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conspiracy theorie…

Anonymous 3308

what tier are you on?
tier 5 here

Anonymous 3309

Probably tier 4

Anonymous 3312

-1 but also 5

Anonymous 3313

Tier 1 or 2

Anonymous 3314

Tier 2

Anonymous 3315

Tier 3.5

Anonymous 3319


Anonymous 3328


Anonymous 3330

Tier 3. Reading 5 makes me think the writer is insecure though.

Anonymous 3332

Tier 6

Anonymous 3385


Anonymous 3386

>implying you need to be a conspiracy theorist first to learn about alchemy

Anonymous 3403


I'm on tier 5, and sometimes these rabbit holes are really appealing and intriguing, but I think they may be bad for me.
I'm naturally a little paranoid and out of touch with reality, often have weird ideas (illogical too), or see, smell and hear things that aren't there (but that's not often) and have paranoia
So I'm not sure if there's more to life or if it's a personality disorder and I shouldn't look deeper. Maybe I'm bored with life, curious, or my traits make me look for secrets and stuff.

But I'm not sure if it's good for me to look further. But I kind of want to anyway. Do you think it's healthy to look further? Where do you go to find things out?

Anonymous 3409

This, there are a lot of problems with these "tiers" tbh.
I think I'm at a 1.5, but there are many things in the other tiers that wouldn't surprise me if they were true, but I don't necessariy believe them with any conviction due to lack of evidence.

Anonymous 3542


I'm tier 0.5 but this is a crap scale. I wouldn't be surprised if more was true but I'm not gonna say I believe that there is a wide selection of human sacrifice clubs available to join depending on your pay grade

Anonymous 3744


Anonymous 4127

tier 4, i think

Anonymous 4132


>Do you think it's healthy to look further?
I don't know but right now that's the only path I would follow, the only thing that strikes my curiosity.
>Where do you go to find things out?
Books and the internet (I STILL CAN'T ASTRAL PROJECT AAAAAAA).

Anonymous 4329

I met a mermaid when I was little, so atleast 3

Anonymous 4337


Anonymous 4629

>the universe is chaos and order

The world is shadow and light
The nature of reality is flowing and still
The essence of existence is crust and filling

Anonymous 4674

went from 0 to maybe 3.5 over time, with all the insane shit that we've seen happen right in front of us for the last several years.

Anonymous 5660

6. I think 7 requires dying.

Anonymous 5661

All of them depending on what i tell myself that day

Anonymous 5664

the most based possible answer

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