve been recently following this goofy looking guy home from work every now & then when I’m close by. Haven’t done it in awhile though. I’ve kept it minimal.

Anonymous 4985

>but that’s a long story
we have lots of time

Anonymous 4986

This. Please tell the restraining order story.

Anonymous 4990

Anon come back here and tell us the restraining order story. No one here has anything better to do

Anonymous 4993

Yes actually, I had a crush on this guy that I thought I was over with he is a guy friend and I once found his secret twitter (he knows about it) and I promised him I would just delete it off my mind and not look at it but it's been a little more than half a year since then and I still lurk it out of habit almost daily and up until a few months ago I masturbated while having sexual fantasies about him. Honestly it makes me feel like such a creep but the latter I don't do anymore.

Anonymous 5006

I used to follow a ton of teacher crush blogs too. I even kept track of this one girl's blog for years who was in love with one of her female teachers and kept an ongoing tag with cute aesthetics and little updates. I should try to find it again

Anonymous 5012

I've been busy & don't check cc much, so sorry for the wait, but here's the story, it's not too exciting but still funny. Blogpost incoming.
It's a multitude of things that lead up to the restraining order talk, all due to my bitch of an English teacher (who knew, the whole staff knew, my art teacher even wrote a note on my leavers shirt congratulating me for moving on kek) who I'm 110% hated me guts for crushing on him. 1st strike was during one of our first lessons back, our starter was "If you could change the school rules, what would you do?", my best friend sat next to me and I jokingly whispered to her "I would make teachers and students be able to date." which because she's a dramatic bitch, she shouted "EWWW" and the class proceeded to fall silent with all eyes on us. Obviously our teacher asked and my friend said what I did, our class found it funny (they all knew as well) but she didn't so this bitch said she had to report me. I didn't think much of it because it wasn't my first time being reported for this kind of stuff ("The Book" is a story I can tell too, tldr for it my friend made a highly graphic porn comic about me & my teacher crush). And nothing came of it.
Until another lesson, we're in the library with the same English teacher, some boy is getting kicked out and the class you go to is my teacher crushes class, so he jokingly said that I should go instead which I played into the joke and stood up. She proceeds to start screaming at me and so I sit back down. Bitch didn't even tell me she was reporting me, and there was really no need to.
I'm blissfully unware, but a week or 2 later my head of year comes in and tells me I need to speak to her tomorrow break, I have a full blown breakdown mid-lesson, one of the worst I've ever had because I thought she'd found my blog and I was going to get kicked out and lose my friends & precious teacher crush, anyways, it gets to the day and I go visit her. This woman does the most dramatic lead up, locks all doors & windows, moves down the blinds and tells me to take a seat. She takes her damn time logging into her computer (which I thought she'd bring my blog up), she turns to me and explains what I'm saying is inappropriate and I should "keep it to after school" before then asking me "Do you have a SERIOUS attraction to Mr.__", I obviously said no, she asks again and adds "If you do we will have to put a restraining order in place." again another no. She asks if I had any interest in any other teachers, another no, but realistically I was trying to fuck like 5 of them. She probably asked other things I don't remember but by now she'd already had this conversation once with me, it just became such public knowledge everyone knew and joked about it, he probably did as well, I've moved on, my delusional state is now better, kind of mad he never said anything about having a girl for 10 years cuz that could of saved me a lot of time… but things happen for a reason I guess.

Anonymous 5013

I didn't think schools could punish students for things like this. Like yeah maybe you were a little off the wall about all of this but you were a teenager and that's what teenagers are like. Anyway I love this storytime, tell us about The Book!

Anonymous 5015

sounds like she might have been trying to protect you but doing a really bad job at it

Anonymous 5432


Need linkedin data breach

Anonymous 5504


I don't have the courage to talk to people, so when I'm in love with someone, my way of being close to that person is to follow him or her around and watch him. I want to stare at my crush all the time, I could spend the whole day doing it.

Anonymous 5514

>I could spend the whole day doing it.
I feel this… how do you feel about guys' smells anon? A cute guy sat next to me and I was transfixed with how he smelled. It was so fresh and comforting even though he was sweating. Fml I'm awful and creepy.

Anonymous 5515


Gonna go full creep mode here.

Not sure what's happening to me. I wonder if this is how moids feel on a daily basis. Every time I go out in public I fixate on all the cute guys and how absolutely gorgeous they are. Especially their hands and forearms. Men have such fucking scrumptious hands and arms and they don't know it. God I'm so weird. I keep picturing these guys in my head days after seeing them, and thinking about how beautiful they are in their own ways. God I really appreciate how beautiful male biology can be. I think if I weren't asexual I'd be a promiscuous lol.

Anonymous 5516


I feel this way but about women, and weirdly enough I'm a straight girl.

Anonymous 5517

When it comes to being a creep, I've taken multiple creepshots of guys I find cute outside. I just sort of perfected the art of taking creepshots so that I do not get caught. I feel like a creep but I just keep those pics to myself.

Anonymous 5518

Might be because of male gaze. Being exposed to male gaze all the time you may see the word through the lens of how men see it despite you not being a man
Creepy, but I guess it happens

Anonymous 5520

Interesting. I'm >>5515 and I think I might be going through a manic/hypomanic episode causing high libido (except I don't wanna fuck cus I'm asexual, so it's manifesting weirdly). It makes sense because I've also been trying lots of new things recently and have also been extremely irritable. Not that I wasn't a creep before lol.

Anonymous 5522

Sounds unpleasant, I hope it will pass if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I sometimes too catch weird thoughts about other women despite not being a lesbian and probably being asexual or something close to it, but it seems to me it's mostly because most stuff I've been exposed to since my childhood was presented through the male lense and pandering to the male gaze so I did internalize some of this and that's why I sometimes have what seems to be thoughts more suitable for some weirdo men

Anonymous 5527

If I wasn't in a LTR I wouldn't mind it. I'd actually enjoy it. But I feel guilt about it because of my LTR.

Anonymous 5528

Samefag. It's okay though anon. You aren't hurting anyone even if it makes you feel creepy.

Anonymous 5722

There's this really cute short guy in one of my classes. I can tell he's 5'4 because he's the same height as me. I just want to pat him on the head. Guys that short are rare gems.

Anonymous 5741

I used to have a crush on a guy who was 5’4” too, but he ran away from me when he found out I was stalking him and I never saw him again. :(

Anonymous 5743

Awww. How did he find out?

Anonymous 5758

I think he noticed me following him repeatedly.

Anonymous 5767

He should've been honored

Anonymous 5777

How did u follow him lol? Did u go to the same college or something?

Anonymous 5780


>cute guy pats me on the shoulder at an event
>keep thinking about it
>the moment happened to be caught on camera in the background on some rando's instagram story
>download it and keep rewatching

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