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Turpin Case Anonymous 2833

Anonymous 2834

Anonymous 2835


Sorry for reviving a dead thread, but censored photos annoy me.

Anonymous 2836

Turpin 1 (1).jpg


Anonymous 2837

Turpin 2 (1).jpg

Flood detected. :(

Anonymous 2838

Turpin 3 (1) (1).j…

This is not a flood.

Anonymous 2839

Turpin Disney.jpg


Anonymous 2840

Turpin family 2 (1…

This is not a flood.

Anonymous 2841

Turpin Family 3 (1…


Anonymous 2842

Turpin family.jpg


Anonymous 2843

turpin family5.jpg


Anonymous 2844

Turpin house 2.jpg


Anonymous 2845

Turpin Mickey.jpg


Anonymous 2846

Turpins 3 (1).jpg

This is not a flood.

Anonymous 2847

Turpins Disney 2 (…


Anonymous 2848

Turpins Disneyworl…

This is not a flood.

Anonymous 2849

Thanks for your contribution. Do you have the YouTube videos of the girl and do you have screenshots of her insta account? I find it interesting that was the same girl who escaped and who the dad apparently had a count of lewd conduct against.

Anonymous 2850

I hate calling her the girl, samefag, her name is Jordan.

Anonymous 2851

Ugh and one more thing, I am following threads about them on forums and I'm SICK of the serious projecting people have on the siblings.

Like they are trying to say they "speculate" the eldest was the "smartest" and "most abused" and they keep on trying to make what the 8th child, Jordan did, and it's like, bitch, why, the eldest seemed to have the most freedom and then they tacked her down, likely they had an effective system in place as time went on.

Like, jesus, the precious eldest child didn't run with Jordan, etc.

I don't know why people take it personally. Everyone went through hell. That's all that matters.

Anonymous 2852

Now if I ever could get away with murder…

Anonymous 2853

Tell me about it. I saw a reddit thread where people were saying the girls must not menstruate because they weigh 80 lbs (even though a whole donation project was created for the girls asking for womens' sanitary products). I know women who weigh less than that and are menstruating just fine. I'm guessing everyone in the thread commenting on their weight was obese as fuck, salty american women and people who just straight up don't know how biology works lol

Anonymous 2854

Idiocy at its finest. If the body is used to being at a low weight, it doesn't necessary trigger people not being able to have periods.

Though they are clearly an unhealthy weight, and their overall health doesn't look great from photos probably because of nutritional deficiencies.

Anonymous 2855

The Turpins are obviously at an unhealthy weight from the abuse but for sure there was some awful projecting in that Reddit thread. I couldn't believe what I was reading, anon. I wonder how those people think 8 year old girls who get their period for the first time's body functions at 40-60 lbs.

Anonymous 2856

what are they, 4'6?

Anonymous 2857

Like 4'10"-5'4". Try losing some weight, reddit.

Anonymous 2858


They already stated out that the physiological development of the girls had stunted. Medical professionals have already given out a statement to the court that the kids are physically and mentally behind their age due to malnutrition and starvation. That is why people are speculating due they menstruate. Because the children are physically otherwise stunted.

>""If you can imagine being 17 years old and appearing to be a 10-year-old, being chained to a bed, being malnourished and injuries associated with that, I would call that torture," Riverside County Sheriff's Capt. Greg Fellows said.

>One of the victims is age 12 and is the weight of a 7-year-old while the 29-year-old was 82 pounds, Hestrin said. "

>"Authorities say the abuse was so long-running their growth was stunted"

Anonymous 2859

>80 pounds
>at 5'4


you must be either south asian or incredibly unathletic and skinnyfat. stop pretending everyone has your unfortunate genetics, weirdo.

Anonymous 2860

Wew that projecting. Jealous hambeast detected. You sound crazy and wish you were asian randomly bringing anon's race into it. Go derail threads elsewhere.

Anonymous 2861


5'4" and 80lbs is hella underweight. You both are nuts.

Anonymous 2862


> Jealous hambeast detected.


> wish you were asian


No, Asian BMI's.. people of the Asian continent but especially South Asians (Indians) allow for such a low BMI, which is not acceptable for Caucasians and especially not African-Americans.

Your kind thinks everyone is as emotional and irrational as you, go eat something because as I said, you probably have 0 muscle tone and you're flabby as shit. 120 would be good for you.


It absolutely is. Nothing good about that either unless you fit the criteria of the groups I listed. The only people I know who want to be that skinny are those fucks who don't want to exercise and tone their body at regular weights like 100,110,120,130.

Anonymous 2863

>They already stated out that the physiological development of the girls had stunted
This doesn't mean they don't menstruate.
>Medical professionals have already given out a statement to the court that the kids are physically and mentally behind their age due to malnutrition and starvation
Again, this doesn't mean they don't menstruate.

I find it rude that you are referring to all of them as children. Physically stunted adults =/= children. Even if they are "mentally behind their age", the public doesn't know to what extent and considering the second eldest attended college and did well in it, I doubt they are equal to children in their mental capacity.

Anonymous 2864

Blah, just to make my post clear, the adults shouldn't be called children and personally I would count Jordan as an adult since she's almost 18.

Anonymous 2865

I understand where you're coming from and agree, but I think it's a semantics issue. I don't think anyone is referring to them as children in the sense that they are kids, just that they are the children of their parents the same way everyone is. Because the whole family is involved it makes sense to refer to them as the children, as they are the youngest generation in that family, the same way we refer to the parents as the parents… does that make sense?

Anonymous 2866

lmao it's ironic
>complains about people projecting into situation
>projects feelings about being treated as a child to adult children in this situation

You're right, I'm just sensitive.

Anonymous 2867

anon, they are the parents children. that's literally how everyone refers to them since the parents and their children are seperate. the children just means the ones who aren't the parents. ffs.

Anonymous 2868

wtf else do you want people to say you autist, stop getting offended on other people's behalves.

Anonymous 2869

no1curr stop derailing the thread because you're fat and going batshit that someone mentions their friends weights. the fact that you think everyone respond to you is the same anon makes you look even more in denial. i'm surprised you haven't got banned yet. you're being really rude to the victims of this case as well.

Anonymous 2870

[email protected]

Anons need to stop calling people fat and jealous because they call out underweight for being unhealthy, it's severely mentally ill and not correct. I despise overweightness and obesity just the same, but people enjoy assuming anything fit their own projections.

Anonymous Moderator 2871

Stop derailing and infighting

Anonymous 2872

They said south asian genes were "unfortunate", so that invalids whatever else they said

Anonymous 2873

I literally responded and said the first poster who responded to me was right. There was no need to act salty.

Anonymous 2874

bitch where? you mean >>2866 it sounds like you were just being sarcastic. there's literally no way to read it otherwise.

Anonymous 2875

I should have clarified the greentext was meant to be me poking fun at myself when I responded. I wasn't being sarcastic.

Anonymous 2876

People have different bone structures and muscle mass 80 lbs is a totally healthy normal weight for a lot of women. Saying people have unfortunate genes and must be flabby southeast asians who dont work out on an anonymous imageboard is mentally ill and pure projection.

Anonymous 2877


Why are people even arguing this? 80 pounds seem severely underweight for 5'4"

Anonymous 2878

Or no period. Heh.

Anonymous 2879


At that BMI there's no way the girls had their periods.

>Ammenorrhea can happen with as much body fat at 17%.

>Generally women lose periods with poor nutrition, such as an eating disorder. Periods almost always stop at weights below about 102 pounds. (talking about an average woman of
5'3 feet) - Dr. David Sneid, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
>Hypothalamic amenorrhea.
>Low body weight
>Low percentage of body fat
>Very low intake of calories or fat
>Emotional stress
>Deficiency of leptin, a protein hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism

The girls might have their periods now, that they get regular meals and their stress levels have dropped. Many of them are seeing doctors for the first times in their lives now.
inb4 ana-chans are more knowledgeable than PhD and research labs
shoo shoo Ana-chan, these girls are 5'4, not 4'7.

Anonymous 2880

>80 lbs is a totally healthy normal weight for a lot of women
If you're 4'6 and 80lbs your BMI is 18.5 - the lowest weight that's still in the healthy range.
Now tell us about the many women who are below that height and therefore still able to function well at 80lbs

Anonymous 2881

>Everyone who seen them claims they looked malnourished.
>Even their aunt was concerned about their weight.
How the fuck can you defend this? I mean, seriously. Feels like an anti-vaccination support group.

Anonymous 2882

ayyy lmao.png

>southeast asians

Nigga, I said south asians. Indian and Pakis. Not southEAST. I know you faggots love to cream yourself over mongoloids because you desperately want to be them, but I'm not talking about them.

I mentioned Indians / Pakis / other assorted South Asians because they are the ethnic groups that can have very low body weights because of their BMI standards, not Caucasians who are overweight by 25 BMI and underweight by 18.


My point was unless your south asian, or have very low muscle mass to body fat ratio (which accounts for most of so called "small frames") then it's not appropriate to be 80 pounds and 5'4. You people are dumb as FUCK LOL.

>mentally ill and pure projection.

As opposed to pretending 5'4 and 80 pounds is fucking normal? lmao


this. Retards who take everything personal need to be gassed.

Anonymous 2883

Don't you mean above?

But yeah, DUH. 4'6-4'9 is a good range for 80 pounds, anything above would be questionable. But nah, let's pretend it's normal because a lot of anons have eating disorders and can't separate logic from emotions. Waste of human flesh.

Anonymous 2884

If you are twelve. My 11 yo niece is just around that, and does look skinny.

Anonymous 2885

I was implying that you'll hardly find any women who are even shorter than 4'6 and therefore not underweight at 80lbs, so no - 80 lbs is not a good weight for "lots of" women

Anonymous 2886

no I didn't say that. Don't you mean taller? being taller than 4'6 at 80 means they'll get more underweight


im in agreement ….

Anonymous 2887

Can't you read?! That's exactly what i wrote; i said that you have to be shorter than 4'6 to be still healthy at 80lbs, and that also immediately implies that if you're 4'7, 4'8 etc, you're no longer healthy and underweight at 80lbs…?

Anonymous 2888

It's sarcasm, "find me the many women who are below that height and therefore still healthy at 80" - answer: no women are blow 4'6 and therefore no women are healthy at such a low weight

Anonymous 2889

Anonymous 2890

Lol @ everyone in this thread getting butthurt over someone mentioning aquantances weight and heights and ignoring what their original post was about. Cringe. No wonder why we get raided every week.

Anonymous 2891

man i'd love to read their journals

Anonymous 2892

it makes make sick the size of the parents look at the moms chubby leggs ……my god

Anonymous 2893

I bet the mom will have to be kept in solitary for the rest of her life, female inmates will fuck your shit up for hurting children.

Anonymous 4768

One of the most horrifying cases I've heard of, things like this hurt me so bad and make me wish I had gone into child services

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