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Anonymous 2594

Anybody live(d) around paranormal activity?

Anonymous 3223

Yeah my neighbor's house was haunted.

Never had anything happen where I live, though.

Anonymous 3445


I don't really believe in this stuff and I feel like a total retard even typing this out but there's this… thing in my house that likes to play little pranks sometimes. Just little things like opening and closing doors, randomly turning kitchen appliances on and off, knocking shit over, etc. I'm not sure if he's a spirit or a demon or what but I know I'm not going crazy considering both my parents and sister have reported getting fucked with as well or maybe we're all going insane. Again I don't really believe in supernatural stuff and I'm sure there's logical explanations for all of these occurrences but even if it is real I don't really mind. He doesn't seem to be a malicious entity or anything, everything he does is pretty harmless. We even have a little name for him, we call him 'Riggy'. Don't know where the name came from or why we call him that but it's cute I think. It's sort of become an inside joke in our house where whenever some minor inconvenience happens we just say 'oh, that must've been Riggy getting up to no good again.' Kek this is so stupid I apologise.

Anonymous 5014

7 months late but. Anon did you die of carbon monoxide poisoning

Anonymous 5040

sorry to say your home has a gnome problem, very hard to get rid of once they get established

Anonymous 5041

My dad's friend Tony lived in a condemned house by the beach that was apparently haunted for a while by a young Victorian girl and even my dad saw her, as well as strangers who came to the house (Tony hosts parties) that didn't even know about the ghost. I wish I could have seen her before Tony's crazy ex-gf apparently chased her away.

Anonymous 5044

Tony hosted parties in a condemned house?

Anonymous 5045

Kek must of had such a rich history

Anonymous 5048

Yeah the deck was at the brink of collapse but the inside was fine, save for the time it caught on fire.

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