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parasocial relationships Anonymous 2965

>do you have them?
>who are your parasocial relationships with? fictional characters? podcast hosts? celebs?
>if you don't have them, what do you think keeps you from doing so?

i'm interested in this bc it seems like as a society our interactions or exposure to others will become increasingly distant/indirect. i wonder what issues it will lead to.

Anonymous 2966


Yes, I'm notorious for it but at least I'm self aware.

I used to do it a lot with fictional characters (I was a husbandofag), and now I have a few youtubers who help me meet my social needs. Since I know what I'm doing I don't do anything cringe, but I do think it's stopped me from reaching out to people in real life. If I can get socialization with no cost, why would I bother being perceived to get the same benefit? It's the same-for-less. So I believe the real detriment to people like me is that it can ruin our already measly little social lives.

But the most embarrassing ones I get are with people who exist within my town/city and who I could potentially befriend since there's nothing remarkable about them. They aren't entertainers at all. For example, there's a guy I've been "cyber stalking" for two years and he doesn't know I exist. I'm volunteering somewhere he does this spring in hopes of finally getting contact, but at the same time…is this really what I want? I already know his flaws so it's not that, it would just ruin my little pastime to find out he dislikes me. And though I have a clear crush on the boy, I'd never date him. Haha what's that about, right? Then the problem comes up about whether I should reveal that I've been fixated on people when I do interact with them (of course he's not the only one). Will it make them uncomfortable? Will it give me a reputation?

I'm just really pathetic. But am interested to hear if anyone here forms little to no parasocial relationships, that's a foreign concept to me. I think since my case is somewhat severe I'd be like this even if I was born pre-internet. I'd just like regular celebrities and stalk people irl.

Anonymous 2967

Made one of my own. Been around since I was like 12, like an imaginary boyfriend of sorts. I draw him and talk to him lots, but oddly enough always had an easy time dating real guys on the side too.

I feel a bit bonkers at times, but the "relationship" is a muse to my art and it makes for very comfy alone times.

Anonymous 2968


I've had friendships with fictional character since I was very little. I'm currently a husbandoist and have kidfu's as well, but it branches out to characters I see as friends or acquaintances, too

Anonymous 2969


I have an imaginary boyfriend too, but not for as long as you have (wasn’t too interested in boys before, so just an imaginary friend).

Anonymous 2970

If I get really into a game or show I do tend to self insert really heavily.
And there's this Youtube LP'r I enjoy watching that I've probably gotten a bit attached to. Like I have fun trying to piece out little details of his life from random comments he makes.

Anonymous 2971

If you tell me their name I promise I won’t judge you

Anonymous 2972

Zachary Storch

Anonymous 2973

lol who? Not me.

It's some guy who doesn't use his real name or show his face and only has like 6 thousand suscribers. So that makes it more interesting when he randomly mentions personal things.

Anonymous 2974

Here's his youtube channel, if you want to check him out. He's a collector, like me. He makes silly and cute videos too.

Anonymous 2975

With my animal crossing villagers

Anonymous 2976

I'm guilty of something kind of similar.

I've matched with people on Tinder, found them on instagram, unmatched, and done nothing but passively observe their social media ever since.

Anonymous 2977

yeah, mostly crushes lol. i have my fantasies but im aware its entirely parasocial so i dont act on it.

Anonymous 2978

>parasocial relationships
You mean like creating a tulpa? No, thank you. I already have enough mental disorders and i don't want to get schizophrenia added to the list. Besides, it'd drain more energy from me than i have.
Yeah, 2 months ago, i see it.

Anonymous 2979

I can't be the only one who had Orlando Bloom/Legolas as their imaginary bf, can I?

Anonymous 2980

Yes, my skyrim Argonian husband Scouts-Many-Marshes

Anonymous 2981


Interesting - I've never heard this phenomenon referred to as a "parasocial relationship" before. I've done this for as long as I can remember which may be related to me having autism with fictional characters or characters that I'd invented (usually loosely based on one or many fictional characters) but assumed it fell more under the category of maladaptive daydreaming. I'm nearly always stuck in my head, having constant conversations either with myself, or as a fictional character having a conversation with another fictional character(s). I don't believe I could ever cease this behavior even if I tried. Interpreting myself, my identity, and my thoughts and actions from the perspective of various fictional characters who I can relate to or project pre-existing aspects of myself onto is essentially who I am at this point, and… god, I'm autistic.

I've wondered as well if I may have DDNOS (dissociative disorder otherwise not specified) but I haven't looked into it whatsoever and don't currently have the finances to pay for what would be required to find that out (thank you very much, privatized healthcare.)

Anonymous 2982

i pretty much form "parasocial relations" with other people's roleplay characters, that involve my own characters. does that count?
if not i used to pretend kpop stars were my very distant friends back in uhhh [checks notes] 2018

Anonymous 2983

Yeah i have a fictional """"waifu"""" and some bonds with streamers like vinesauce. I enjoy the fictional stuff more, though.

Anonymous 2984

>some bonds with streamers like vinesauce
Oh god, did you fall for Joel as well? I've sunk in the boat.

Anonymous 2985

Joel is ok I guess, but I mostly enjoy vinny. Those streams were all I had for a while. I do love Joel's sims and geoguessr stuff though.

Anonymous 2986


>Sarah Baska & Ashlynn Tapp
The kind of friends I wish I had now.

Currently living vicariously through That 70's Show. It feels like I'm a part of their friend group so I don't feel as lonely anymore. I used to be heavily obsessed with Offline TV, but became bored of them.

Anonymous 2987

Same! I insert him and myself into various stories I make up to myself before I go to bed, and books universes etc. I have never told anyone this, it's cool that at least one other person does this.

Anonymous 2988


Yes. I self insert into a lot of anime/manga and sometimes books. Usually I have to invent my own character because existing female ones aren't at all similar to me. Usually a lot of angst and romance with a husbando, but also general friendships or hate-mances with the characters, and if there's magic I like being a healer-type. It's really cringy and probably maladaptive but oh well. I pay my own bills and get IRL dates so I'm not doing so bad.

Pic rel is Sharrkan from Magi, I feel like I'd get along well with him as a non-romantic friend. I want to go bar-hopping with him and train with swords (my character uses a knife as well as magic). He is from not!Egypt and enjoys banter, womanizing, drinking, and sword fighting, but is also very laid back, lazy, and chill. My IRL friends have always been male except in elementary school–I just get along with guys better. I can see myself hanging out with him easily. To help me fall asleep, or if I'm feeling lousy, I replay or make up different scenes along an overarching storyline I came up with. I have one for every anime I self-insert in.

2D characters are more interesting people than people.

Anonymous 2989

it’s really embarrassing, but i’ve been in an imaginary relationship with a kpop idol for almost four years now. only one person knows the extent of it, i just feel like i’ll never find someone to love irl so i’m happy enough with this

Anonymous 2990


I am friends with many comic book characters and dead murderers. I am in a long-term relationship with a forum incel e-celeb. I am the disciple of of my mentor tulpa. It feels good to not be alone. :)

Anonymous 5487

What is it exactly?
I am not getting it, maybe because I think, that it's me, who people should have parasocial relationships with, lol, but I am pretty apathetic and have no real need for that
I do get what celebcrush is and how people can like a person, who they don't know
I mean, is licking a regular guy or gal you don't know is parasocial?
I don't get it - why liking a person(a)/image and wanting to get to know somebody in any way is suddenly "parasocial relationships"

Anonymous 5541

I used to be obsessed with fictional characters and husbandos. I've now been obsessed with a celebrity for two years in the midst of the pandemic. The fascination and the realization he's not a good person under the persona somewhat ruined my life and I'm tired of it, but what can I do? It's not secreting out of me easy.

Anonymous 6432


i've been chronically online since childhood and never had anyone to really look up to (shit parents) so went to the internet, fictional characters, and celebrities. most prominently my chemical romance (especially gerard way) since age 11, not in like a stalkery fangirl #cutforbieber type of way but as an inspirational source and appreciation for the music. it's waned out as of recent though it did get a bit too far at times. other than that, i used minorly to obsess over VN characters and otome game boys.

Anonymous 6433


Not sure if this is Namjoon-stan from a different thread, but I have been too. Before that, it was fictional characters. I have used it as a way to cope with my single-ness And virginity. I must have masturbated to this idol and the fictional characters I used to imagine myself in a relationship with, over a thousand times by now.

Anonymous 6445

aw anon this is cute, i wish i could do the same but i feel too self conscious in my own mind if that makes sense, i used to do it when i was little and a weeb but it waned of with time bc i felt cringe, but it was really nice and comforting. i should try doing it, it was fun

Anonymous 6454


There's a girl I used to me mutuals with before I deleted that social media who was super nice and asked me twice to join her discord because she wanted to befriend me, but my avpd ass rejected her invitation both times. Now I stalk her daily (been doing it for ~6 months so far, since I deleted) and sometimes I have imaginary conversations with her.
I wish I could stop the stalking since all it does is to hurt me and remind me about the lost opportunity for a good friendship (we pretty much were a perfect march, lots of interests and views in common). I have been getting better slowly when it comes to my avpd and Im trying to improve myself, but I still want to kms for not being able to interact with others like a nornal human. I wish therapy were affordable….

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