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near death experiences Anonymous 3049

have you had one? a year ago i drank too much water and went into a coma. it got me to actually value life and i felt like a new person after getting out of the hospital. i didnt even aknowledge how much it affected me at the time - i mean i didnt even aknowledge how close i was to dying - so the effect was mostly subconscious. i now understand how big a role fear plays in human behavior. having lived most of my life comfortably i have been too used to taking everything for granted.

Anonymous 3050


>i drank too much water and went into a coma
I stan our queen of staying hydrated…

Anonymous 3051

Yea i tried to seppuku. I didnt learn anything i still hate living.

Anonymous 3052

> i drank too much water and went into a coma
That's hilarious, could you go into more details?

I almost got hit by a car when i was trying to cross the road, i was around 6 yo then, some dood pulled me back and probably saved my life.

Anonymous 3053

I had a fit of psychosis where I was dying. Jumped out of a window in the middle of winter naked. Had to be taken to a hospital. There was, thankfully, no charges pressed, so this remains only as an anecdote. During that event though, where I previously thought I was suicidal before, once I knew I was dying, it turned out, I very much wanted to live. Having experienced that situation, it gave me the mental frame to push forward more successively, though it did take years to recovery fully and to my current level.

Anonymous 3054


How many liters, OP?

Anonymous 3055


I ate a bunch of lily-of-the-valley berries as a kid. My mom happened to see through the window that I looked kinda sick and confused, and I pointed her to the berries I had eaten. I had to eat so much activated charcoal, my mom was absolutely freaking out.

For several years, I was terrified of anything I knew to be toxic outdoors. Once I was carrying sandwiches in a plastic bag for a backyard picnic, saw an amanita mushroom, and ran home crying. I refused to eat the sandwiches because what if there was a hole in the plastic bag and they touched the mushroom somehow??

Anonymous 3056

I once smoked so much weed, my heart was beating so fast, i thought i was dying and laid down on the street in front of a kiosk. Not sure if i passed out, but it surely felt like i lost consciousness for a few seconds.

Anonymous 3057

Last year I went into anaphylactic shock after accidentally eating something that contained peanuts. I get low-level allergic reactions all the time, so I thought I'd just let it pass, until suddenly I couldn't breathe and my friend went to look for help. First responders, ambulance, adrenaline & morphine injections, oxygen mask, tubes in nose, the whole nine yards. It was scary because I'd never been in so much pain, my stomach was killing me and I was weirdly self-conscious about the way I was whining and at times screaming and begging for more pain meds, but also too exhausted to control myself and drifting in and out of consciousness. Didn't know where my friend was because she said she would meet me at the hospital but didn't come forever, wondering if she had been speeding and got into an accident, feeling completely powerless and wishing I'd just pass out and/or die already. In hindsight it was preventable and not that big a deal and I should really carry an epipen, but at the time it really fucked me up and scared the hell out of me. I had to stay in the ICU for the night and was hooked up to a shitton of cables and had to call the nurse every time I wanted to get out of bed so at least I got to feel like some sort of cyborg abomination.

Anonymous 3058

Was out riding a biking when I crossed the street without looking both ways. Almost ended up getting mowed down by a truck. Luckily for me, the man saw me and slammed the brakes.

Anonymous 3182

I once fainted and while I didn't have a full-on NDE, I did briefly feel like I was somewhere more real than reality and sort of "heavenly" for lack of a better description, and both of those are symptoms of an NDE, or so I've heard.

Anonymous 3185

I had a couple. I had a bad infection from a cat scratch on my neck as a kid that had me in the hospital for a while, and I got into a roll-over accident going 105mph. The air time I got felt like an eternity and it still plays in my head when I'm doing really bad

Anonymous 3188

I tried to kill myself a little over a year ago by cutting my wrists. Definitely the closest I've come to dying. Very surreal experience.

Anonymous 3197


Not an NDE, but once at PE lesson just when I was about to be hit by the ball, time has literally slowed down for me and I deflected the ball. It was maybe 2 secs at most but for me it was like 5 seconds. Now I know it was an adrenaline burst or something like that.

Anonymous 3383


I had a girl try to drown me when I was 8. She was up on a floaty and I was in the water. She would pull me up by my hair, laugh at me, and then push me back into the water and hold me there. I would thrash around and try very hard to get back to the surface and my brain was just on survival mode. I had no emotions or fear, as I was solely focused on breathing as much as possible when I was let up and attempting to break away. The intervals between her pulling me up and holding me down started getting longer and longer, and it felt like it was going on forever and I couldn't escape. Finally my mom came and ripped her off of me and chewed her the fuck out. It was so strange because minutes before the girl started drowning me, we were just playing games like tag and pretending to be mermaids. I don't know if she was retarded or a psychopath, but my mom always says that the girl had dead, empty eyes and was just staring at her unblinking as she was going off on her.

I had an ectopic pregnancy two years ago. I got pregnant two months after I had my son and I was freaking out. I found out while at the hospital for gallstones and pancreatitis. I immediately knew something was abnormal, because I had been spotting continuously, and I never did that with my son (I had ignored the spotting because I thought it was a weird period, since I had had a baby so recently). After I had gotten the gallstone removed from my bile duct, they sent an OBGYN to my room to talk to me. I mentioned the bleeding, and he said it was "implantation spotting". I asked him if he was sure, since it had been going on for a couple of weeks and was more like streaking than spotting, and he said it was fine (which is bullshit, and implantation spotting takes place way earlier than 8 weeks, which was where I was). Fast forward a few days later, I'm in the shower and have a dull, achy pain in my right pelvic region. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable, but I knew that all the spotting plus one sided pain could mean an ectopic pregnancy. I rush to a different OBGYN, who does an ultrasound and sees no baby in my uterus, but instead in my fallopian tube. I am immediately rushed into surgery, and when I wake up the doctor is in my room, telling me I almost died as I had an insane amount of blood filling my pelvis. I at first was just relieved to be alive, but as time went on, I became very scared of being pregnant again. I was later told by the OBGYN that the pancreatitis had caused for my fallopian tube to become inflamed which was what caused the pregnancy to be ectopic and I had no signs of PID or scarring that could make it recurrent, but I still get scared of it happening again.

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