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How to summon incubus Anonymous 3269

How do I summon incubus, I'm really horny, also needs to be white.

Anonymous 3271


The real questions are finally being asked.

Anonymous 3275

write it when you find the answer kek. i don't believe in that stuff but i could use an orgasm (even if it happens in my dream)

Anonymous 3276


This. It only happens in drea.s but it happens, helps to go to sleep with a pillow between the legs.

Anonymous 3410

lie on your back, induce sleep paralysis, and then go from there.
tbh, I haven't really tried this out and don't know the exact procedure. But I know sleep paralysis is important if you want to see an incubus or succubus.

Anonymous 3693

I recently had a dream where a goat man?creature? fugged me or something. It was my first sleep orgasm but I didn't want it, felt gross when I woke up. I was horny and thinking about this thread earlier on the day of the accursed dream.

Anonymous 4185

Incubus if you can see this please come tonight and make me cum. Eat my pussy and ass. Thank

Anonymous 4753


bumping this thread, i'm still waiting for answers on how to actually summon one

Anonymous 4965

Just say what you want, that's enough. He will appear when he wants to, so be patient.

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