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Real life horror stories Anonymous 2606

I noticed we have lot of paranormal spook threads in /b/ right now so let's have a irl spooks thread.

What's the scariest thing to happen to you or people you know that involved real life people or events.

Any people who didn't sit right with you? Any cazy ex boyfriend or girlfriends? Any scary family stories? Share them here!

Anonymous 2607

God damn typo

Anonymous 2608

Was in Tokyo during the 2011 Fukushima earthquake.

I was breastfeeding my baby when everything started moving. I'm used to earthquakes ( was born in an earthquake-prone country) and by then I've been in Japan for a couple of years so this was just like "oh well, another one". After a little shaking it stopped for some seconds. Then the big one started so I grabbed my kid and darted out of my apartment out to the street. Everybody came out at the same time. I didn't think it was safe to go back home (at least not yet) so I just started walking around the area, (and yes the ground was still shaking a bit). After some minutes of walking and a couple of blocks away I saw a big bunch of people outside of an electronic shop so I went to watch what they were watching. What I saw will forever hunt my mind: live footage of the tsunami just fucking destroying towns and thousands of lives. For , literally, 10 seconds I almost shat myself because I thought this was happening in Yokohama but when I asked someone they told me it was in the Tohoku area. It somehow didn't make me feel better.

For the next few days (and under a nation-wide warning that stated that an even bigger earthquake was expected soon) I couldnt sleep at all. There were many smaller earthquakes here and there, and the tv would give its warning about one coming many times a day. (same with the phone warnings).

I still get a little anxiety when I hear the "earthquake coming" sound.

Unfortunately the "earthquake cycle" (or wharever its called) and predictions state that a BIG one is going to happen in Tokyo "soon", since its way over due.

Anonymous 2609

When I was younger (probably around 9 or 10) I had gone to the beach with my family and some family friends, and it was a semi-secluded beach out in the countryside with nearly no one there. It was really relaxing and calm and everyone was kind of taking it easy. As the day went on me and a couple of people started swimming a bit farther back not realizing the tide was coming in as well as the fact that there was a rip current in the area. Slowly these massive (and I mean massive, it was a surfer beach) waves started crashing down and while two of the people were strong enough to break out of the current and swim to shore myself and one other person weren't and we kept getting hit with waves and pushed out further into the ocean. No one could hear us screaming either since we were so far back. Eventually the two people who were strong swimmers got to shore and got people's attention and two surfers who were there got on their boards and swam out to get us. My friend had fainted at one point and I was shaking like crazy when we got to shore. My mom was in hysterics as well.

You know that feeling your skin has when you sit on the banks of the ocean and leave where you can almost still feel the waves hitting your skin? That sensation didn't go away for like three days.

It isn't spooky or anything like that, but it really fucked me up with the ocean and now I don't go near the beach when there are waves, lol.

Anonymous 2610

I survived an an attempted terrorist attack but now I have mad PTSD from it and I feel like people don't believe me outside of my family so I just have to suffer in silence when friends suggest public transport to me.

Anonymous 2611

That's so awful, anon. It's one of my biggest fears. What happened, if you don't mind talking about it?

Anonymous 2612

>>2611 the TLDR is a crazy extremist tried to blow up the train I was on, whilst simultaneously playing weird footage at me. I left at the first available stop screaming down the platform and the police took me home and updated me on the mans arrest etc later. They told me he was a "big deal" in such circles which fucked me up more tbh.

This makes me sound like a crazy person but I don't want to go into too much detail because I convince myself sometimes the evil group who cannot be named will come and get me if I talk about it publicly.

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