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Subliminal Audio Thread Anonymous 3279

Anyone listen to subliminals? They seem to mostly be popular with women so I thought I'd start a thread here. I've started listening to a few but haven't seen results yet. I have them organized in a playlist that I listen to whenever I'm using the computer.

Some of the before/after photos seem faked but many of them seem legitimate as well. What do you guys think? Have you personally tried them?

Anonymous 3281


I listened to Megan Fox subliminals but I am still ugly. It would be nice if they worked. It would be nice if a lot of things. It’s a waste of time to wish for impossible things. There are so many possibilities in reality that you miss out on when you use your (limited) time on the bogus.

Anonymous 3282

I listed some idoze thing about a decade ago that was supposed to make you high. It did not work.

Anonymous 3283

I'm still going to be consistent with mine. What do I have to lose anyways? I just listen to them when I do work or scroll thru tumblr. I normally wouldn't believe dumb stuff like this but I'm a desperate femcel.

Anonymous 3284

If it makes you feel better then why not?

Anonymous 3287

I tried once and I don't think it did anything.
The fact that it's such a new thing makes it sus too. If subliminals worked, wouldn't they have existed in some way or form before the internet?

Anonymous 3300

It works like any other placebo, but it doesn't work to change your facial bone structure or for any drastic physical changes.

Anonymous 3349

starting to think the biggest problem with subliminals is that they're almost always geared toward changing the appearance. I'm still not sure if that's truly possible but I do believe in reprogramming the subconscious. basically you can change your thought patterns so much you truly believe that you're beautiful/confident/etc. and it becomes true. also trying to get in tune with my "divine feminine" through this process. whatever that means.
meditation, journaling, prayer, and daily positive affirmations seem to be more effective than listening to audio recordings.

Anonymous 3401

This was the last subliminal I watched. I think it worked a little but only temporarily.

I think it makes sense that they could change your mental state with subconscious messaging, but physical? Definitely not. The changes would have to be perceived by your brain washed mind, so it's still not really physical.

Also I'm not sure if it's a bit sussy to use LOA if you're religious

Anonymous 4043

they were used in brainwashing i think? and apparently michael jackson and prince used their own as well

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